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Ulcer - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

Although ulcer in the small intestine and stomach are common in our modern society, but there are no clear evidence to suggest that just fast food and stress are the main reasons for this disease. About one out of every ten citizens globally will suffer from the gnawing and burning sensation of abdominal pain because of ulcer at some point in life.

Peptic ulcers are breaks or holes in the protective lining of the stomach or the duodenum. Areas that come in contact with enzymes and acids that are secreted by the stomach. It has been noticed, that duodenal ulcers are more common than stomach ulcers. Comparatively rare, esophageal ulcers, which forms in the esophagus (swallowing tube) are often the result of alcohol abuse or exposure to medications like certain anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics.

While secretion of excess stomach acids indeed plays a role in development of this disease, in a recent research on ulcers, it has also been found that bacterial infection is the main cause of peptic ulcers. Nevertheless, since mid-1980s there were medical evidences that Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria is present in more than 80% of stomach ulcers and in 90% of duodenal ulcers. There are also studies that shows that stomach ulcers are more common in aged people. This may happen because arthritis is a disease that develops mostly in older people, and alleviating the arthritic pain calls for taking daily doses of ibuprofen and aspirin. Another factor that makes ulcers a common disease among the older people is because with advancing age the valve between the stomach and the duodenum (pylorus) relaxes, which allows excess bile juice to seep up into the stomach which in turn erodes the lining of the stomach.

It has also been noticed by experts that people with blood group A, are more affected with stomach ulcers, which at times can also get cancerous. While it has also been seen that duodenal ulcers often happens with people with blood type O. As people who are born with this blood group do not produce the substance on their blood, which helps in protecting the lining of their duodenum.

However, the good thing about this illness is that peptic ulcers are easier to treat, and in many cases can be cured with antacids and antibiotics. There are also several drugs that even reduce the amount of acids produced by the stomach.

So if you are suffering from ulcers, its best to consult your physician, as left untreated all ulcers can lead to serious illnesses like anemia and stomach carcinoma.

Treatable by medical professional Usually self diagnosable Lab test sometimes required Short-term: resolves within days to weeks Non communicable
Belching Pain in chest or upper abdomen. Heartburn, indigestion and nausea,

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Ways To Deal With Peptic Ulcers!

Dr. Arun R 90% (723 ratings)
MD - Microbiology
General Physician, Bangalore
Ways To Deal With Peptic Ulcers!
Peptic ulcer is a disease usually found in the first part of the small intestine but can also be found in the delicate stomach lining near the duodenum. Peptic ulcers are usually painful sores that are caused due to too much acid production in the stomach, as well as excessive smoking and alcohol consumption. The symptoms generally include heartburn, bloating, nausea, vomiting and even blood discharge in stool and vomiting. Treatment of these peptic ulcers: - Medication: The most common way of treating peptic ulcers is to ingest proton pump inhibitors (PPI's). These medicines will effectively stop the production of acid and reflux in the gastroesophageal region. Antibiotics to remove infection by H.pylori can also help, especially in severe cases. - Upper Endoscopy and Surgery: For severe cases where there is bleeding in the peptic ulcers, an upper GI endoscopy may be conducted to reduce the bleeding and identify the site of ulcers. Sometimes surgery also may be recommended in persistent bleeding. - Lifestyle Changes: The presence of a peptic ulcer usually points to tobacco and alcohol abuse. Giving up smoking and drinking helps. Drinking plenty of water and eating a proper balanced diet along with exercise is beneficial. Managing and treating peptic ulcers by proper diagnosis and early treatment is helpful.
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Stomach Ulcers - 5 Ways It Can Be Treated!

