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Mania: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is the treatment?

Maniac Depressive Disorder

How is the treatment done?

Maniac disorder is a form of mood disorder which is caused by some alternations in the high energy sates of your body. Mania involves sleeplessness, hallucinations, psychotic disorders, deluded mind and paranoia. These maniac disorders often lead to suicidal tendencies, anxiety and depressions. Mood swings are a common symptom for maniac disorders and they gradually improve even leading you to become violent. These maniac patients also develop distorted perceptions about people and it impairs their social functioning and also hampers them from thinking properly. The cause of the mania is believed to be a genetic disorder and disorders associated with the nerves in the brain. These maniac disorders might also arise because of any past trauma or injury that might have taken place with them. These kinds of disorders usually arise from the ages of 15 and 24 and gradually last for a long time as they are not fully curable. These patients are very sensitive and must be kept calm and in a fresh mind. The symptoms might occur time to time depending on how you are adapting yourself around the situations that you do not like. Sometimes the severity of this particular condition may lead to complete insanity as sometimes your brain fails to accept the changes and do not respond to the medications properly.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

The course of treatment for mania is a long term course aimed to eliminate the trauma and the anxieties that you are facing through. Therapies are a common way of eliminating the problems. When you are suffering from maniac disorder you fail to communicate and explain your problems to another individual. You feel like what you think is always correct and others are absolutely wrong. And when you fail to establish dominance over other people you usually act out in the most common form, violence. The agitation which you are suffering from is treated with therapies that help you to talk to others and share what you are feeling. Therapies also help you to relax your mind and calm down in situations where you feel that you might get agitated. Medicinal drugs and sleeping pills are also prescribed to patients who are suffering from maniac disorders. The drugs help to relax the damaged nerves and improve the thinking process that you were previously lacking. Insomnia is a common symptom for maniac disorders. Thus sleeping pills initially force you to get some sleep and relax the agitated nerves as you fail to sleep on your own. The drugs prescribed by medical experts help to diagnose the acute mood swings as well.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

If you are feeling depressed, suicidal and often act out involuntarily in an aggressive manner then seek help and call your medical expert. It may be possible that the stress levels of your day to day life or any sort of trauma has affected you in a way that you could not handle. You might often have extreme mood swings and also have trouble sleeping at night. You might end up hurting yourself and people near you therefore seek medical help as soon as possible.

Are there any side effects?

There are no specific conditions where you are not eligible for the treatment, however, you should consult with your medical expert to be on the safe side.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on person to person and the environment around them. Some might benefit from the treatment whereas some might have various side effects like increased depression, fatigue, lethargic, suicidal and inability to express themselves. With the dosages of these psychological drugs, one might also develop cardiac problems as well.

How long does it take to recover?

Post treatment guidelines for maniac disorder patients are to continue with their prescribed medicines regularly and have periodical check ups with a psychiatrist as the dosage of the drugs will decrease over time. You must also find a way to keep yourself stress free and obtain meditation and yoga. In case you are having an uneasy feeling talk to someone and seek help as soon as possible.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

The time for recovery depends on person to person and maniac disorders are not completely curable. If you have eliminated the symptoms of this condition then someday an event or a trauma might again trigger the sense of agitation caused by the maniac disorders. Some people continue with their treatment and become same within a month and whereas some people do not improve at all and they are often admitted to asylums to seek help.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

The medicinal drugs range between Rs. 500 to Rs 4,500 and the therapy sessions range between Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 20,000 depending on the rate of the psychiatrist.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

The results of the treatment vary from person to person. Some might continue with their treatment and face no maniac problems for the rest of their lives whereas some people would not respond to the medications and their conditions worsen gradually. Some might show signs of improvement and then suddenly a trauma or any activity could again trigger the symptoms of maniac disorders. Some might not even recover and have to be admitted in asylums to keep them safe.

Safety: Condition Effectiveness: Medium Timeliness: High Relative Risk: Medium Side Effects: Medium Time For Recovery: High Price Range:

Rs. 500 to Rs. 30,000

Popular Health Tips

All About Bipolar Disorder

DPM Psychiatrist
Psychiatrist, Lucknow
All About Bipolar Disorder

We all have mood swings but not all mood swings have the same intensity. People who have extreme mood swings ranging from depression to manic highs are said to be suffering from bipolar disorder. These extreme moods are known as episodes and usually, last for a few days or even a few weeks. A person suffering from bipolar disorder could have an episode several times a year. This is a very common psychological problem and can affect both children and adults. Though it cannot be cured, this disease can be managed with medication.

There are no known causes for bipolar disorder but genetics may play an important role in triggering Bipolar Disorder. Hence, if a parent or sibling suffers from this condition, you have a risk of developing it as well. An imbalance in the neurotransmitters in the brain may also play a part in the development of this condition. Stress or traumatic events like the loss of a loved one can also increase your risk of suffering from this condition. Given that mood swings affect almost each one of us, bipolar disorder can be difficult to diagnose. Some of the things to look out for are:

  1. Change in self-esteem
  2. Unusual talkativeness or quietness
  3. Being increasingly prone to distractions
  4. Decreased need for sleep
  5. Agitation
  6. Recklessness in terms of spending decisions, relationships etc

It must be kept in mind that a person must display at least 4 of the above symptoms simultaneously to be diagnosed as bipolar. Also, none of these symptoms should be a result or side effect of any kind of medication, drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants.

