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Metabolism - Know Food That Can Boost It!

Dt.Neelam Gadage 92% (56ratings)
Diploma in Dietetics , Health & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  5yrs exp
Metabolism - Know Food That Can Boost It!

It is often said that we are what we eat. So, when a person aims to stay healthy, maintaining a healthy rate of metabolism is important. So what about foods which can really help boost metabolism?

While exercise is important to stay healthy, it is said that what a person eats accounts for about 70 to 75% of the entire challenge of being fit. So, it can be said that eating foods which help the metabolism stay at a high level is something which is really very important. But, what exactly are these foods? 

  1. Water is something that is really underrated in a variety of ways. It should not come as a surprise, in that case, to know that it can do its bit to help to keep a metabolism rate high. After all, something that gets the body to function more smoothly should also be part of the answer to getting a more effortless high metabolism rate! Another thing which is interesting to know when it comes to water is the fact that if it is drunk cold, more calories can be burnt as the body would spend some energy in warming the water up. Now, is this not a very simple way to go about making sure that one’s metabolism does not slow?
  2. There are some chemical compounds which can help when it comes to improving metabolism. One of these happens to be capsaicin. Also, it does not mean that this compound needs to be bought or anything like that. As a matter of fact, it occurs absolutely naturally in chilli peppers. So, just incorporating some of them into the food one eats in a consistent manner will help a lot. Apart from just capsaicin, there is also quite a bit of vitamin C in chilli peppers, so it is truly a case of two birds, one stone!

Foods that elevate your metabolism is a good method of losing fat from the body. Include these foods in your breakfast, lunch and dinner to harness their fat-burning power.

1. Eggs
It is known that excessive consumption of eggs leads to high levels of cholesterol, but that really does not mean that egg whites are bad for health. As a matter of fact, not only it has a lot of Vitamin D and protein, but there is also a great amount of branched-chain amino acids, which can work wonders on the metabolism of a person.

2. Lean meat
Include lean meats, such as chicken and turkey to your diet as they are rich sources of protein. They are also good sources of iron, the deficiency of which may lead to a sluggish metabolism.

3. Chilli peppers
Chilli peppers are good sources of 'capsaicin', a component that is known to kick start your metabolism into high gear. You may add chilli peppers to your dishes to add some pungent flavour as well.

4. Coffee
A cup of coffee is said to be a daily need for a lot of people. While too much is not good, the fact that coffee drinkers tend to have a 16% higher metabolism than normal should provide sufficient reason to make a daily coffee a habit.

5. Beans
Beans are known to contain good amounts of protein and fibre. The fibre in the beans helps in promoting satiety and restricts your food cravings. They are also rich in iron, a macronutrient that helps in improving metabolism.

6. Berries
Berries are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C that help combat free radical damage in the body. They also contain fibre that promotes healthy digestion.

7. Chocolate
Chocolate is a good source of magnesium that helps to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. It is also known to stimulate various hormones in the body that burn fat.

8. Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is known to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. It also boosts acid production in the stomach, thus promoting healthy digestion and contributing to increased metabolism.

9. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is a herb that has certain properties which help in metabolizing carbohydrates in the body, thus increasing your overall calorie burn and kick starting your metabolism.

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Digestive Health - What Can Impact It?

Dr.Iqbal Nabi Qureshi 92% (10ratings)
MBBS, DM - Gastroenterology, N.S.C.B MEDICAL COLLAGE
Gastroenterologist, Indore  •  16yrs exp
Digestive Health - What Can Impact It?

Knowingly or unknowingly, people often end up consuming food items that affect their digestive health negatively, instead of providing health benefits. Yes, the majority of people think that they can digest any kind of food and won't suffer from any side effects at all. But in reality, based on the preparation, processing, and ingredients present in them, some foods end up triggering digestive problems.

Let's take a look at some such foods that can be bad for digestive health.

