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H-62, Ground Floor, H-Block, South City 2 , Mandir Road, Sec -50, Behind Baani Square,
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of General Physician.Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that more

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Swine Flu (Pig Influenza)
Swine Flu (Pig Influenza)

Hi viewers, we are again discussing one important medical topic today, via this medium called Lybrate, which allows you to have text, audio and video consultation to your doctor at any time. So my Lybrate viewers must have seen my earlier videos, this is just to educate all the view was about certain common medical conditions. Last time we talked about the brain stroke, the vitamin D deficiency, typhoid now today as this is December, January going on I would discuss something about Swine Flu. Now we have come across with multiple cases in common flu or influenza type of illness and sometimes we have to suspect that certain symptoms of patients, they may indicate that it could be something serious infection by the name swine flu. Now, why the name swine flu because it’s found firstly in swine or pigs, so it has an around 100 years story of detection of such type of virus into pigs and recently a lot of studies had happened. We have various trends of swine flu detected nowadays H1N1 being the commonest and there are certain mutation and genetic changes which happens in this virus itself. We have now H1N2, H2N1, H3N1, H3N2 and H2N3 like that, so we need to understand that virus is changing its properties and its avatar and causing this kind of illness which is mainly restricted to the respiratory tract and causing severe respiratory failure, sometimes even that also. So that is how we are worried about this particular viral disease. So how we should suspect like it is not the normal flu or this is a swine flu it is very difficult yes it is very difficult because the symptoms almost mimic in the same way well there are certain population like diabetes, patient having HIV, patient who has undergone some kind of chemotherapy shots, patient who have got organ transplant even the suppressant in those cases most of the few cases that turn into little resistance flow and we have to suspect them that it could be Swine Flu, also and here we have to investigate this properly and do some immediate action to start some antiviral medication and protect the further complications of swine flu. There is another way how we can prevent is that whenever we have a cough, we should hold our mouth and allow that to a specified area rather than spreading them across. We see that flu and another kind of variations of flu they happen here in India somewhere in cold season the reason or 3-4. The first is that we don't get full sunlight, so Vitamin D generation which is happening which is even though protecting is less, our mucous membrane in cold season they get dry so we don't have enough mucus which protects naturally against the viruses and invaders. We ourselves confine to places because we don't go out because of cold weather so we have our own reasons to stay at home and so spread to other family members. So these are few reasons why we actually get flu in cold season. Therefore, it is cold has attached to it, we now we get high fever if it is 103 and above we should suspect about swine flu and get it checked by your family physician. There is a test called as PCR and that PCR, rare time PCR is the positive indicator and it has three stage which should show activity or presence of the virus particles into the sample. So sample collection also processes into this. We have developed certain vaccines in protecting the individual, we have two types of vaccines for this, this is just for sake of showing you that we have for junior also like that one who is less than 8 years old we have .25 and for adults we have .5, the same vaccine which is in the double dose like .5 ml is the adult dose. This is how we protect the individual by giving this vaccination and the protection time is 1 year. So I recommend that when you want to travel outside or you may have some active patient who is under some treatment or he is having some flu and some other symptoms, you can vaccinate yourself or you have an active case in your family you can vaccinate yourself to protect you. This is one disease which has a very well documented and very well presented vaccination available and we should avoid self-complication of swine flu and deaths happening because of this ever-changing, challenging virus the Swine Flu virus, thank you now you can connect me whenever you want by searching my name Vishwas Madhav Thakur on Lybrate platform and get more information regarding this, Thank you.

Stroke (Brain Attack)
Stroke (Brain Attack)