There are four main types of bipolar disorder:

  1. Bipolar I: In such cases, the person has at least one episode of elevated moods and associated abnormal behaviour in his or her life. This may be preceded or followed by depressive episodes.
  2. Bipolar II: In these cases, the person must have suffered from at least one depressive episode. It is very similar to bipolar I except that in bipolar II the highs never reach the manic stage.
  3. Rapid Cycling: Some people can have 4 or more manic and depressive episodes a year. In such cases, they are said to be rapid cycling. This condition affects 10-20% of bipolar cases.
  4. Mixed Bipolar: Usually, bipolar patients show mood swings that alternate between manic and depressive moods. However, sometimes a person may experience both elation and depression simultaneously or in rapid succession of each other. These cases are known as mixed bipolar.

Once diagnosed, bipolar disorder can be managed with a combination of medication and psychotherapy. In some cases, electroconvulsive therapy may also be needed. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a psychiatrist and ask a free question.

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Frequent Mood Swings - 4 Ways to Manage them!

Psychiatrist, Mumbai
Frequent Mood Swings - 4 Ways to Manage them!

What are mood swings?
Mood swings are defined as sudden and abrupt changes in mood. These mood swings can sometimes help promote problem solving abilities, but a stronger form of these can be associated to a more complex disorder namely, bipolar disorder that is characterised by the cyclical shift from manic to depressive and vice versa.

What causes mood swings?
There are several things that can trigger mood swings starting from your brain chemistry to substance abuse. The most common cause of moods swings can be-

  1. Abnormal levels of neurotransmitters (NTs) in the brain (ex. Serotonin is majorly responsible for change in moods, changes in emotional state and sleep)
  2. Anabolic steroid abuse
  3. Borderline personality Disorder
  4. Autism or other pervasive developmental disorders
  5. Epilepsy
  6. Premenstrual Syndrome
  7. Schizophrenia
  8. Major depression
  9. Post traumatic stress disorder

How to deal with mood swings?
Mood swings can make life difficult for yourself and those around you as well. It is advisable to keep your mood swings under control in order to get along with your life normally.

  1. Try to remain positive: May be you have had a string of heartbreaks off late or failed interviews, but do not let that define a trend in your life. This can lead to depression and make you upset. Keep your mind open to other possibilities and never lose hope. Hope is something that keeps one going; it gives someone a purpose in life.
  2. Balance your life: Learn to maintain a balance between work and leisure. Don’t make your life all about work, take small breaks to do what you like (perhaps read a book, or play an instrument).
  3. Accept the grey in your life:  “Life is like a box of chocolates”. You will never know what comes your way. It is never just black and white. Learn to accept that life can go a little downhill sometimes, but don’t be too alarmed by that. Enjoy the best and always keep yourself prepared for the worse.
  4. Learn to laugh:  Enjoy and appreciate the little things around you. It might surprise you, if you consciously look around with an open mind, you will see the miniscule things that may make you laugh. Maybe that neighbour you find annoying is actually a fun guy to be with or that aunty who is always badgering you with questions is actually concerned about you. And most of all learn how to laugh at yourself! People have made a career over doing that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You are more fun than you expected to be. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a psychiatrist and ask a free question.
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What Is Love?

Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
What Is Love?

What Is Love

Many people “in love” are addicted to it, just as people are addicted to alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Love is difficult and requires work and practice. The number of definitions is almost endless. Poets, novelists, and theologians have struggled to define love, as have psychologistspsychiatrists, sociologists, family scientists, and journalists. Think about how you define love and how you know when you are “in love”.

Definitions on Love

  • In love, the paradox occurs that two beings become one yet remain two.

                  -Erich Fromm, Psychiatrist

  • Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.

                  -Ursula K. Le Guin, Novelist

  • He, who knows nothing, loves nothing…But he who understands also lovesnotices, sees…The greater the love, because of the more knowledge inherent in a thing.

                  -Paracelsus, Philosopher

  • Being in Love isn’t ever really loved, it’s just wanting. And it isn’t good. It’s all aching and misery.

                 -James Leo Herlihy, Novelist

  • Love is the history of a woman’s life; it is an episode in man’s life.

                  -Madame De Stael, Novelist

  • Love is a state of perpetual anesthesia.

