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Fox Nuts (Makhana) - 12 Reasons Why You Should Eat Them!

Dt. Sangeeta Malik 87% (177 ratings)
Masters in Nutritional Therapy, Lifestyle & Weight Management, Sport Nutritions, graduation in Nutrition & Dietics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, New delhi  •  30 years experience
Fox Nuts (Makhana) - 12 Reasons Why You Should Eat Them!

When we think of a light evening snack, we often think of a packet of fried chips or Kurkure. However, it is time to think of something healthier, as we are already aware of the ill effects of these snacks all around us. This is where snacks like fox nuts are gaining popularity. Grown in the wetlands of Asian countries, they are also known as phool makhana (because of their flowery appearance) and lotus seeds.

They are a great snack and have multiple benefits. Read on to know about this wonderful, economical, tasty, and healthy dish.

  1. They are low in calories, fat, and sodium. They are therefore the perfect in-between-meal snack. They also make you feel full, so further cravings for binge eating are reduced
  2. Their low sodium and high potassium and magnesium content makes them very useful for people with high blood pressure
  3. The high calcium content is good for bone and teeth health
  4. Their sugar content is low, and so are highly useful for diabetics, who have the urge to eat at short intervals
  5. The fox nuts have astringent properties and are useful for kidney ailments
  6. People looking for weight loss should try makhana, as they are very low in calories but can fill the stomach. This helps control hunger pangs and intake of high-calorie foods
  7. It is rich in fiber and so can be used in weight loss as well as for digestion problems like constipation
  8. Fox nuts are rich in antioxidants and therefore useful in fighting ageing and chronic inflammation and stress in the body
  9. In both men and women, makhana is believed to improve fertility rates. The sperm quality and quantity is believed to improve when makhana is consumed
  10. Given its multiple benefits, especially calcium and iron, pregnant women are given makhana. It also helps prevent hypertension and diabetes in the pregnant mother
  11. Fox nuts are believed to help get rid of insomnia
  12. If addiction to coffee is your problem, try some fox nuts to get rid of the addiction

Methods of use:

  1. The seeds are actually tasteless and so whether it is salt or sweet, they take on the added taste
  2. Roast the seeds with a little ghee on a light flame. Sprinkle salt, and the yummy snack is good to go
  3. Other spices like cinnamon or oregano can be added to suit one’s taste
  4. They can also be used in sweet dishes like kheer and other desserts

If you are looking for a super snack that is highly healthy, economical, and has little hazards on your health, grab a bowl of fox nuts. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Dietitian/Nutritionist.

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Hypochondriasis - Causes And Symptoms

Dr. Deepak Agrawal 92% (250 ratings)
Sexologist, Jaipur  •  11 years experience
Hypochondriasis - Causes And Symptoms

People who are constantly troubled by the fear of physical illness or who excessively feel worried about their health are commonly referred to as hypochondriacs. This phenomenon is called somatic symptom disorder, also known as hypochondria or hypochondriasis. Despite the evidence of medical tests proving that they do not suffer from any disease or illness, hypochondriacs are perpetually worried about their health. This is mainly because of their misinterpretation of minor health problems or normal body functions as something serious. Somatic symptom disorder affects both males and females equally, and it usually happens during early adulthood.

Causes and symptoms: Their complaints may range from minor issues like pain or stress to more serious problems concerning breathing or headaches. Hypochondriacs rarely try to deceive themselves, and they genuinely believe that they have health problems, however unrealistic their beliefs might be. The exact causes are indefinite and unknown, but they generally arise from considerable physical or sexual abuse in their early childhood. Moreover, parents or close relatives suffering from the disorder may also induce such fears into the child, who would eventually behave in a similar pattern later in adulthood.

Diagnosis: Diagnosis of the disorder can be very troublesome, mainly because of their inherent conviction that they are suffering from physical illness. However, the disorder can be treated through proper supportive care or psychotherapy. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs are also used sometimes.

Dealing with the disorder: Hypochondria can often lead to a chronic condition, which can be long lasting. Although there are no definite ways of preventing it, there is one method to reduce the intensity of the symptoms and help patients cope up with the disorder. It is by providing them a supportive and understanding environment, one in which they can fight the distress and trouble that comes along with the somatic symptom disorder. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a General Physician.

