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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Prescription In Medical Practice

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Dr. Jyoti MongaAyurvedic Doctor • 23 Years Exp.BAMS


Hello Viewers!

We are here today to discuss on a very relevant kind of topic which is prescription in medical practice and we have with us Dr. Jyoti Monga from the Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic. She will be throwing light on the subject in a detailed manner. What exactly is a prescription? What is the significance of a prescription? What are the good prescriptions and what are the bad prescriptions? And, how Dr. Monga’s Clinic go about it?

Questions and Answers:

Q. What exactly is a prescription?

Answer by Dr. Jyoti Monga: Prescription is a very common word used when we visit a doctor. So, if we would summarise it, prescription is a gist of conversation between the patient and the doctor. So, it contains all the signs and symptoms that the patient has. So it is a summary of the problems that the patient has given to the doctor and the medicines that have been prescribed by the doctor. So, it contains or rather connects all the four people, i.e., the patient, doctor, the attendant looking after the patient and the chemist also. 

Q. What is the significance of prescription? Why is it so important?

Answer by Dr. Jyoti Monga: Basically, a written prescription gives a clarity to the patient that all health issues he is going through and what all instructions have been given to him and what all dos and don’ts he has to follow. In addition, what all medications he needs to take at what timings. Basically it is a synopsis that what all a patient has to follow according to the doctor in each and every manner to recover at the fastest. So basically, it establishes a bond of trust between the doctor and the patient. 

Q. Can you differentiate between a good prescription and a bad prescription?

Answer by Dr. Jyoti Monga: Yes obviously. There is a lot of difference between a good prescription and a bad prescription. You see so many prescriptions of doctors. First I would suggest every doctor to write the prescription in a readable handwriting. This is a complaint by the patients that they cannot read the prescription properly. I know that the doctors develop the habit of writing it in a flow and that is not easily understood by the patient. First of all, it should be clearly written and a good prescription should contain each and every minute detail about what all medicine has to be given and at what time it has to be taken in addition to the dos and don’ts that have to be followed properly. The lifestyle modifications that the patient has to make and refrain from promoting any OTC products are part of a good prescription. A good prescription is one in which we write the generic name of the medicines. Supposedly, a patient is having fever and supposedly we are giving Crocin that is so readily available. So, it is better to write Paracetamol, i.e., the name of the salt so that the patient can take it from anyone. 

So, this kind of prescription which follows each and every minor detail and tells the patient to follow each and everything properly is a good prescription. 

Anchor: Thank you Doctor for throwing light on this untouched topic because not many doctors practice the right prescription because many of them are quacks or unqualified doctors. With this, I conclude that whenever you visit a doctor, you must emphasize in getting the prescription written from the doctor because it is your right and whoever shies away from giving you a prescription, please be wary of visiting that doctor or practitioner next time.


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