                  -H. L. Mencken, Journalist

  • When the satisfaction or the security of another person becomes as significant to one as is one’s own security, and then the state of love

               -Harry Stack Sullivan, Psychiatrist

Dimensions of Love

The three dimensions of the love triangle (developed by Robert Sternberg) are

  • Commitment (the cognitive component)
  • Intimacy (the emotional component) and
  • Passion (the motivational component 
  1. CommitmentIt is a cognitive attachment to another person. It also develops over time, beginning slowly and increasing at a faster rate if the relationship is positive. If the relationship fails, commitment disappears. People express commitment when they move their relationship to a more advanced stage (from dating to engagement, from engagement to marriage), by being faithful or by staying in the relationship during difficult times.
  1. Intimacy: It involves sharing feelings and providing emotional support. It usually involves high levels of self-disclosures, the sharing of personal information not ordinarily revealed because of the risk involved. Intimacy gradually increases as closeness grows and deepens as a relationship matures. Few couples are likely to share everything with each other. Human beings need some private space, a bit of their world that is closed to everyone else. But in a mature intimate relationship, most areas are open for discussion and sharing. By opening up, by earning each other’s trust and becoming vulnerable to each other, people can build a strong emotional bond of intimacy.
  1. Passion: It is usually expressed by touchingkissing, and being affectionate, which is linked to physiological arousal; it is also expressed through sexual intercourse. Due to its intensity, passion develops quickly but can also fade quickly. Passion is like an addiction; when it ends, a person can experience withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and depression.

Combining these three dimensions of love in various ways, Sternberg identified eight types of love relationships: non-love, liking, infatuation, empty love, romantic love, fatuous love, companionate love, and consummate love.

  1. Non-love occurs when there is no commitmentintimacy or passion.
  2. Liking begins when there is just intimacy, but no passion or commitment.
  3. When there is just passioninfatuation occurs.
  4. Empty love involves commitment, but no passion or intimacy.
  5. Romantic love has both intimacy and passion, but it is lacking in commitment.
  6. Fatuous love occurs when a person is committed based on passion but has not had the time to develop true intimacy. (For example, a couple falls in love and after seeing each other only on weekends for two months get married).
  7. Companionate love is more characteristics of couples who have been married for years. They have both commitment and intimacy, but they lack the passion they had when they were first married.
  8.  Finally, Consummate love is complete love, containing all three dimensions. it is the goal of most couples.

Most people have experienced several of these types of love and can recognize that each of them feels rather different. Even within one relationship, it is possible to experience two or more types of love over time. A couple, for example, may start out as close friends (liking) and then two years later become sexually involved a year later they may decide to live together.

The Styles of Love

John Lee (1988) described six love styles. Similar to a colour wheel, there are three primary love styles (Eros, Ludus and Storage) and three secondary styles (Pragma, Mania and Agape). Each style has a unique character.

Primary Love Styles

  • Eros is romantic and passionate love, with an emphasis on sensuality.
  • Ludus is courtly love, love as a game with little depth or commitment.
  • Storge (pronounced “STOR-gay”) is based on friendship and on growing together.

The combination of two primary styles, like a chemical reaction, creates the three secondary styles.

Secondary Love Styles

  • Pragma, a combination of Ludus and Storge, produces a practical lover who may “shop around” for a potential partner.
  • Mania, a combination of Eros and Ludus, creates an erotic and game-playing relationship.
  • Agape(pronounced “A-GA-pay”) combines Eros and Storage and results in an intense and committed relationship that is altruistic and caring.

To validate Lee’s approach, researchers found that

  • People who describe themselves as being religious were more oriented toward friendships(Storge), were practical (Pragma), altruistic (Agape), and not inclined to game playing (Ludus).
  • People who described themselves as having high self-esteem were more romantic (Eros); those with low self-esteem were more likely to be game-players (Mania).
  • Looking at male and female (gender) differences, males tended to be Erotic (Eros) and game playing (Ludus),
  • Whereas females tended to focus on friendship (Storge), practical concerns (Pragma), and altruism (Agape).

According to Hendrick and Hendrick (1986, 1989), the six love styles can also be related to sexual attitudes and behaviours.

  • Eros lovers are passionate and seek sex as a peak experience. They are not very self-disclosing but encourage self-disclosure in others that is, they encourage others to reveal personal feelingsexperiences, hopes and disappointment.
  • Agape lovers are similar o Eros lovers, but they see sex as more functional, something to be enjoyed, like other aspects of life.
  • Ludus lovers are game-playing and casual about sex, not very disclosing, uninhibited sexually, and easily bored.
  • Storage lovers are idealistic about sex, encourage disclosures in others and are easily bored.
  • Manic lovers are also somewhat idealistic about sex and are not easily bored.

It is unclear whether one’s love style is constant like personality traits, or whether it varies depending on the kind of relationship style a couple develops.


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What Makes Mental Illness Scary?

Psychiatrist, Mumbai
What Makes Mental Illness Scary?

For centuries, mental illness has sparked many negative emotions amongst us ranging from fear, shame, guilt and pity.

Being a mental health professional, I have been closely connected to those with mental health issues and their loved ones. As a professional, I would say that being mentally ill is not the end of the world. However, it is not easy either. Sometimes I wonder, given a choice between a physical illness and a mental illness what will opt for? almost as a reflex, I say that physical illness is many times better that mental illness. But, if I pause and give this a thought, I wonder if my fears about being mentally unwell is justified.

Why are we all afraid of being mentally ill or scared of people with mental illness? there are many factors that sets mental illness apart from physical illness. Let us try to look into these factors closely and see if we can understand why is being mentally ill so different from any other illness.

