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Tirupati Medical Centre & Nursing Home

Tirupati Medical Centre & Nursing Home

Multi-speciality Clinic (General Surgeon & Gynaecologist)

C-10, Shivalik, Near Malviya Nagar
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We like to think that we are an extraordinary practice that is all about you - your potential, your comfort, your health, and your individuality. You are important to us and we strive to more

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Fast Track Surgery
Fast Track Surgery

Hi everybody!

I’m Dr. Rojy, physiotherapist. I’m in physiotherapy department. Today I’m going to talk about the osteoarthritis of the knee. Osteoarthritis of the knee is very common for arthritis. And we will discuss about the difference of the osteoarthritis means what is the differences between the osteoarthritis of the knee. So osteoarthritis of the knee is the degenerative disease of the joints and another it is called arthritis. In this conditions the natural connecting between the joints cartilage becomes worse to worse.

So when it happens bones between the joints means the bones of the joints becomes rough against one another. So that roughing reasons in pain, stiffness, sometimes results in the osteoarthritis formations. And sometimes it results in the decrease in the joints mobility. So the types next the types of osteoarthritis are 2 types of osteoarthritis are there. One is tibia fibula osteoarthritis second is the patellofemoral joints arthritis. The causes for the osteoarthritis is first is the age.

Age is the major risk factor for the osteoarthritis of the knee. Second hereditary, then weight, then repetitive strain injury. Then arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis and some other illness like metabolic disorder. These are the causes for the arthritis of the knee. Then next is what the symptoms of the osteoarthritis of the knee area. First is the pain, second swelling then warmth filling of warmth in the joints then stiffness and the other symptoms are the decreased mobility of the joints and sometimes deformity also and then sometimes creepy also. So, these are the symptoms of the osteoarthritis of the knee.

Second is the diagnose next step is the diagnosis. Diagnosis is based on the history and the physical examination. Other diagnoses are X-ray and MRI. So on MRI, some changes can see on MRI. The changes involved are one is osteophytes formation that is the bone spur then narrowing of the joint space. Then what is the treatment for the osteoarthritis of the knee means the physiotherapy is the treatments for the osteoarthritis of the knee. So first that is discussed is the aim and goal of the physiotherapy treatments. First the aim, one is the reduced the pain and the inflammation. Second, normalize the range of the motion.

Third is the strengthen the knee muscle especially quadriceps and hamstring. Then improve the functions, then improves the balance, then improves the particular alignment and some functions. These are the aims and the goals of the physiotherapy. Then next come to the treatment for the physiotherapy. First is the race, second cold therapy, we can apply the ice in the knee joints to reduce the pain. Next thermotherapy, thermotherapy includes soluble diathermy, paraffin wax bath and hydro collator pack.

This thermotherapy means this modality we can use according to the conditions. Next electrotherapy. Electrotherapy includes IFC, ultra Sony and the TENS. These also we can use according to the patient’s conditions. Next exercises. Exercises are very important in the cases of osteoarthritis. Basically, exercises have to strengthen the muscles, improves the flexibility, to improve the range of the motion. Next water reduction. Next aerobic like cycling, walking then tapping then supporting device like braces we can also use. These are the physiotherapy treatments. So if you are suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee you can get this physiotherapy and physiotherapy. And if you have any investigations you can contact on

Anal Fissure
Anal Fissure

Hi, I am Dr Ashok Gupta, practising since last 37 years as a general surgeon, Laparoscopic surgeon and Gastroenderoscopist. Today we are going to discuss the most common problem that is Anal Fissure.

Anal Fissure is such a problem which is very prevalant in our community, may be the raeson of the pattern of the diet, constipation, inactivity, Obesity Diabetes and other inactive way of diet. Anal fissure is the breech in the skin which are there from the anal walls to the rectum in lower part. This is about 2-3 cm in size and this anoderm is more sensitive and lacking in sweat glands and hairs. Once the hard motion is being passed or the person is constipated, there occurs a breech in the skin which leads to severe pain while passing the stool sometime otherwise also. This linear breech is not going to heal by any chance, it mostly requires medical interference. Medical treatments are responsive at times but once it get failed, then surgery is only the answer.

The surgery is very simple in this case. We just relax the sphincter because sphincter always give the spasm to the fissure which is not allowing it to heal and it always gives the problem in later times. The surgery being done under general anaesthesia and spinal anaesthesia, just to relax the sphincter.