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Know More About Common Eye Injuries!

Dr. Kanav Gupta 90% (504 ratings)
Fellowship in Vitreoretinal Surgery, MS - Ophthalmology
Ophthalmologist, Panipat  •  6 years experience
Know More About Common Eye Injuries!

While it's assumed that numerous eye injuries are inflicted at work, just about the same number of them may happen while at home. Luckily, most eye wounds are preventable. Find ways to prevent eye injuries, as the eyes are very sensitive and delicate.

Here is a list of some of the most common eye injuries and tips on how to prevent them:

  1. A lot of eye injuries happen from dust particles entering the eyes, causing itching and burning sensation. Protective glasses should be worn when doing any kind of activity in a dusty area with flying particles.
  2. Pencils, scissors, forks, knives and all similar sharp objects can cause a serious eye injury. Day to day household items like bungee cords, wire coat hangers, rubber bands and fishhooks are capable of causing eye injuries. You must always remain aware and super conscious while using such objects.
  3. While performing activities such as dusting, sweeping or lawn mowing, make sure to protect your eyes well as dust is involved.
  4. Children are very curious by nature. Thus, all hazardous stuff like fertilizers, acids should be kept away from their reach. These contain harmful chemicals, which may inflict fatal damage to the eyes.
  5. Cooking powder and spices like chili powder can cause injury to the eye. Always wash your hands after using these items, so that you don't harm the eyes if you by chance rub them with your hands.
  6. Precautions should be taken while dealing with heat or boiling water or oil. They may spill and cause damage to the eyes.
  7. Secure floor coverings and railings. On the off chance that a kid or elderly man lives in your home, use a safety gate at the top and base of stairs, and consider covering sharp furniture edges and corners with a padding material.
  8. While travelling in a car, abrupt jerking or breaks may cause the head to bump and cause injury to the eye. Always put on your seat belt and do not allow children to sit in the front of a car.
  9. Many modern toys, which are very attractive have got sharp edges because of their fancy design. Abstain children from playing with these kinds of toys.
  10. Laser pointers, a common fun gadget for children is very harmful and causes permanent damage to the retina. Stay away from laser pointers.
  11. Wear eye gear to protect your eyes during sports activities. Also wear goggles during swimming as chlorine in swimming pool water damages the eyes.

Eye injuries may happen out of nowhere. You must always remain alert to avoid eye injuries. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Ophthalmologist.

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Death Of A Loved One - How To Deal With Its Loss?

MBA (HR), D.Sc, MS - Counselling & Psychotherapy, M.Sc - Psychotherapy
Psychologist, Pune  •  16 years experience
Death Of A Loved One - How To Deal With Its Loss?
Joining a support group can help you get closure when you have lost a loved one. True or false? Take this quiz to know more.
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My father in law diagnosed of myleoprofilerative disorder (essential thrombocytosis. His age is 71 years. Med oncologist suggested Hydab 500 and Zyloric  100 mg. Once count is normal stop the medicine. We are confused state. Please clarify our doubts. Cbc count Wbc 12k Platelets 14 lakhs Rbc normal range Blood Report: Jak 2 mutation is positive My question is First of all different between blood cancer Vs Myeloproliferarive Disorder? Is it curable by medication? Are there any surgery for permanent cure? Please suggest

MBBS, MD - Medicine, MD - Oncology
Oncologist, NEW DELHI  •  44 years experience
Dear Bala Ji, Thanks for your QUERRY. Myeloma proliferative disorder is also Sort of cancer occuring in bone marrow elements. There is increase no. Of platelets. In younger and suitable patients bone marrow transplantation can be done., Otherwise only to be controlled by drug. There is no surgery for this condition.
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I am addicted to masturbation for daily. I want to leave that issue for permanently. Please advise

Sexologist, Near By bengali sweet  •  15 years experience
I am addicted to masturbation for daily. I want to leave that issue for permanently. Please advise
Hi Good afternoon, Access of masterbation can cause of PREMATURE EJACULATION/ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION/LAKE OF SPERM, TIME OR MOOD right. If you want to leave for this permanently consult me through Lybrate. It can be curable very easily by the SEXUAL DIETS with in few months without any side effects. Thanks.
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Hiii sir. I am sorry to say that. Past I had masturbated 3 time time in a day on 14 year. Now my problem is I am so thin and I can not stop the nightfall. I knw that I have less hormone. But due to the nightfall I can not making my health. Please help. It is coming 6 or seven time in a month.