 Fear of loss of control:

The biggest fear that mental illness brings in us, is the fear of a loss of control. If we lose control over our mind, well there is nothing much that we have a control on. We can no longer regulate our thoughts, emotions, behaviour and actions. But, is this actually true? if a person is suffering from mental illness, for instance depression, does he not a have a control over his behaviour and actions? a person with physical illness such as stroke is unable to control his body movements, his speech as well as loses bladder control and thus experiences an equally apprehensive loss of control.

Being mentally unwell is no doubt distressing and disabling, but the extend of disability depends on the severity of illness. Barring few severe mental illness, people with mental illness are still able to regulate themselves and have a control over their minds to varying extent.

Fear of never being well again:

Another fear that haunts people who are mentally unwell is will they ever be well again?

A person who has schizophrenia may have to continue the medications for life but so does someone who has diabetes. Majority of mental illnesses are for a short span of time and they can be effectively treated. The second category is those illnesses that come and go in episodes. For e. G, you may have depressive episodes or someone with bipolar disorder may have episodes where they have manic or depressive phases. However, in between these episodes they might be able to lead a productive life. There is a category mental illness which is severe, lasts for life and needs to be managed forever but so is the case with a lot of physical illnesses that are chronic, disabling and needs life long treatment.

Fear of medications that are used in psychiatric disorder

Every single medication that has ever been used can have some or other side effects, even the placebos. If you look into the side effect profile of even commonly used medications like flu medicine, you will be scared to use it. So, what sets the medications used for mental illness apart from their counterparts?

The general perception is that these medicines are addictive, have a lot of side effects, they will make you drowsy and sleepy and that once started it has to be taken for life. There are a vast range of medications that we use in psychiatry like antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety and sleeping tablets. As far as addictive potential is concerned, only a small fractions of these medication are actually addictive (for instance sleeping tablets). Most of the medications that are used to treat mental health disorders are not addictive. For using the addictive medicine, there are guidelines and recommendations to prescribe them so as to ensure that the person taking them does not get dependent on it.

Like any other medication, these medicines do come with side effects. However, there are many newer medicines available today with minimal side effects. And if a person develops a side effect with one of the medications, there is always an option of adjusting the dose or substituting the medicine.

Thinking about the durations of treatment, how long the medications needs to be continued depends on a lot of factors like the severity of illness, response to treatment and existing psychosocial support. Like any other long standing illness such as hypertension or diabetes which requires long term treatment, medications for mental health disorders may need to be taken for a long term, but not necessarily for life.

Fear of being locked down

The picture of being mentally ill, especially in a developing country like india is portrayed as someone who is tied and isolated in a mental institution. Only a minority of people who have mental illness need hospitalization at some point in their lives. The reason why a mentally ill person needs to be in hospital can be if there is a grave risk to their life or a risk to others due to their mental illness. Admissions are usually for a short term or for as long as it is needed.

Fear of not being understood by others

How can someone understand what I am going through if they have not experienced it themselves? fear of not being understood is something that refrains a mental ill person from sharing how they are feeling with their friends and family. It is hard, as a lot of people are not comfortable and are scared to talk to people about their mental health problems. This lack of understanding emerges from the lack of awareness about mental illness and the most effective way to increase the awareness is by talking about it.


Last but not the least, there is this whole issue of stigma that is attached to being mentally ill. This stigma can affect various domains of the lives of people with mental illness. It can affect their personal relationships, their jobs as well as their social lives. A lot people are discriminated on the grounds of mental illness and I believe that is what makes being mentally ill so scary. Majority of people are not able to sustain a job or form a lasting relationship not because of the mental illness itself but because of the stigma associated with it.

It is high time that we deal with the emotions that comes with the term mental illness. Once we as a society are able to fight the fear, shame and guilt that is linked with being mentally ill, it will be far more easier to treat mental illness as well as live with mental illness.

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Causes And Symptoms Of Genetic Sexual Attraction!

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Nashik
Causes And Symptoms Of Genetic Sexual Attraction!

In the realm of sexual relations, Incest is one of the longing social taboos. In order to curb this social taboo, many governments have introduced law banning incest. Basically, this is a sexual relationship between those who are blood-related, which is also called as Consanguineous relationship. This is also called as Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) which can be between siblings, half siblings, donor children, adoptees, biological mother and father, nephew and so on. This is a social evil, and experts have some remedies so that you can deal with genetic sexual attraction.


According to an article published in Spanish Magazine AFIN in July 2013, separation of siblings for quite a long time is one of the known causes for genetic sexual attraction. At the same time, the magazine points out that there are instances that even those who are not separated have this mania of genetic sexual attraction. Some of the other interesting aspects of GSA can be explained as follows:

  1. It is said that children who grow in close proximity since their childhood develop reverse sexual attitude or imprinting with their siblings, parents and with other consanguineous relationships. This reverse sexual attitude actually suppresses sexual desire with consanguineous relationship. This theory is also called as Westermarck Effect. This can be the pointer to the question How to deal with Genetic Sexual Attraction because consanguineous relationship separated for years may not have the Westermarck Effect.