Dr. Sharad Deshmukh 87% (89 ratings)
DNB Gastroenterology, Consulatant Gastroenterologist, Chief gastroenterologist
Gastroenterologist, Nashik
Stomach Ulcers - 5 Ways It Can Be Treated!
A stomach ulcer or gastric ulcer refers to the defects or breakdown in the mucosal lining in the stomach. The stomach contains acid, which helps in digestion and any break in the tissue lining may result in severe pain or bleeding in some cases. The pain is usually felt in the abdomen. Stomach ulcers cause great discomfort and should be treated effectively. Here are the primary ways for treating stomach ulcers: Antibiotics: In the case of H. pylori infection, you should take a course of more than two antibiotics, to be taken twice a day and must be continued for a week. Antibiotics such as amoxicillin, clarithromycin or metronidazole may be used in case of such stomach ulcers. However it is always recommended to consult a specialized doctor before consuming any of these medicines. After several weeks of using the antibiotics, you should get a test done for detection of H. pylori bacteria. If they are still present, you have to take different antibiotics. Proton Pump Inhibitors: Proton pump inhibitors or PPIs helps in the reduction of the amount of acid produced by the stomach. This prevents damage to the ulcer and lets it heal naturally. PPIs are generally taken for four to eight weeks. The most common PPIs which are used for treating stomach ulcers are omeprazole, pantoprazole and lansoprazole. H2 Receptor Antagonists: H2 receptor antagonists reduce the production of stomach acid and function the same as PPIs. The most common H2 receptor for treating stomach ulcers is ranitidine. Antacids/ Alginate: All measures to treat stomach ulcers take several hours to show results. Your doctor may prescribe antacid medications for neutralizing the stomach acid. This will provide relief for the moment, but the relief is quite temporary and for a short span of time. By this time, the strong medicines most likely start working. There is a certain antacid medicine known as alginate. This develops a protective coating on the stomach lining. Antacids are available at all over the counter medicine stores and you should consult your doctor to get the best antacid which would work effectively on your stomach ulcer symptoms. You should take antacids before going to sleep or after taking meals. Natural Remedies: Stomach ulcer can also be treated at home using natural remedies. Medicines may sometimes cause further digestive complications, so home remedies are much more easy to follow and do not have side effects. The best way is to follow a proper diet, which is comprised of certain food items that help in curing stomach ulcers. You should consume bananas, honey, garlic, green leafy vegetables like cabbage, licorice and capsaicin. Stomach ulcers cause great pain and also bleeding in several cases. Proper treatment procedures should be taken in case of stomach ulcer. There are many medical remedies, as well as home remedies for treating stomach ulcers.
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Ayurveda And The Treatment of Gastritis!

Dr. Aruna Khurana 90% (82 ratings)
BAMS, Msc-Psychoneurobics, Diploma in Counseling and Spiritual Health
Ayurveda, Faridabad
Ayurveda And The Treatment of Gastritis!
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian life science that requires you to make various lifestyle changes along with the use of medication that is based on herbs and condiments with massages and Yogic postures. This field of medicine believes in getting to the root of the problem so as to cure it and prevent it in the future as well. Gastritis is no different and enjoys the same kind of attention when it comes to Ayurveda. Here is everything you need to know about the Ayurvedic perspective of gastritis. Definition: As per Ayurveda, gastritis is known as Urdhva Amlapitta, which can lead to the occurrence of stomach ulcers when the inflammation of the stomach lining goes untreated for a prolonged period of time. This inflammation is the basic outcome of the condition. Causes: Problems in the Vata Dosha, one of the four Doshas in the body, can cause this condition. Also, a build up of Ama or toxins due to poor digestive health, can lead to the occurrence of this disease. As per Ayurveda, there are many reasons that may cause this toxin build up and the imbalance in the Vata Dosha. This includes eating spicy food on a regular or frequent basis and taking too many drugs like pain killers and analgesics which can lead to this condition. Also, too much of alcohol consumption and greasy food can cause gastritis. Further, one of the main causes of gastritis as per Ayurveda, is the presence of too much stress and worry, and the lack of a proper routine when it comes to eating, sleeping and exercising. Symptoms: The main symptoms include appetite loss and nausea, as well as discomfort and pain in the abdomen. Gastrointestinal bleeding and blood discharge may also occur for patients suffering from this condition. Headaches and vomiting are also common symptoms of this condition. Medication: There are various Ayurvedic medicines that can help in treating this condition. Sukumara Ghrita are ghee based preparations that can be taken every morning with a glass of warm milk in order to activate the digestive fires and improve the digestive powers. The difference can usually be seen in a matter of days. Dhatri Lauha includes amla juice which should be taken twice a day. Lemon juice, ajwain, amla and ginger are also helpful in such situations. Lifestyle Changes: Avoiding spicy and greasy food as well as stopping alcohol abuse and smoking can help in curing this condition. One should also stay away from excessively stressful mental and physical tasks. Taking the right steps at the right time for a proper routine with good habits can help in treating this condition as per Ayurveda.
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Peptic Ulcers - Ways To Deal With It!

