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Last Updated: May 27, 2020
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Fever: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

About symptoms How long does a fever last? Treatment Prevention Cost Alternatives Home remedies

What is a fever?

Fever is a condition wherein your body temperature rises above the normal temperature (98.6°F). It is not a cause of concern until your body temperature reaches 101°F. In infants and children, even a slight increase in the body temperature must be looked into with utmost attention.

What are the signs and symptoms of a fever?

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of fever:

COVID-19 symptoms: If a person has a fever with a dry cough, they may have symptoms of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

How long does a fever last?

Common fever may take about 3-8 days to recover. In case of more serious diseases, the time period may increase.

What is the treatment for a fever?

Most fevers can be treated at home with some simple remedies. However, if your condition does not improve in 3-4 days or the temperature crosses 103°F, you must consult a doctor. It could be a sign of some serious infection in your body.

The doctor will first check your temperature to find out the severity of your condition. He may then prescribe over the counter medications like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, crocin and others. Do not consume antibiotics on your own.

In case you are diagnosed with serious diseases like typhoid, dengue, viral, jaundice and malaria, your treatment will follow a different route.

What are the possible ways to prevent a fever?

Some ways we can adopt to prevent the spread of infection which include:

  • Take care of cleanliness around you
  • Wash your hands especially before eating
  • after using the toilet
  • after petting animals
  • Avoid sharing cups, utensils or water bottles with others

What is the price of the treatment in India?

One session of consultation with a doctor may cost you between ₹200 - ₹600. The cost of acetaminophen may be around ₹100 per 500ml. Ibuprofen may cost around ₹10 per 50ml.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Fever generally goes away on its own within a few days. If you do not want to undergo medications, you may try to rest and let it pass. You can avoid catching fever in the future by following a healthy lifestyle and consuming a nutritious diet. Take proper care of your hygienic conditions. Do not over exert your body and remember to change your lifestyle according to the change in weather.

What are the home remedies to treat a fever?

There are some home remedies that you can adopt to get rid of fever like hydrating yourself. Fever can drain your body off some useful fluids. Avoid this by drinking plenty of fluids like water, juices or both. Take proper rest. Activity can raise your body temperature. Try keeping a wet and cold cloth on your forehead. It helps in bringing down the temperature. If your condition does not improve by home care, you must consult a doctor.

Popular Questions & Answers

From 2 days I feel feverish, the highest thermometer temperature that I measure is 98.4.high headache. I tried crocin, and other antibiotics. Please suggest what to do?

DM - Neurology, MD (Gold Medal), MBBS (Honours, Gold Medal)
Neurologist, Durgapur
Monitor your oral temperature four times a day take plenty of water proper rest and sleep in case symptoms persist consult a doctor.

My wife is suffering from fever last 2 months, cbc, widal test and chest x-ray is negative and she is thyroid patient and t3 t4 is right but tsh is 11.5, she is taking thyrox 75 mg. She has taken zifi 200 mg 2 time. And calpol 3 times in aday for 6 days but after 6 days fever comes again upto 100 if take calpol 650 mg. Fever goes and again fever comes upto 100.

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.), Medicine, M.D (GENERAL MEDICINE), D.M(Endocrinology)
Endocrinologist, Kolkata
The fever needs to be investigated thoroughly. The dose of thyroid medications needs to be increased. The thyroid medications has to be taken at empty stomach early morning & no food, beverages or medications (particularly antacids) should be admi...

I am 16 year old girl suffering from hypothyroidism since last two years. My tsh 7.02 on 27 april 19 I start thyrox 25 mcg. After 7oct 19 it was 9.92.i start thyrox 50 mcg. On 7 nov it was 4.04.i regular take 50 mcg. On 17 march 20 I reduced 25 mcg thyrox and tsh check found 4.82 on 10 april 20. Can take regular 25 mch or reduce. My vitamin d3is 153. Taken iu60000 in twice week for six months. I have anxiety constipation and fever 99. 5f last two years.

MBBS, MRCGP ( UK), Diploma in Diabetes (UK), DFSRH (UK), DRCOG (UK), CCT (UK)
Endocrinologist, Hyderabad
Hello madam please continue same 25 mcgs of thyrox and recheck tft in 1 month. Stop vitamin d supplementation as levels r too high. Eat lot of vegetables and fruits and drink water and avoid junk food to treat your constipation. No need for any la...

My self 17 years old 2 year patient of hypothyroidism. I start 25 mcg thyrox on 28 april 19. When tsh 7.02.after that 7oct tsh 9.92.i start 50 mcg than one month 7 nov tsh 4.04.i continuous taken 50 mcg thyrox from 7 oct 19 to 17 marc h2020. Then I start again 25 mcg thyrox from 18 march 2020 and check tsh 10 april 2020 it was 4.82 and vitd3 153. Can I continue 25 mcg or reduce dose. How many days I checked tsh again .i have some body pain and fever in evening 99. 6f from last two year with constipation.

MBBS, MRCGP ( UK), Diploma in Diabetes (UK), DFSRH (UK), DRCOG (UK), CCT (UK)
Endocrinologist, Hyderabad
Hello sir you can continue the same dose of thyrox 25 mcgs. Recheck tft in 1 month. As body pains from 2 years, please check vitamin d levels. Please eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and drink enough water for constipation and cut down on junk ...

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