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Factor XIII Activity Test

Factor XIII Activity Test

Factor XIII Activity test is recommended by the doctors in order to detect homozygous, heterozygous along with deficiency or decreased levels of Factor XIII (FXIII). This test also indicates those patients who have a genetic bleeding disorder which is caused due to factor xiii deficiency. That forms blood clots and due to instability they breakdown resulting in uncontrolled bleeding. FXIII is a combination of two subunits A and B. It is considered that FXIII deficiency is mostly due to the mutations in subunit A and lesser times due to mutations caused in subunit B. Though the symptoms of FXIII can be recognized at any age, but still in most of the cases it is diagnosed in infancy only.

Factor XIII Activity test does not require any particular instructions to be followed before undergoing it. It is better to inform the doctor about medicines or health supplements or any medications, the person is undergoing or in the past or allergic towards any conditions. It is advisable to follow the instructions of the doctor because they instruct after checking the condition of patients. Though there are no special restrictions that are to be followed in the diet, before undergoing this test, it is advisable to consult a doctor, because some foods may cause false results. There is no requirement of fasting, before giving blood sample unless and until it is specified by the doctor.

Factor XIII Activity test is considered to detect the deficiency of FXIII and measure its level in the blood of the person. It considers following results: Factor XIII reference range levels will be severe if it is in between 57 to 192%. If FXIII levels are less than 30% then persons are asymptomatic but still, they suffer from some of the illness and bleeding during trauma. If FXIII levels are greater than 30% then persons will have mild bleeding. If FXIII levels are severe than patients may even suffer from life-threatening bleeding.

Factor XIII Activity test is carried out by collecting a sample of blood using venipuncture collection method. In order to collect blood samples for this test, 2 ml is taken from the person. First vein site is selected on the arm of a person. Then it is wiped with clean cotton and alcohol. Next, a band is tied tightly above the place, in order to check the vein. Then a needle is pierced into the vein, so as to collect a blood sample. Then collected blood is transferred into the blue top (sodium citrate) tubes and sent to the laboratory for results.

Direct Xa or thrombin inhibitor therapy may cause factitiously low results.
Blue-top (sodium citrate) tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Factor XIII
All age groups
55 - 180%

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