Sexologist, Panchkula  •  20 years experience
Hiii sir. I am sorry to say that. Past I had masturbated 3 time time in a day on 14 year. Now my problem is I am so t...
You are suffering from excessive night fall. I advise you to take vegetarian diet. Take lots of water daily. Take light dinner always and don't take milk and milk products at night. Follow this and be happy.
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I had protected sex with my gf at 1 Am. My condom was broken at that time. She ate unwanted 72 at 4 pm. & vomited at 10 pm. Its more than 40 hrs she vomited, but her body is still paining. Is this a sign of pregnancy? What should I do now to avoid pregnancy?

MBBS (Gold Medalist, Hons), MS (Obst and Gynae- Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst and Gynae), Fellow- Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (ACOG, USA), FIAOG, MRCOG (London, UK)
Gynaecologist, Kolkata  •  13 years experience
I had protected sex with my gf at 1 Am. My condom was broken at that time. She ate unwanted 72 at 4 pm. & vomited at ...
Pregnancy cannot be predicted too early. As she vomited 6 hours after taking the pill, the pill has entered her body. Just wait for periods to come.
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Simple Steps To Help You Say No!

B.A.(H)Psychology, M.A.Psychology, Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Noida  •  26 years experience
Simple Steps To Help You Say No!

Many of us tend to comply with every single request that is put forward to us by our peers, family, or at the workplace by our superiors. We choose to take up more jobs than we can efficiently handle and put unnecessary stress on ourselves even at the cost of our time and well-being. Must we always do that? Why do we say yes?

People have the notion that saying no can come across as rude or uncaring. You may feel that you are letting someone down by turning down their request or risking a relationship when in reality, it has mostly to do with your self-confidence than your relationships with people. People who have low self-confidence tend to value their own needs less than the needs of others.

It may branch from overbearing parents, high expectations set by your peers and mentors or experiencing parenthood yourself and setting unreasonable standards for yourself. Childhood influences are usually the biggest cause of people always saying ‘yes’ all the time.

How to start saying say no?
If you want to take a step back and start saying no to make sure your own needs are valued, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Refuse politely, when it seems not possible: Do not overcomplicate responses and try to be as simple in your responses as you can be. If you are asked to do something, and you want to say no, try to be polite in your body language and state that it is not convenient for you at the moment and that you would rather get back to it later.
  2. Seek time before committing: The transition from saying ‘yes’ all the time to saying no does take time! Start to give yourself more time and ask people to get back to you later. This way you can begin to build more self-confidence and learn to say no over time. This also allows you to evaluate your response instead of immediately saying yes or no to the person asking the favor or task.
  3. Do not feel guilty: Deep down if you want to do a favor, you can go ahead with it, but you should also understand that it is okay to say no, and there is no need to associate guilt with it. You should set boundaries and allow people around you to understand how much favors they can ask you for instead of presenting you with an endless amount of favors from you.
  4. Set your boundaries: Refusal does not amount to rejection as you have just as much right to say ‘no’ as the person who is asking the favor from you. You are simply turning down a request, and in most situations, there is a middle ground for compromises where both you and the requester can be satisfied. If you have limited time to fulfill a request, let the person know and help out only as much as you can without overstepping your boundaries.

Bringing in these changes can help you be more self-confident, and at the same time enable you to say no when you need to without weighing yourself down with expectations and fear or rejection.

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I Read in Lybrate some times back fart is good for heart attack. Why? Please explain me

Homeopath, Chennai  •  5 years experience
I Read in Lybrate some times back fart is good for heart attack. Why? Please explain me
Flatulence has secret health benefits that could help stave off strokes, heart attacks and dementia,(scientists have revealed.) Hydrogen sulfide is one of a number of potent smelly gases produced by bacteria as it breaks down food in the gut. It is toxic in large doses but in tiny amounts it helps protect cells and fight illness When cells become stressed by disease they try to draw in enzymes to generate their own minute quantities of hydrogen sulfide.
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Hi I am 16 years old and I am doing masturbation everyday and everyday I have one bought that if I will do the masturbation regularly then my sperm get low or it remained same as it is. And one thing also that by doing masturbation in a day (one time) is it affects on my marriage life. And can I get any problems for doing my own kid So I am confused totally. Is masturbation regularly affects my sperm and my future baby please Help!

