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Amla (Indian Gooseberry) - 5 Ways It Benefits Your Health!

Dr. Anand Tembhurnikar 88% (21 ratings)
BAMS, MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Nagpur  •  20 years experience
Amla (Indian Gooseberry) - 5 Ways It Benefits Your Health!

“Health is wealth”, this is a proverb that all of us have been acquainted with ever since childhood, but not many of us pay it the importance that it deserves. One of the best ways to keep your health, in the form it should be kept by opting for power foods and topping that list of the most effective power foods is the Indian Gooseberry (Amla).

Why Indian Gooseberry?
Amla has been recognised as the powerhouse of variety of nutrients, all of which are geared towards aiding and nurturing one or the other part of your body. Amla or the Indian Gooseberry is an important part of Ayurveda medicine as well and is prescribed by all the Ayurvedic specialists either in the form of medicine or as a part of their patient’s daily diet

  1. Combats cough and flu: According to Ayurvedic specialists, Amla is a brilliant cure for a general cough and flu. Mixing two teaspoons of the amla juice with two teaspoons of honey and consuming it on a regular basis can help with curing cough and cold in a shorter span of time compared to any other medication.
  2. Is a great cure for anti ageing: Amla is referred to as a super fruit that helps with controlling ageing. The fact that it owns a high content of antioxidants allows it to reduce the chances of cell damage. It is also useful in fighting the different side effects of the free radicals also assists it in withholding signs of ageing.
  3. Works against heart diseases: Consumption of high cholesterol food leads to high cholesterol level in your blood. The floating of cholesterol on the blood leads to the blockage of crucial arteries and veins, leading to a number of cardiac diseases. It halts the building of bad cholesterol in the blood vessels and thus reduces the chances of a heart attack. Not only does it serve the above-mentioned functions but also stops the heart from thickening or clogging.
  4. Works towards reducing blood sugarFruits that are generally high in polyphenol are able to help the body combat the ill effects of high blood sugar. Since Indian Gooseberry has a high content of polyphenol, it helps diabetic patients in better absorption of insulin, thus helping in the reduction of blood sugar levels.
  5. Treats ulcer: Amla is recognised to have very high antibacterial properties which help it to prevent any kind of ulcer. The fact that amla is high in vitamin c also reduces the chance of mouth ulcers, which are often caused due to the deficiency of the same. Amla also assists in bringing down the acidity level in the body, which all in all eliminates any chance of ulcer creation in the body.

According to researchers and Ayurvedic medical experts, there is a whole list of other benefits that Indian gooseberries extend to us. Some of these other benefits include- immediate relief from constipation, influences hair growth, prevents lice, reduces pigmentation and gives a natural glow to the skin, cools the body down, improves eyesight and much, much more.

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After 9-Days Fasting Of Navratri, Here's the Diet You Should Follow Post Celebration!

Dr. Priyanka Paruthi-choure 89% (59 ratings)
BAMS, MSc, Diploma of Nutrition & Diet Planning
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Osmanabad  •  16 years experience
After 9-Days Fasting Of Navratri, Here's the Diet You Should Follow Post Celebration!

The nine days of Navaratri comprises of nine days of explicit celebration be it regarding meeting friends, hanging out with family, eating food, or going for pandal hopping. During these nine days, the enjoyment quotient is at its peak, so a lot of dietary imbalances are seen as an individual is either fasting or groping on high-calorie food or going on whole night trips. Overall, it is a total phase of biological discrepancy that is pretty welcoming as everybody loves going beyond time conventions once in a while.

The importance of following a diet post celebrations-

Our body does take a toll in these nine days. Moreover, after the 9-Days fasting in the Navratri and after all the pomp and show has ended, a person feels a lack of energy. So, after these nine days, one should follow an energy boosting diet that will replenish the tired soul and body. Non-vegetarians may become protein-deficit during these fasting days, hence during the post-Navaratri diet, one should also back up his or her non-vegetarian protein content as majority follow fast rituals or prefer eating vegetarian foods during these days.

