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High Blood Pressure - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is High Blood Presure?

Hypertension or high blood pressure is the amount of pressure exerted by the blood flow against the walls of the artery.So if a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure that means that the walls in his circulatory system (arteries) are constantly receiving too much of pressure.The heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood throughout our body all the time as long as we are alive. Blood which is depleted of oxygen is pumped towards the heart, where it is replenished of its oxygen contents. The re-oxygenated blood is then pumped by the heart all over the body to supply vital nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and cells that controls our metabolic activities. This pumping of the blood creates- blood pressure.

When doctor’s measure blood pressure, they check two types of pressures:

  • Systolic pressure and
  • Diastolic pressure

The blood pressure is measured with the help of blood pressure meter and a stethoscope.

The systolic pressure is the blood pressure when the heart contracts, which happens when the left ventricle of the heart pumps the blood out into our arteries.The diastolic pressure is the blood pressure between the heartbeats, when the heart is resting and dilating.When normal blood pressure is measured the figure appears first with a larger number followed by a smaller number and are measured in ‘mmHg’.While our normal blood pressure is anywhere between 90-119 mmHg for systolic and 60-79 mmHg for diastolic, anyone who has a blood pressure of 140/90 or higher for a sustained period of time is considered suffering from hypertension related problems.

The causes of high blood pressure are divided into two categories:

  • Primary (Essential) high blood pressure- where the cause of the high blood pressure is uncertain.
  • Secondary high blood pressure- where the high blood pressure has been caused for an underlying cause.

These are some of the strong evidence linking some risk factors to the onset of developing this condition:

  • Age
  • Family history
  • Temperature
  • Ethnic background
  • Obesity/overweight
  • Aspects of gender
  • Physical inactivity
  • Smoking
  • Excessive Alcohol intake
  • High salt intake
  • Eating high fat diet
  • Mental stress
  • Diabetes
  • Psoriasis
  • Pregnancy (Gestational hypertension)

To confirm that a patient is suffering from high blood pressure, one pressure reading is not enough to diagnose hypertension in the patient. As blood pressure can vary though out the day, a doctor may register a spike in the blood pressure reading in a patient, even for temporary stress or what he may have eaten that day.

So to determine hypertension several readings are taken over a set period, before a diagnosis is confirmed.

Can't be cured, but treatment helps Require medical diagnosis Lab test sometimes required Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong
Headaches that last for several days. Nausea, vomiting and feeling light headed. Blurred or double vision. Palpitations and in certain cases, bleeding from the nose. Breathlessness and shortness of breath along with unnecessary sweating.

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Stroke Due to Hypertension - What Should be done About it?

General Physician, Bangalore
Stroke Due to Hypertension - What Should be done About it?

High blood pressure, which is often a result of hypertension, is the leading risk factor for a stroke, which in turn leads to severe and long-term disability, including death. Managing your blood-sugar levels is the most critical thing you can do to lessen your risk of a stroke, and you should leave no stone unturned in keeping your blood pressure at optimum levels.

What causes a stroke

A stroke, which is often referred to as a brain attack, takes place when the supply of blood to a particular region of the brain is cut off. The brain cells which are deprived of the oxygen and glucose die, and when the ailment is not caught early, a permanent damage to the brain can follow.

How is high blood pressure related to a stroke

Uncontrolled blood pressure levels can increase the risk of a stroke by about four to six times. With the passage of time, hypertension causes atherosclerosis as well as hardening of major arteries. This often results in blockages of small blood vessels present in the brain. With high blood pressure for a long period of time, the blood vessels of the brain become weak and burst. This way the risk of a stroke is directly related to the high levels of blood pressure.

What can you do to keep your blood pressure under control

There is a  lot you can do to keep the chance of a stroke at bay. But the first thing you should try doing is keeping your blood pressure level normal. Some simple lifestyle changes can help you to lead a risk-free life and therefore, you should first aim at shedding off those extra pounds along your waistline.

