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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Harmful Effects Of Constipation

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Dr. Jyoti MongaAyurvedic Doctor • 23 Years Exp.BAMS

Hello Viewers,

They say if you wish to know the importance of emptiness, ask a constipated person. But there is so much more associated with this element which is very common yet critical than emptiness. And we have with us Dr. Jyoti Monga from Dr. Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic with us, who will through more light on this subject. Welcome Dr. Jyoti Monga. And my question would be, what are the health hazards associates with constipation? How do these hazards effect a person by allergically as well as his personality? Okay! So, constipation is a very common word that is you know quite common in all the people nowadays, especially who live in a metro culture. Jise ki hum ek normal language me kabz kehte hain.

So, basically kabz jante hain sab kya hota hai but you know very few people know that what all hazards it can do to your health and what all complications it can lead to. So, the first problem that is very common people who suffer from chronic constipation is piles. Piles of many types. You know some people call it hemorrhoids, some people call is piles. Now there is another problem call anal fissure. In which crack develop on the anus. Then there is anal rectal prolapse. The rectum it prolapse. Rectum jo hota hai vo prolapse ho jata hai. So, when you pass stool to vo bahar nikal ke aata hai which is you know a very measure problem. Sometimes, it can lead to intestinal obstruction also means the stool get stuck in which the intestine explode. Means intestine jo hai apki faat skti hai. Which in itself is a very serious complication and life threatening also.

So, basically if you have constipation don’t take it lightly. If its become chronic, it can lead to this type of problems. Apart from this hazards that constipation can lead to, do you think personality of person gets affected. Obviously, you can see a person, if you don’t pass stool for one day, my god, what all problems you have. I have so many patients coming to me. They develop you know so much of bloating, peat fool jana. That leads to acidity. Har waqt patient complaint krta hai, chhatti me jalan rehti hai. Then they develop headaches, laziness.

So, you know they are lot of you know problems that occur because of constipation which disturbs the normal daily routine of a person also. Dr. Jyoti, we know that the success rate of treatment to the constipated patients is very high. What approach should you take to treat these patients? So, basically I am an ayurvedic practitioner. So, you know in Ayurveda, thing first we taught is find the cause. Hettu ko dhundo. So, if you find the cause why the patient is developing constipation, definitely your success rate would be more because you are treating according to the cause. Now it could not only be a lifestyle disorder. It could be because of an underlining disease like you have, you know thyroid.

Thyroid leads to constipation. If you keep on treating constipation and don’t treat thyroid, it would reoccur again. So, basically you have to treat thyroid first and then you know you can see the results. It does wonder, if you treat according to the cause. So, basically the patients who come to us, first of all we analysis their lifestyle. Ki unka lifestyle kaisa hai. They have a sedentary lifestyle or they have a hectic lifestyle. What is their dietary pattern? Vo kaisa khana khate hain. Are they more into junk food, are they more into refine food or somebody who has come is on a weight loss plan. So, basically people are onto a high protein diet. Which also leads to constipation. So, you first have to analyse. What is the cause and after that treat accordingly?

So, this only helps us to give good results to a patient and then we give them the schedule according to the lifestyle. So, that they don’t have a drastic change. We just give them the small tips that they have to include in their daily schedule. So, that you know it is not a burden for them. SO, that they can enjoy that thing. It turns magical. The treatment is magical. If patient starts enjoying the treatment, you know than it works wonder to the patients and obviously to us also. Thank you so much Dr. Jyoti. Viewers, you have just seen a very vital information on constipation, health hazards, or the personality hazard it can make for person. So, if you are one of the constipated person, you must go and see a doctor at once and for having an appointment with Dr. Jyoti Monga, you have the numbers on your screen.

Thank you so much.


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