  1. Processed Foods: Processed or packed foods are high in carbohydrates, and can cause various digestive issues, such as bloating, cramping, gas formation, hypertension, and diabetes, when consumed in large amounts.
  2. Alcohol: Technically speaking, alcohol may not be a food; but if you consume alcohol every time you eat, it can be counted as a food item. When the consumption of alcohol is moderate to high, it can cause acid reflux or heartburn, inflammation in the stomach lining, stomach cramps, and even diarrhea.
  3. Artificial Sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners may work great for keeping your blood sugar in control but may affect your digestive system adversely. Artificial sweeteners contain ingredients that can increase the chance of bloating, gas, diarrhea, and inflammation.
  4. Fried and Greasy Foods: Fried foods and greasy food are not only difficult to digest but they can also cause minor digestive problems, which later lead to intense stomach conditions such as acid reflux, heartburn, bloating, tummy upset, belching, etc.
  5. Chocolates: Are you fond of eating chocolates? Having a sweet tooth can cost you your digestive health. From heartburn to an upset stomach, eating too many chocolates or candies can result in loose stools and diarrhea.
  6. Foods Rich in Spice: Eating too much of spicy foods and those that contain chili peppers for a tangy flavor can often lead to heartburn and acidity. While you may enjoy eating something delicious with a tangy and spicy taste, the damage it may cause to your digestive health can be a cause forconcern.
  7. Too Much of Caffeine: Drinking too much coffee or drinks with a high caffeine content cannot only irritate the stomach but also damage the smooth functioning of the digestive system. Heartburn, inflammation, constipation, and dehydration are some of the common digestive problems posed by coffee.
  8. Raw Vegetables and Acidic Fruits: While consuming too many acidic fruits can cause acid reflux and stomach inflammation, eating raw vegetables leads to cramps, diarrhea, bloating and gas as they pass through the digestive system undigested.

For those who are concerned about their digestive health, consulting a doctor is recommended. In case you already have a stomach related ailment or disorder or have suffered from any in the past, a doctor can suggest and advice you and what are the best foods to incorporate in your diet.

Good Digestion - Know How Diet & Yoga Could Help!

Dt.Neelam Gadage 92% (56ratings)
Diploma in Dietetics , Health & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  5yrs exp
Good Digestion - Know How Diet & Yoga Could Help!

Yoga is not simply a set of exercises but a lifestyle. When practising yoga, asanas and nutrition go hand in hand to improve your quality of life. Your digestive system, immunity and energy levels are directly linked to the food you intake. If there is a problem with any of these, yoga asanas can help resolve it. 

Digestion -
Not all food is easy to digest. Instead of popping laxatives and antacids after every meal, change the food you're eating. Citrus fruits and leafy vegetables that are rich in fibre aid digestion and prevent constipation. Some foods like yoghurt, bananas and garlic are probiotics that support the growth of gut bacteria and keep your stomach healthy. Also include carminatives or foods that prevent the formation of gas like cumin, ginger and oatmeal.
Yogic asanas such as the spinal twist, Apanasana and Paschimottanasana can help smoothen the digestive process.

Immunity -
Eating the right food can help boost your immunity. Citrus fruits are rich sources of vitamin C that directly strengthen the immune system. Herbs like turmeric, ginger and garlic are rich in antioxidants and linked to the prevention of a number of diseases including several types of cancer. Proteins also help nourish your immune system and hence should not be ignored.
A combination of asanas and yogic breathing techniques can help boost your immunity. Some asanas to try to include Viparita Karani, Bhujangasana, Matsyasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana. These poses help lower stress and boost immunity by pumping rich oxygenated blood to all the parts of the body.

Energy -
The food you eat is turned into glucose to fuel the body and maintain a constant supply of energy. Soy and green leafy vegetables that are rich in iron can effectively boost your energy levels. Fruits like apples, bananas and oranges can also help increase your energy. Yoghurt rich in magnesium does not directly contribute towards the creation of glucose but helps the body release this energy whenever needed.
Yoga asanas help increase blood flow and increase the heart's capacity to pump blood through the body. A few yoga poses that can boost energy are the camel pose, tree pose and warrior asana.

Relaxation -
Sipping on a cup of green tea is a good way to end the day and relax. Other food like honey, milk, celery and oatmeal can also help calm the body and fight off the day's stress. Apart from being delicious, dark chocolate also releases hormones that ease stress and help relax a person.

Practising yoga breathing techniques like pranayama can effectively release tension. Supta Baddha Konasana, Viparita Karani and the Supta Matsyendrasana can also help increase energy levels.

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Applied Intentional Epigenetics In Autism - Know More!

Applied Intentional Epigenetics In Autism - Know More!
Does Applied Intentional Epigenetics in autism involve medicine? True or False? Take this quiz to know more about Applied Energy Medicine and/or Applied Intentional Epigenetics solution for Autism.
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My mother is 67 years old. She is diabetic and angioplasty done in 2017. She is talking high bp tablet telma ct 40/6.25 per day after lunch. When I check her bo during evening at home using omran is around between 140/70 or 150/80. Shall I asked her to take omnitan h or omintan 25 during night? Is it okay to take omintan h or omintan 25 in night as she is taking telma ct 40/6.25 during morning?

