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X-Ray Abdomen (AP View) Test

X-Ray Abdomen (AP View) Test

The anteroposterior (AP) X-ray of the abdomen is also known as KUB X-ray because the radiograph involves kidneys, ureters and bladder. X-ray of the abdomen can be done either in a supine or upright position. However, the supine position is preferred to the upright position. in this, the structures seen are the shape and size of spleen, kidney and liver. Intraabdominal calcifications, ascites, neoplasms, bowel obstruction and tumour masses are visible if present in an X-ray abdomen (AP view).

Patient preparation: you have to change to a hospital gown before the test. If you do not feel comfortable in a hospital gown and would like to remain in your clothing, all opaque objects should be removed. Bowel preparation: preliminary preparations of the bowel in non-acute patients is done by administering a laxative–enema–controlled diet combination.

In other cases, the physician decides whether bowel preparation is required. Patients who have visceral perforations, abdominal trauma or bowel obstruction or are acutely ill should not be administered bowel preparation. Exposure is also adjusted according to the patient size and the imaging system used.

X-ray abdomen is used for the following: free intraperitoneal air, abnormal masses, bowel obstruction, abnormal intra-abdominal calcifications, abnormal contour of organs, free intraperitoneal fluid, etc. AP supine X-ray can be done either as a stand-alone technique or as a part of acute abdominal series. It can be used as preliminary X-ray prior to intravenous pyelogram, gastrointestinal series or various radiological procedures.

A regular CT scan of chest or abdomen takes about 30 seconds to a few minutes or 10–30
minutes, respectively.
1. After wearing the hospital gown, the CT technician will help you lie on the table in a
certain position. Straps or pillows will be used to keep you in that position for the
whole test.
2. You have to hold your breath for short periods.
3. The technician will then move the table into the scanner and the x-ray beams will
surround you.
4. You have to stay still bYou have to lie on your back on the table or trolley.

2. You should either change to a hospital gown or remove any metal or items that can
hinder the radiography.

3. You have to stay still till the procedure is over.

4. The X-ray abdomen (AP view) is taken in full inspiration.

5. lateral abdominal wall, inferior pubic rami and diaphragm should be included in the
image.ecause movement can cause blurring of the images.
5. After scanning, the images will be given to your physician to read and interpret the

Average price range of the test is between Rs.200 to Rs.1300 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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