  2. It is pointed out that when siblings who are separated for long duration of time are sexually mature when they meet each other. In other words, they were not members of the nuclear family, and this long absence can attract each other for a closer relationship. In addition to this, the siblings are biologically and mentally so grown up that they have made their own hard imprint of their character, taste and so on. It is a combination of these factors that makes them an exception to the Westermarck effect.

Symptoms of GSA:

Extreme awareness about the other person, hard desire to stay or talk, distractible behavior, unnecessary talking, holding hands or touching or making use of every opportunity to have some kind of physical contact, daydreaming are some of the known symptoms of GSA.

Remedy Available:

One of the ideal remedies for those suffering from GSA is to seek help of appropriate medical fraternity in the earliest possible time. This is one of the most ideal approaches to deal with genetic sexual attraction. It is also suggested that you should ensure that the siblings meet at regular intervals. This can help the siblings to have Westermarck Effect. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

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Popular Questions & Answers

Hello Sir, my sister is suffering from mental disorder since 2008. First treatment was given by Delhi doctors in psychiatric department and made one file also. Doctors recommended two tablets Olienz 10 mg &zapiz 5 mg and suggested you have to take for whole life but after some days she was overcome by the problems and she left to take these dose. After 2 years she was attacked by the mental disorder then she take these medicines and got relief. It's repeating many times. Sir what should I do please suggest me.

Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Dear Safraz, By now, you know that your sister needs these medicines for whole life so that she will not be attacked by the disease again. How to make her take regularly after overcoming the problem? You need to discuss with her, your parents, if she is married with her husband and her friends. If nothing works out, you can request the doctor for long acting injectables. Oleanz is available as 2-4 weekly long acting injectable.
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Sir, One of my relatives female aged 23 have effected psychologically when she studying B.Tech (civ). Due to the above she discontinued the Graduation and taking medicine I.e. Oleanz 5, Topamed 25, spira 20: at night and tab Licab 300, Topamed 25 at morning since last two years but if the tablet s is not taking even two days then she will be very severely effected and can't leave the tablet s. Now my question is whether the psychology is the curable disease or not? If curable disease then what treatment is best allopathy or homeopathy? Please advise me the right way to cure the patient.

Psychiatrist, Mumbai
Dear Sir Many mental health disorders needs a long term treatment and for some the treatment may need to continuing for life. Its just like any other illness like high blood pressure where you need to continue medicines for a long term. The right way to treatment is not to stop or alter the medicines without consultating her psychiatrist. I am not aware of the details of her illness but I will recommend that you see her psychiatrist for a detailed discussion so that she and the family is aware of her illness, the signs and symptoms, how to avoid triggers as well as have a detailed discussion about the treatment plan. Thanks.
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Hi, Can I take Celith 300 ie lithium carbonate tab twice a day Epitic 50 ie Lamotrigine tablets once a day.

Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Dear lybrate-user, Are you taking both Celith and Epitic as mood stabilizers for bipolar disorder? If so, please take both. Sometimes lithium carbonate helps well to control mania but not depression. Lamotrigine controls depression well.

I am on lithium 900 mg daily. From last 4 months I am having pressure on my head and face. I am having Neck pain and feels like some band around my head. Feels like little bit intoxicated. My serum level was 0.85 in april. I consulted with my psychiatrist. He referred me to ENT specialist. But there we find nothing. Sometimes I got better for 15 days then again the same problem. Please help.

Erasmus Mundus Master in Adapted Physical Activity, MPT, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Chennai
Neck PainThis is cervical pain (neck pain) and that's the reason the pain radiates until the shoulder blades. If you keep ice that would help and along side you can do hot water fermentation. You shall use cervical collar which would help you to reduce the radiating pain ie. Due to the nerve compression. Cervical spondylosis – chronic condition with radiating pain As your rightly said you have to go for traction and also you can do IFT. Please consult the near by therapist for quick relief. Since you have pain for more than 10 years it is suggestible to go for cervical muscle strengthening exercise. Use collar will definitely be helpful for him to maintain the good posture. And also cervical pillow can be used which might make you to have better posture of the shoulder neck and arm.

Please suggest. What is the best time to take LAMEZ. I am also taking except 60 along with INTALITH CR 450.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear lybrate-user. Thanks for the question. Lamez 100 mg Tablet is used in the treatment of seizures and mania. Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. Lamez 100 mg Tablet may be taken with or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time. Talk to your psychiatrist for more. Take care.
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Know More About Bipolar Disorder