MD Hom., Certificate in Food and Nutrition, BHMS, Diploma In Yoga, PGDM
Homeopath, Indore  •  12 years experience
I am 16 years old and I am doing masturbation everyday
and everyday
I have one bought that if I will do the mastur...
The side effects of excessive masturbation cause changes in body chemistry as: Fatigue Hair loss Memory loss Blurred vision Body pains Groin/testicular pain ageing erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation infertility drowsy feeling and many more problems so you should reduce your habit of excess masturbation. You should masturbate once or twice within 15 days Ways to get control over it- 1. Find another outlet for your time and energy. Fill your life with engaging activities. The excitement of doing something different can help replace the urge to masturbate, and you'll have a go-to distraction next time you're tempted. Try some of these options: like play some sport, Start writing, learn to play a musical instrument, paint, draw, or do whatever else makes you feel like you're doing something productive. 2. Eat a healthy diet, Try skills like cooking, archery, baking, public speaking, or gardening. 3. Volunteer your time. Devote your energy to helping teens who've been less fortunate than you, such as working at a shelter, tutoring low-income students, cleaning up blighted areas, or raising money for a good cause. 4. Get enough sleep 5. Make a plan for avoiding masturbation during your "go to" times of day. 6.Limit your solitude. If you masturbate frequently because you feel lonely, find ways to be as socially engaged as possible. This means that you should join as many clubs or activities as you can, accept and give more invitations to people, and go out of your way to make more friends. 7. Stop watching porn on your computer. One of the reasons you may be masturbating so much is that you know that you can access porn within seconds if you desire. 8. Be persistent and patient. Stopping a masturbation addiction won't hit you like a lightning bolt. It's a process that requires commitment, and you might make mistakes or relapse on occasions. The real struggle is persevering, so commit now that you won't let little mistakes stand in your way. Follow the above ways to help you to get cure from the habit of masturbation. For more queries contact us.
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What happens if hand practice is done more and more an what are side effects? Please advise

BASM, NDYSE, Mater of Yoga
Sexologist, Delhi  •  19 years experience
What happens if hand practice is done more and more an what are side effects? Please advise
Hand practice or masturbation is unnatural activity and has many harmful consequences. There are many side effects of excessive masturbation and people who claim that there are no side effects are absolutely wrong. Excess of everything is bad. If there were no side effects of excessive masturbation than there would have been no term called ‘Erectile Dysfunction’. Here we will list down few side effects of masturbation and hope that after reading them masturbator will quit masturbation. The first and most important side effect of masturbation is that it damages the overall health of a masturbator. Masturbator feels weakness in his body. Masturbation damages the arteries of the penis. Gradually it blocks the blood circulation towards penis, which results in semi erection or no erection at all at the time of intercourse. Masturbation also causes frequent Nocturnal Ejaculation which is not good for health as well as the reproductive system. It weakens both of them. Masturbator is also likely to suffer from endocrine diseases. Masturbation wastes the precious sperm which is very important to carry the generation of a person. Masturbation also weakens the sperm cells and can seriously affect the pregnancy chances of the woman. The most common side effect of masturbation is premature ejaculation. Most of the young generation is affected by this disease. Due to premature ejaculation a masturbator is unable to satisfy his wife after marriage which can lead to many tensions and even divorce. There is an every chance that the wife of the person suffering from premature ejaculation will cheat on him to satisfy her sexual needs. Frequent masturbation also damages the eyesight as it weakens the blood vessels taking blood to that part of the body. Excessive masturbation can result in over production of sex hormones, which makes the person addicted to masturbation without any reason. People who masturbate regularly are likely to suffer from seminal leakage. Seminal leakage is a disease which causes sperm to leak out of the penis without any erection. Sometimes masturbation can also cause depression, tension and anxiety as the desire for sex increases. There are side effects for girls as well if they masturbate. Girls that masturbate frequently at the beginning of their puberty changes are most likely to be ejaculated even with a slightest touch. People who masturbate regularly like 2-3 times a day are more likely to suffer from the backbone pain because of the sedative lifestyle they develop over time. It is true that if you masturbate once in a week then there no side effects of masturbation. But it is strongly advised not to masturbate at all. If you will plan to masturbate once in a week than you will be never able to fulfil it because masturbation increases the desire of intercourse so it is better to quit it.
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I want to have sex for longer time can you please suggest home items that can help me by eating them or some other issues to have sex healthy and for long time.

