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Mouth Wash - Why Is It Necessary?

Dr. Bijut Hazarika 90% (10 ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - Medicine
General Physician, Guwahati  •  36 years experience
Mouth Wash - Why Is It Necessary?

Who doesn’t love the smell and the freshness of a mouth wash splashing across their oral cavities?

Many agree that the first thing that comes to their mind when they want to eliminate bad breath is to use a good mouth wash. Moreover, mouth wash has moved over to other realms and is now actively fighting gum and tooth problems along with its elder cousin, toothpaste. However, there exists some scepticism that prolonged usage of mouth wash may not be good for your health. Let us have a look at some definitions in detail.

Can mouth wash reduce bad breath?

Yes, a mouth wash can temporarily restrict bad breath, but it is never a permanent solution. A good oral hygiene comes from regular brushing and flossing practice and these are still the best ways to curb bad breath from its root. Mouth rinses are used for a variety of reasons, to freshen up breath, to help prevent or control tooth decay, and to reduce plaque.

Is it necessary to use mouth wash?

A mouth wash is not mandatory to give a good oral health. An effective routine of brushing and flossing your teeth is enough to take care of good oral hygiene. Mouth wash is like an add-on to your oral care regime and is definitely not an alternative for brushing and flossing.

Advantages of using a mouth wash - 

A mouth wash can easily go into places between your teeth and gums and can help remove food particles that might have got missed when you brushed. It can be used to kill bad odour of your mouth temporarily and can freshen up your breath. In some cases, a mouth wash may be recommended to treat infection, reduce inflammation and relieve pain

Disadvantages of using a mouth wash - 

Most of the mouth wash contains a high amount of alcohol content in them and their prolonged use is not safe for your mouth. In some cases, alcohol causes sensitivity to the root surface of your teeth and this may lead to an adverse effect on the senses of your teeth. Mouth wash is strictly meant for spitting and accidental consumption may not be good for your health.

They actually contain products that can be very harmful if taken in large amounts. It is generally not advised for children and even adults can limit their usage to twice a day. Always check with your dentist before you take up and use a mouth wash. It is also best if you can opt for a homemade mouth wash that has natural ingredients in them for taking care of your bad breath.


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Amazing Benefits That You Must Know About Cranberries!

Dt. Sangeetha Natarajan 87% (13 ratings)
Mphil Nutrition & Dietetics, MBA Human Resource Management
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Chennai  •  10 years experience
Amazing Benefits That You Must Know About Cranberries!

Cranberries are the most useful fruits for you, if you suffer from repeated UTIs, stomach ulcers and GI distress, have a problem with your heart or liver, have been diagnosed with cancer, have gum disease or bad skin. The list can go on and on to prove cranberries are indeed nature’s wonder fruits.

A cup of cranberries contains the following:

  • Calories - 46
  • Manganese - 18 %
  • Vitamin C - 18 %
  • Vitamin E
  • Fibre
  • Copper
  • Vitamin K
  • Glycemic index – Low

Cranberries have thousands of benefits for our health. 

What makes cranberries so awesome?

  1. Fight UTI: Cranberries are strongly acidic and they contain a chemical compound that gives them their bacteria fighting punch. This compound is called proanthocyanidins (PACs). It helps prevent UTIs as the special structure of PACs acts as a barrier to bacteria, which latch on the walls of your urinary bladder, causing UTIs.
  2. Prevent stomach cancer: The PAC prevents bacteria, which cause stomach cancer called Helicobacter pylori to latch on to the walls of your stomach and large intestine.
  3. Protect your heart: Cranberries contain Anthocyanin. This phytonutrient gives cranberries their amazing red colour and is linked to their unique antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which protect your cardiovascular system and liver. To reap the complete benefits of all five cranberry phytonutrients, it’s best to consume the whole berry rather than have it in the form of an extract or juice.
  4. Contain anti-cancer properties: Cranberries possess solid cancer-preventive benefits. They can prevent cancers of the breast, colon, lung, and prostate. None of the cancer-related benefits of cranberries should be surprising, since cranberry is loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients like anthocyanins which provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties. Antioxidants are essential for improving health by helping combat the free radicals that can damage cellular structures as well as DNA, thereby preventing cancers.
  5. Oral health: Apart from boosting immunity, making our skin lush and youthful, cranberries can also prevent periodontal disease.
  6. Good for diabetic patients: Since, cranberries are a low GI fruit, diabetics can have them too and benefit from their health benefits.
  7. Good for your heart: The fruit has also been proven to lower LDL and raise HDL or good cholesterol, as well as help in recovery from stroke.
  8. Promote weight loss: The fruit is loaded with fibre, which keeps you full for a longer time and aids in weight loss. Because of high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content, cranberries help improve memory.

