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Fissure - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Fissure? Causes The exam might include:

What is Fissure?

A lining tear in the lower part of the rectum results in pain while passing stools. Anal fissures usually don’t result in grave problems. Anal fissures generally heal at home with proper treatment after some time. They are termed as acute or short term fissures. If your anal fissure doesn’t heal after 12 weeks, then it may be a chronic fissure. A long term fissure might require medical treatment. It is quite a normal and treatable problem. All age groups of people may be affected, even otherwise healthy and young people.


Trauma or injury in the anal cavity may cause an anal fissure. Injury might happen when:

  • You pass large stools.
  • You have constipation and find it hard to pass stools
  • You repeatedly have diarrhea
  • You give birth to a child

Rectal exams, anal intercourse or foreign object insertion can cause fissures as well. In few instances, Crohn’s disease might cause a fissure. Few doctors believe that the sphincter tension might cause fissures. The inner anal sphincter isn’t controllable whereas the outer sphincter can be controlled at will. Thus this muscle has a lot of tension. If the pressure builds up too much, it may cause a spasm and reduce the blood flow causing a fissure. This pressure might slow the healing process for an existing fissure. Your doctor can help in diagnosing anal fissures depending on a physical exam and the symptoms.

The exam might include:

  • Separating the buttocks and examining the fissure
  • A digitalized rectal exam. The doctor glove fingers the anal cavity
  • Anoscopy – A lighted short scope is used to observe the anal cavity

The doctor might wait for the fissure to heal before proceeding with anoscopy or rectal exams. If the exam is critical, local anesthetics may be used for numbing the area. A doctor may also look into any other conditions that may cause the fissure. Having more than one fissures or having it in a region where they don’t usually happen might indicate a graver problem, like an immunocompromised system or IBS.

90% of all short term fissures heal on their own or with Home Remedies. These include the use of fiber supplements and stool softeners and periodic sitz baths. 40% of chronic anal fissures heal with home treatment. Not all home treatments are effective in treating fissures. If the fissure lasts longer than 12 weeks then prescription medicines may be needed. These include high BP medicines, nitroglycerin cream and Botox injections.

Popular Questions & Answers

Hi dr, I used anobliss now I'm using escot. I use to eat a lot of fiber food and used to drink warm water and do sitz bath but its not working. What should I do?

All this will work for mild levels / less severity of piles/hemorrhoids /fistula. If it's not working you will probably have to be examined by a local general surgeon for the same. If it's very troublesome or if it's severity has increase, the sur...

I am suffering pain in my anal fissure and occult blood in my stool. When I go to doctor he gave me vitamin c capsules and medicine. I use this medicine for a 3 month and the occult blood is stop but the pain in anal is not stop properly and I also suffering from constipation from 1 month.

You should take sitz bath followed by application of sushruta ointment and lekhan powder in anal region 2-4 times daily. Put 5 ml of Sushruta oil in anal canal in night. For easy evacuation of bowel movement; you should take 1 teaspoon of sushruta...

I am having piles or fissure since 10 days? Having a lot of pain while passing stool. Online surgeon suggested use of smuth cream. What should I eat to treat it?

Main reason for any anal problem is either constipation or straining. Take plenty of water, fruits and fibre food. You will be better.
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What Is Fissure?
An anal fissure is a small tear in the thin, moist tissue (mucosa) that lines the anus. It may occur when you pass hard or large stools during a bowel movement.
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