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Health Benefits of Meat And Its Side Effects

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Health Benefits of Meat And Its Side Effects

Consumption of meat is associated with many health benefits. Most of these you would have not heard before. It contains nutrients that are extremely beneficial for our health.

There is a huge misconception among many people that consuming meat is always associated with certain side effects. This, however, is wrong. Meat contains a rich amount of vitamins and minerals, thus strengthening our immune system and providing protection to the overall development of our body.

Meat are also rich in proteins and carbohydrates which is why it is viral among athletes and other fitness buffs around the world. For more details regarding the benefits of meat, read on further.

About Meat

You might have heard some people referring meat as ‘bad for health.' It is because consumption of meat can lead to cholesterol issues. This does not mean that meat is bad for health. Overuse of anything leads to certain issues for e.g. too much intake of fruits can cause a spike in sugar levels in our body.

A healthy use of meat only brings about positive effects. They are not only rich in proteins, but also rich in minerals and amino acids, thus, helping in the overall development and enhancement of the body.

So the next time anyone will ask 'Is meat good or bad for health?” You know what to tell them. Meat can provide you with the required energy and can go an extra mile to repair body tissues.

Some of the other benefits of meat include triggering of haemoglobin, curing skin diseases and providing long-term energy. To know more about the possible health benefits and side effects of meat consumption, read on further.

Nutritional Value of Meat

As said before, meat is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Since some of you are very eager to know the nutritional value of meat, we have put together some of the essential constituents for the same.

Every 100 gram of meat is said to have 421 mg of potassium, 4 mg of zinc, 10-20 mg of selenium, 73 mg of cholesterol, 143 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 57 mg of sodium, 26 grams of protein, 0 grams of sugar, dietary fibre and rich amounts of iron with omega-3 fatty acids.

This information can tell you that the responsible consumption of meat can only bring benefits to the body of the consumer. