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Tender Yums - Apple Spinach and Kale(84gms) - Ideal first snack for your baby
Tender wafers for tender tummies! Made in Italy with organic buckwheat, a smidgen of organic fruits and with organic vegetables such as apple, spinach and kale.
20% off
4.4 800+ bought
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Snec-P Drops(25ml)
SNEC-P drops have 10mg/ml Curcumin (The ingredient of Turmeric) which is based on same SNEDDS technology as SNEC30 capsules. It improves immune system and keeps safe against other health ailment.
18% off
4.1 500+ bought
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Supa Joos Juice Mix(300gms) - Good source of Vitamin C
Naturally delicious and refreshing drink-mix that is packed full of nature's magic.Just simple, organic natural ingredients nothing else.
11% off
4.3 900+ bought
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Coconut Nectar Baby Shampoo (175gm) - Helps in keeping skin hydrated & super soft
Rustic Art Baby shampoo contains Coconut nectar, amino proteins, multi vitamins and minerals with extremely mild fragrance ensuring a sound bath for the baby.Requires less water to rinse off.
24% off
4.5 1000+ bought
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Power Twirls Pasta(250gms) - Easy-to-cook & healthy pasta
A brand new amusing way to include plant-based complete protein, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins & minerals in your childs diet.
19% off
3.9 600+ bought
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Timios Carrot & Cumin Melts for 9+ months - Pack of 2 ( 2 * 50 gm )
Timios melts are the perfect ‘pick and eat’ snacks for your super babies, 9 months of age.
0% off
4.0 100+ bought
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Timios Berry Bars for 4+years - Pack of 10 ( 10 *30 gm )
Timios Energy Bars are perfect snacks for 4 year old kids. These bars are ideal as stomach filler between meals.
14% off
4.0 100+ bought
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Timios Apple & Cinnamon Melts for 9+ months - Pack of 2 ( 2 * 50 gm )
Timios melts are the perfect ‘pick and eat’ snacks for your super babies, 9 months of age.
0% off
4.0 100+ bought
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Timios Mini Oaty Bites Apple & Kiwi for 18+ months - Pack of 2
Mini Oaty Bites are a yummy treat, made exclusively for toddlers (18+ months).
0% off
4.0 100+ bought
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Supa Bite Snacks with Chocolate(100gms) - Good source of protein plus promotes growth & development
Nutritious and yummy chocolate treat made with organic finger millet (ragi) organic pearl millet (bajra) organic sorghum, organic whole wheat organic corn and chocolate.
16% off
4.7 500+ bought
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Baby Products: Buy Child Care Products Online at

Being a parent is the most demanding job with full-time dedication. It comes with no prior experience or life manual to assist you through the way. Parenting is as challenging as it is rewarding. Taking care of a newborn can get a bit overwhelming, particularly if it is your first time as a parent.

From diaper changes to feeding patterns, parenthood takes quite a toll on your life. Parents want to give their children the best of everything. To solve every parent’s dilemma of what is best for their child, we have assembled pure and mild childcare products at Goodkart to nurture your little one and make parenting stress-free.

Infant Nutrition : Buy Baby Nutrition Products Online

The importance of good nutrition for your child cannot be understated. It is a well-known fact that mother’s milk is the best nutrition for your baby. With growing age, breast milk no longer meets the nutritional needs of the infant and complementary nutrition in the form of food should be introduced to their diet. The shift from breastfeeding to solid foods is a very precarious situation to be in.

When it’s time for complementary foods, how can you feed your child in a nutritious way? Well, a good diet is key if you want to increase immunity in a child naturally and to promote healthy eating habits. To keep you sorted, we have an array of food products for baby’s nutrition at GoodKart that promotes bone, muscle and brain development. All of these products are clinically tested to be safe for babies.

Buy Newborn Baby Health Care Products Online

Parenthood is nothing short of a life-changing experience. The most remarkable thing you can ever do is nurture a tiny little human being. Keeping your baby nourished and healthy is one of the most important phases post-birth. Paying attention to your baby's health is not that easy as sometimes finding just the right health care product can be a herculean task in itself.

Newborn baby care is a delicate affair. You'll want to use the smallest bit of lotion and the mildest cleansers. At GoodKart, we have an assortment of newborn baby health care products for nervous first-time parents to be able to look after their newborn with plenty of confidence and care.

How to take care of newborn baby?

Overwhelmed is a term that expresses how you may feel when you bring home your newborn! You're obliged to have doubts about everything from breastfeeding to bathing your baby and changing their nappy, if new to the journey of parenthood. Confusion might scurry through the mind as you try to meet all of your baby’s needs.

A newborn can be extremely challenging for the first few days and it may seem like an endless round of breastfeeding and changing diapers. Here is the basic care that your baby needs during these early days.

  1. Newborn babies do not arrive with a guidance manual, and to begin with, it is completely normal to have lots of questions about their health and development.
  2. Breastfeed your baby as frequently as they want and probably you and your baby will get into a pattern. Let them decide when they are full and the amount of milk you produce will alter, accordingly.
  3. In the first few days, wash your baby’s face, hands and bottom carefully. You may need warm water, a towel, fresh nappy and clean clothes.
  4. Your newborn requires regular nappy changes. Do not leave them in a dirty nappy for too long as this can cause skin soreness or nappy rash.
  5. It's common for new babies to sleep only for 2 to 3 hours in the night, as well as during the day since babies are not tuned into day and night yet. As your baby grows, they'll gradually start to sleep for longer at night.

Buy Baby Bath Essentials Online

Your baby bath time is special bonding time! It is an enjoyable part of their routine and it won’t be long before they look forward to having a good splash in the water. Keeping your baby’s delicate skin clean is essential for good health.

Bath time with your baby can be a fun bonding session with the best bath essentials by your side. When it comes time to get your baby clean, try baby bath essentials available at GoodKart for hair and body that have the tear-free formula which gently cleanses your baby skin without causing any dryness.

Buy Baby Skin and Haircare Products Online

It is important to keep those perfect little fingers and toes clean and healthy! Among other things like keeping your baby warm and nourished, their skin and hair care are just as crucial. There is nothing in this world as delicate and sensitive as your baby’s skin and hair. Do you know their skin and scalp are three times sensitive than of adults?

Your baby’s skin plays a key role in maintaining internal temperature and defending against harmful bacteria, germs and irritants. We have a multitude of top-notch products at GoodKart that will keep their skin and hair healthy and beautiful for the rest of their lives.

Buy Baby Oral Health Products Online

Getting a habit learned early in life can make things easier later on! Giving children the best possible start in life, as far as their oral health is concerned, will have several benefits. A series of small changes in your child’s dental regime can eventually leads to better oral health.

Paying close attention to your baby’s dental care is more significant than many parents realize. Good dental care for babies should start from birth to get them accustomed to the whole procedure. Top-hole oral care products designed especially for children are available at GoodKart.