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Stroke (Brain Attack)

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Hello viewers, welcome to the vibrant platform of Lybrate, which allows you to have a text, audio or a video consultation to your favourite doctors at anytime convenient to you from your mobile. So in this current era we are very well connected to all Medical Services and the intention of this video is to educate you regarding one medical element which is called as stroke or brain attack like similar to heart attack. When our brain doesn't receive sufficient blood supply either because of two reasons there could be blockage of the brain artery or there could be bleeding which happened in the brain artery. Now the bleeding can happen because of uncontrolled hypertension and the blocking can happen because of either a clot roaming in the system causing an occlusion in one of the blood vessel in the brain or it could be independent phenomenon happening with the brain blood vessel itself. So either it ischemic make which is very common around 80%, which is because of the blockage or 10 to 15% because of bleeding in the brain we should conclude to medical condition by the name stroke. Now what are the signs and symptoms the signs and symptoms of stroke are persistent headache, dizziness or giddiness, sudden loss of vision then patient may feel that what is happening in the surrounding is not detected properly, so unresponsiveness then sudden fall from a standing posture, there could be vomiting, there could be discomfort, sweating all these fall into category of stroke. Now there is a third variety that is called as TIA that is transient ischemic attack which happens for few seconds and it recovers completely, it is also a stroke but this is of minor variety, a minor range is getting affected. So we have this kind of a range of stroke which has to be detected early because if in ischemia that is the loss of blood to a part of brain is detected within 4 hours we can reverse it. There are certain thrombolytic agents available which can be injected into the system of patient giving the acute phase, if we get a chance within 4 hours to treat the patient we can reverse the whole thing that's how it is better to bring medical attention at earliest. You can't think that this is a night 12 o'clock why should I go to a doctor we will go in the morning no, we have to rush in the midnight to any emergency Medical Services for this condition. This is the intention of this video to educate you to understand about and feel the gravity of this grave medical condition because once paralysis sets in it lingers for months together and a person may lose quality of life. He becomes or she becomes bedridden for long time and this is a condition which can be prevented if you control your blood pressure, your sugar level, your normal physical activity, control on diet, managing the stress well, taking enough sleep, avoiding any substances which are going to cause any damage to your brain. Now I request all Lybrate users to get connected to me, my name is Dr Vishwas and whenever you would like to have any consultation on text, audio, video I am available to you all 24/7, just use your app and find me and search me by my name Vishwas Madhav Thakur and you will be able to get your consultation at earliest. Thank you.

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