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Dr. Monga Medi Clinic - Lajpat Nagar
Dr. Monga Medi Clinic - Lajpat Nagar

Dr. Monga Medi Clinic - Lajpat Nagar

Multi-speciality Clinic (Ayurvedic Doctor & Sexologist)

20, National Park (Basement), Lajpat Nagar Part 4
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Role of Diet In Piles
Role of Diet In Piles


Piles, these distended or swollen veins in the anus and lower parts of your rectum can clot or bulge if left untreated, potentially requiring surgery. A balanced, high-fiber diet, together with plenty of fluids, softens the stool and increases its bulk, which will help you avoid the straining that can cause piles or worsen symptoms from existing piles.

Exercise Routine for Diabetes
Exercise Routine for Diabetes


Diabetes, is a metabolic disease that causes high blood sugar. Exercise is good for pretty much everyone. It’s especially important if you have diabetes.Workouts can do all kinds of things for you, like lower your blood sugar and blood pressure, boost your energy, and help you sleep better.

Risk Factors Associated With Prediabetes
Risk Factors Associated With Prediabetes

Generally pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, overweight of all lives and disorders we know that so some of the risk factors are common for all these issues like for pre-diabetes or hypertension but I'm downward pre-diabetes. But I have this is similar like. We start with higher age 30, 40 plus male sex. Male patient are more prone to be 3 times more. You're condition of fat if you have fat percentage is more than 20%, 30% especially waist fat. The belly fat if your waist size is more than 40 inches in males, more than 35 inches in females, the likelihood of developing the diabetes is more. Moving on to family history of diabetes if a guy has a sister and father diabetic. And a lady has his mother and father diabetic would never take this factor for depth. Then coming to other specific a female having polycystic ovarian disease. She's more prone to have it happens im females in pregnancy having high blood sugar or diabetes called jason emilys'. She's likely to be ended up adopting rage or diabetic rage. Then patients having typical symptoms of metabolic syndrome which are having high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high triglycerides levels and overweight or hypertension. So metabolic syndrome have a high belly waist. I take this right hypertension.

These are having high propensity to become adaptability you measure them sugar levels. They be generally in productive age. That is a point alarmic state where patient should take care of. For diabetes we've many known symptoms like thirst, fatigue, lot of hunger but in pre-diabetes may not be there symptoms shall it is not less but there's some. Strangely there is some science when high blood sugar especially the skin, something all skin tags like I've this skin tag and targeting of the skin in the neck area. It is called necrobures acanthosis negricans, darkening of the skin in the neck, armpits, elbows. This is one of the sign and having as I you 40 inches waist what we guys and also skin. These are not some triglycerides are very high abnormal triglycerides. So these are some symptoms of that and high insulin levels. These are also signs there conditions can be having to adapt. Prevention and treatment of diabetes is similar except medication. So many patient may not require medication but preventing diabetes or managing a diet is same as weight exercise. Exercise is must for management decreasing carbohydrates in the night like chapattis, breads is important. Number 3 if you're sedentary start moving, number 4 reduce the sleep on time. Don't awake in the night and take proper rest. So food exercise and lifestyle management. So they'll prevent any diabetes wonderfully.

How to Protect Yourself Against Diabetes?
How to Protect Yourself Against Diabetes?

Welcome back viewers,

We were talking about pre-diabetes  and in this video we are going to talk about reversal of pre-diabetes. And how Dr. Monga Medi Clinic is helping people in reversing pre-diabetes stage. So, my question to you Dr. Yuvraj Monga would be how do we help people manage pre-diabetes stage? Our focus on diabetes has been there since years. And recently we have started program on pre-diabetes reversal. So, we believe that if we catch the patient early before it becomes or develop diabetes, is focused to reverse the pre-diabetes stage which is easy and more meaningful and decreases the long term morbidity of diabetes, complications of diabetes and cost and time and lifestyle quality is improved.

So, it’s a initiative which will help many many patients. As I said 10% of in India polputaion is pre-diabetics. So, prevention is better than cure. We all know that. So, this is what we are trying to achieve. Prevent patients of pre-diabetes to become diabetic. So, what we are doing is, we meet patients who are coming attendance, relatives of the patients or sometimes we are doing routine check-ups to find blood sugar or fasting level are higher towards under 10, under 16 and 20. And HbA1c is around 6, 6.2, 6.3. So, we counsel those patients to tell and that you are becoming diabetics. Your blood sugar is more than 100/26, fasting after 10 hours and HbA1c is more than 6/4. And you will become diabetic. So, we tell them that this is the stage where you are prone to become diabetic. Please put effort on you and we’ll help you.

