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Headaches - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

Headaches such as migraines, cluster headaches, sinus headaches and tension headaches are really agonizing conditions that most of us has faced for at least once in their lives. Most of the time pounding headaches are treated with anti-nausea and pain relieving drugs. Headaches typically cause unwanted symptoms like nausea and vomiting and make us feel week throughout the day. When a headache occurs, the pain originates from the surrounding tissues around the brain or the skull, since anatomically speaking the skull or the brain itself do not have any nerves that may give rise to the sensation known as pain. Since pain are only felt in your metabolism when there are pain fibers in that particular part of our anatomy.

Headaches can develop when and only when nerves and the thin layer of tissue that surrounds the muscles which encases our skull, eyes, ears, sinuses becomes inflamed or irritated for a plethora of reasons. Headaches can be sharp, dull, throbbing, intermittent, constant, intense and mild, depending on the cause of the malady.

In the year 2013, the IHS (International Headache Society) released their latest classification system for this malady. It was though by the experts on this disease that as so many people suffer from this agonizing illness, and since the treatment of headaches becomes very difficult at times, it was hoped that this new classification system will help the health-care professionals to make a more accurate diagnosis of this disease and hence allow a more better and effective options for its treatment.

The three major categories that heads has been classified based upon the pain of source are:

  • Primary headaches
  • Secondary headaches and
  • Facial pain, cranial neuralgias and other kinds of more typical headaches

Primary headaches includes tension, cluster and tension headaches. According to WHO (World Health Organization) 1 out of 20 percent people across the globe suffer with daily tension headaches in their lives. While cluster and migraine headaches affect most men and women during their puberty. Secondary headaches are those headaches which occurs because of underlying structural problems in the head and neck of the patients. This is a very bad kind of medical condition, which can be life threatening at times. Hangovers, traumatic and post-concussion headaches are also included in this type.

The third type of headaches which consists of cranial neuralgia happens because of the inflammation of any one or more of the 12 cranial nerves which originates from the brain. One typical example of these headaches is trigeminal neuralgia, which occurs because of the inflammation of the cranial nerve V and cause intense facial pain when it get inflamed or irritated.

Treatable by medical professional Usually self diagnosable Lab test sometimes required Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong
Sensation of tightness or pressure across your forehead or on the sides and back of your head. Tenderness on your scalp, neck and shoulder muscles. Dull, aching head pain.

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Tension Headache - How Homeopathy Can Help You?

Dr. Rashmi Shukla 92% (4189 ratings)
BHMS, MD - Alternate Medicine
Homeopath, Nagpur
Tension Headache - How Homeopathy Can Help You?
Stress is brought on by specific circumstances or occasions in a person s life. These situations make them feel disappointed, angry, stressed or even restless. The stress reaction is different for every individual. However, it is common that a similar occasion can regularly cause divergent reactions: Public speaking Pressure from due dates and deadlines Difficult conditions in the family or friendly settings Social circumstances Changes in the workplace Anxiety, then again, is a general feeling of nervousness or fear. However, the source of anxiety of is not clearly defined or characterised. Anxiety disorders are a bunch of psychiatric conditions that cause unreasonable tension. Headache on the other hand are the most common while dealing with stressful situations or anxiety attacks. Homeopathy is viable because it is a holistic medicinal practice that cures the individual all in all. It addresses and cures the root of the issues that lead to diseases and disorders. Homeopathy has cure for this condition as we take of mind and body both, so its complete cure for headache. One of the most common reasons people seek homeopathic care is to relieve the pain associated with chronic headaches.homeopathy helps treat and prevent recurrent tension headaches. "I m so stressed out! I can t go to work. I m stressed. I ve got a stress headache. It s just stress. These are statements you hear all the time aren t they? You ve probably even said one or two of them yourself. But what do people actually mean when they use this word, stress? Does everyone mean the same thing? In homeopathy, the practitioner is always inter ested to understand what another person is actually experiencing. Of course, we can only understand by interpreting what we observe from their behaviour, in addition to listening to them explain what their inner experience is using their own words. However they often use words in quite loose and general ways, so to grasp what someone else is really feeling we need to ask them for examples, and to get them to describe their experience in as much detail as possible. When we do that, we find that individuals have quite different inter pretations of the word stress. For some it s a feeling of anxiety, a kind of nervousness. For other s, it s primarily a kind of agitation. For yet others it s a feeling of not being able to cope. In fact, there is a wide range of emotions and inner feelings associated with this word stress . Biologically, a stressor is anything which impacts on an organism requiring it to adapt or to defend its integrity. In human beings that impact may come from within, or from without. Physical disease processes can alter the inner environment of the body and these alterations require adjustments to be made. In most circumstances we feel stressed when dealing with change. However, clearly everyone will experience similar situations differently, some feeling unruffled. Even those who are experiencing a situation as stressful will have different thoughts and different sensations from each other. As always, the homeopathic approach recognises this and therefore there is no single remedy for stress, or even small handful of remedies for stress. The most appropriate remedy will be the one which best matches the individual s experience and characteristics.
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Sinus - Top 3 Homeopathic Medicines For It!

