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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Know More About Diabetes

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Dr. Yuvraj Arora MongaSexologist • 25 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - Pharmacology


Hello Viewers,

We are again here on the topic of diabetes. I have Dr. Yuvraj Arora with me to talk on, talk more on the subject and today we will be talking about the role of exercise in diabetes. Welcome Dr. Yuvraj Arora.

There are studies which show that as much as, or as less as 39% only people get into exercises, even if they know that exercises are very very beneficial in diabetes, but why they do not follow the regime or are there any easy exercise to do control diabetes and in short, what is the role of exercise in diabetes.

Thank you so much Mr. Prabhat.

As you know diabetes, we have already discussed is a mismanagement of your metabolism which sugar levels are high and you know, you proteins are bit lost and fat accumulation is there, imbalance of fat and metabolism so it is as I said to manage these is very simple. Realization. First people should know what does that mean. They don’t know it and they want to get rid of it, that is the issue. They want to get rid of it, everybody knows diet and exercise have a very important role apart from the medication and doctor which they need to go. We will talk about the diet in another program as we discussed we will talk what exercise today, what do you mean by exercise. Exercise means rahanp krna. Ek to routine m hm kam krty hn ghr k. office jaty hn. Upper jaty hn, nechy jaty hn, us m hm 500, kch calories burn krty hn, but exercise ka matlb hai kch ek dedicated time 30 minutes, 40 miutes, 1 hour, jo hamari energy or extra calories burn kary. Wo burn krny sy exercise krny sy j bap ki muscle moment hoti hai. Us main ap ka glucose use hota hai. Apka blood sugar level nechy ata hai. Insulin resistance kam hoti hai. Glucose uptake barhta hai. To jb tk ye information patient ko nai jaye gi to wo nai kary ga. Diabetes ko maintain krny k lye exercise ka utna e matlb hai jitna diet or medicine ka hai. To ap k hisab say kaunsi, kuchh easy exercises hain jo aap suggest karenge diabetes k patient ko? Ye exercise bht hai. 3, 4, 5 naam lijiye. Walk, chalna chahye, logon ko diabetes hoti q h? chalty nai hn. Chalein gy to thek ho jain gy. Chalny ka matlb ye nai h k main nechy tk car tk chala gya. Metro tk chaly. Upper steps py chaly. Nechy utry. Atleast 6km of walk per day. Wo ek ghanty k brabar hai. Kafi jaga py liha hai. Waisy to brisk walk, aerobic exercise, aerobics exercise wo hoti hai jis main heart rate barhy. Heart ki efficiency barhy.

To brisk walk is number 1. Data will show, man articles will show, doctors will speak which are many, you know authority on these things k 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week. That is 150 minutes a week. I differ some times. Ask people to walk every day. 40 minutes a day. Or 1 hour a day. Tb ja k us ki average 40 minute nikly gi. So one option is exercise, walk.

Number 2, cycling, same thing. Atleast 30 minute cycling ya, 40 minute cycling per day. Agr thori c apki privileges zyada hn to next step.

3rd on is swimming. Swimming India main abi b itni popular nai hai. Or na hi, its not easy, it is not simple. Hamary jo different temperatures hn different areas main. Or kai bar ye costly b hota hai. To swimming is another option. Then we have, ek Bharat main b chal ra hai, or hamary apny Bharat ka hai, or Mr.Modi ny b bht is ko bola hai, yoga. Aj k din, aj jo main lecture dy rah n ye h 16 june 2017, or new delhi main international yoga day, 3 sal, uski anniversary mania ja rai hai. M wahan py gya tha. To yoga sy acha to kch b nai hai. Or pura world isy introduce kr ra h, yoga sy apka fat loss hota hai. Muscle tone barhti hai. Insulin uptake barhti hai. To yoga is another alternative we have. Then something called thai chai in china. Slow movements of the body. Wo b adha ghanta kia ja skta hai. Ap youtube kr k dekh skty haink thai chai kya hota hai. To 40 minutes. To mian to bolun ga koi b exercise 40-60 minutes adopt kr skty hn. Adha ghanta brisk walk, adha ghanta yoga. Adha ghanta swimming, adha ghanta yoga. To koi b combination use kr skty hn. Weight exercise recommended hain diabetes patients ko? Very important, us k lye ap chahy hafty main 2 bar b kr lijiye. Quki jo energy use krni hai, glucose use krna hai wo muscle ny krna hai. Muscle strong nai hoga to ap chal b nai pain gy zyada apka stamina nai barhy ga. To weight training or resistance exercises or core exercises of the body. Core exercises hoti hamary jaisy jo squat hota h, sit up hoty hn. Push up hoty hn. Sirf 5 sy 10 min. weight training 15 minute hafty main 2 bar. Main exercises jo hoti hn, bicep, chest, abdomen, legs. Thighs. Is ko ap standard kr ln apki capacity waiys e barh jati hai. And your stamina to do other exercises and activities increase, and when you do any of these things 40-60 minutes of any regulated exercise or combination of that, combined with 30 minutes of weight training is the best. That’s all.

And any precaution that diabetic patient need to get before? Can he discuss with his doctor. He can carry a carbohydrate candy or sugar, ya koi chocolate agr us ka blood level nechy ho jaye to. Starting main exercise jo hai shuru 10, walk krni 2 km, exercise 10 minute 20 minutes sy shuru krn. Slowly slowly is ko barhain, that’s all. That’s my msg. Or kn c exercise ya kb usko exercise bnd kr deni chahye? Sari zindage krni chahye. Apko koi muscle strain ho jaye. Koi sprain barh jaye to consult kr lo physiotherapist. That’s all. Exercise is must. Great, thank you so much Dr. Yuvraj. It was pleasure talking to you. And we conclude this session with this wonder full tip from Dr. Yuvraj Arora. See you again next time.

Take care, be happy!

Thank you.


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