In general, a man with a waistline measuring over 40 inches and a woman with that over 35 inches is at a higher risk of suffering from high blood pressure as well as a stroke. You should exercise regularly for at least half an hour and eat a well-regulated diet loaded with fibre, proteins, potassium and Omega-3 fatty acids. Stay away from junk food and maintain a food diary where you can jot down your honest food habits.

It is very important to lower down your high blood pressure in order to avoid risks of stroke. But if you fail to do so even after following a healthy routine, then it is crucial to consult a doctor who can help you by prescribing medications that are right for your medical condition.

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Hypertension: What You Need to Know About It

General Physician, Chandigarh
Hypertension: What You Need to Know About It

High blood pressure can develop over many years and affects everyone at some point in life but if not treated for a very long time, it can escalate the risks of a number of cardiovascular problems and chronic kidney disorders.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition where the long term force induced by blood on the artery walls may lead to health complications.

Different types of hypertension:

  1. Primary Hypertension: High blood pressure caused by genetic, prenatal or other natural causes like aging (people over 60 develop HBP) is known as primary hypertension.
  2. Secondary Hypertension: Secondary hypertension is that which is caused due to specific conditions, like kidney disorders, lung disorders etc.

Symptoms Of Hypertension:

It may not show any warning symptoms for several years while it continues to develop. A few tell-tale signs are frequent throbbing headaches, shortness of breath, nosebleeds, excessive sweating but these only occur when there is an extremely serious medical complication.

Complications of hypertension:

  1. Hypertension can also result in a disorder called aneurysm in which the blood vessels tend to swell and weaken. Rupture of an aneurysm can be fatal.
  2. Heart failure is one of the most serious complications associated with hypertension. It becomes increasingly difficult for the heart to pump blood along with the high pressure. Consequently the heart muscle thickens and leads to cardiac arrest.
  3. Uncontrolled high blood pressure and interference with your ability to remember and think. It can trigger memory loss and affect your understanding and deriving skills.
  4. Persistent high blood pressure can result in atherosclerosis - hardening of the arteries. This can severely wreck cardiovascular health and cause stroke, heart attack or other complications.
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High Blood Pressure and Sexual Problems

MD - Physician
Sexologist, Coimbatore
High Blood Pressure and Sexual Problems

It is said that, one in every three people are suffering from high blood pressure. It is estimated that at present more alone about 65 million people in US itself are suffering from this ailment. High blood pressure is a serious ailment that can cause heart attack, kidney failure, vision impairment, and it can even cause sexual problems. This ailment has no symptoms, and it is also regarded as one of the silent killers.  In fact, erectile dysfunction, which is one of the serious ailments caused by high blood pressure can even affect the relationship between the couples. 

High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction:

In the case of men, there is a direct link between sexual problem or erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure. Erection of the penis is caused by the two tissues called as corpora cavernosa. This tissue is made of small arteries and veins. During the process of erection, brain sends a signal to the nerve ending in the penis to dilate the arteries. This in turn makes the arteries to open sufficiently, and blood gets filled in empty spaces in the Penis. The relationship between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction can be further analyzed as follows:

  1. Sexual arousal is caused by a male hormone called as Testosterone. In case a person is suffering from high blood pressure, he has low testosterone levels. Apart from this, in the course of time, those suffering from high blood pressure are prone to damage of lining on the arteries. This in turn affects the flow of blood in the arteries. 
  2. On the other hand, in the case of a person suffering from high blood pressure, arteries fail to dilate and the smooth muscles of corpora cavernosa also fail to relax. Naturally, this affects the flow of blood to the Penis which in turn causes erectile dysfunction. Because of the combination of these two factors people suffering from high blood pressure suffer from the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. 


Fear: It is natural that sexual problems can increase the anxiety levels, which in turn may lead to fear. As a result, the person may refrain from indulging in sexual activities. In fact, even one instance of erectile dysfunction is enough to fuel the fear, and the person would avoid indulgence. 