Hello viewers, welcome to the vibrant platform of Lybrate, which allows you to have a text, audio or a video consultation to your favourite doctors at anytime convenient to you from your mobile. So in this current era we are very well connected to all Medical Services and the intention of this video is to educate you regarding one medical element which is called as stroke or brain attack like similar to heart attack. When our brain doesn't receive sufficient blood supply either because of two reasons there could be blockage of the brain artery or there could be bleeding which happened in the brain artery. Now the bleeding can happen because of uncontrolled hypertension and the blocking can happen because of either a clot roaming in the system causing an occlusion in one of the blood vessel in the brain or it could be independent phenomenon happening with the brain blood vessel itself. So either it ischemic make which is very common around 80%, which is because of the blockage or 10 to 15% because of bleeding in the brain we should conclude to medical condition by the name stroke. Now what are the signs and symptoms the signs and symptoms of stroke are persistent headache, dizziness or giddiness, sudden loss of vision then patient may feel that what is happening in the surrounding is not detected properly, so unresponsiveness then sudden fall from a standing posture, there could be vomiting, there could be discomfort, sweating all these fall into category of stroke. Now there is a third variety that is called as TIA that is transient ischemic attack which happens for few seconds and it recovers completely, it is also a stroke but this is of minor variety, a minor range is getting affected. So we have this kind of a range of stroke which has to be detected early because if in ischemia that is the loss of blood to a part of brain is detected within 4 hours we can reverse it. There are certain thrombolytic agents available which can be injected into the system of patient giving the acute phase, if we get a chance within 4 hours to treat the patient we can reverse the whole thing that's how it is better to bring medical attention at earliest. You can't think that this is a night 12 o'clock why should I go to a doctor we will go in the morning no, we have to rush in the midnight to any emergency Medical Services for this condition. This is the intention of this video to educate you to understand about and feel the gravity of this grave medical condition because once paralysis sets in it lingers for months together and a person may lose quality of life. He becomes or she becomes bedridden for long time and this is a condition which can be prevented if you control your blood pressure, your sugar level, your normal physical activity, control on diet, managing the stress well, taking enough sleep, avoiding any substances which are going to cause any damage to your brain. Now I request all Lybrate users to get connected to me, my name is Dr Vishwas and whenever you would like to have any consultation on text, audio, video I am available to you all 24/7, just use your app and find me and search me by my name Vishwas Madhav Thakur and you will be able to get your consultation at earliest. Thank you.

Know More About Dehydration
Know More About Dehydration

Hello viewers, I am Dr Vishwas, I am speaking on behalf of a nice platform that we have today by the name Lybrate and this is just to share and give some ideas about your medical and health-related issues. Friends now the year is ending and we are looking forward to having lot of gatherings and get together in the near future may be on the Christmas eve or on the year-end and we will definitely hang out somewhere, will have nice dinner party and enjoyment. I would like to just give you some tips about to major things that you may across one is a problem of dehydration. Now a dehydration is a status where because of either repeated vomiting or because of loose motions your certain fluid amount gets lost, just you will have to remember one thing that our topper fluid volume in our body is 5 to 5.5 litre. And now if there is a suspension loss maybe of 1.5to 2 litres in a short span of time we in the status called the dehydration, now this dehydration is very risky to our kidney and this kidney may show signs renal shutdown or kidney failure if this dehydration is not corrected in time. So the first and the foremost thing that we need to do is to replace it without any delay and while replacement almost everybody knows that plane fluid or lemon water juice or electrol has to be given slowly and as much as possible, so the patient may not have test of mouth, aliking, a thirst but this is mandatory or you may have to consult a doctor or hospital to start some IVY fluid or intravenous fluid what we properly cause call as. Dehydration has to be tackled upfront because this is a major cause of death in children small children, elderly just because of lack of attention and lack of knowledge that we have regarding this. So if you hang out do parties and somebody is suffering from gastroenteritis or vomiting or any sort of such kind of ailness and if you see your friend or a family member is suffering from dehydration it is my request to you to give as much fluid as quickly as possible to replace the fluid loss and to make sure that he or she doesn't land into dehydration, especially the children are to be specially attended and to be taken care of. You may have to consult a paediatrician or run to the hospital and don't be late, this is the best interest of your health. Any high fever any burn injury any kind of a disease which may cause high fever and in a short time like typhoid or a viral fever or swine flu kind of fever that can also call severity hydration. So you have to cover the dehydration complication first, and then treat the primary cause of the disease. Thank you, I hope this will find you a very of great help in dealing with such situation and nobody will land into kidney failure and my viewers, I would like to request you that in case you have any query we have a fantastic 24/7 Lybrate app, where from your mobile you can contact to your doctor. If you want to contact me you can contact me to the app of Lybrate by typing my full name as Vishwas Madhav Thakur and get connected or have text chat or a video or an audio consultation 24 by 7. This is the best facility like we say that Whatsapp is for the social chat and Lybrate is for the medical chat and this is how we should go and take the full advantage of this platform. Thank you.