This food is no less than a superfood, sent straight from heaven for our well-being.

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How Pollution Is Giving Rise To Cancer Cases?

Dr. Varun Goel 86% (10 ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - Medicine, DNB - Medical Oncology, MRCP - Medical Oncology, ECMO - Medical Oncology
Oncologist, Delhi  •  12 years experience
How Pollution Is Giving Rise To Cancer Cases?

Cancer today is not as rare as it once was. Today, cancer affects the young and old alike. One of the reasons for this is the pollution in particular air and water pollution that we are exposed to on daily basis.
The air we breathe in today is a mixture of smoke, particulate matter and noxious gases that causes great harm to our bodies. Amongst these, particulate matter that is smaller than 2.5 millionths of a metre is the worst.

These particle matters are emitted into the air from car exhausts, industrial exhausts, coal fires, wood stoves etc. While the body’s natural defences help keep larger particle matter out of the system by sneezing or coughing it out, smaller particle matter enters the body easily. These then get trapped in the lungs and enter the bloodstream. Particle matter has in particular been linked to increasing number of lung cancer cases. Apart from lung cancer, coal tar particle matter has been linked to bladder cancer, soot to oesophageal cancer and benzene and other pesticides to leukaemia.

Radon is another source of air pollution that is emitted from the ground. In some cases, radon can also be emitted through the water. As this gas decays, it releases tiny particles that when inhaled bombard the lung cells with radiation that can cause radiation. Smoking can worsen this effect and increase a person’s risk of suffering from lung cancer. Both first-hand and second-hand smoking has also been linked to breast cancer. Apart from trying to reduce emissions to lower air pollution, it is also important to clean filets of air conditions, etc. regularly to lower indoor air pollution. Preventing the smoking of tobacco in public spaces can also help improve air quality.

All pollutants emitted by us eventually find their way into the water we drink. Even if you are not drinking contaminated water, merely, showering or swimming in contaminated water can make your body more vulnerable to the carcinogens in it. Common water pollutants include arsenic, hazardous waste, animal waste, radon, chemicals and asbestos. Drinking water with concentrated amounts of arsenic has been linked to cancer of the lungs, liver, kidney and bladder while the chlorine used to treat drinking water increases the risk of bladder and rectal cancer.

To reduce the risks of cancer caused by polluted water, it is essential to reduce disinfectant by products by keeping water treatment facilities updated and promote green chemistry and alternative assessments to reduce pollution as a whole.

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Pedophilia - How It Can Be Cured?

Sexologist, Mumbai  •  24 years experience
Pedophilia - How It Can Be Cured?
Pedophilia and child molestation are the same thing. True or False. Take this quiz to know now!
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Sir, I have kidney disease, because of that my creatine level has been increasing, I taking green tea, and also I have taken creatine removal tablets for 6 months. I have single kidney, I have second kidney but it was not in normal position. I consulted doctors, they saying that second (right kidney) not fully developed. I requesting you can I get permanent recovery. What kindly of diet I have to maintain to have control over it.

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - General Medicine, DM - Nephrology
Nephrologist, Ahmedabad  •  8 years experience
Sir, I have kidney disease, because of that my creatine level has been increasing, I taking green tea, and also I hav...
You needs to be in regular followup with nephrologist. You needs medical management along with dietary modification. Low protein & low salt diet will helpful for your kidney.
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Hi, This is Abhishek and 25 year old Male. I lived in Hyderabad. One month back move to Bangalore. From few days back I am getting high hair fall like hell. Can't even touch my hair. During bathing or shampooing hair is falling like ghost dream. Please do needful. Thanks in advance.

