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CT Scan - Brain and Screening Of CVJ Test

CT Scan - Brain and Screening Of CVJ Test

A Computed tomography (CT) scan projects the pictures of the skull and the brain. The test uses x- ray beams to scan the interior of an individual’s head. It helps in studying the abnormalities and problems of the brain area. It also detects the reasons for these issues. This scan test shows every detail of the inside including blood vessels, bones, tissues, and cells. Its primary use is to determine whether a brain stroke is haemorrhagic or ischemic. The test uses a small amount of radiation and is considered as a risk-free procedure. It is also considerably painless.

There are some usual tips for preparation before appearing for a CT scan of the brain. You need to remove all pieces of jewellery and metal objects in the body as well as clothing. The doctor will ask you to change into a gown. It is still recommended to wear comfortable clothes for the test. Consult your doctor regarding medications that you take daily. There might be some medicines which should be avoided to lower the interference with the results. Conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, and allergies also need to be discussed with the healthcare practitioner.

The CT scan of the brain is useful in the following ways: Detects any tumours, blood clot, lesions or tissue damage inside the skull Finds bone cracks in the skull Determines the probability of cancer Determines whether a stroke is haemorrhagic or ischemic Studies enlarged cavities in the brain Identifies diseases related to the brain

You will be asked to change into a gown. You will then lie down on a narrow table. This table will go inside the CT scanner. The doctor will make sure that you are in a comfortable position before starting the test.

Your head will go into the doughnut hole of the scanning machine. The machine will generate x-ray beams that will pass all over your body. There should not be any movement in order to prevent blurred images. The test typically takes 20 to 60 minutes.

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