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology, Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Cetificate Course In Thyroid Disorders Management (CCMTD)
Endocrinologist, Dharwad  •  49yrs exp
My mother is 67 years old. She is diabetic and angioplasty done in 2017.
She is talking high bp tablet telma ct 40/6....
Hello, thanks for the query. I have seen the details. The bp readings mentioned are in no way alarming to add another drug. She is already on telmisartan with chlorthiazide. There is no point in adding olmisartan both are belonging to same class of drugs. You consult the physician and find out if dosage of telmisartan can be increased by another 20 mg. Thanks.
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Hi, i've been having some tongue problems for the past 5 months. The first week of the symptoms I had almost no taste at all, then it gradually came back, white rings come and go and I have some permanent whiteness in some parts of the tongue. All this with a strange feel od dryness in the mouth and kind of scorched tongue. I did fungal tests and helicobacter which both resulted negative. I would like to know your opinion? Thanks.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai  •  26yrs exp
Kindly share picture if possible to suggest best treatment. If possible, consult a dentist in person for further suggestion. We need more investigations with clinical examination to decide upon treatment. Adv t. Rebagen 10, morning one tab & one night for 5 days, along with c. Becosules 5 cap, for five days in the morning after meals. Rinse it thoroughly with the mouthwash.
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Please help me to solve my mind problem. I have unwanted negative repetitive thoughts. over thinking also the problem. Sometimes fear also the problem.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha  •  35yrs exp
You need to control your mind by meditation and yoga and try to fill your mind with positive thoughts.
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Age 25 mere eyes k niche dark circle bdte hi ja rahe hai plss suggest me ye kam kese hoye. And m kbhi kbhi alcohol le leta hu. Kya ye use hi ho rahe hai?

Homeopathy Doctor, Noida  •  24yrs exp
Age 25 mere eyes k niche dark circle bdte hi ja rahe hai plss suggest me ye kam kese hoye. And m kbhi kbhi alcohol le...
R you stressed?Take adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause dark circles. Use some sunblock with spf (at least 50) every time you go out in sun. U can do the following 1. Tomatoes--mix one teaspoon of tomato juice with one and a half teaspoon of lemon juice. Gently apply this mixture on your dark circles and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Rinse it off well with cool water.2. Cucumber- vcut a fresh cucumber into thick slices and chill it for about 30 minutes. Place the slices on the dark circles for about 10 minutes. Wash the area thoroughly with water.3. Raw potatoes -- grate a couple of chilled potatoes to extract the juice. Soak a cotton ball in the juice and place it on your closed eyes. Make sure the juice covers the dark circles entirely. Allow the juice to sit for about 15 minutes and rinse your eyelids well with cool water 4. Rose water -- soak cotton eye pads in rose water for a few minutes. Place the soaked pads on your closed eyelids.Leave them on for about 15 minutes.5.apply cool tea bags or an ice cube wrapped in soft cloth to your eyes daily. 6. Regularly undergo meditation and perform some exercise. U need proper constitutional med to get permanent relief. Ask for consultation so that I can help you better.
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Social Media - How Does It Affect Our Mental Health?

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Bhopal  •  19yrs exp
Social Media - How Does It Affect Our Mental Health?

Being away or oblivious to social media is synonymous to not following the herd. Social media probably is no more the latest fad; it is the given code to take a deeper look into the present age. The rewarding fact about social networking sites is their ability to transport us to people and places millions of miles away from us. This epoch dictates of overproduction and maximum utilization of labor and snatches away the boon of communication.

Below mentioned points showcase how social media addiction negatively affects our mental health:

  1. Peer Pressure- Social media use also creates the fear of missing out because you want to do what everyone else is doing. This evokes anxiety and will give rise to negative feelings and emotions, which again create mental health problems and stress and anxiety disorders
  2. Fatigue and Stress- When you are using social media, you are constantly switching from one task to another because there is just so much to do and see. This information abundance can tire out your brain, especially when it is received chaotically. Your brain needs time and room for absorbing the data and processing the information, but multitasking on social media makes your brain work overtime. This can prevent it from relaxing and it will become exhausted as it tries to deal with the barrage of information. Hence, the fatigue puts your mind under a lot of stress and you may not be able to concentrate on anything at all.
  3. Social Anxiety- Even though the whole point of social media is to allow people to stay connected with others, it doesn’t have the same satisfaction and element associated with actual human interaction, which is a crucial human need. In fact, in some ways, it is too distant and this is not a good thing for those who become dependent on social media as it can lead to social anxiety. Those who are already suffering from this problem will find it even more difficult to indulge in face-to-face interaction. Real human interaction can become extremely scary for people as it is becoming common to hide behind your computer screens and not go out at all.
  4. Distraction- Social media is just tailor-made for decreasing our productivity because you spend hours looking at everyone else’s life when you could be doing something else. This means that most of your time is spent on viewing photos, liking posts, and writing comments and these activities don’t really require the use of your intellectual abilities. They aren’t intellectual at all and distract you from activities that are such as reading, studying informational articles on the internet, etc. Your brain doesn’t get enough food for development and your intellectual abilities can decline in this way. Your brain will slow down and not be able to respond quickly in various situations.
  5. Insecurity- One of the major problems with social media is that posts typically present an idealized version of what’s going on in everyone’s life. Usually, what you see isn’t actually reality because everyone has their problems and issues. Nevertheless, you end up comparing your own life with that of others and think less of your own. If people in your newsfeed seem to be having a good time, it will make you envious and affect your mood negatively. Research has shown that widespread use of social media can demotivate people, make them aggressive and cause a decline in confidence.
  6. So are you being adversely affected by social media? Here are some signs to look out for:

