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Jalan 20 MG Capsule

Manufacturer: Medo Pharma
Medicine composition: Omeprazole
Prescription vs.OTC: Prescription by Doctor required

Belonging to a cluster of drugs known as PPIs, Jalan 20 MG Capsule is used for reducing the acid content in the stomach. This drug treats duodenal or gastric ulcers, Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), inflammation of the esophagus and conditions wherein the stomach secretes excess acid. Primarily, this drug can cure all infections that are a result of the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori.

The most common side effects associated with Jalan 20 MG Capsule include diarrhea, gas, vomiting, headache, nausea and stomach aches. Although rare, certain severe adverse reactions are increased possibility of bone fractures, decreased magnesium levels inside the body, seizures, irregular heart-beats, jitteriness, muscle spasms and weakness, feet/hand spasms, voice box spasms, etc. The likelihood of these severe side effects goes up if you take this medicine for over a period of 3 months. Also, prolonged intake of this medication (usually over a period of three years) can result in your body’s decreased ability to absorb Vitamin B12. Symptoms may include neuro-inflammation, nervousness, irregular menstrual cycles, impaired muscle coordination, tingling sensation or numbness of the feet and hands, etc. Other possible (albeit rare) side effects include diarrhea, inflammation of the intestine and the stomach lining, damage to the kidneys, allergic reactions, weight loss, fever and heartburn.


Information given here is based on the salt and content of the medicine. Effect and uses of medicine may vary from person to person. It is advicable to consult a Gastroenterologist before using this medicine.

Gastroesophagal Reflux Disease
Jalan 20 MG Capsule is used in the treatment of GERD (a condition where stomach acid and contents flow back and irritate the food pipe).
Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome
Jalan 20 MG Capsule is used in the treatment of Zollinger-Ellison syndrome (a condition where the tumor in the upper part of the small intestine will produce the excess amount of acid in the stomach.)
Duodenal Ulcer
Jalan 20 MG Capsule is used in the treatment of Duodenal ulcer (a condition with open sores on the lining of the small intestine).
Helicobacter pylori Infection
Jalan 20 MG Capsule is used in the treatment of H.Pylori infection which is a most common cause of peptic ulcer caused by bacteria called Helicobacter pylori.
Erosive Esophagitis
Jalan 20 MG Capsule is used in the treatment of Erosive Esophagitis which is an inflammation of the food pipe (Esophagus).
Avoid if you have a known allergy to Jalan 20 MG Capsule or any medicine of the same class.
In addition to its intended effect, Jalan 20 MG Capsule may cause some unwanted effects too. In such cases, you must seek medical attention immediately. This is not an exhaustive list of side effects. Please inform your doctor if you experience any adverse reaction to the medication.
Abdominal pain Major Rare
Fever Major Rare
Joint pain Major Rare
Sore throat Major Rare
Loss of appetite Major Rare
Constipation Minor Less Common
Diarrhea Minor Less Common
Difficulty in breathing Minor Less Common
Dizziness Minor Less Common
Muscle pain Minor Less Common
Drowsiness Minor Less Common
How long is the duration of effect?
This medicine is excreted primarily in urine and the effect of this medicine lasts for a duration of 72 hours.
What is the onset of action?
The peak effect of this medicine can be observed within 1 to 2 hours of administration.
Are there any pregnancy warnings?
This medicine can be used during pregnancy only if the benefits outweigh the risks.
Is it habit forming?
No habit forming tendency has been reported.
Are there any breast-feeding warnings?
This medicine is not recommended for breastfeeding women.
Below is the list of medicines, which have the same composition, strength and form as Jalan 20 MG Capsule , and hence can be used as its substitute.
Zydus Cadila
Micro Labs Ltd
Novartis India Ltd
Indswift Laboratories Ltd
Missed Dose instructions
Take the missed dose as soon as possible. If it is almost time for the next dose, skip the dose and follow the regular schedule.
Overdose instructions
Seek emergency medical treatment or contact the doctor in case of an overdose.
United States
Whenever you take more than one medicine, or mix it with certain foods or beverages, you"re at risk of a drug interaction.
Interaction with Disease
Osteoporosis Moderate
The risk of bone fractures is more if you are on high doses and long-term therapy. Use with caution if you are at risk of developing bone fractures and lower doses for a short duration of time should be considered.
Interaction with Alcohol
Interaction with alcohol is unknown. It is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption.
Interaction with Lab Test
Information not available.
Interaction with Food
Information not available.
Interaction with Medicine
Ketoconazole Moderate
The desired effect of Ketoconazole and other antifungal agents of the same class will not be achieved when taken with Jalan 20 MG Capsule. Inform the doctor about the usage of either of these medications so that safer alternatives can be prescribed.
Methotrexate Major
It is not recommended to take Jalan 20 MG Capsule with methotrexate. This combination will increase the concentration of methotrexate in the blood and can produce serious side effects. Inform the doctor if you are taking these medicines simultaneously. An alternate medicine should be considered based on your clinical condition.
Warfarin Moderate
Jalan 20 MG Capsule should be used with caution in you are also taking warfarin. If co-administration is needed, then regular monitoring of prothrombin time, unusual bleeding, the presence of blood in urine is necessary. Appropriate dose adjustments are to be made under doctors supervision.
Nelfinavir Major
The desired effect of anti-viral medications like Nelfinavir will not be obtained when taken with Jalan 20 MG Capsule. Inform the doctor if you are taking these medicines simultaneously. An alternate medicine should be considered based on your clinical condition.
Jalan 20 MG Capsule is a proton pump inhibitor drug and binds to H+/K+-exchanging ATPase in gastric parietal cells, resulting in blockage of acid secretion.
What are you using Jalan 20 MG Capsule for?
Gastroesophagal Reflux Disease
How much was the improvement?
How long did it take before seeing improvement?
How frequently did you take this medicine?
How did you take this medicine?
What were the side effects of this medicine?
Disclaimer: The information produced here is best of our knowledge and experience and we have tried our best to make it as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but we would like to request that it should not be treated as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Lybrate is a medium to provide our audience with the common information on medicines and does not guarantee its accuracy or exhaustiveness. Even if there is no mention of a warning for any drug or combination, it never means that we are claiming that the drug or combination is safe for consumption without any proper consultation with an expert.