After the cure is there, so it is not going to create problems. But the complicated anal fissure has to be dealt with the "fissure act me" in which the fissure is being removed.

If you have nay query or if you want to contaact me, you can come to my clinic Tirupati Medical Centre in Malviya Nagar. Also, you can contact me through Lybrate.

Gall Bladder Stones
Gall Bladder Stones

I am Dr Ashok Gupta, practising since last 37 years as a general surgeon, laparoscopic surgeon and Gastroenderoscopist. Today, we are going to discuss about Gall Bladder Stone disease.

In my carrier of 37 years, I have operated the maximum number of cases of Galstone diseases. Gallstone disease is a very much prevalant in this part of the country. The reason of the Gallstones are many but the diet factor, the inactivity, obesity, diabetes or metabolic disease difference are there. The clinical features of this disease are;

  • Patient complaint for pain in the upper abdomen
  • Extention of the abdomen
  • Vomiting

And this leads to many complications with times.

The diagnosis of this disease is very siple which is the ultrasound. ULtrasound is the main stage in the treatment which helps in diagnosing this disease. If the gall bladder disease is complicated further, then few more investigations like CT Scan, MRI Scan are neded.

The treatment of this disease is very simple these days by the way of Minimal Access Surgery. Initially we used to give 5-7 inches horizontal incision in the adbomen which gives the very ugly scar later. Now there is a Minimal Access Surgery which is called Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy in which the small hole is made and the chip camera is intrioduced and the gall bladder is disacted very easily. 

The post surgery period is uneventful in most of the cases and the person can go home on the same day or on the next day. The complications are very few of this procedure.

If you want to contact me, I am Ashok Gupta at Tirupati Medical Centre in Malviya Nagar. You can also contact me through Lybrate.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Hi, I’m Dr Meera Gupta, practising at Tirupati Centre, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. I am a gynaecologist and I have been practising for 34 years almost now. My centre provides complete and holistic care for women and young girls at a very affordable cost. We provide free marital counselling, free conception counselling, infertility treatment, adolescent counselling, post-menopausal treatment, deliveries, abortions, cosmetic gynaecology and ultrasound.

Today, I will be telling you about a very common condition which the girls are facing, that is Polycystic Ovarian Disease in which the girls could have menstrual problems, or they could have hair growth, unnecessary hair growth on the face or any part of the body, alopecia, that is decreasing hairline and weight problems. And this PCOD comprises of a hormonal part and a metabolic part. So it has to be treated very holistically whereby you address the hormones as well as the metabolism of the body. It could result in apart from menstrual problem and infertility; it could result in heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

We have to look into the family history of the girl also, and if she has a family history of diabetes and hypertension, she is more prone to these disorders. But it is completely treatable and of course, they have to have a drastic lifestyle change, and it is coming these days because of the lifestyle followed by the youngsters. They have very sedentary lifestyles, they are very addicted to their laptops and their mobiles and they hardly have any activity. And also food they are having, that is all junk food, so these all add to the problems.

So once we get rid of this, we give them an active lifestyle, they start eating properly and along with the proper medications, they can recover from these.

Whenever you wish to contact me, you could do so by coming to my centre at Tirupati Medical Centre, Shivalik, or you could visit my website www. Tirupatimedicalcentre. com or you could approach me through Lybrate.

Thank you.

Tips on Treatement of  Piles, Fissure, and Fistula
Tips on Treatement of Piles, Fissure, and Fistula

Hello, friends, I am Dr Ashok Gupta. I am general surgeon come gastro endoscopist. I practising since the last 35 years and many of the lives has been treated, cured and saved. Today we are talking about piles, fissure and fistula.

In modern lifestyle our food habits and livings have been changed tremendously. This is in among the all age group, all classes. Piles is the disease whih is causing the person incapable of doing his day-to-day normal activities.

The symptoms of this disease is burning, itching and sensation in the anus. It makes the person very much uncomfortable to lead a normal life.

This can be diagnosed easily by proctoscopy examination which is done under local anaesthetic jelly and in very less time you can diagnose the problem and after that, it can be treated by various techniques, whatever is needed. The surgery is the mainstay of the treatment but now many non-invasive methods they have also come. But the surgery is giving a good result. We can make the haemorrhoidectomy under spinal anaesthesia and the postoperative stay is also very less.

You can connect with me on If you have any questions, any queries you are most welcome to connect with me so that the problem can be solved in its earliest.

Thank you.