So, we put them on the 90 days program. There we take the detailed history, their lifestyle history, their daily recall of the lifestyle. No. 2: we tell them the dietary modifications required. So, a dietitian is allocated to them. So, we plan their 7 visits on 0 day, 7 day, 15 day, 30th day, 45th day, 60the day and 90th day. So, 90 days food a lot is maintained. So we maintain their food habits. So, we tease them to reduce carbohydrates. We ask them to stop junk and maida and oily food like breads, biscuits, momos and you know butter naans, bhaturas, idaly, sambar or parathas, and reduce the carbohydrate by 70% and increase protein intake by 200%-300%. Increase protein by 300% or 3 times like increase eggs, curd, yoghurt, daal, chicken breast.

So, focus is on their food habits and monitoring sugar. At least once in 10 days, or 1 to 2 weeks. So, bring down sugar less than 10/100. And doing their HbA1c after 90 days and also focusing on lifestyle. We request them to sleep early. Waking up till 11 PM, 1 AM or 2 AM or sleep before 10:30. And thirdly, most important focus is exercise. Ask them to walk 45-60 mins per day. So, if their food habits are improved, their exercises are improved, thirdly, if their food are maintained and they are exercising, they will improve. Their sugar levels will come down. And if require we add some ayurvedic drugs. Like chadrmabhatti, madhunashtanibhatti, madhurakshak powder. So, in 90 days, we bring down their sugar levels by 122 less than 900. Target is 90 blood sugar level.

As you see less than 5.7. So, if we achieve that we are saving them from becoming diabetics. It’s a huge reduction of disease burden in the country. And we hope that the government bodies, schools, institutes and othe medical institutes focus on this. So, we can decrease the diabetic load from the country. Thank you so much. Thank you so much Dr. Yuvraj. So, we have seen that pre-diabetes can be a wake up call for you. So, get your test done ad if you think that, if the test tell that you are going to be a diabetics soon, take measure steps and come to Dr. Monga Clinic where we have patients who have reversed their pre-diabetics stage. Thank you so much. Be with us.

Integrative Medicines: What You Need To Know?
Integrative Medicines: What You Need To Know?

Hello Viewers,

In India we are very fortunate enough that we have more than one medical system to treat the elements of human body which are Ayurveda, allopath and homeopath. More often than not some diseases take not only one approach of treatment but combination of all these medical system can come hand in treating these kind of elements. We have Dr. Yuvraj Monga from Dr. Monga Clinic with us today to through more light on this subject. Welcome Dr. Monga. And my question would be, what are integrative medicines? Hello, Prashant. As you mentioned there are many pathies approved are available in the country in India apart from allopath system. Ayush and government health and wellness approved system like Ayurveda, homeopath and naturopath. They are legal statuary approved systems of treating patients.

They are totally 3 different, approach is different. And yes, medical colleges, medical schools, doctors practicing these pathies separately. In India recently, there is a boon practice of Ayurveda and naturopath. I am not talking about products, I am talking about ayurvedic treatments. So, in many hospitals in the country very famous hospital, they have separate department also. Modern allopathic system and ayurveda system. Moolchand in Delhi, Medanta in Gurgaon, hey have separate departments where patients are being treated. So, if the treatment is not being managed by ayurvedic physician, he/she should refer to allopath. Or if the they are not treated by allopath, they can take the help of ayurvedic physician.

So, the patient can have both the treatments together simultaneously which will not affect the original part and it should not interfere with the results. In fact, improve the outcomes. So, combining 2 pathies for a patient, I think this approach is better integrative medicines. You can have 2 0r 3 things, even yoga and meditation can be taken as treatment. So, it can integrate this system and one or other pathy should encourage the treatment. So, at Dr. Monga Medi Clinic, what is your approach in practising integrated medicines? There are 2 aspects: 1 is referring. If patient is coming to our clinic, and suppose the patient is of severe cervical disorder or lumbar spinal disorder or there is the buldge in the spine or spondylosis and disorder which needs neurological or neuro surgery, so we refer the patient to neurosurgeon. It needs surgery.