Lybrate does not take responsibility for any aspect of medicines or treatments. If you have any doubts about your medication, we strongly recommend you to see a doctor immediately.

Popular Questions & Answers

Sir jb mai pdhai krta hu to 1 ghante mai hi aankho mai jalan hoti h. Sir help me.

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda Pharmacology, Ph.D - Diabetes Prediction Thesis, BA (Sanskrit), MA (Entire Russian Language)
Ayurveda, Pune
Sir jb mai pdhai krta hu to 1 ghante mai hi aankho mai jalan hoti h. Sir help me.
Dear Lybrate user, 1. Please check your eyesight. You may have spects. Start wearing them. 2. Also check the light conditions while reading. 3 In spite of above corrections, if burning in eyes persists, you may have increased heat in the body. You will have to consult a doctor for that. All the best.
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Kutta katne ke 1.5 year bad jaha kata tha waha thori jalan ya chis c lagti h jisme mene 5 injection lagwaye the jab katta tha kutte ne bt kabhi kabhi ab bhi usme jalan ya chis c feel hoti h please help me.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
Kutta katne ke 1.5 year bad jaha kata tha waha thori jalan ya chis c lagti h jisme mene 5 injection lagwaye the jab k...
It may be just a local problem and not anything serious... You may take Homoeopathic Medicine Graphites 30..
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Mere ling me se blood girta h or toilet me jalan hoti h me hata hi ki yeh thik ho jayegi?

