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Health Benefits of Curd, Uses And Its Side Effects

Last Updated: Sep 03, 2020

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Curd is a dairy product. It is fermented food known all over the world. The fermentation process takes place by adding bacteria to the milk. The unique nutritional value of curds is beneficial in various ways. Apart from enhancing the taste of various foods, curd also improves the digestion and provides strength to bones and teeth.

Regular consumption of curds also lowers the cholesterol levels and reduces high blood pressure. It increases the immunity of the body and also helps in improving the skin health, reduces dandruff and other benefits as well.

Apart from that, curd also helps to reduce the stress level, which makes it a natural remedy for hypertension and other related issues. Regular intake of the right quantity of curds helps in reducing weight and gain fitness. All these factors make curd a reliable food choice for people who desire healthy living style.


Curd or yogurt is formed by combining the right bacteria in milk. The bacteria thicken the milk and give it a different taste, which is sour. This process allows keeping the nutrients of the milk last longer. Curds are popularly used in preparing many dishes and direct consumption as well. People also use it for beauty treatments and other benefits too.

Nutritional Value of Curd

The nutritional value of curds is the prime reason for its popularity. 100 grams of curd contains:

Nutritional facts Per 100 grams

4.3 g
Total Fat
364 mg
104 mg
3.4 g
Total Carbohydrate
11 g

Vitamins and Minerals

2 %
Vitamin A
2 %

Health Benefits of curd

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Mentioned below are the best health benefits of curd

Improves your digestive systme with curd

People suffering from indigestion problem get immense benefit with regular consumption of curds. It has the ability to maintain a balance in the acid levels in the stomach. The ability of curds to manage the pH levels makes it a perfect remedy for indigestion.

Adding curds to the diet helps in digesting other food effectively, which provides better nutrition to the whole body. Also, people suffering from dysentery get a relaxed stomach by eating little amount of curds.

Eating curd good for weight loss

People trying to reduce weight should include curd in the diet plan. With the immense amount of calcium availability, curds helps to fight obesity. Calcium restricts the creation of cortisol, which doesn’t lead the body towards weight increase.

So, to fight cortisol, a person should regularly have a certain amount of curd. About 18 ounces is enough to provide the necessary amount of calcium in the body.

Curd improves bone strength

Curd is a great source of calcium and phosphorous. Both these elements strengthen the bones. Hence, curds are very reliable choice to fulfill the calcium requirement of the bones and teeth. Regular intake of curds allows the bones to get stronger, which protects from issues such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Curd good for healthy heart

Curds helps in the preventing and reducing heart problems. Including curds daily in the diet helps in reducing the cholesterol level. It helps in functioning of a healthy heart. The lesser amount of cholesterol in the body helps in keeping arteries clean and allows smooth blood flow. Hence, the risks of heart-related diseases reduce to a great extent by consuming curd

Curd is good for immune system

There are various kinds of components that benefit the body. Curds are one of the best probiotic foods, which have live microorganisms, present in it, which is needed for the human body. The power and strength provided by curd to the metabolism results in enhanced immunity. This immunity allows the body to fight various microorganisms and stay healthy.

Makes skin healthy and shiny

Curds are popularly used for skin care. The minerals that it contains allow the skin to glow and gain nutrients to stay healthy. The components present in curds like vitamin E, zinc and others benefit the skin.

Curd is used as the homemade skin care and cosmetic beauty care products as well. Applying curds to the face helps to make the skin smooth and improves glow, shine, and softness.

Curd for hair fall control

People having hair issues such as dry, dull hair, dandruff and other problems can use curd. The lactic acid present in curds provides nutrients and minerals to the scalp, which reduces dandruff.

Curd also acts as conditioner for hair. A little amount of curd mixed with henna can provide effective results in terms of hair fall and thickness.

Curd helsp in maintaining PH level

The ability of the curd to manage the pH level helps in vaginal health. The regular consumption of yogurt improves the vaginal health of women. However, quality of curd becomes the prime necessity for the effective results.

Curd offers milk nutrition for lactose intolerant people

Lactose intolerance restricts people from getting the benefits of milk.. However, curd becomes the right alternative for such people. It offers easy digestion of protein and other nutrients, which provides the same benefits as milk to people.

Control Anxiety, Stress and Improve Mental Health

According to research, curd offers relaxation and emotional balance to the brain. It reduces the stress level and helps to fight anxieties. All these effects make it a reliable remedy for brain health.

Curd stimulates appetite

The tangy taste of curds works as a stimulant for the taste buds. As a result, the appetite gets improved. This is the reason why curd is consumed as a drink by mixing sugar or salt in it.

Keeps infections away with curd

Various oral diseases are caused by bacteria. However, the good bacterium available in curd doesn’t allow other bacteria to accumulate and cause the infections.

Uses of curd

Curd is a versatile item that is used for various purposes. It is used as food for direct consumption and also included in various dishes. Different types of sweets are prepared by using curd. Along with that, curds are also used as refreshing drinks by adding sugar or salt and mixing it together.

The minerals available in curds make it perfect for beauty care.

Curds is mixed with other ingredients to create homemade beauty care pastes. These pastes are applied to the skin or hair according to the purpose. Similarly, there are various other uses of curd that improve the health of body and mind.


Side-Effects & Allergies of curd

Though curd help in weight reduction, daily consumption can lead to obesity. People should be careful with the quantity they consume each week. Curds can be heavy for some people, which can lead to constipation. The problem occurs with heavy intake only.

Curds provide strength to bones and teeth, but people who already have arthritis should avoid eating curds on a regular basis. It increases joint pain.

Origin And Cultivation of Curd

Though curd help in weight reduction, daily consumption can lead to obesity. People should be careful with the quantity they consume each week. Curds can be heavy for some people, which can lead to constipation. The problem occurs with heavy intake only.

Curds provide strength to bones and teeth, but people who already have arthritis should avoid eating curds on a regular basis. It increases joint pain.


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