Tips on Acidity, Gas Formation, Flatulence, Heart Burn and Constipation
Tips on Acidity, Gas Formation, Flatulence, Heart Burn and Constipation

Hi, friends. I am Dr Ashok Gupta. I am a general surgeon come gastro endoscopist. I am practising since last 35 years and my speciality comprises with the gall bladder, gall bladder stones, kidney stones, appendix, hernia, piles, fissures and fistula and gastro endoscopy to diagnose the various acid peptic diseases.

Now I am talking about the most of the prevalent disease in the common masses is acidity, gas formation, flatulence and constipation. These are the common conditions which are found mainly in the masses and most of the people they are suffering from this type of diseases. Acidity comprises of the acid formation in the stomach and if there is a more of acid formation it is called heartburn. Burning in epigastrium, indigestion, flatulence, gas formation, distension of the abdomen and constipation at times. This condition is caused mainly by the modern food habits which is being practised nowadays in children, teenagers, adults and even elderly people. This condition can be easily diagnosed by gastro endoscopy.

This is the device which is we can see inside the body about a metre of length from the incisor from the mouth. This is the fibre optic cable which is about 9-12mm in diameter and having the fibre optic fibres which we turn many numbers of times and it can transmit the images. The computer chip has now made possible to take images, videos of the lesion and it can be therapeutic at times. Many tumours like polyps and biopsy can be taken. The polyp can be excised through this endoscopy technique. A technique which is very modern and easy to do. It can be done under local anaesthesia. Little sprays are given into the throat so that he should not feel that something is going in and it hardly takes 10-15 mins. and the procedure is so much rewarding even it can save the life. We can see the various inflammation, oesophagitis, gastritis, duodenitis by this technique.

Many times many cancers, they can be diagnosed by this. Peptic ulcer diseases they can be diagnosed. Barred oesophagus, it is the pre-cancerous condition at the time can be diagnosed and can be treated accordingly. Many times the children swallow the coin or foreign bodies, they can be taken out by the endoscopic techniques. This is at a very nominal cost. It is possible in your nearby area, in Delhi itself. The acidity is mainly caused by the H. pylori infection which can be diagnosed by this and the secretion can be taken and it can be examined for this bacterial infection, the treatment can accordingly be given then it can be a curable condition and saves the life many times.

You can connect me on Lybrate. com. You can chat with me, you can make consultations through this site. If you have any questions, any queries, you can contact me or you can connect me with

Thank you.

Treatments for Pilonodal Disease
Treatments for Pilonodal Disease

Hi, I’m Dr Ashok Gupta. I’m a general surgeon gastroenterologist. I’m practicing since last 35 years. Today we will discuss pilonidal disease.

First, let’s know what this disease is?

This is the first fistula formation on the back side of the body. Where there is the lower portion of the human body, where the pus starts coming from the fistula and quite often it is not being treated by the repeated treatment of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs and the person feel very much annoyed by this. This can be a pilonidal disease.

What pilonidal disease is?

When the hair enters in the skin and it goes in and creates an infection there, until and unless that track is being exercised or being operated that remains a permanent fissure. This is called a pilonidal disease. The surgery is very simple for it. only the thing is if it is being done by an experienced person and one day you have to stay in the hospital and it can even be done under local anaesthesia. The foreign body is being removed from the wound and the wound is remained open for a long time only the dressing is required for two three weeks and another if it is the primary closure is being done then it can be cured in seven to ten days.

You can connect me at if you have question, query or any clarification you are most welcome to contact on to me. Thank you.

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I found the answers provided by the Dr. Ashok Gupta to be very helpful. Super sar


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Sep 10, 2018

Dr. Ashok Gupta provides answers that are helped me improve my health. Thank you sir



Apr 02, 2017

Over the period of time the gallstones treatment has helped me a lot. It has been quite some time that i was suffering from gallstones. Never thought I will suffer from something gallstones like this. The friendliness of staff is the best in the Tirupati Medical Centre & Nursing Home. He is very more



May 25, 2017

I was suffering from Hernia for whichI conculted Dr AShok Gupta, he is one of the best physicians in city. I feel strange that I am suffering from hernia. I am so happy with the results of my treatment, that I will surely recommend Ashok Gupta to anyone gladly. Hygiene is very important, and I more



Aug 21, 2017

So many doctors I consulted, but his treatment was the best. Even though I was fit and fine, it was shocked when I got to know that I have kidney stones. he did my kidney stones surgery. Even though it's been more than a year, still if I sometimes feel pain and call him, and Ashok Gupta still more

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