It cannot be managed with medicines or exercise. So, referring the patient is very important. Maybe it is coming for modern guy like MBBS or MD and being a ayurvedic doctor, if we are not able to help them with yoga or some oil or some ayurvedic drugs and if it requires surgical interventions, we refer the patient. We don’t hesitate. If the patient is living with severe cardiac arrest, coming with severe epilepsy, we can’t treat it. We tell them, please go to a neurologist. Or a disease which we cannot manage by ourself to referring (no.1). No.2 we give doctors like patient comes to me or some surgeons referring to us, a piles patient with bleeding piles is not suitable for surgery.

He can be given for ayurvedic treatment for piles. Patient is suffering from constipation, he is struggling. He can be managed with diet. He can be managed by ayurvedic treatment like trifala, abhirishta. So, I refer my patients of constipation, piles to my wife. Please treat or give your opinion. In diabetes, patients want some allopathic drugs, or they are taking metformin, they want to reduce the dose or they want to get rid of medicines. So, we give them dietary guidance. We put them on ayurvedic drugs like darbabhatti, mudhunashtanibhatti but that is done by my ayurvedic doctors. So, in monga clinic we have combines allopathic doctors, and ayurvedic doctors.

Both are sitting separate. And same patient can have both the treatment together. So, they can have the benefit of both. The side effects of modern medicines are reduced. Dose can be reduced. The blood level can be examined. Piles can be treated. And in 2-3 months patient is total of the symptoms. No pain, no bleeding, nothing. So if an ayurvedic doctor is not able to manage the patient, should refer to allopath doctors. What is the harm if allopathic doctors prescribe him isabghol, trifala, and sending him to an ayurvedic physician for treating diseases like skin diseases, or diabetes, piles, chronic cold and cough which can be managed well with Ayurveda. So, the harmony for all the pathis together can be used for the benefits of mankind.

That should be done. I think that should be encouraged. And the ministeries, the doctors should try to find a platform where this can be encouraged in a legal manner. This is what my objective is. Thank you Dr. Monga. So, viewers you just have listened to Dr. Monga about integrated medicines. And what a wonderful thought it is that the whole idea behind the integrated medicines is to pass on the maximum benefits to the patient. And that is what doctors are all about. So, we will see you next time with the more informative videos.

Thank you so much for being with us.

Prescription In Medical Practice
Prescription In Medical Practice


Hello Viewers!

We are here today to discuss on a very relevant kind of topic which is prescription in medical practice and we have with us Dr. Jyoti Monga from the Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic. She will be throwing light on the subject in a detailed manner. What exactly is a prescription? What is the significance of a prescription? What are the good prescriptions and what are the bad prescriptions? And, how Dr. Monga’s Clinic go about it?

Questions and Answers:

Q. What exactly is a prescription?

Answer by Dr. Jyoti Monga: Prescription is a very common word used when we visit a doctor. So, if we would summarise it, prescription is a gist of conversation between the patient and the doctor. So, it contains all the signs and symptoms that the patient has. So it is a summary of the problems that the patient has given to the doctor and the medicines that have been prescribed by the doctor. So, it contains or rather connects all the four people, i.e., the patient, doctor, the attendant looking after the patient and the chemist also. 

Q. What is the significance of prescription? Why is it so important?

Answer by Dr. Jyoti Monga: Basically, a written prescription gives a clarity to the patient that all health issues he is going through and what all instructions have been given to him and what all dos and don’ts he has to follow. In addition, what all medications he needs to take at what timings. Basically it is a synopsis that what all a patient has to follow according to the doctor in each and every manner to recover at the fastest. So basically, it establishes a bond of trust between the doctor and the patient. 

Q. Can you differentiate between a good prescription and a bad prescription?

Answer by Dr. Jyoti Monga: Yes obviously. There is a lot of difference between a good prescription and a bad prescription. You see so many prescriptions of doctors. First I would suggest every doctor to write the prescription in a readable handwriting. This is a complaint by the patients that they cannot read the prescription properly. I know that the doctors develop the habit of writing it in a flow and that is not easily understood by the patient. First of all, it should be clearly written and a good prescription should contain each and every minute detail about what all medicine has to be given and at what time it has to be taken in addition to the dos and don’ts that have to be followed properly. The lifestyle modifications that the patient has to make and refrain from promoting any OTC products are part of a good prescription. A good prescription is one in which we write the generic name of the medicines. Supposedly, a patient is having fever and supposedly we are giving Crocin that is so readily available. So, it is better to write Paracetamol, i.e., the name of the salt so that the patient can take it from anyone. 

So, this kind of prescription which follows each and every minor detail and tells the patient to follow each and everything properly is a good prescription. 