Dr. Sanket Gupta 88% (68 ratings)
BHMS, MD-Homeopathy, PGPC - Preventive Cardiology
Homeopath, Delhi
Sinus - Top 3 Homeopathic Medicines For It!
Awakening with a headache and on top of it a blocked nose is an unpleasant begins to the day. In the event that this turns into a standard event and even the face harms with general largeness in the head, it's a restorative condition called Sinusitis. Sinuses are air-filled depressions inside the skull bone. These empty spaces in the skull are arranged in cheek bones, brow, behind the scaffold of the nose and between the eyes. Another set is arranged in the upper area of the nose and behind the eyes. All the sinuses have the same coating that is available in the nose. This covering produces bodily fluid, which is depleted out of the sinuses through an opening in the nose. Homeopathy treatment can be a decent cure for Sinus of various sorts. Top normal Homeopathic remedies for sinus infections 1. Silicea: One of the Best Homeopathic remedies for Sinus Infections with headache. Silicea happens to be one of the finest remedies in homeopathic for sinus disease. The headache caused by sinus fundamentally on right side happens to be treated best with Silicea. The patient requiring Silicea feels crisp and is extremely touchy to frosty air. Concealing warmly gives alleviation. One conspicuous sign for utilizing Homeopathic pharmaceutical Silicea as a part of cases of sinus happens to be stuffiness in the nasal parts. The discharges in the nasal areas get stopped up in hard coverings. On endeavoring to extricate these hulls, there is dying. 2. Belladonna: Top Homeopathic solution for sinus headache with smothered discharge: Normal Homeopathic prescription Belladona is one of the perfect homeopathic remedies for sinus diseases when sinus headache is because of smothered discharge. Belladonna is exceptionally useful when a Sinusitis patient grumbles of a brutal headache. The patient may get alleviation from the headache by restricting the head firmly or applying weight. 3. Kali Bichrome: Best Homeopathic solution for Sinusitis with discharge dropping once again into throat Kali Bichrome is the top regular Homeopathic medication for Sinusitis where the discharge drops over into the throat regardless of leaving the nose. The discharge is thick and for the most part yellow.
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Brain Tumors - Signs and Symptoms Not to Ignore!