Mai Dr. Rahul Chandhok hun. Mai ek senior consultant psychiatrist hun. Mai apni practice Medoc clinic faridabad me karta hun aur fortis hospital Delhi NCR me parha hun. Aaj mein ap sy bat karu ga bipolar disorder k bary me. Mery khayal sy bohat kam wayaktio ny is ky bary me suna hoga siway unky jinky kisi pariwar ky sadasiye me ye bemari hoti hai. Abhi bhe jisko ye bemari ho jati h uski pehchan karna ar iska ilaj karvana mushkil ho jata h kiu ky bipolar disorder ek tarah ka mood disorder h jis me ya to wayakti usdasi me chala jata h ya phir teji me chala jata .teji ka matlab usy nind kam ati . Usy asal me nind ki zrurat he kam mehsus hoti h. Usy lagta h ky wo 2 ghanty so kr hi itna taro taza hogya jitna ky wo 8 ghanty so kr hva. Wo 2 ghanty sony ku bad apny kariya-karab shuru kar deta h ,baki logo ko jagana shuru kar deta h.Apny kam waghera shuru kar deta h. Usy lagta h ky agr mery pas itni taqat hy to kiu na abi sy he sb kch shuru kar dia jy. Usy esa mehsus hota hy ky mery pas bht rupia pesa h me kuch bhe khareed sakta hu ya koi bhe political activity kar ky jeet sakta hu. Boht sary log apni esi bemari ki episode me jisy ham mania kehty hein kai bar election tk lar jaty h ar jb unki episode thek hota hy tb unhy pta chlta h ky ham ny kitni apna nuqsan karva liya.Is me jo smjhny wali bat hy wo ye hy ky bipolar disorder ek anu-vanshik disorder h. Ye kai bar pariwaro me chalta hy is liye ye boht zruri ho jata hy ke jb ap is ka ilaj karvayn ya koi doctor apko boly kii apky mareez ko bipolar disorder h to wo ilaj poora karvayn is me jo dawaiya istimal ki jati hein Unhy mood stabilizers kaha jata hy yani ki ye man ki awastha ko na to udaasi me jany deti hein ar na he tezi me jany deti hein. Is wja sy inhy lamba chalana parta hy warna jesy he ye dawai chotti hy kai bar episodes dobara hony ky chances bany rehty h. Dono he parikar ky episodes is me dekhy jaty hein, udaasi bhe ar teji bhe jisy ham mania kehty h. Dawai is me mukhiye role play karti hy kiu ke dimagh jo imbalance ho jata h usy dawa ky duwara he balance me rakha ja sakta hy ar ye lamby samay tk chalti h. Agr koi bipolar ka mareez apny substance abuse karta hy yani ky nasheely padarto ka sewan karta hy jesa ky bhaang ,charas,ganja,sharab to usky episode ky bar bar hony ar sath he sath shaak ki samasiya ky chances bhe barh jaty hein. Is lye in sabhi padarto sy dur rahiye par agar ap apni dawa properly lyty hy ar doctor sy milty rehty hein to ap utny he achy reh sakty hein jitna kii koi ar wayakti ar koi bhe ya nahi jan pay ga ki ap ko esa koi rog hy.

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Psychiatric And Behavioral Disorders - An Overview
Good Morning!

I m Dr Asif Iqbal Ahmed, MD Psychiatry from Armed Forces Medical College. I served as a psychiatrist for 25 years in Indian Navy in the army medical corp. After retirement, I set up psycare a comprehensive mental health facility. Psycare is care and cure center for mental and behavioral disorders.

Unfortunately, mental illnesses are not understood as such. It is not understood that these are Biopsychosocial medical illnesses. There s a biological component based in the brain. Psychological and social factors cause these illnesses to be precipitated. They can eminently treated with the combination of psychotherapy which in layman s term is known as counseling and medication if required. Now in Psycare, we have a team which provides these services. The focus is on total recovery by providing the best possible care and the mortality which is most appropriate. If they are treatable why is it said the indian counsel of medical research report of 2016 says that nearly 90% of people go untreated. Actually the reason, the chief reason for this is social stigma. Unfortunately as I said earlier, they are not understood as illnesses. Most of the people take is resulting from neither character flaws, evil spirits. These persons are considered as mental or as mad which is very unfortunate, hence people do not seek even the available resources which are rare. There is a huge shortage of mental health care facilities. You would of escorts for cardiology, IRPS for liver diseases but other than few eminent institutions like Nimhans of Banglore, IHBAS shahadra of Dehli. Have you heard of a mental health care organization or institution. The other for not receiving treatment is a acute shortage of mental health professors. It s said, it s estimated that India needs something like 1lac psychiatrists whereas we re only 6thousand and hence people go untreated. I m happy to inform you that psycare has made an impact. We are the first facility in a long time to have received the state mental health authority license of earning a mental health care facility which earlier to be known as rehab centers. We re the psychiatric nursing home. Our medical practices have been accredited where the national board of accreditation quality counsel of India. I m happy to inform you that recently in the last month, we have received international recognition that European medical association has accepted as a reliable health care providers and awarded us with the best medical practice in the European medical association London. The services that we provide are outpatient and inpatient facility. The inpatient facilities are wards which are separate for dealing with male patients as well as female patients. We also run community outreach programs where we reach to the schools conduct awareness programs about things like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, bullying, internet addiction and the like. We also run corporate wellness programs wherein we teach employees about stress management and higher management is also made aware of human resource issues which can impact mental health. The illnesses that we deal with range from schizophrenia, mania, depression, anxiety disorder like obsessive-compulsive order, adjustment disorder, addictive disorder are a major scourge of the society now. They are known as dependence and dependence can be two substances like alcohol, cocaine these days increasingly weed and cannabis and you can have behavioral addiction like net addiction, gambling and the like. So, those patients who are treated in outpatient are treated with medication and counseling and the patient who need to be admitted have rehabilitative services which help them run their lives 24 hours 24/7 so that they can need a healthy life outside.
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Old Traditions
Main Dr. Sanjeev Kumar.