Dr. Bashar Imam Ahmad 88% (10 ratings)
MD - General Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Durgapur
Peptic Ulcers - Ways To Deal With It!
A peptic ulcer is usually found in the duodenum, or the first part of the small intestine. These ulcers can also be found in the delicate stomach lining near this region. These are usually painful sores that are caused due to too much acid production in the stomach, as well as excessive smoking and alcohol consumption. The symptoms generally include heartburn, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and even blood discharge in stool and vomiting. So how can you treat these ulcers? Here's a short list of ways to do so. - Medication: The most common way of treating peptic ulcers is to ingest proton pump inhibitors which can be prescribed by a general physician. These medicines will effectively stop the production of acid and reflux in the gastroesophageal band, so as to prevent the growth and production of such ulcers. Antibiotics can also help, especially in severe cases where there is a risk of infection due to the presence of these ulcers. - Upper Endoscopy and Surgery: For severe cases where there is bleeding in the peptic ulcers, an upper endoscopy may also be conducted. This quick procedure can give relief from the bleeding. Also, many specialists might recommend surgery so as to treat an ulcer that has punched a hole in the stomach's wall, in which case the persistent bleeding cannot be stemmed even with an upper endoscopy. - Lifestyle Choices: The presence of a peptic ulcer usually points to tobacco and alcohol abuse. If you happen to be over 50 years of age and are busy drinking copious amounts of alcohol every day and even chain smoking, then you may be at risk. It is best to stop such abuse by giving up smoking and drinking so as to ensure that the peptic ulcer can be treated and does not become a fatality. Also, drinking plenty of water and eating a proper balanced diet along with exercise are some of the best ways of treating these ulcers. - Side Effects: Peptic ulcers may also arise as a side effect of having pain killers too frequently. So it is important to stay away from medication that gives rise to this kind of reaction in the body. Managing and treating peptic ulcers is a matter of getting the right tests done for diagnosis before discussing further medication or surgery based treatment for the ulcer so that it does not pose any grave danger to the patient's body.
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Health Tip!

MDS Prosthodontics, BDS
Dentist, Bhilwara
Health Tip!
After 1st sitting, you might face problem of ulceration, then you would be prescribed with relieving gel, apply it with cotton applicator tip.(you can use ear bud)
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After many tests doctor diagnosed functional dyspepsia and he also told that this disease has no cure and he prescribed medicines 1-colospa 135 2- dimol 40 but after taking those medicine my stool becomes hard and as I have a tendency of anal fissures or anal ulcers occurring if my stool get little hard that occurs after passing dry stool and I stop taking medicine but my problem is going on. My symptoms are- frequent air belching comes both empty stomach and full stomach and after drinking water belching must. 10-15 times flatulence pass in a day. Little burning and hot sensation continue for all time after first meal of the day though endoscopy report shows nothing found. So how I can live in this situation? I am very very anxious both of my diseases 1- functional dyspepsia and if stool becomes little dry then fissures or anal ulcers occurring tendency.

Dr. Bhagyesh Patel 93% (2536 ratings)
General Surgeon, Gandhinagar
Respected lybrate-user, Hi Welcome to * Functional dyspepsia management is mainly multi modality approach, based on the evaluation of individual factors with co relation of the supportive data as ultrasound, endoscopy reports.* Suggestions for better recovery - Always maintain hydration with liquids more in sessions.- Prefer soft, light bland diet till possible.- Avoid oily, spicy,non veg, hot beverages, junk foods, dairy fat.- Regular walking in fresh air, deep breathing exercises, YOGA help a lot.- Avoid stress, anxiety.- Try to manage sound regular sleep of 8 hours.- Proton pump inhibitors with bulk forming laxatives, green leafy veg, organic fresh fruits, whole grains, cereals,pulses, legumes,fresh curd are your main healers.- Avoid smoking, alcohol if using. Hope this will help you for sure. Welcome for any further guidance. Regards dear take care.

Is anal fissures or ulcers a permanently curable disease by taking homeopathic treatment so that it does not recur after hard stool?

Dr. Rushali Angchekar 95% (50103 ratings)
Homeopath, Sindhudurg
yes..Anal Fissure actually refers to a tear in the anus. Homeopathic remedies can be quite beneficial in the treatment of Anal remedies are ratanhia , calc fluor , alumina , nat mur, bryonia , select correct medicine you can consult me online for homoeopathic treatment without side effects..