  1. Food with soy content: Soya beans contain phosphorus, vitamin B, and copper - all three are beneficial for boosting energy. Phosphorus and copper convert food to energy and vitamin B breaks down carbohydrates for energy. Soya curries can be accommodated in meals.
  2. Eggs: Having eggs for few days is important. The yolk of the egg is a high source of vitamin D and B and is rich in protein as well. Vitamin B fragments down food to promote energy and vitamin D makes bones stronger.
  3. Lean meat: Meat eaters will love this one. Whether you love chicken, pork, beef or turkey, you're assured of sustained energy. It also contains norepinephrine and dopamine that apart from boosting energy uplifts mood as well.
  4. Beetroot juice: Drinking a glass of beetroot juice before a workout will make your body work for long hours without making you fatigued. Beetroot is abundant in vitamin A and C both of which helps in reducing fatigue and building stamina which is needed in these phase as all the holidays are over.
  5. Have some chocolates: Yes, you read it right. Have some chocolates without any guilt. The entire fasting period and the celebrations getting over apart from taking a toll on the health issues also do affect our mood. Chocolate act as a great mood elevator apart from rendering us with the boost of energy.
  6. Water: A diet can never be complete without a proper amount of water intake. During Navaratri people neglect on their daily 7 to 8 glasses of water so during these days it is important to fill it up.

Stuff yourself with these goodies and gear up to face the post-festive work days.

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Myths On Homeopathy - Know The 3 Most Common Ones!

Dr. Rupesh Bhiwgade 86% (100 ratings)
B.H.M.S, P.G.C.S.D.
Homeopath, Nagpur  •  7 years experience
Myths On Homeopathy - Know The 3 Most Common Ones!

Homeopathy is one of the most successful alternative systems of medicine, which has gained prominence with time. Homeopathy has always been associated with various controversies, but has emerged successfully due to its principles and scientifically proven products.

In spite of its success over the years, many people still abstain from using homeopathic medicines for healing purposes. Here are some myths about homeopathy nullified:

Homeopathic medicines are slow to act:This is one of the most important myths which abstain people from using homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic medicines are selected on the basis of the characteristics of the signs and symptoms and not just on the basis of diagnosis of a certain case. In homeopathy, an exact match needs to be done between the medical symptoms and symptoms of the disease. In case the symptoms do not match, the effect of the medicine becomes slow. The mismatch occurs due to the homeopath’s mistake, and it is not a mistake of homeopathy. When the medical symptoms and disease symptoms match, homeopathic medicines work effectively and fast.

Some homeopaths do not disclose the name of the medicines they give:This is another major myth about homeopathic medicines. Homeopaths do not hide the names of medicines they give you, and if you are educated enough to understand the depth of homeopathy, you should know that there is nothing like homeopaths hiding the names of medicines they’re giving you. Homeopathy differs and unlike modern medicines, its remedy differs from person to person. For example, for two people suffering from common cold, the remedy may not be the same. If you get to know about a homeopathic medicine, which has cured cold in a friend and use it on yourself abruptly, you may have side effects or no effects at all. Even in one particular patient, the symptoms may vary every time he gets a similar cold, and the medicines also have to be changed. You must always consult a homeopath before using a homeopathic medicine on your own.

While having homeopathic treatment, the patient's symptoms get aggravated:Homeopathic medicines are given when the medical and disease symptoms match. Thus, during the initial period of a homeopathic treatment, a little aggravation of the symptoms indicates that the medicines have started acting. This is a good sign and also denotes that the right medicine has been selected. This aggravation does not continue for long and after a short period, the patient experiences great relief. In many cases, the patients do not experience such early aggravation or symptoms. Extreme aggravation sometimes denotes improper medicine selection.

Homeopathy is a trusted and the most natural medicine that exists. There are certain myths about homeopathy, which are wrong and need to be cleared, so that more people can resort to homeopathy.

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Chronic Bad Breath - Causes and Management

MDS - Prosthodontics
Dentist, Ranchi  •  5 years experience
Bad breath caused due to smelly food will remain until the food is completely digested. True or false? Take this quiz to know now.
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Dear sir, I had unprotected sex with my gf and she take unwanted 72 with in 72 hour and after 3 days again we sex but not ejaculate inside her. And again taken unwanted 72 within 72 hour after taking pill 5 days later she spotting and before 5 days of her period she bleeding one day like period. Her period date is 6 october but still 12 days delay but not come period. Please hep me sir.