Remedies available:

There are medicines that can help the individual to manage this problem of erectile dysfunction due to high blood pressure. Apart from the medicine, the physician may also suggest exercises and certain restrictions on food. You should take the medicines strictly as per the physician's directions. With this, it should be possible to effectively manage the sexual problems in those suffering from high blood pressure.

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Tips To Control Your High Blood Pressure

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai

1. Make sure your blood pressure is under 140/90 mm Hg. If your systolic pressure (the top number) is over 140, ask your doctor what you can do to lower it.

2. Take your high blood pressure medicine, if prescribed, every day. If you have questions, talk to your doctor.

3. Aim for a healthy weight. If you are overweight or obese, carrying this extra weight increases your risk of high blood pressure. One way to determine if you need to lose weight is to find out your body mass index or BMI. If your BMI is above the healthy range (i.e., 25 or greater), or if your waist measurement is greater than 35 inches (women) or 40 inches (men) you probably have excess abdominal weight and you may benefit from weight loss especially if you have other risk factors. Talk to your doctor to see if you are at increased risk for high blood pressure and need to lose weight.

4. Increase your physical activity. Do at least 30 minutes of moderate activity, such as walking, most days of the week. You can do 30 minutes in three 10-minute segments.

5. Choose foods low in salt and sodium. Most Americans should consume no more than 2.4 grams (2,400 milligrams) of sodium a day. That equals 6 grams, about one teaspoon of table salt a day. For someone with high blood pressure, the doctor may advise less.

6. Read nutrition labels. Almost all packaged foods contain sodium. Every time you prepare or eat a packaged food, know how much sodium is in one serving.

7. Keep a sodium diary. You may be surprised at how much sodium you consume each day and the diary will help you decide which foods to decrease or eliminate.

8. Use spices and herbs instead of salt to season the food you prepare at home.

9. Eat more fruits, vegetables, grains, and low-fat dairy foods.

10. If you consume alcohol at all, consume moderate amounts. For men, this is less than two 12 oz servings of beer, or two 5 oz glasses of wine, or two 1 1/2 oz servings of "hard" alcohol a day. Women or lighter weight people should have not more than a single serving of any one of these beverages in a given day.

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Why Homeopathy is Good to Control Your High Blood Pressure

BHMS, PG Hom London
Homeopath, Mumbai
Why Homeopathy is Good to Control Your High Blood Pressure

Why homeopathy is good to control your high blood pressure

According to statistics put forward by the world health organization, high blood pressure affects about 600 million people all over the world and causes about 5 million premature deaths every year.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is many times called the silent killer as it doesn't reveal any visible damage. But it does cause significant damage to the heart, brain, eyes and kidneys.

What are the causes of hypertension?

Certain factors cause your arteries to have consistently high levels of blood pressure and based on these factors your hypertension gets classified into the following:

  • Primary hypertension: if the condition doesn't have an identifiable cause, it is known as primary hypertension. This form of high blood pressure develops slowly but surely over many years.


  • Secondary hypertension: this type of hypertension is characterized by identifiable causes that can be corrected with treatment. About 5-10% of cases in the world are secondary in nature. It is usually caused by an underlying problem and tends to appear all of a sudden.

Factors that fall under it are:


Role of homeopathy in treating high blood pressure

Apart from conventional forms of medicine, homeopathy is also considered to be an effective treatment of high blood pressure. The treatment is tailor-made to your needs as it takes into consideration your external and internal environments. This is because the experiences that you may have and the characteristics of the disease that you display are not the same as the other affected person. It works by viewing your disease as a disturbance that affects your entire body and not just a specific body part.

It not only cures blood pressure but also the reason for high blood pressure so that it does not increase again when your mind or body faces stress.

If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'consult'.