I have ulcer in my mouth .I am facing this problem 10 days please give a proper solution and I never face this problem again.

Certification in Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Post-Graduate Certificate in Oral Implantology (PGCOI), M.Sc - Master of Oral Implantology (MOI), Certified Implantologist, BDS
Dentist, Rajkot
If ulcer appears frequntly than take multivitamin tab for week twice a day and go for clinical check up and proper diagnosis.

I have tongue ulcer and yellowish on the tongue with burning and irritation.(I am a smoker for 10 cigarettes in a day) please advise me for the treatment.

Dr. Saul Pereira 93% (37982 ratings)
Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
This is not a good sign and is related to yoru smoking. Kindly give it up immediately. You have to quit cold turkey because the body and mind will torture you endlessly while attempting a reduction in smoking. The tobacco tar in cigarette smoke lines your lung with huge patches that make that portion dysfunctional. Your oxygen carrying capacity is jeopardized, and breathing is impinged on. But don’t be discouraged because it is not too late even now to reverse all the ill-effects of smoking. I don’t know what other organs could be damaged but do go for a thorough medical check-up to assess the effects of your abuse. Regarding improving your lungs, do a lot of aerobic exercise breathing through your nostrils only. Then there are a lot of deep breathing exercises in Yoga which you can learn too. Deep breathing cleanses your system and lungs and restores it to good health. Deep breathing uses the 80% of the lungs which are not normally used in normal breathing and even when exerting yourself. The greatest effect is in the lungs because this substance is processed through the respiratory system directly through the lung surface. When quitting, you must take one day at a time; though you must give up all smoking at once, and promptly. If you look too far ahead you will get discouraged and will give up. If you sit and count the number of days you have given up, that will also focus too much on achievement. You must focus on the here and now, on that day to be precise. After all quitting is not that easy due to many factors. So even if you fail one day, you must try and try again. Very few people succeed in their first attempt. Your persistence will eventually pay off. The urge to discontinue is hampered by many factors but the worst of them is the conditioning. In fact, these conditions can exist all through the day, unlike other addictions. But your desire to want to stop is the most important factor. It is important to find out about the ill-effects of smoking to have a reason that alarms you about continuing the habit. The information is really scary but true and you must remind yourself about this every day. The nicotine in tobacco smoke stimulates the heartbeat to raise the blood pressure in no time at all. So you must avoid it like the plague: it is just very bad medicine for you. In fact, it is highly toxic too. You will need to stop smoking or consuming any tobacco related items with immediate effect. You should start vigorous exercises, gradually increasing it over a period of time. Do deep breathing exercises every time you feel like smoking (try Yoga), and replace the oral urge with some healthy food substitute to satiate the need. You may also take hard candy or chew gum. If the urge is too strong, then use nicotine gums and nicotine patches, for a little while until the smoking drive reduces, substantially. You may also join Smokers Anonymous in your city where the support is really extraordinary for like-minded people who are also in the same situation. Keep yourself occupied or engaged with interesting activities during the times when it is most tempting. Keep the company of non-smokers for some time i.e. At least for the first 21 days. Above all announce it to everyone that you have quit smoking. Here’s a piece of very good advice: even if you accidentally/willfully take a cigarette, it is not the end of the world – you can start the cessation all over again. You must persevere with the best support until you defeat this addiction. Counseling is very useful in the initial stages and when temptations are at their highest. You could also join twitter2quit program and enjoy its success to give up smoking.
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I am suffering from mouth ulcer and tongue ulcers from 3 days. Kindly suggest the treatment for cure it fast. It is very painful to laughed, lunch and speak Kindly suggest treatment. Thanks.

Dr. Yasmin Asma Zohara 90% (23132 ratings)
MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
We need more investigations with clinical examination to decide upon treatment. You may need Coronoplasty (smoothen teeth edges) along with Multivitamin cap, for five days in the morning after meals & antiseptic ointment or gel on the area of ulcer until then. Mouth sores are common and rarely cause complications. Most go away in about a week, but it’s important to monitor any mouth sores you develop. If you are concerned, or if the sore doesn’t seem to be healing, contact your dentist Rinse your mouth thoroughly with a mouth wash after every meals. Advance procedures can be done with laser. You may consult me in person.

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