Diploma In Postpartum Depression, Formerly , House Job , Gynecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi  •  24 years experience
Dear sir, I had unprotected sex with my gf and she take unwanted 72 with in 72 hour and after 3 days again we sex but...
Hi! Taking unwanted 72 in this manner is incorrect. Though there will be no pregnancy but this medicine has many side effects. It will make her menstrual cycle very irregular. That is happening so you will have to watch 1-2 months till it becomes ok again.
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Im having allot of acne mostly on face. Also I have lost allot of hair plus greying of hair.

Dermatologist, Chennai  •  19 years experience
Im having allot of acne mostly on face. Also I have lost allot of hair plus greying of hair.
Acne or pimples. Due to hormonal changes. Oily skin causes it. Common in adolescent age. May occur in adults also. Food like Oily foods, ice cream, chocolate and sweets increase it. Treatment depends on the grade of pimples or acne. So, please send photos by direct online consultation as it's a must to see which grade of pimples or acne for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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Hi Dr, Some day ago when I came home from college I heard someone else in my moms bedroom with my mom. He was none other than my dads boss who was banging my mom. But as soon as I saw them I left my house. My mom does not know about this. What should I do doctor? I am really depressed.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore  •  47 years experience
Hi Dr, Some day ago when I came home from college I heard someone else in my moms bedroom with my mom. He was none ot...
I think you should inform your mom that you know about this man and that if she does not stop it you will be forced to report it. I am sure she will comply. If she does not then you will have to inform your dad. This may ruin the family and destroy your home but if there is anything criminal, immoral or life threatening, then there should be zero tolerance for them. If you hold it to yourself, it may trouble you no end. I know that you may be very disappointed and hurt but these things happen in relationships but you need to act on it appropriately. Always be responsible, respectful and functional.
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Hello doctor last week with the help of hot wax I clean and waxing my forearms and biceps hairs. 4-5 days after doing that in my forearms and arms red red scars and multiple red pimples occur in that area please suggest me some effective medicine.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Jaipur  •  6 years experience
Hello doctor last week with the help of hot wax I clean and waxing my forearms and biceps hairs. 4-5 days after doing...
Apply shatadhaut ghrita. I would need to see the images of diseases areas. You can consult us online through Lybrate platform.
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Silent Heart Attacks - Things To Know About It!

DM Cardiology
Cardiologist, Delhi  •  24 years experience
Silent Heart Attacks - Things To Know About It!

A heart attack does not always have obvious symptoms, such as pain in your chest, shortness of breath and cold sweats. In fact, a heart attack can actually happen without a person knowing it. This condition is known as a ‘silent heart attack’, medically known as ‘silent ischemia’, occurring due to the shortage of oxygen supply to the heart muscle. The causes of a silent heart attack are similar to that of a heart attack. 

They include- 

  1. Conditions like: 
  2. Lack of exercise 
  3. Age, usually above 65 
  4. Consumption of tobacco or smoking 
  5. High consumption of alcohol 

A silent cardiac arrest makes one more vulnerable to another heart attack that could be fatal. Diagnosis: The only method to diagnose if you had a silent heart attack is through imaging tests, such as echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, Holter Monitoring or others. These tests can show certain changes which might be indicative of a heart attack. An analysis of one’s overall health and the symptoms can aid in deciding whether few more tests are required. 

How would you prevent a silent heart attack? 
1.    Get your cholesterol and blood pressure count tested regularly. 
2.    Refrain from smoking. 
3.    Get your VO2 max checked regularly. 
4.    Live a healthy lifestyle: Refrain from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption; exercise daily, eat healthy. 
5.    Control high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes 
6.    Be aware of your body and call on a doctor if you feel there’s anything which is bothering you. 

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My father is 84 now. Suffering from heart and breathing problem. Heart beats are more and have cough also. Even he walks 4-5 steps, suffering to breathe.