Related Tip: Why It's Ideal to Treat Insomnia With Homeopathy

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Popular Questions & Answers

I am a 51 years old male. Whenever I have had my BP checked, it has always come out normal i.e. Very close to 120/80. I went for a 7 day trek more than a month back. It was strenuous but I was able to complete it. We climbed several mountains with an average of 10 Kms per day. When I came back I had visited a General Physician for a cold. At that time he checked my BP and it was 160/90. That got me worried. Subsequently, I have been checking my BP at home and it comes around 140/92 on average. Many times, the systolic BP is even as low as 128-133 but the diastolic is always around 90. I visited a cardiologist - who took my ECG, Echo and had me do a Stress Treadmill test. The reports all came out normal. I then visited another cardiologist and when I was at his place my BP was again around 160/90 and he has prescribed some angiotensin BP medications. I also had a blood test done. Results are as follows: Thyroid - normal, Sugar levels - Normal, HBA1C - borderline, Electrolytes - normal, Kidney function test - normal, Total Cholesterol - High. Around 218 mg/dL, HDL - 32.6 mg/dL, LDL - 160 mg/dL, VLDL - 26 mg/dL, Vitamin D - 27.7 ng/mL, Vit B12 - 470 pg/mL. I am reasonably fit. I smoke around 2-4 cigarettes per day and had started vaping cigarettes liquids from about 1.5 months back to cut down on cigarettes. I am on depression medication - Escitalopram 10 mg per day. I am high strung and anxious person and have had anxiety issues and such events traumatize me (i.e. Detection of high BP). I am not sure if the high BP is (a) genuine (b) a cause for worry (c) what the long term prognosis is (d) should I take medication (e) is the high BP causing me anxiety or my anxiety which has surfaced since the detection of high BP causing a sustained higher than normal BP I am stressed due to this and do not know what to do. Please advise.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, DM - Cardiology, Fellowship in EP
Cardiologist, Delhi
Avoid measuring BP frequently. Measure your BP only once every 2 months on fixed dates after resting for ten minutes. You will require medicines if all values are above 140. Follow the systolic BP, diastolic is LESS important for deciding treatment. Avoid pain killer tablets and modern restricted diet. A traditional diet, with traditional health foods like butter nuts etc, with less sugar jaggery and alcohol will keep you healthy.
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I'm taking metro XL 25 for high blood pressure for more than 5 yrs. I consulted another cardiologist. The new doctor recommended amtas AT 5/50 instead of metapro XL 25. Is Amtas at is more effective and good for hypertension?

Cardiologist, Delhi
Hi, Yes Amtas AT is a more powerful antihypertensive than Metoprolol XL. Amtas AT contain combination of 2 salts. Metro XL has just a salt. So I guess you must be having high BP even on Metro XL and that is why he changed to the new drug.

I am 47 years old, since few years, checking my BP it shows 160 Systolic and mostly 100 Diastolic, height 1.75 cm, Weight 80 kg, I am very concern of secondary affects of such high blood pressure, I don't have family hypertension history, my son 24 years old has the same scenario, appreciated to advise us, what to do?

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, DM - Cardiology, Fellowship in EP
Cardiologist, Delhi
Omit sugar jaggery and reduce starchy foods, increase traditional health foods like butter non veg nuts etc. Measure BP only once every month on fixed date after resting for ten minutes. Make a chart, consider medicines if most recording are above 150.
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I have diabetes n high bp for diabetes I tak galvus met 50/500 once in the morning n for high bp I tak start 80 once in the morning n met xl am one in the night. Still always I feel chest discomfort did ecg lot of times stress test n chest choro also everything came normal. Is it becoz of my medication or I need to change my medicine n how r this medicine effect wise. Age is 32.

Endocrinologist, Delhi
Get your blood sugar and BP checked and if acceptably normal continue them otherwise change them under supervision of a Physician. Your chest pain needs further evaluation, get stress thalium or stress echo done.
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I am a male of 49 years from past few days I experienced weight on the left hand side of my chest. I was diagnosed with diabetes 13 years ago from that constantly I have been prescribed medications on daily bases. I do have high blood pressure heredity. please suggest.

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Certificate Course In Evidence Based Diabetes Management, Certificate Course In Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetologist, Sri Ganganagar
Hi sir, You should have a good control over the Diaetes and blood pressure. Get all the tests done for blood sugar and blood pressure. Get a HbA1c level of the blood. An ecg is recommended to you.

