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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Integrative Medicines: What You Need To Know?

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Dr. Yuvraj Arora MongaSexologist • 25 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - Pharmacology

Hello Viewers,

In India we are very fortunate enough that we have more than one medical system to treat the elements of human body which are Ayurveda, allopath and homeopath. More often than not some diseases take not only one approach of treatment but combination of all these medical system can come hand in treating these kind of elements. We have Dr. Yuvraj Monga from Dr. Monga Clinic with us today to through more light on this subject. Welcome Dr. Monga. And my question would be, what are integrative medicines? Hello, Prashant. As you mentioned there are many pathies approved are available in the country in India apart from allopath system. Ayush and government health and wellness approved system like Ayurveda, homeopath and naturopath. They are legal statuary approved systems of treating patients.

They are totally 3 different, approach is different. And yes, medical colleges, medical schools, doctors practicing these pathies separately. In India recently, there is a boon practice of Ayurveda and naturopath. I am not talking about products, I am talking about ayurvedic treatments. So, in many hospitals in the country very famous hospital, they have separate department also. Modern allopathic system and ayurveda system. Moolchand in Delhi, Medanta in Gurgaon, hey have separate departments where patients are being treated. So, if the treatment is not being managed by ayurvedic physician, he/she should refer to allopath. Or if the they are not treated by allopath, they can take the help of ayurvedic physician.

So, the patient can have both the treatments together simultaneously which will not affect the original part and it should not interfere with the results. In fact, improve the outcomes. So, combining 2 pathies for a patient, I think this approach is better integrative medicines. You can have 2 0r 3 things, even yoga and meditation can be taken as treatment. So, it can integrate this system and one or other pathy should encourage the treatment. So, at Dr. Monga Medi Clinic, what is your approach in practising integrated medicines? There are 2 aspects: 1 is referring. If patient is coming to our clinic, and suppose the patient is of severe cervical disorder or lumbar spinal disorder or there is the buldge in the spine or spondylosis and disorder which needs neurological or neuro surgery, so we refer the patient to neurosurgeon. It needs surgery.

It cannot be managed with medicines or exercise. So, referring the patient is very important. Maybe it is coming for modern guy like MBBS or MD and being a ayurvedic doctor, if we are not able to help them with yoga or some oil or some ayurvedic drugs and if it requires surgical interventions, we refer the patient. We don’t hesitate. If the patient is living with severe cardiac arrest, coming with severe epilepsy, we can’t treat it. We tell them, please go to a neurologist. Or a disease which we cannot manage by ourself to referring (no.1). No.2 we give doctors like patient comes to me or some surgeons referring to us, a piles patient with bleeding piles is not suitable for surgery.

He can be given for ayurvedic treatment for piles. Patient is suffering from constipation, he is struggling. He can be managed with diet. He can be managed by ayurvedic treatment like trifala, abhirishta. So, I refer my patients of constipation, piles to my wife. Please treat or give your opinion. In diabetes, patients want some allopathic drugs, or they are taking metformin, they want to reduce the dose or they want to get rid of medicines. So, we give them dietary guidance. We put them on ayurvedic drugs like darbabhatti, mudhunashtanibhatti but that is done by my ayurvedic doctors. So, in monga clinic we have combines allopathic doctors, and ayurvedic doctors.

Both are sitting separate. And same patient can have both the treatment together. So, they can have the benefit of both. The side effects of modern medicines are reduced. Dose can be reduced. The blood level can be examined. Piles can be treated. And in 2-3 months patient is total of the symptoms. No pain, no bleeding, nothing. So if an ayurvedic doctor is not able to manage the patient, should refer to allopath doctors. What is the harm if allopathic doctors prescribe him isabghol, trifala, and sending him to an ayurvedic physician for treating diseases like skin diseases, or diabetes, piles, chronic cold and cough which can be managed well with Ayurveda. So, the harmony for all the pathis together can be used for the benefits of mankind.

That should be done. I think that should be encouraged. And the ministeries, the doctors should try to find a platform where this can be encouraged in a legal manner. This is what my objective is. Thank you Dr. Monga. So, viewers you just have listened to Dr. Monga about integrated medicines. And what a wonderful thought it is that the whole idea behind the integrated medicines is to pass on the maximum benefits to the patient. And that is what doctors are all about. So, we will see you next time with the more informative videos.

Thank you so much for being with us.


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