Homeopath,  •  5 years experience
I want to have sex for longer time can you please suggest home items that can help me by eating them or some other is...
Stay Vegetarian and eat lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 1.banana is it is very rich in potassium and glucose, hence helps to increase your stamina, performance and timings. 2. Amla is very useful in promoting Spermatogenesis and producing good quality sperm with high morality. 3.Eating Strawberries have similar effect as banana as both are rich in glucose and zinc. 4.Avoid smoking- as it leads to reduce blood flow to penis due to constriction and hardening of blood vessels supplying to the male organ. 5.Avoid intake of alcohol. 6.Have a good sleep- You should have 6–7 hour good sound sleep. 7.Keep stress and tension out of bed. 8.Try to have a sensual and long foreplay
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Importance of Panchkarma Therapies for Belly Fat Reduction!

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), C.R.A.V
Ayurveda, Delhi  •  7 years experience
Importance of Panchkarma Therapies for Belly Fat Reduction!

Introduction to Panchkarma therapy: Panchkarma is not only a common term in today’s Ayurveda treatment, it has been put to use from the time of Acharya Susruta. While Ayurveda is a genuine and very effective field of medicine, its therapies are also to the point. Panchkarma, by definition, is a spa, or power massage with Ayurvedic help. It keeps the whole body fit and healthy by curing and also preventing diseases. It eliminates doshas and malas from the body and purifies the skin. Ayurvedic massage experts perform this therapy skillfully with dry herbal powder or herbal paste and medicated oil. They give the rubbing and strokes in the opposite direction of a conventional massage.

Brief Description: As the name says, Panchkarma is a combination of five different processes that are acted one after another. They are-

  1. Vamana (Emetic therapy)
  2. Virecana (Purgative therapy)
  3. Nasya (Inhalation therapy or Errhine)
  4. Anuvasana basti (Type of Enema)
  5. Niruha basti (Type of Enema)

These processes eliminate Kapha, Pitta and Vata and bring tenderness to the body. Before all these processes, it is important to check if the patient is physically and mentally capable of undergoing the treatment. So there are some pre-monitoring procedures where one must take the necessary precautions and diet. There are also post-treatment measures that consist of some special medicines and procedures.

Works in Belly Fat Reduction: Even though Panchkarma therapy mainly removes toxins from the skin, still Ayurvedic doctors have recommended it for fat reduction too. It reduces fat by removing the excess cellulite accumulated under the skin. The power massage gives rubbing strokes on certain pressure points for fat loss. There are two types of actions-

  1. Snigadh
  2. Ruksha

According to Susruta Samhita, there are three categories of actions-

  1. Utsadana
  2. Udgharshana
  3. Udvartana

Herbs Used In Panchkarma for Fat Loss: Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki are three herbs that are called Triphala. They are used to reduce cellulite and fat by rubbing and massaging as a paste on the body. All these three should be mixed in equal proportions before applying.

The formulas of pastes are different for Kapha-type and Pitta-type people.

Kapha: Ingredients Proportion
Amalaki 20%
Bibhitaki 20%
Haritaki 20%
Soap nut 10%
Pushkarmool 5%
Dried Ginger 5%
Vacha 5%
Black pepper 5%
Long pepper 5%
Barley 5%

Pitta: Ingredients Proportion
Nut grass 50%
Barley 20%
Amalaki 15%
Tagara 5%
Haritaki 5%
Gotu Kola 5%

There are two other formulas for fat reduction in Panchkarma-

  1. Kolakulathadi Choornam
  2. Kottamchukkadi Choornam

Pros and Cons:
Clearly, Ayurveda is a better option than chemical medicines because it does not harm the body in any way and it makes the skin beautiful. Although there may be a little pain, excessive dryness, thirst, weakness and stiffness as side effects of the therapy.

To conclude, even if there are some cons, Ayurveda is always better than anything else. So Panchkarma therapy is a well-recommended option for belly fat reduction.

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