Anchor: Thank you Doctor for throwing light on this untouched topic because not many doctors practice the right prescription because many of them are quacks or unqualified doctors. With this, I conclude that whenever you visit a doctor, you must emphasize in getting the prescription written from the doctor because it is your right and whoever shies away from giving you a prescription, please be wary of visiting that doctor or practitioner next time.

Harmful Effects Of Constipation
Harmful Effects Of Constipation

Hello Viewers,

They say if you wish to know the importance of emptiness, ask a constipated person. But there is so much more associated with this element which is very common yet critical than emptiness. And we have with us Dr. Jyoti Monga from Dr. Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic with us, who will through more light on this subject. Welcome Dr. Jyoti Monga. And my question would be, what are the health hazards associates with constipation? How do these hazards effect a person by allergically as well as his personality? Okay! So, constipation is a very common word that is you know quite common in all the people nowadays, especially who live in a metro culture. Jise ki hum ek normal language me kabz kehte hain.

So, basically kabz jante hain sab kya hota hai but you know very few people know that what all hazards it can do to your health and what all complications it can lead to. So, the first problem that is very common people who suffer from chronic constipation is piles. Piles of many types. You know some people call it hemorrhoids, some people call is piles. Now there is another problem call anal fissure. In which crack develop on the anus. Then there is anal rectal prolapse. The rectum it prolapse. Rectum jo hota hai vo prolapse ho jata hai. So, when you pass stool to vo bahar nikal ke aata hai which is you know a very measure problem. Sometimes, it can lead to intestinal obstruction also means the stool get stuck in which the intestine explode. Means intestine jo hai apki faat skti hai. Which in itself is a very serious complication and life threatening also.

So, basically if you have constipation don’t take it lightly. If its become chronic, it can lead to this type of problems. Apart from this hazards that constipation can lead to, do you think personality of person gets affected. Obviously, you can see a person, if you don’t pass stool for one day, my god, what all problems you have. I have so many patients coming to me. They develop you know so much of bloating, peat fool jana. That leads to acidity. Har waqt patient complaint krta hai, chhatti me jalan rehti hai. Then they develop headaches, laziness.

So, you know they are lot of you know problems that occur because of constipation which disturbs the normal daily routine of a person also. Dr. Jyoti, we know that the success rate of treatment to the constipated patients is very high. What approach should you take to treat these patients? So, basically I am an ayurvedic practitioner. So, you know in Ayurveda, thing first we taught is find the cause. Hettu ko dhundo. So, if you find the cause why the patient is developing constipation, definitely your success rate would be more because you are treating according to the cause. Now it could not only be a lifestyle disorder. It could be because of an underlining disease like you have, you know thyroid.

Thyroid leads to constipation. If you keep on treating constipation and don’t treat thyroid, it would reoccur again. So, basically you have to treat thyroid first and then you know you can see the results. It does wonder, if you treat according to the cause. So, basically the patients who come to us, first of all we analysis their lifestyle. Ki unka lifestyle kaisa hai. They have a sedentary lifestyle or they have a hectic lifestyle. What is their dietary pattern? Vo kaisa khana khate hain. Are they more into junk food, are they more into refine food or somebody who has come is on a weight loss plan. So, basically people are onto a high protein diet. Which also leads to constipation. So, you first have to analyse. What is the cause and after that treat accordingly?

So, this only helps us to give good results to a patient and then we give them the schedule according to the lifestyle. So, that they don’t have a drastic change. We just give them the small tips that they have to include in their daily schedule. So, that you know it is not a burden for them. SO, that they can enjoy that thing. It turns magical. The treatment is magical. If patient starts enjoying the treatment, you know than it works wonder to the patients and obviously to us also. Thank you so much Dr. Jyoti. Viewers, you have just seen a very vital information on constipation, health hazards, or the personality hazard it can make for person. So, if you are one of the constipated person, you must go and see a doctor at once and for having an appointment with Dr. Jyoti Monga, you have the numbers on your screen.

Thank you so much.

Prediabetes And Diabetes In Detail
Prediabetes And Diabetes In Detail

Hello Viewers,

Today we have Dr. Yuvraj Monga from Dr. Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic and we are going to talk about pre-diabetes and diabetes in a detailed manner. So, my first question to you doctor is what is exactly pre-diabetes? Recently this term pre-diabetes becoming very popular in terms of awareness. So, it has both good thing and the bad thing that people are getting aware of it, so they conscious. So, we can prevent patients from becoming full prone diabetics. So, pre-diabetes is a stage where if we don’t control the situation, person the man / woman, boy / girl will become diabetic. And diabetes has its own consequences as I have discussed in my earlier sessions.

