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I had cough since june. My doctor asked me for chest x-ray. I had minimal pleural effusion in right lung. I'm taking tb dots. Cough was fine before taking att (anti tb). All of tuberculosis sputum and skin test and fnac (lymp node) are negative. It's been 2 months i'm taking dots and still fever is 99-100.

Many respiratory infections start out as a dry cough, and then become a wet cough or productive cough as the lungs start to produce more sputum. Some types of chronic cough or severe cough may remain a dry cough, or become a persistent dry cough. if it persists for a longer time , it may cause some severe throat and lung problems. your child may need a medical consultation.
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Tuberculosis (TB) - Signs & Symptoms Of It!

Tuberculosis (TB) - Signs & Symptoms Of It!
Tuberculosis or TB as it is commonly known in medical circles is a mycobacterial infection commonly affecting the lungs. While there are some countries in the world, where TB is more common, anybody can develop TB if they are not very healthy. The TB mycobacteria spreads through the air. While some people's immune system would be able to fight the disease back; some people who have risk factors, the disease may continue to develop and present with symptoms.

So, a person can develop TB in two circumstances:

Exposure to TB
Visited a country where TB is very common
Spent time with a person who is infected with TB
Exposure to crowded places like a market or a healthcare facility where TB mycobacteria are present
Weakened immune system
Be HIV infected
Weak immune system due to long-term use of steroids
Chronic diseases like diabetes, malnutrition, end-stage kidney or liver disease, cancer, etc.
Extremes of age (children whose immune system is not fully developed, elderly whose immunity is weakened)
Chronic smoker, IV drug abuse, and/or alcohol user
Drug therapy like chemotherapy, long-term use of steroids, auto-immune disease treatments, etc.
Signs and symptoms of TB:

If you are at risk, it is also suggested that you know the early warning signs and symptoms of TB. TB most commonly affects the lungs and is known as pulmonary tuberculosis. Watching out for these helps in early diagnosis which can both help arrest the condition in the early stages and improve prognosis.

A persistent cough which lasts for more than 3 weeks
Pain in the chest worsened with coughing
Presence of blood in the sputum
Generalized and extreme weakness or fatigue
Unexplained weight loss
Loss of appetite
Fever and chills
Profuse sweating at night
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Age 40 female. Had tb 10 years ago. Took medication for a yr. Now feeling breathlessness since few days .can it reoccur. No cough wtloss.

It can. But breathlessness can be because of many reasons. It can be because of allergy or bronchitis or asthma or heart problem or frequent cold n cough or thyroid problem or sometimes because of gas/acidity etc. You need to give details of your case.
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Sir my Dr. Diagnosis mesenteric lymphadenitis .and said to me that I have tb disease .on the basis of ultrasound he suggest me 6 month treatment and give me .econex800, benadon40,macrozide750, inj arachanol-3, decadon inj, shelcal-m sir I want to know that it is suitable medicine for me.

Dear lybrate-user, tb needs to be proven on biopsy or on ada reports for fluid. Medicines need to be weight-based. Else they won't work. You need 4 combination drug inappropriate dosing.
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I'm male, 25 years old. I was treated for the tuberculosis in 2013, with a proper treatment. Is there any chance of me getting the mdr tb at this time, almost 6 years later?

A patient is said to relapse if they become and remain culture negative (or they become well) whilst on TB treatment, but become culture positive (or become ill) again after finishing their TB treatment. Recurrence of active TB is usually used to refer to the situation when a person’s first TB treatment appears to have been successful. Tuberculosis (TB) recurrence can be due to reinfection or relapse. The contribution of each to TB incidence and the factors associated with recurrence are not well known. Effectiveness of TB control programs is assessed in part by recurrence rates.
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I lost my body condition I need result in my body I had tb in 2016 I cleared in 2017 but it I didn't have healthy.

You need to thave general health checkup by doing blood ccb, mx test and sputum afb and also do a peripheral blood test.
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Sir after taking anti tuberculosis medicine for 1.5 months. I got relief from cough and chest pain. Some times yellow colour sputum comes. But very few times in 2-3 days. But one night when I was coughing blood come out with sputum. Is it serious or common with patients receiving tuberculosis treatment. Also I am taking febutaz to reduce blood uric acid level. Sir I am very much scared by seeing blood coming out of mouth. Please help me.

If you are clinically improving and there is just 1 episode of bleeding in cough, you do not worry much. 1) do check for drug resistant tb with help of gene expert, repeat chest xray pa view. 2) do routine blood test of cbc, pt inr, blood group. However if quantity of bleeding is more, you need to consult doctor immediately.
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I am worry about my sister who is suffering from fever last six months 99 to 100. 1f with headache. Tlc 15000 but x-ray and tb test normal. Ct scan chest bilateral pleural effusion minimal. Tb drug taking from one month. But fever still. What we can do. She is hypothyroidism. Taking eltocin 50.

I am worry about my sister who is suffering from fever last six months 99 to 100. 1f with headache. Tlc 15000 but x-r...
1st wait for another month and take medicine properly if fever persist do cbnaat test and sputum culture for drug sensitivity and resistance according to it change the treatment regimen.
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