Fareeda bad se Aj hum log discuss karein gy k hamari jo purani param parain hain, kya wo sahi hain?, ghalat hain? Q k hamari jo nai generation hai wo purany bat ko sunny ko tyar nai. Jo bary log hain wo nai bat ko accept krny ko tyar nai. Per main apko bta dn k jo purani param paraiyan hn bilkul logical bilkul sahe hain, bht had tk. Jaisy jb bacha paida hota h to sb sy important hai k kbi us ko naya kapra nai pehnaya jata. Q? Q k jo kapra purana, dhula hua, dhoop main sookha hua, 70-80% bacteria to aisy e mar gya. Or wo soft b hota h. bachy k lye acha hota hai. To ye jo param para purany kapry pehnany ki hai wo bilkul saeh hai. Dusri bat, bachy ko ma aka dudh pilaya jata hai. Is koi wo if and buts nai hn. Dusra chatty din, chatti mania jati hai. Scientifically bilkul sahe chatty din he, mtlb 6 din tk narroo gir jata hai, navi main jo clamp lgta hai. Wo gir jata hai. Usi din k bad nehlana chahye, scientifically bilkul sahe hai, or us din k bad. Usi din ek param para hoti hai. Bht sari chezain bnai jati hain, maa ko khany k lye. Bary b bnay jaty hn. Puri b bnai jati hai, kheer b bnai jati hai, is ka matlb ye hua k maa ko ab to khilao or khilaty rehna. Is din buwaa ati hai. Buwaa ka purpose ye hai k wo apni bhabi ki seewa kary. Jo burhi amaa hai, daddi, wo seewa nai kr skti is lye young buwaa ko involve krty hn. Bhabi ek bakhshish deti hai apni naand ko. Ye ek choti si param para hai. Per bht logical hai. Dusri ek param para hai pury bharat main k jis ghr main bacha paida hota hai. Wo log kbhi kisi k ghr jaty nai hain. Na un k ghr koi ata hai.scientifically bikul sahe hai. Ery ghr main ek bacha paida hua. Wo bhagwan paida hua, mje kisi k ghr nai jana. Je apni wife ka or apny bachy ka dehan rakhna hai. Or ek ue param para k jis ghr m bacha paida hota hai us kamry m log ghusain gy b nai. Gaon main purany param praon main kya hota hai, upply jata dety thy, neem k patty latka dety thy, is ka mtlb ye hota tha k us ghr main koi jaye ga nai. Agr kisi ko jana hai to proper phly hand wash krna hai pair wash krna hai. Upply main hath sukhanahai phr jana hai andar. Scientifically bilkul sahe hai. Or ye param para 40 din tk hoti hai. 40 din tk q? q k 40 din tk jo bacha dani hoti hai, maa ka uterus, 4o days tk involuate kr jati hai, choti c ho jati hai, wapis utni c ho jati hai. Isi period main maa ko bleeding hony ka dar rehta hai. Isi time main maa ko kahein baher ghumna nai chahye. Ghr waly kahein baher na jana chahye. Maa or bachy ka dehan rakhna chahye. Log kehty hain suttar lg jata hai. Ye bilkul sahe hai, maa bacha allag hony chahyen. Rest krna chahye, or in logon ko kahein or baher nai jana chahye, q k family member, ghr m ain gy log, wadhaiyan dn gy. Koi note dy ga, koi paisy dn gy, or sb log ap k bachy ko disturn krn gy. Sb sy important, note dn gy, beemar krny wala kam, infection dn gy. To mera ye man na hai k hamari jo purani param parain hain wo mota moti thek hain. Hm ko us ko follow krna chahye. Or ye jo param para kajal lgany ki hai, kajal to ek bahana hai, boo any ka, kajal ankhon main nai lgana chahye, q k ankh or naak k bech main ek nalli hoti hai. Us nalli sy ankhon ka extra pani naak k through beh jata hai. Jb hm kajal lga dety hain to wo cheedh bband ho jata hai or ankhon sy extra pani behta hai. Is k liye hamein kajal nai lgana chahye. Baki jo param parayin hain hamari wo bilkul sahe hain.
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Know More About Diabetes
Hello Viewers,

We are again here on the topic of diabetes. I have Dr. Yuvraj Arora with me to talk on, talk more on the subject and today we will be talking about the role of exercise in diabetes. Welcome Dr. Yuvraj Arora.

There are studies which show that as much as, or as less as 39% only people get into exercises, even if they know that exercises are very very beneficial in diabetes, but why they do not follow the regime or are there any easy exercise to do control diabetes and in short, what is the role of exercise in diabetes.

Thank you so much Mr. Prabhat.

