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Glucose - Fasting Urine Test

Glucose - Fasting Urine Test

also known as: Blood Sugar, Fasting Blood Sugar, FBS, Fasting Blood Glucose, FBG, Fasting Plasma Glucose, FPG, Blood Glucose, Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, OGTT, GTT, Urine Glucose

Glucose urine test is one of the important tests that is used to check the glucose level in the body. The presence of glucose in urine is known as glycosuria. Such condition arises in the body when the level of blood sugar is extremely high, and it alters the natural glucose level in the urine. For a person having symptoms of diabetes or for a pregnant woman, this test is crucial and performed to check the level of sugar and to analyze the ongoing treatment. If the glucose level in urine is not normal, then the doctor will perform other additional tests to know the reason behind the abnormality.

When you are preparing for any test, the prescription of doctor should be taken into consideration. One should share the medical conditions and the medications with the doctor before the test and based on that one should prepare for the urine glucose test. Fasting or diet change are also prescribed by the doctor based on for what condition you are having the test. One should not eat anything 5-8 hours before the test in the case of a fasting glucose urine test.

High level of glucose or sugar in the urine sample may be due to diabetes or other diseases that hamper the normal level of glucose in our body. The normal amount the glucose in the urine varies from 0 to 0.8mmol/L. For pregnant women, the urine glucose level may be higher. The dipstick consists of different colors that tell whether the level of glucose is normal or higher. After few minutes the dipstick will change the color and based on the color the doctor will prescribe the next test/medication.

If a person is having symptoms of diabetes or pre-diabetes, then to check the level of glucose in the body, urine glucose test is performed. The urine sample can either be taken at the hospital or home based on the instructions given by the doctor. However, at home, one should submit the sample to the lab within 24 hours of collection. A dip test is performed at home or at lab that give result within few minutes. A small cardboard stick is put into the sample, and the change in color is compared to check the level of glucose in the urine.

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