Dr. K Kartik Revanappa 92% (17 ratings)
MCh - Neurosurgery , MS - Orthopaedics
Neurosurgeon, Bangalore
Brain Tumors - Signs and Symptoms Not to Ignore!
There is no trustworthy evidence regarding what causes brain tumors, but there are a few risk factors that have been substantiated through research. Children and young people who receive radiation around the head are susceptible to developing tumors in the brain once they grow up. Also, people with a certain kind of rare genetic condition like neurofibromatosis may develop a brain tumor though such cases are very few in number. Age is also an important factor as people aged over 65 years are diagnosed with brain tumors at quadruple times higher than children and younger people. Types of Brain Tumours- A primary brain tumor originates in the brain, and they may or may not be cancerous. Some tumors can be benign, which do not spread in the surrounding tissues and are not very malicious. However, that does not signify that they will not cause any harm over time. Sometimes these tumors can be severe and cause a threat to the life of the sufferer. The National Cancer Institute reports that approximately there were 23, 380 fresh cases of brain tumors in 2014. Identifying the Symptoms of Brain Tumors... The symptoms of the brain tumor are dependent on various factors such as the size, type as well as the exact location of the tumor. These symptoms are triggered when any tumor is pressed or clashed against a nerve or disturbs a part of the brain. Symptoms are also felt when any tumor particle blocks the fluid flowing around the brain or when there is a swelling in the brain owing to the build-up of fluid. Common symptoms include- headaches that get worse in the morning, nausea along with vomiting, an alteration in the speech, hearing and imbalances in walking and movement, mood swings, change in personality and ability to concentrate or remember things and seizures or convulsions. Treatment for Brain Tumor- Surgery is normally the most usual treatment for brain tumors, and the patient is given anaesthesia, and the scalp is shaved before the surgery. Then, craniotomy is performed to open the skull, and the surgeon removes a bone piece out of the skull. Then the tumor is removed as much as possible. The bone is then restored back, and the incision on the scalp is closed. Sometimes surgery is not viable in case the tumor has developed in the brain stem or some other complex parts. Neurosurgeons can surgically remove some tumors completely (called resection or complete removal). If the tumor is near sensitive areas of the brain, neurosurgeons will only be able to remove part of it (called partial removal). Even partial removals can relieve symptoms and facilitate or increase the effectiveness of other treatments. The role of surgery in treating brain tumors Surgery can provide: The complete removal of some brain tumors A sample to enable doctors to diagnosis the tumor and recommend the most appropriate treatment Better quality of life: Reduced symptoms and improved ability to function (e.g., to think, speak or see better) Less pressure within the skull from the tumor A longer life In case you or any of your near ones is affected with brain tumor, you should visit the doctor to know the possible treatments other than surgery and other important questions related to brain tumor.
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Headache - When Do You Think A Surgery Is Needed?

Dr. Sukalyan Purkayastha 85% (10 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Radiology, DNB (Radiology), DM (Diagnostic & Interventional Neuroradiology), CCST (UK)
Neurosurgeon, Kolkata
Headache - When Do You Think A Surgery Is Needed?
A headache is the most common ailment to affect men and women. Did you know that there are over 150 different types of headaches? Each of these different types of headaches has its own symptoms, triggers and needs to be treated in a different way. In some cases, you may even require surgery. This is often recommended for severe migraines and cluster headaches. The different types of surgeries that may be performed to treat such headaches include: Neurostimulation: For this procedure, a wire electrode is inserted through the skin at the back of the neck near the occipital nerve and used to provide electrical stimulation. This form of surgery is best suited to patients who have benefited positively from an occipital nerve block. Radiofrequency thermocoagulation: This is one the most common forms of surgical treatment for cluster headaches. For this procedure, a radiofrequency current is used to heat tissue of a certain area. By doing this, the passage for pain is obstructed and headaches are relieved. Some of the side effects of this surgery could include corneal sensory loss, severe facial dysesthesias and reactions to anesthesia. In rare cases, it could also cause a stroke, infections or motor weakness. Thankfully, these effects typically are resolved within 6 months. Microvascular decompression: This is an invasive procedure that is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. It also involves a craniectomy. The aim of this procedure is to remove a vascular loop that compresses a nerve and thereby restore normal anatomy. Hospitalization is typically required for a few days after the procedure Gamma knife radiosurgery: This is the type of neurosurgery where the trigeminal nerve is hit by radiation. This procedure can be performed as an outpatient procedure and can be completed in a few hours. It has a very low rate of complications but the long term effects of this form of treatment are not yet clear. There may also be a high rate of relapses associated with this form of treatment. Septoplasty: In the case of migraines, a deviated septum may be contributing to your headache. In such cases, surgical correction of the septum can help relieve pressure on the nerves that pass through it and in turn reduce the frequency and intensity of your headaches. Septoplasty addresses common issues concerning the septum such as a bent cartilage or deviated cartilage. This procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia.
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How To Manage Stress?