  7. Low self-esteem.
  8. Feeling low when you see other people's images and lifestyle.
  9. Envy of others people lives - wishing your life was like someone else's.
  10. Finding social media as your first and only choice of activity done for enjoyment.
  11. Not having as many face to face conversations with your relatives and friends and feeling disconnected.
  12. Being unable to do anything without feeling you need to share it online. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

My resting heart rate normally varies between 70 to 85 beats per minute acc to my fitness band. However, when my anxiety level goes up the same fitness band shows resting heart rate at 140 to 150 bpm. However, when the anxiety comes down after few minutes resting heart rate come down to 90 to 100 bpm or even lower. Should I be worried or not? I don't have any other complications along with this fluctuating heart beat which happens due to anxiety. I suffer from hypothyroidism. I take eltroxin 50 for that.

Psychiatrist, Raipur  •  6yrs exp
My resting heart rate normally varies between 70 to 85 beats per minute acc to my fitness band. However, when my anxi...
Dear lybrate-user. During the anxiety body parameters in the form of blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate increases. Also one may notice palpitation, sweating, tremor and dry mouth. You can practice deep breathing exercises ans relaxation technique when you feel anxious. Continue taking you eltroxin, and if your anxiety level increases further book an appointment for its treatment. Take care.
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I want to lose my weight. I'm getting married in december. So want to reduce double chin n neck fat. Also want to reduce my weight. Current weight is 70 kg approx. Want to reduce till 55. Kindly suggest better diet n exercise do can plan it.

Diploma in Obesity Management & Clinical Medical Condition, Diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition (DDHN), Diploma in Sports & Fitness, Certificate in Child Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Kolkata  •  4yrs exp
I want to lose my weight. I'm getting married in december. So want to reduce double chin n neck fat. Also want to red...
Hello mam, we ll be needing the diet recall and excercise pattern for it. For coustmized plans contact us.
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My age is 24. I am unmarried and I am feeling very fat and it is difficult for me to get up from the floor. I have taken thyroid test also it is normal. Even though I am uncomfortable.

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition, Specialist In Sports Nutrition, Level 2 Kinanthropometrist, Obesity & Overweight, Vegetarian and Vegan Nutritionist
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Chennai  •  8yrs exp
My age is 24. I am unmarried and I am feeling very fat and it is difficult for me to get up from the floor. I have ta...
Thyroid parameter is just one of the component of weight gain. Start monitoring following things 1) your junk, sugary foods and fried food intake. Control it. 2) reduce simple carbs intake 3) monitor your fluid intake 4) sleep on time 5) do some physical activity based on your health status further more details, you can approach me by fixing an appointment.
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Hai am 26 year female I am using betnovate c fast 8 year on my face .my friend sugest the cream removing the pimples. But betnovate c is strong steroid when I stop this cream around 10 month then very very side effect on my face starting the pigmentation on my nose and etching pls control the spreading pigmentation on my face. Pls help me how many days recovering on face. Sugest the day and night cream and face wash. Without side effect pls pls help me.

Dermatologist, Sehore
Hai am 26 year female I am using betnovate c fast 8 year on my face .my friend sugest the cream removing the pimples....
Hello lybrate-user, as you told that you applied a cream for a long time then you face this kind of problem. But not mention the purpose for used it. Use of any type of cream for a long time will creat side effects some times. Don't use any cream or product without consultation of your doctor. This problem will be short out in few months please consult your dr.
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Can I have lipolizer for hips and thighs as I have excessive fat in hips and thighs. I am 28 years old and unmarried.

MD - Bio-Chemistry
General Physician, Tirupati  •  20yrs exp
Can I have lipolizer for hips and thighs as I have excessive fat in hips and thighs. I am 28 years old and unmarried.
Dear Lybrate reader these patches are ineffective, they are not fda approved. Companies can prey on people like you who are anxious to get rid of extra fat. Theoretically they can cause sideeffects. My suggestion to you is go for scientific way. Understand causes for obesity. Diet changes&lifestyle modification are the scientifically suggested methods for obesity. You can consult me privately online if you want.
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