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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Prediabetes And Diabetes In Detail

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Dr. Yuvraj Arora MongaSexologist • 25 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - Pharmacology

Hello Viewers,

Today we have Dr. Yuvraj Monga from Dr. Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic and we are going to talk about pre-diabetes and diabetes in a detailed manner. So, my first question to you doctor is what is exactly pre-diabetes? Recently this term pre-diabetes becoming very popular in terms of awareness. So, it has both good thing and the bad thing that people are getting aware of it, so they conscious. So, we can prevent patients from becoming full prone diabetics. So, pre-diabetes is a stage where if we don’t control the situation, person the man / woman, boy / girl will become diabetic. And diabetes has its own consequences as I have discussed in my earlier sessions.

So, pre-diabetes is a stage earlier than diabetes. So, how it is different from regular diabetes. It depends on the blood sugar levels of your glucose, blood glucose levels. So, it has 3 ways of measuring it. 1 is normal blood glucose measuring level. So, if we have a fasting sugar of less than 100, person is non-diabetic. If the blood sugar is more than 125 of fasting 10-12 hours, it is diabetic. The people with blood sugar level in the range of 100-200 are the one who falls under pre-diabetic range. Also, it can be checked by oral glucose tolerance test or after food test. After the food, blood sugar level should be less than 140. But if your levels after oral glucose test of 82.5 grab of glucose and we measure the blood glucose after the 2 hours, it is between 140-199, the patient is pre-diabetic.

If more than 200mm, it is diabetic. So, there is a subset of population which is call as pre-diabetic. Another way of measuring is or identifying the patient is HbA1c levels. Which is again less than 5.7, a person is normal. He doesn’t have diabetes. More than 6.4, the patient is diabetic. 5.7 to 6.4 is population which is pre-diabetics which uncontrolled patient with 37-50% will become diabetic. And these are the ways of telling a person is pre-diabetic. Are there any other systems where we can diagnose pre-diabetics patient? These tests are sufficient. And what is the prevalence of pre-diabetes in India? Prevalence is the numbers are alarming.

Not only in India, globally. Like in US, in 2012, they were 80 million. 8 crores pre-diabetics the. In India the rate has come into 2017 June, which I have mentioned earlier also that we know that 70% or around 8-9%, people are diabetics. But I see the study of 2017 of 15 states, should at 10.3 persons are pre-diabetics calling to the fasting glucose level and oral glucose tolerance test. And this population will become diabetics in near future. So, it is a very big figure. In 120-130 crores population are at alarming. The patients should be aware, government should interfere and school level, college level and general public level, the awareness of diabetes, pre-diabetes, risk factors should be done. And how to prevent, it should be circulated. Thank you so much. Thank you so much Dr. Yuvraj. This was all this video for pre-diabetes. We are soon going to meet you on the systems and the signs of pre-diabetes.

Thank you very much.


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