So, pre-diabetes is a stage earlier than diabetes. So, how it is different from regular diabetes. It depends on the blood sugar levels of your glucose, blood glucose levels. So, it has 3 ways of measuring it. 1 is normal blood glucose measuring level. So, if we have a fasting sugar of less than 100, person is non-diabetic. If the blood sugar is more than 125 of fasting 10-12 hours, it is diabetic. The people with blood sugar level in the range of 100-200 are the one who falls under pre-diabetic range. Also, it can be checked by oral glucose tolerance test or after food test. After the food, blood sugar level should be less than 140. But if your levels after oral glucose test of 82.5 grab of glucose and we measure the blood glucose after the 2 hours, it is between 140-199, the patient is pre-diabetic.

If more than 200mm, it is diabetic. So, there is a subset of population which is call as pre-diabetic. Another way of measuring is or identifying the patient is HbA1c levels. Which is again less than 5.7, a person is normal. He doesn’t have diabetes. More than 6.4, the patient is diabetic. 5.7 to 6.4 is population which is pre-diabetics which uncontrolled patient with 37-50% will become diabetic. And these are the ways of telling a person is pre-diabetic. Are there any other systems where we can diagnose pre-diabetics patient? These tests are sufficient. And what is the prevalence of pre-diabetes in India? Prevalence is the numbers are alarming.

Not only in India, globally. Like in US, in 2012, they were 80 million. 8 crores pre-diabetics the. In India the rate has come into 2017 June, which I have mentioned earlier also that we know that 70% or around 8-9%, people are diabetics. But I see the study of 2017 of 15 states, should at 10.3 persons are pre-diabetics calling to the fasting glucose level and oral glucose tolerance test. And this population will become diabetics in near future. So, it is a very big figure. In 120-130 crores population are at alarming. The patients should be aware, government should interfere and school level, college level and general public level, the awareness of diabetes, pre-diabetes, risk factors should be done. And how to prevent, it should be circulated. Thank you so much. Thank you so much Dr. Yuvraj. This was all this video for pre-diabetes. We are soon going to meet you on the systems and the signs of pre-diabetes.

Thank you very much.

Know More About Diabetes
Know More About Diabetes


Hello Viewers,

We are again here on the topic of diabetes. I have Dr. Yuvraj Arora with me to talk on, talk more on the subject and today we will be talking about the role of exercise in diabetes. Welcome Dr. Yuvraj Arora.

There are studies which show that as much as, or as less as 39% only people get into exercises, even if they know that exercises are very very beneficial in diabetes, but why they do not follow the regime or are there any easy exercise to do control diabetes and in short, what is the role of exercise in diabetes.

Thank you so much Mr. Prabhat.

As you know diabetes, we have already discussed is a mismanagement of your metabolism which sugar levels are high and you know, you proteins are bit lost and fat accumulation is there, imbalance of fat and metabolism so it is as I said to manage these is very simple. Realization. First people should know what does that mean. They don’t know it and they want to get rid of it, that is the issue. They want to get rid of it, everybody knows diet and exercise have a very important role apart from the medication and doctor which they need to go. We will talk about the diet in another program as we discussed we will talk what exercise today, what do you mean by exercise. Exercise means rahanp krna. Ek to routine m hm kam krty hn ghr k. office jaty hn. Upper jaty hn, nechy jaty hn, us m hm 500, kch calories burn krty hn, but exercise ka matlb hai kch ek dedicated time 30 minutes, 40 miutes, 1 hour, jo hamari energy or extra calories burn kary. Wo burn krny sy exercise krny sy j bap ki muscle moment hoti hai. Us main ap ka glucose use hota hai. Apka blood sugar level nechy ata hai. Insulin resistance kam hoti hai. Glucose uptake barhta hai. To jb tk ye information patient ko nai jaye gi to wo nai kary ga. Diabetes ko maintain krny k lye exercise ka utna e matlb hai jitna diet or medicine ka hai. To ap k hisab say kaunsi, kuchh easy exercises hain jo aap suggest karenge diabetes k patient ko? Ye exercise bht hai. 3, 4, 5 naam lijiye. Walk, chalna chahye, logon ko diabetes hoti q h? chalty nai hn. Chalein gy to thek ho jain gy. Chalny ka matlb ye nai h k main nechy tk car tk chala gya. Metro tk chaly. Upper steps py chaly. Nechy utry. Atleast 6km of walk per day. Wo ek ghanty k brabar hai. Kafi jaga py liha hai. Waisy to brisk walk, aerobic exercise, aerobics exercise wo hoti hai jis main heart rate barhy. Heart ki efficiency barhy.

