Editorial Policy and Processes

The content here is medically proven put in the most understandable form

Delivering quality content is a job of great responsibility and it becomes tougher with the amount of trust our users keep in us. We at Lybrate are using all our sources to serve the most relevant and factually correct content to our users.

Lybrate is specialised in providing hardcore medical content in the simplest form of writing. In the fast-changing world, we get to see a lot of details about ailments and their treatments over the internet, but authenticity is something which is compromised on many occasions. But authenticity is something which is foremost important for delivering med content to our users. Lybrate has a designed process and highly qualified executives to ensure this.

Lybrate, being a doctor to patient portal, ensures that the interest of both of them are kept into consideration. We have a highly efficient team of researchers, editors & content developers to help you gather all news and technological developments at the earliest, and ensure that the content is user-friendly and honest to all interests.

Our Team of Experts

Dr. Vishwas Madhav Thakur

General Physician, Gurgaon

Dr. Garima Sharma

General Physician, Fatehabad

Dr. Anil Mehta

MBBS, DNB (General Medicine)
General Physician, Delhi

Hina Firdous

MPhD (Pharmacology) Pursuing, M.Pharma (Pharmacology), B.Pharma - Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care

Editorial Process

The Creation Process At Lybrate

We at Lybrate with our efficient team of research personnel ensure that the latest advancements are checked and topics relevant to doctor's interests are suggested. The topics, after being reviewed and selected according to the doctor's best interest, are shared with the content writers. The content developers generate the content and our team of highly capable reviewers audit the content and send it to the doctor for final approval. Doctors review the content and give final approval when they find it relevant to their daily practice.

Our Team

All our content is written, reviewed and authenticated by the team of well-experienced writers, auditors and other contributors. The contributors include all specialists from Oncologist to General Physician and from Dietitians to Pharmacists.

Content Developers At Lybrate

Writing medical content requires better analytical skills to understand and develop it to ensure maximum benefit to the readers. All our writers are experienced and highly professional in developing the best quality content.

Reference Sources

We have a predefined policy for all researches held. The topics are thoroughly researched and their sources are checked in order to ensure authenticity. We ensure that the content is based on the medically proven study and supported by certain research papers.

Audit Policy

Content, once created, passes through thorough checking and reviewing process to ensure the reliability and meet the prolonged quality standards.


At Lybrate, the focus is to ensure the viewers are provided best reading experience. What could be better than having feedback from them! We consider all user feedback to learn about their reading experience, their preferences and work harder to improve and attain the best quality of content.

Points we consider while creating the content

How do we ensure such consistency in our content? It's really simple! By setting some standards and following them religiously. We always ensure that the content we serve our users with is error-free and very well researched. We ensure not publishing anything on our website without cross-checking the authenticity of it. Here are some ingredients that make our content standout and understandable -
Well researched by qualified professionals
The content we publish on our website is written by medical experts after rigorous research. Our experts go through medical research papers before serving it to our audience. Our content is always very accurate because the people who write it are well-versed scholars of the medical field. They love to go an extra mile for the benefit of our valued users.
Staying updated
We never miss out on informing our users with the latest news, medical advancements and government schemes so that they are always fully updated about the possible benefits they can avail to stay fit and healthy.
We always ensure that the content we provide our users with is unique in all terms. We try to keep it as simple as possible for the general public to understand and take benefit from it. We try to never miss out on providing a single important health related information to our users.
Ensuring authenticity and reliability
We always have maintained our reputation of being the bridge between the doctors and the patients and our content has played a huge role in bringing both the sides on the same page. We never miss out on quoting the references and sources which we use to create a researched article. Apart from this, we have never been biased towards any product, service or brand. This is something that has maintained our reputation among our users till date.