Vitamin D Deficiency
Vitamin D Deficiency

How to maintain the level of Vitamin D

Hi, viewers of Lybrate. I am Dr. Vishwas, here to give you some insight on some common medical illnesses that we come across. Now you must have seen that on and off, we get, advice by our doctors to check our Vitamin D and calcium level. And obviously, you must have seen, that Vitamin D has been found very low. It may be around 5 or 6 or may be below 10, and that is something which is very alarming. The normal level of Vitamin D, as a hormone, which is to be maintained in blood has to be at least 30, in International Units. And those, patients who, you know are on long term low levels of Vitamin D, complain of many things such as body ache, fatigue, low immunity; and then they suffer from some kind of infections, or some kind of, all the time, discomfort, weakness, lack of strength.

So we as doctors, always recommend getting Vitamin D levels checked at least once in a year. So once we start with therapy of Vitamin D, one has to remember that the sachet or the tablet has to be taken, early in the morning. It has to be taken on an empty stomach. The standard time should be between 6 am to 8 am. To take the dose, may be weekly once, or may be weekly twice, not more than. And the units normally recommended is around 60000 units, which is available in any brands. So I would always recommend my patients to take once in a week for 12 weeks period, which is sufficient, and then one should stop it; because over Vitamin prescription, as well as over Vitamin consumption can damage your liver.

We have found sometimes patients landing into liver issues because of hypervitaminosis. So both things are not good, very low levels and very high levels. You should maintain the optimum levels. Vitamin D, as well as calcium, both hand in hand, should go together, as a supplement, and they build up your loss of bones, especially in cases of osteoporosis; where the bones have, some kind of a vacuum inside and some kind of weaknesses which can make them easily fracturable, and also cause some kind of pain and discomfort. So Vitamin D, calcium, these are some kinds of investigation which are especially essential for bone health, to take care.

We also suggest sometimes to get Parathyroid Hormone Check Up (PTH). Parathyroid Hormone deficiency can also cause easy fractures. And it is very rare, but one should also check PTH hormone levels, that is, Parathyroid Hormone level, if it is recommended by your doctor and if Vitamin D correction is not helping the patient. So, early morning exposure during sunrise, or evening exposure during sunset, for 3 to 5 minutes, that is sufficient. If it is exposed to your skin, to get sufficient natural Vitamin D synthesis in your body. Because of skin, as well as kidney, both play part in Vitamin D formation, and it is one essential hormone, required for all 206 bones of your body. With the new advent of Vitamin D therapy, we also have sachet, we have a tablet, we have injections. So, depending upon your condition, your physician will recommend some or the other form of Vitamin D. Even the young child also needs Vitamin D supplementation. Nowadays even milk is fortified with Vitamin D, which is also a good step towards better health.

So I wish all my Lybrate users, to have normal Vitamin D, not only for them, but for all the family members, especially the elderly ones, younger ones, so they have excellent bone health and no fractures. Thank you, viewers, have a nice day.


In case you have a concern or query, you can always consult the best general physicians online & get answers to your question via online doctor consultation.


Lifestyle Disorder
Lifestyle Disorder

Hello, friends, a very good morning to you. My name is Dr Vishwas Madhav Thakur. I am basically an M.B.B.S. graduate and a post graduate in occupational health, medical- legal systems, hospital management as well as H.R. management. I have been working with various corporates as their head or a chief medical officer and I am now a freelancer since 2012 and cater my services to corporates and do my private clinical practice at various locations including sector-49, Gurgaon. My address is already mentioned in the profile. I am available on lybrate for text, audio and video consultation for anyone who is in need.

Today I am actually talking about a very common thing that we find that is lifestyle disorders. Now, this lifestyle disorder is not someone is having some disease. It is just a disorder in the sense that you get some minor ailments or complaints for which you are bothered, your efficiency becomes disturbed and you feel that you need some kind of medical help. Now, this ranges from insomnia to blood pressure to depression, various body aches, cervical pain, back aches, intractable headache. So these are the symptoms for which people normally don’t go to a right doctor. They may consume some over-the-counter- medication and most of the time these medications damage the kidney or liver. They suffer from gastrointestinal issues like gastritis and ulcer. So finally they become patient and then at that time it may be late to normalize their routine and come back to healthy living.

So, if you get some lifestyle related issues of coping up with your time schedule or work schedule it is better to talk to a doctor, who can counsel you, who can offer you time and give solution through multiple approaches.

I request all of you to consult timely if at all you suffer from whatever lifestyle disorder you have and normalize if you give sufficient time of 4-6 months and a dedication to this.

Thank you, my dear. I wish you all the best and a healthy life ahead.

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