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Treatments for Pilonodal Disease

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Hi, I’m Dr Ashok Gupta. I’m a general surgeon gastroenterologist. I’m practicing since last 35 years. Today we will discuss pilonidal disease.

First, let’s know what this disease is?

This is the first fistula formation on the back side of the body. Where there is the lower portion of the human body, where the pus starts coming from the fistula and quite often it is not being treated by the repeated treatment of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs and the person feel very much annoyed by this. This can be a pilonidal disease.

What pilonidal disease is?

When the hair enters in the skin and it goes in and creates an infection there, until and unless that track is being exercised or being operated that remains a permanent fissure. This is called a pilonidal disease. The surgery is very simple for it. only the thing is if it is being done by an experienced person and one day you have to stay in the hospital and it can even be done under local anaesthesia. The foreign body is being removed from the wound and the wound is remained open for a long time only the dressing is required for two three weeks and another if it is the primary closure is being done then it can be cured in seven to ten days.

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