Dermatologist, Chennai  •  19 years experience
Hi, This is Abhishek and 25 year old Male. I lived in Hyderabad. One month back move to Bangalore. From few days back...
You are suffering from hormonal changes causing Androgenetic alopecia causing hair fall. It's completely stoppable even regrowth of hair is possible with certain medications without any side effects. Treatment depends on the grade of hair loss. So, it's a must for diagnosing which grade, you are in for an effective treatment. Please send photos of your head, by direct online consultation for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.
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I am diabetic since last 5 years and I consult dietician and he advice to take medicine from that time I have take tenepride m 500 after dinner and trio before breakfast my sugar level is fasting 111 and pp 156. I have also cholesterol and also take medicine. My bp is 120/80 and weight is 70 kg. Do I have to continue with medicine or any other medicine be taken.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology, Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Cetificate Course In Thyroid Disorders Management (CCMTD)
Endocrinologist, Dharwad  •  47 years experience
I am diabetic since last 5 years and I consult dietician and he advice to take medicine from that time I have take te...
Mr. lybrate-user, Thanks for the query. First and foremost is please consult a qualified Diabetologist for proper treatment. A dietician can only help in your diet related issues. Your glucose levels seem to be well controlled. Please also check the HbA1c5, see that it is maintained < 6.8. Looking at your weight and height it is clear that with a BMI of 26.50 kgs/Sq meter,(Norma < 23 kgs) you are having an excess of 0ver 8 kgs. This needs to be corrected. So please give a closer look at your diet and daily exercise. Thanks.
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I have fever for 5 days now and my wbc count is 2900. 0 am very afraid. What could be the reason.

Diploma In Gastroenterology, Diploma In Dermatology, BHMS
Homeopath, Hyderabad  •  10 years experience
I have fever for 5 days now and my wbc count is 2900. 0 am very afraid. What could be the reason.
White blood cells (WBCs) someone has varies, but the normal range is usually between 4,000 and 11,000 per microliter of blood. A blood test that shows a WBC count of less than 4,000 per microliter (some labs say less than 4,500) could mean your body may not be able to fight infection the way it should.
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Reduce Stress With Yoga And Meditation!

MBBS, DDV, Aesthetic medicine
Dermatologist, Delhi  •  15 years experience
Reduce Stress With Yoga And Meditation!

Doing yoga and meditation for relieving stress will be very effective as stress triggers hair fall and hair damage.

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I am 50 years old. A no. Of red coloured moles are coming up in my body. What is the reason and give me detail treatment.

BHMS, Diploma in Dermatology
Homeopath, Hyderabad  •  12 years experience
Red moles, or cherry angiomas, are common skin growths that can develop on most areas of your body. They're also known as senile angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots. They're usually found on people aged 30 and older. The collection of small blood vessels inside a cherry angioma give them a reddish appearance.
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On my forehead too many little little pimples are coming. And skin becoming dark. please give me some solution.

BHMS,PGDPC At Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital Nashik, PGDPC
Homeopath, Nashik  •  1 year experience
On my forehead too many little little pimples are coming. And skin becoming dark. please give me some solution.
Do not worry Take Homeopathic medicine for best results Send me your detail address for Courier medicine. If you have any queries contact me.
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Hello. I am age 18 year old. weight 80 kg after diagnosis thyroid test T3-127.10 T4-6.37 TSH 3G-4.870 ultrasound reports clear the pcos HELP me to control it. Suggest some precautions, medications for the same. If possible please sent me a healthy diet chart so that I can follow it to loose my body fat.

Ditetics & Food Service Management, Bsc Human Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Indore  •  6 years experience
Hello. I am age 18 year old.
weight 80 kg
after diagnosis thyroid test
TSH 3G-4.870
ultrasound repo...
Hello, In that condition you should take tablet as you guide by your doctor, and also diet management very important for weight control, so take high fiber ,high protein and low cabs diet. Start vegetable juices, green tea, herbal tea etc. Avoid fruit juices, deep fry food, fast food also you need proper guidance so contact to dietitian.
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I am 31 year old male. I am 5'7 and weigh 78 kgs. Would like to know ways to reduce weight.

Ph.D(Clinical Nutrition), M.Sc(Foods&Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi  •  22 years experience
I am 31 year old male. I am 5'7 and weigh 78 kgs. Would like to know ways to reduce weight.
You need to focus on your lifestyle with changes in eating pattern and physical activity. Try to look into the factors which caused the weight gain n that will help you find answers to how you would lose weight. Diet plays 80 % role in a weight loss regime and rest is exercise. You need to correct your diet wherever it’s going wrong. Focus on higher protein intake, lower fat and restrict carbohydrates to high fibre ones only. Avoid simple sugars completely. 'Eat Out' less and have good quantity of fresh foods (fruits, vegetables) which are not processed. Small and frequent meals are advised. Do not stuff, do not starve. If you need us to help you with proper customised Diet plans for weight loss, you can opt for our online program or contact us through Lybrate' private consult'
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Weight loss Tip!

M.Sc - Clinical Nutrition, B.Sc - Home Science, Certified Diabetes Educator
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Faridabad  •  4 years experience
Weight loss Tip!

Drinking fenugreek or methi water on empty stomach every morning is an effective way to lose weight and burn belly fat naturally. It is said that drinking warm water mixed with fenugreek seeds or powder can reduce weight quickly. 

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