As you know diabetes, we have already discussed is a mismanagement of your metabolism which sugar levels are high and you know, you proteins are bit lost and fat accumulation is there, imbalance of fat and metabolism so it is as I said to manage these is very simple. Realization. First people should know what does that mean. They don t know it and they want to get rid of it, that is the issue. They want to get rid of it, everybody knows diet and exercise have a very important role apart from the medication and doctor which they need to go. We will talk about the diet in another program as we discussed we will talk what exercise today, what do you mean by exercise. Exercise means rahanp krna. Ek to routine m hm kam krty hn ghr k. office jaty hn. Upper jaty hn, nechy jaty hn, us m hm 500, kch calories burn krty hn, but exercise ka matlb hai kch ek dedicated time 30 minutes, 40 miutes, 1 hour, jo hamari energy or extra calories burn kary. Wo burn krny sy exercise krny sy j bap ki muscle moment hoti hai. Us main ap ka glucose use hota hai. Apka blood sugar level nechy ata hai. Insulin resistance kam hoti hai. Glucose uptake barhta hai. To jb tk ye information patient ko nai jaye gi to wo nai kary ga. Diabetes ko maintain krny k lye exercise ka utna e matlb hai jitna diet or medicine ka hai. To ap k hisab say kaunsi, kuchh easy exercises hain jo aap suggest karenge diabetes k patient ko? Ye exercise bht hai. 3, 4, 5 naam lijiye. Walk, chalna chahye, logon ko diabetes hoti q h? chalty nai hn. Chalein gy to thek ho jain gy. Chalny ka matlb ye nai h k main nechy tk car tk chala gya. Metro tk chaly. Upper steps py chaly. Nechy utry. Atleast 6km of walk per day. Wo ek ghanty k brabar hai. Kafi jaga py liha hai. Waisy to brisk walk, aerobic exercise, aerobics exercise wo hoti hai jis main heart rate barhy. Heart ki efficiency barhy.

To brisk walk is number 1. Data will show, man articles will show, doctors will speak which are many, you know authority on these things k 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week. That is 150 minutes a week. I differ some times. Ask people to walk every day. 40 minutes a day. Or 1 hour a day. Tb ja k us ki average 40 minute nikly gi. So one option is exercise, walk.

Number 2, cycling, same thing. Atleast 30 minute cycling ya, 40 minute cycling per day. Agr thori c apki privileges zyada hn to next step.

3rd on is swimming. Swimming India main abi b itni popular nai hai. Or na hi, its not easy, it is not simple. Hamary jo different temperatures hn different areas main. Or kai bar ye costly b hota hai. To swimming is another option. Then we have, ek Bharat main b chal ra hai, or hamary apny Bharat ka hai, or Mr.Modi ny b bht is ko bola hai, yoga. Aj k din, aj jo main lecture dy rah n ye h 16 june 2017, or new delhi main international yoga day, 3 sal, uski anniversary mania ja rai hai. M wahan py gya tha. To yoga sy acha to kch b nai hai. Or pura world isy introduce kr ra h, yoga sy apka fat loss hota hai. Muscle tone barhti hai. Insulin uptake barhti hai. To yoga is another alternative we have. Then something called thai chai in china. Slow movements of the body. Wo b adha ghanta kia ja skta hai. Ap youtube kr k dekh skty haink thai chai kya hota hai. To 40 minutes. To mian to bolun ga koi b exercise 40-60 minutes adopt kr skty hn. Adha ghanta brisk walk, adha ghanta yoga. Adha ghanta swimming, adha ghanta yoga. To koi b combination use kr skty hn. Weight exercise recommended hain diabetes patients ko? Very important, us k lye ap chahy hafty main 2 bar b kr lijiye. Quki jo energy use krni hai, glucose use krna hai wo muscle ny krna hai. Muscle strong nai hoga to ap chal b nai pain gy zyada apka stamina nai barhy ga. To weight training or resistance exercises or core exercises of the body. Core exercises hoti hamary jaisy jo squat hota h, sit up hoty hn. Push up hoty hn. Sirf 5 sy 10 min. weight training 15 minute hafty main 2 bar. Main exercises jo hoti hn, bicep, chest, abdomen, legs. Thighs. Is ko ap standard kr ln apki capacity waiys e barh jati hai. And your stamina to do other exercises and activities increase, and when you do any of these things 40-60 minutes of any regulated exercise or combination of that, combined with 30 minutes of weight training is the best. That s all.

And any precaution that diabetic patient need to get before? Can he discuss with his doctor. He can carry a carbohydrate candy or sugar, ya koi chocolate agr us ka blood level nechy ho jaye to. Starting main exercise jo hai shuru 10, walk krni 2 km, exercise 10 minute 20 minutes sy shuru krn. Slowly slowly is ko barhain, that s all. That s my msg. Or kn c exercise ya kb usko exercise bnd kr deni chahye? Sari zindage krni chahye. Apko koi muscle strain ho jaye. Koi sprain barh jaye to consult kr lo physiotherapist. That s all. Exercise is must. Great, thank you so much Dr. Yuvraj. It was pleasure talking to you. And we conclude this session with this wonder full tip from Dr. Yuvraj Arora. See you again next time.

Take care, be happy!

Thank you.
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