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Ayurveda, Jaipur
Mere ling me se blood girta h or toilet me jalan hoti h me hata hi ki yeh thik ho jayegi?
Hi, Aap ke piles ke problem hu Sakati hai ,Aap fast food, smoking alcohol bad Kare, or green vegetables le constipation na Rene De or tab pilex 2-2 morning or evening me le. Avipattikar Churna 1 spoon evening me le.
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Sir mera belly ke andar dard mehsus kar raha ho. Chest main jalan kar raha hai. Mera ye bimari 1 year se hai kafi doctor ko dikahaya ho. Par kuch faida nahi hua. Gas aur acid ka problem hai sayad. Upar se khati khati si dhakar aa rahi hai. Kiya karon kuch samaj main nahi aa raha hai.

Homeopath, Kolkata
Sir mera belly ke andar dard mehsus kar raha ho. Chest main jalan kar raha hai. Mera ye bimari 1 year se hai kafi doc...
You have to take care of your diet. Take regular meals .Don't skip meals or replace it with junk foods. Breakfast can be heavy meal, but dinner should be light meal. Avoid too oily or spiecy food. Take ample of fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water. Even after that your problem persists, then you can consult me through private questions.

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Ustaquddus (lavender) ke arq ko 30ml + 1l pani mein mila kar, dhoop se jali twacha ko dhoney se thandak wa tez dhoop aur garmee se huyee jalan aur aghaat mein aaram milta hai

Aap is paani se garmiyon mein naha bhi saktey hain.

Chehrey Se Nishaan Hatayein!

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Pyaaz ka ras roz laganey se 6-8 hafton mein puraaney daag halkey pad jaatey hain. Jalan kam karney ke liye alovera gel ke saath

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Namaskar main doctor Ashwani Goyal. Ma ek ayurvedic doctor hu. Aur ek Nadi Vidya bhi hu. Nadi Vaidya matlab jo Nadi Ke dwara marizon Ki Bimari ke baare mein Batata hai usko kya Bimari es samay hai anay wali hai. Aaj main aapko gas or acidity ke baare me kuch batao ga. Gas acidity Hamare Sharir Mein Hone Wali lagbhag sabhi bimario Ke Piche bahut bada roleplay karti hai. Gas or acidity matlab jo bhi Hum bhojan Karte Hain Jaisa bhi Hamara ahaar vihaar hota hai. Aahar Vihar matlab Humara Lifestyle Jaisa bhi Hota Hai Us Lifestyle se sambandhit Bimari Hai Hame Aati Hai. Gas Jo bhi Humne bhojan lia Yadi WO Hame pura Sal nahi pata Toh WO Hamare Sharir mein jakar Bahut Si Bimari Hai Peda karta hai. Sugar Ho Gaya blood pressure Ho Gaya joints pain Ho Gaya.

Acidity means Jo Humne Bojhena liya Uski taseer uski quality yadi garam nature ki hai yadi us bhojan me pitta ki matra zyda hai, us bhojan me garmi zyada hai tou wo humaray shareer me ja kar pitta k aggravate karay gi aur jis se shareer me acid level barhay ga aur acid level barhnay se jaodi bal jharna, bal safeed ho jana, ankho me jalan rehna, gall bladder stone banna, joints me pain, ye sari samasayae humaray shareer me gas aur acidity kay bannay ki waja se hti hai. Aur sab k banne ke peechay karan hai humara lifestyle, humari food habits. Yadi humara lifestyle aur food habits ayurveda ke anusaar rahay ga tu huamray KO buhta kam bemarian shareer me pareshan karein gi.

Yadi humara lifestyle thora sa bhi gar bar ho jata hai yadi humaray shareer me Vatta, Pitta, Kaph ki matra thori c bhi imbalance hti hai tou humaray shareer me es type ki bemarian ati hain. Yahan hum apna center me apnay mareezo ko btaty hai k unki bemari k peechay basic reason kia hai aur usko kis tareeqay se door kia ja sakta hai. Proper lifestyle follow karne ki waja se unki kafi had tak bemarian door hoti hain. Aur uskay sath sath kuch desi dawa hum unko detay hain. Aur Desi Dawa Lene se lagatar Achi Lifestyle follow karnay say routine se exercise karnay se shareer me honay wali buhat sari beemariyan Jo jis k liay mareez lagataar dawa khatay rehtay hai.