MD - Medicine, Diploma in Diabetes Management
Diabetologist, Surat  •  8 years experience
My father is 84 now. Suffering from heart and breathing problem. Heart beats are more and have cough also. Even he wa...
There might be some heart or lung disease. You should try to find the reason and treat him accordingly to improve his quality of life.
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Hi I am facing problem of hair fall and root are very dry. What should I do and which shampoo and hair oil I can use?

General Physician, Rewa
Hi I am facing problem of hair fall and root are very dry. What should I do and which shampoo and hair oil I can use?
Minoxidil 2% oil use morning and evening. 1-1 ml -adv. Plenty of water - T. Folihair. 1 tablet after meal 30 days.
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HI, I was prescribed by miconazole nitrate zel for skin rashes in groin area. I used that zel but problem not solved completely. That rashes occurred again. If I continue to use that gel 50 % problem will be solved. If I stop using the rashes occurs again. What should I do? I am 30 male unmarried.

Homeopath, Chennai  •  8 years experience
HI, I was prescribed by miconazole nitrate zel for skin rashes in groin area. I used that zel but problem not solved ...
Hello, You have ring worm infection in your groin area. Treating it with miconazole will have only temporary effects. Homoeopathy acts effectively. It prevents future recurrences. To know more & for any other concern you can contact me online, you could also receive medicines through courier.
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Hi, I am having skin problem from last 1-2 years. In the night there are rashes at my back (on & below shoulder). There is a lot of itching there & some small pimples like are at back. Having so much problem. Kindly suggest me.

Homeopath, Noida  •  22 years experience
Hi, I am having skin problem from last 1-2 years. In the night there are rashes at my back (on & below shoulder). The...
Use sulphur 200/ 0ne dise empty stomach in the morning for one day only. For better results consult with details.
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Weight Loss - How It Can Boost Your Sex Life?

Sexologist, Jammu  •  3 years experience
Weight Loss - How It Can Boost Your Sex Life?

Obesity not only leads to a life full of health problems like diabetes and heart diseases, but it can also diminish your love life. It can lead to decrease of stamina, increases sexual brokenness and hormonal irregularity.

Here are the primary nine things that losing weight can help you with, and in return, make your sex life better.

  1. Erectile dysfunctionHeavy people are likely to experience the ill effects of erectile dysfunction and impotency. Issues related to obesity like elevated cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes decrease the blood flow to all parts of the body, including the penis, hence bringing on issues with erection. Different reviews have demonstrated that losing a little measure of weight can beat this condition.
  2. Hormonal imbalance and low charisma: Obesity is specifically connected to hormonal imbalance and lower testosterone levels, which thus can hinder sexual desires in both men and women. Another issue is an increased muscle to fat ratio, which leads to more sex hormone restricting globulins in the system.
  3. InfertilityIn women, obesity leads to a decrease in the number of eggs.
  4. Diseases that obstruct sex: People who are heavy, especially in the pelvic region, have a tendency to experience the adverse effects of a large number of illnesses, which can affect their sexual experiences in different ways. This can be because of physiological or mental reasons or because of medicines taken for that illness. Diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, hypertension, depression, dementia and different diseases all affect the sexual working.
  5. Sexually transmitted diseases and undesirable pregnancies: Since heavy individuals are probably going to have less sex than the others, they are likelier to display high hazard of sexual conduct. They are also more likely to get pregnant because of their tendency to be unresponsive to certain medications due to reduced blood flow.
  6. Less sex positions conceivable: Tragically, the changing of positions during intercourse can be difficult when one or both partners are fat. Moreover, if both the partners are heavy, it can also hinder penetration.
  7. Less inclined to engage in sexual relations: Overweight people are continually going to think that it is harder to look for a partner and thus feel less attractive. Hence, they hardly engage in sexual activities.
  8. Low self-esteem and wretchedness: We live in a society where heavy individuals are routinely ridiculed. This sort of isolation begins when a person is extremely young and obesity turns into the characterizing normal for that person, regardless of their different qualities.
  9. Absence of stamina: Obesity is regularly connected with sluggishness and an inactive way of life. Moreover, this may regularly hinder the sexual experiences of obese people. In men, it will likewise diminish their ability to keep.
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