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CT Scan - Brain with Coronals Test

CT Scan - Brain with Coronals Test

Computed tomography (CT or CAT scan) is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging procedure. It uses a combination of X-rays and computer technology to produce horizontal, or axial, images (often called slices) of the body. In the case of CT scan - Brain with Coronals, the images of the brain along the coronal or vertical axis is taken to study the inside parts of the brain. This test is used to analyse the effects of a brain injury, the extent of damage, lesions in the brain, tumours in the brain and other problems.

There is no need of fasting or any special requirement for CT Scan - Brain with Coronals. Wear cotton clothes with no embellishments, pins or hooks. Do not wear jewellery or wristwatch or any pins on your hair. Leave your dentures at home. Do not carry your mobile phones or keys. You should get rid of any transdermal pain relief patches. If you are claustrophobic you might need sedation.

A CT scan of the coronal region of the brain is used in diagnosing tumours, lesions, injuries, bleeding in the brain, structural anomalies, infections, brain function changes, or other conditions. The CT scan images are used to analyse conditions like Fluid collection, such as an abscess, Haemorrhage, Hydrocephalus, Ischaemic process such as a stroke, glioma, meningioma, craniopharyngioma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma and other such conditions.

A head holder is used for performing brain CT if a head holder is not there then a moulded sponge is placed on the scan table and the patient's head is positioned with the sponge. The patient is made comfortable and steady in both the cases to prevent abstracts in the final image. A coronal position can be achieved by Placing the patient in prone position on the scanning table and ask the patient to extend the chin forward. It can also be achieved by Placing the patient supine and ask him to drop his head back as far as possible.

₹ 3,450, ₹ 7,500

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