Sugar hai, blood pressure hai, thyroid hai, asthma ki problem hai. Aj kal buhat zyada samasya phel rahi h blood pressure ki. IBS aj kal bohat se logo ko honay laga hai. Uskay peechay karan yahi hai k hum log bhojan ko buhat ghalat tareeqay se letay hai. Gram food letay hain aur us k sath thandi cold drink le letay hain. Basi khana zyada use honay laga hai. Pet foods zyada use honay lagay hain. In sab cheezo ko kis tareeqay se door karein. Apnay lifestyle ko hum kis tareeqay se design karein k hum proper tareeqay se jeevan ko enjoy kar saken. Ye cheezain hum apnay center par mareezo ko btaty hain.

Aakhir me main aapko btana chahunga ke lybrate aik buhat aca platform hai es platform k through buhat saray mareez Jo hain buhat saray doctors se online or video call k duwara connect apas me ho jatay hain aur unki queries door ho jati hain. Toh ap bhi yadi mere se milna chahe ya mera se kisi bhi type ki koi bhi baat cheet karna chahen toh lybrate k through ap meray se mil saktay hain.

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Gale Mein Jalan ka Ilaj

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Gurgaon
Gale Mein Jalan ka Ilaj

The food we eat needs to be digested properly. Digestion ki is prakriya ke dauraan hamare pet mein ek acid banta hai. But most of the times the quantity of this acid produced is more than it is required. This may cause khatte dakaar, which may lead to a burning sensation in the throat and chest, gas and fatigue.

Gale mein jalan ke aur bhi reasons ho sakte hain. Khaane se allergy, bacterial and viral infections and inflammation of the oesophagus kuch aise he reasons hain. Many a times, pain in throat is due to viral infections such as the common cold or flu which is accompanied by running nose, khaansi aur bukhar.

To deal with mild burning sensation in the throat, it is important to introduce a few lifestyle-related changes. Bazaar mein bhi medications uplabhd hain jo gale ki jalan se rahat dilati hain. This article explains some remedies to bring relief in case of gale ki jalan.

Self Help: Weight loss stomach par pressure kam karta hai and it also eases acid reflux. This, in turn, helps reduce burning sensation in throat. Lemon juice aur apple cider vinegar ko paani ke saath lene se bhi gale ko araam milta hain.

As a best practice, gale ki jalan se raahat paane ke liye aap choti meals frequently lein. Reduce alcohol, quit smoking, zyada masaledaar khane ko avoid karein aur khoob paani piyein.

  1. Baking soda: Adhe teaspoon baking soda ko ek glass paani mein mix karke peene se gale mein jalan kam hoti hai. Yeh humare stomach ke acid ko neutralize karta hai.
  2. Aloe vera: Khaana khaane se pehle ek cup of aloe vera juice peene se gale aur seene ki jalan se bacha jaa sakta hain. Yeh ek laxative ki tarah kaam karta hain and also brings relief in case of constipation.
  3. Throat sprays and lozenges: Chloraseptic spray has antibiotic and numbing properties. Yeh gale ke dard ko bhi kam karte hain aur infection ko bhi thik kar dete hain. Lozenges bazaar mein asaani se mil jaati hain and it helps soothe an irritated throat.
  4. Ayurvedic treatment: Raw amla gale ko araam deta hai aur acidity se rahat deta hai. Tulsi ke patte roz subah khaali pet khane se gas nai banti hai aur gale ki jalan mein araam milta hain. Gur is also an effective cure for the condition as it soothes the throat. Dhoodh mein haldi mila kar lena cures any type of throat infection and reduces pain.
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