To brisk walk is number 1. Data will show, man articles will show, doctors will speak which are many, you know authority on these things k 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week. That is 150 minutes a week. I differ some times. Ask people to walk every day. 40 minutes a day. Or 1 hour a day. Tb ja k us ki average 40 minute nikly gi. So one option is exercise, walk.

Number 2, cycling, same thing. Atleast 30 minute cycling ya, 40 minute cycling per day. Agr thori c apki privileges zyada hn to next step.

3rd on is swimming. Swimming India main abi b itni popular nai hai. Or na hi, its not easy, it is not simple. Hamary jo different temperatures hn different areas main. Or kai bar ye costly b hota hai. To swimming is another option. Then we have, ek Bharat main b chal ra hai, or hamary apny Bharat ka hai, or Mr.Modi ny b bht is ko bola hai, yoga. Aj k din, aj jo main lecture dy rah n ye h 16 june 2017, or new delhi main international yoga day, 3 sal, uski anniversary mania ja rai hai. M wahan py gya tha. To yoga sy acha to kch b nai hai. Or pura world isy introduce kr ra h, yoga sy apka fat loss hota hai. Muscle tone barhti hai. Insulin uptake barhti hai. To yoga is another alternative we have. Then something called thai chai in china. Slow movements of the body. Wo b adha ghanta kia ja skta hai. Ap youtube kr k dekh skty haink thai chai kya hota hai. To 40 minutes. To mian to bolun ga koi b exercise 40-60 minutes adopt kr skty hn. Adha ghanta brisk walk, adha ghanta yoga. Adha ghanta swimming, adha ghanta yoga. To koi b combination use kr skty hn. Weight exercise recommended hain diabetes patients ko? Very important, us k lye ap chahy hafty main 2 bar b kr lijiye. Quki jo energy use krni hai, glucose use krna hai wo muscle ny krna hai. Muscle strong nai hoga to ap chal b nai pain gy zyada apka stamina nai barhy ga. To weight training or resistance exercises or core exercises of the body. Core exercises hoti hamary jaisy jo squat hota h, sit up hoty hn. Push up hoty hn. Sirf 5 sy 10 min. weight training 15 minute hafty main 2 bar. Main exercises jo hoti hn, bicep, chest, abdomen, legs. Thighs. Is ko ap standard kr ln apki capacity waiys e barh jati hai. And your stamina to do other exercises and activities increase, and when you do any of these things 40-60 minutes of any regulated exercise or combination of that, combined with 30 minutes of weight training is the best. That’s all.

And any precaution that diabetic patient need to get before? Can he discuss with his doctor. He can carry a carbohydrate candy or sugar, ya koi chocolate agr us ka blood level nechy ho jaye to. Starting main exercise jo hai shuru 10, walk krni 2 km, exercise 10 minute 20 minutes sy shuru krn. Slowly slowly is ko barhain, that’s all. That’s my msg. Or kn c exercise ya kb usko exercise bnd kr deni chahye? Sari zindage krni chahye. Apko koi muscle strain ho jaye. Koi sprain barh jaye to consult kr lo physiotherapist. That’s all. Exercise is must. Great, thank you so much Dr. Yuvraj. It was pleasure talking to you. And we conclude this session with this wonder full tip from Dr. Yuvraj Arora. See you again next time.

Take care, be happy!

Thank you.

Connection Between Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction
Connection Between Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

How Diabetes Affects Your Sexual Health?








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Dr. Monga Medi Clinic provides answers that are very helpful. Ok



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Dr. Monga Medi Clinic provides answers that are very helpful. very helpful.



May 12, 2017

Sex problem k liye gya tha and bht acha lga wahan jakr. Sabse achi bat ye thi ki unhone mujhe poora time dia aur ,meri sari batein suni aram se. I am really happy now. Thnk u  read less



Aug 21, 2018

it was good to talk with doctor. he has good experience.



May 03, 2017

My main reson behind visiting Dr. monga medi center was for my erectile brokenness and sexual shortcoming which I was looking from a very prolonged stretch of time. Anyway I am inspired with specialist benevolence and the clarification of the medical problem given by him was great. I was more

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