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What is High Blood Presure?

When doctor’s measure blood pressure, they check two types of pressures:

The causes of high blood pressure are divided into two categories:

These are some of the strong evidence linking some risk factors to the onset of developing this condition:

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High Blood Pressure And Kidney Disease
Are you suffering from hypertension? This medical condition occurs when your blood pressure level increases rapidly. Hypertension may occur because of several reasons and it can interfere with the overall functioning of the body affecting different parts. It may lead to severe health hazards, such as stroke, heart failure and heart diseases.
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High Blood Pressure - Hypertension
Hypertension or high blood pressure in common parlance is caused by irregular blood circulation in the blood vessels. High blood pressure has been an established cause for several fatal and critical heart diseases. Middle age individuals are more prone to heart diseases caused by high blood pressure. Doctors also caution those with stressful lifestyles to keep the blood pressure levels in control.
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Importance Of Measuring Blood Pressure In Diabetic Patients

I am Dr. Vishal Garg, Senior Consultant Physician. Today I am going to discuss the importance of measuring blood pressure in patients with diabetes. The patients with diabetes who are having high blood pressure as compared to the patients who are having normal blood pressure are more prone for the complications or for the early complications like Coronary Artery Diseases, Cerebrovascular Accidents, Peripheral Vascular Diseases, Diabetic Kidney Disease, Diabetic Eye Diseases. How does diabetes cause damage to the arteries? Diabetes basically accelerates the process of hardening of the arteries called as Atherosclerosis and thus increasing the pressure which is called blood pressure. So guys what is normal bloodpressure? What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is basically consisting of two components, Systolic blood pressure and Diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is the component which is on the topmost part of the blood pressure. It is basically the blood pressure in the arteries when the heart is squeezing the blood and filling the arteries.

While Diastolic blood pressure or the lower component of the BP is that which is there in the arteries when the heart is relaxing between the two beats. A normal blood pressure is usually considered to be around 130/80 in a patient with diabetes. Many patients ask us what are the symptoms of high blood pressure doctor? I think I don t have blood pressure. But on regular monitoring, they are found to have high blood pressure. So friends usually there are no specific symptoms of high blood pressure. That s why it remains undetected. Usually, if the patient is having very high blood pressure, it may cause headache, giddiness and other symptoms. But otherwise, there will not be any symptom. So the most important thing is regular monitoring of the blood pressure by your clinician. The next thing comes to our mind or to the patient s mind is what can I do to keep my blood pressure under control? Yes, you can do a lot. The most important thing is lifestyle modification.

Lifestyle modification is very important part or the integral part of the management of diabetes and hypertension. What are the components of lifestyle modification? The first component is diet. You have to control your diet habits. You have to have a balanced diet so that your sugars will remain under control. Secondly, the patient should not eat extra salt, or I will say avoid the table salt. I will never advice any patient to avoid salt completely because that can lead to a condition called Hyponatremia. Next, is the exercise. Exercise is the very important part. Every patient should do exercise, should do a regular walk or a jog in the morning at least for 30 minutes , 5 days a week is very very important. The third thing is your habits, smoking and alcohol. If possible quit smoking, quit alcohol totally. My few patients were insisting that they will not be able to leave totally, so I tell them to take a very low amount of quantity of alcohol may be once or twice a week.

Next thing is control of blood sugar. Blood sugar s control is very important. It will help in managing diabetes and if the diabetes is under control then the process of hardening of arteries which I discussed earlier will be slower and hence patient will not have high blood pressure early in life. The next thing is Obesity that is very important. If you are having obesity, then you have to loose weight to manage your blood pressure. Now how to say that you are having obesity or not? You have to check your BMI, Body Mass Index, which is very easy. You can check by dividing your weight in kilogram in heights meter square, that will give you BMI. If your BMI is more than 25, then you definitely need to loose weight. Loosing weight will help you in both controlling blood pressure and sugars. After that, if you do all these lifestyle modifications and BP is still high, then comes the rules of the medicines Pharmacotherapy, that your doctor will help you in managing your blood pressure. The most common... there are multiple drugs available to control blood pressure. The most common which I am using in a patient with diabetes is the ACE inhibitors or the ARBs as they also help to maintain or delay the progression of the diabetic complications like diabetic kidney disease. So my advice to all of you will be that you have to monitor your blood pressure regularly and you have to visit your clinician regularly as per his advice and keep yourself updated about the development of BP in the patients with diabetes.