Dr. Lata Bhat 92% (157 ratings)
Fellowship in Neonatology, MRCPCH(UK), Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS
Pediatrician, Delhi
How To Manage Stress?
Children, who often develop unmanaged stress during pre-puberty years suffer from conditions like muscle tightness, headaches, stomachaches and other discomforts should try exercising, as it is a great stress buster.
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Popular Questions & Answers

What are the symptoms like headache, drowsiness, seisuze, blurry eyes? Is it brain tumor.

Dr. Avdhesh Gupta 91% (512 ratings)
General Physician, Jaipur
Brain tumor in intial stage may be headache but ususally vomiting and severe headache. You need detailed neurological examination and tests may be mri brain to know cause or diagnosis. Rule out migrain also.
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I am 41 year old during journey I have severe headache and vomiting tendency what should I do.

Dr. Col V C Goyal 93% (8270 ratings)
CCEBDM, PG Diploma In Clinical cardiology, MBBS
General Physician, Ghaziabad
1.Before travelling do not take spicy or heavy meals. 2.Do not sit facing backwards from your direction of travel. 3.Sit in the front seat of a car. 4.Do not read while traveling. 5.When traveling by car keep your gaze fixed on the horizon or on a fixed point 6. Do not smoke, 7.Get fresh air if possible. 8.Do not talk/ listen/ think abt motion sickness 9.Listen to music and take deep breathing 10 solve some mental puzzle 11. Keep drinking small amount of water to keep hydrated 12. Can take carbonated beverage. Medicine can not be advised for open question for medicine contact on private chat.

I am 18 years old I have a headache since the past 6 dayz I went to 2 doctors one said migraine the other said sinus had medicines of both doctors but I still have a severe headache apart from the medicines the doc gave I also tried home remedies like taking stream. Drinking hot water .massaging my head. Tried acupressure points. As well as massaging the area near my forehead and nose for sinus but nothing works. I have flu and cough apart from the headache. Please help me out :)

Dr. A.K. Khan 92% (300 ratings)
B.Sc (Bio), DMS (Cal), CMS , FWT, PET, DMLT (Cal), SBHM, Vacc,
Homeopath, Kolkata
Please follow my prescription. 1) Bryonea 200. 2) Kali bi chrom 200. In no 30 globules. To be taken four globules every one hourely alternate 1 and 2,2 and 1 vise varsa or two hourely alternate, when relief the pain than stopped the medicine and wait for 7 days, and start these medicine, 3) Teucrium Marrumverum 200. 4) Chininum sulph 200, in no 30 globules, to be taken four globules twice daily before food no 3 and after food no 4 for 15 days and report the result for next medicine.
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I am preparing for IIT. When I am doing so many practice qus, I feel pain in back side of head, and the sinus area around the eyes. Can anyone give any solution.

Dr. Julie Mercy J David Raja 92% (2070 ratings)
Erasmus Mundus Master in Adapted Physical Activity, MPT, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Chennai
This is cervical pain (neck pain) and that's the reason the pain radiates until the shoulder blades. If you keep ice that would help to reduce the pain and feel relaxed and comfortable. You shall also do hot water fermentation that would improve the blood circulation to the painful area and thereby the pain would be reduced. You shall use cervical collar which would help you to reduce the radiating pain and also that would improve the cervical angle and improve the anatomical posture. The pain actually triggers due to nerve compression and that would definitely improve by wearing a cervical collar.
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I have been suffering from headache, each and sometimes heaviness at back head. I used to feel sudden weakness, very much uneasy to move around. Recently I am getting legs pain with weakness and shivering of legs too. I had taken CT scan, but it is normal except ethmoidal sinusitis. Kindly suggest me the cause of it. Waiting for valuable suggestion and things to approach.

Dr. G.R. Agrawal 96% (17194 ratings)
DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, You are suffering from sinusitis, of course. Drink lukewarm water. Gargle with hot saline water. Inhale steam, twice. Avoid, junkfood, cold intake,  alcohol, nicotine & dust. Your, diet be easily digestible on time. Go for meditation to nourish your body to clear  your  air passage. Tk,  homoeopathic medicines: @.Silicia1000-6 pills, weekly. @ Sangunaria c 30-6 pills, thrice. Tk,  care.

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