Thank you.
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Blood Pressure and Diabetes
Dietary Tips to overcome Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Hello, I am Sheila Seharawat, dietician, Mental Diet Clinic. We are in this field for the past eleven years. And have been treating so many therapeutic patients with the medical issues in a healthy manner, like aajkal agar aap dekhoge toh BP, diabetic ki patient s kaafi a rahain hai. But aajkal dekhogi, BP pehle hoti thi humaare kam se kam 35+ but aajkal aapke teenagers mein bhi like 12 years + also maine case dekhe hai jinko ki BP ki kaafi problem hoti hai. BP ko control karne ke liye jo aapko food stuffs daily routine mein aapko include karne hai woh aapke potassium rich food stuffs hone chahiye. Jaise ki aap fruits mein, banana use kar sakhteh ho. Aap kiwi fruits use kar sakhteh ho. Aap avocado use kar sakhteh ho that are rich in potassium. Jo ki aapki BP ke level ko control kar sakhteh hai.

Second thing aapki daily routine mein aapki paani ka intake aapna accha include karna jisse ki BP aapka control hoteh hai. Phir humhe vegetables pe dihaan rakhna chahiye. Vegetables and salads aapke diet mein zaroor hona chahiye. Jo ki appko roughage provide karta hai jisse ki aapka BP control hota hai.

Vegetables mein aapko green leafy vegetables include kar sakhteh ho especially jaise ki white beans aap daily routine mein aapke diet mein include karoge, as a salad use kar sakhteh ho, woh aapki BP ko control karega. Plus ek sweet potato agar daily small size ka sweet potato agar aap daily include kar sakhteh ho that is rich source of potassium jo ki aapki BP ko control karne mein help karega.

Plus I will suggest daily, agar aap 15-20 minutes ki walk kar sakhteh ho toh that is really good for your BP as well as overall health. Then aapko quinoa, aajkal aapne kaafi suna hoga, quinoa is rich in protein as well as fiber. Quinoa ko aap as a dahlia use kar sakhteh ho. That is really good for your BP control. So yeh theh aapki kuch important points jinko aap mind mein rakhke aapki daily diets mein include kar ke aapki BP ko control kar sakhteh ho.

Toh, for further queries you can contact us via Lybrate.
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Diabetes And Blood Pressure
Hi Friends,

I am Dr. Laxman G .Jonwal Md Mum, Ayurveda, Niramay Ayush Panchkarm, Mumbai. Me 30 years se panchakarma and ayurveda ka practice kr rha hun. Aaj hum baat krenge diabetes and blood pressure. It can be effectively cured in my clinic. Ye disease bhut common hai. 4/5 me ye bimari dekhi jati hai. Is bimari se dheere dheere apka pura system collapse ho jata hai. Apki mental and physical ability kam hone lgti hai. Is therapy se apko 2-7 days me results dikhne lag jate hain. Dr. Jonwal therapy bhut effective hai.

Ye multiple level pe act krti hai. Iska koi side-effect nhi hai. Ye bimari ke root cause ko thik krti hai and cure krti hai. Allopathy jldi kam to krti hai but uska side effects bhi kafi hota hai. Lekin Dr Jonwal therapy complications nhi hone deti or side-effects se bhi bachati hai. ISlia aap ise therapy ka jrur upyog kren or savasth nirogi jeewan jeeyein. Agar aap mujhse consult krna chahte hain to me login kren.

Having issues? Consult a doctor for medical advice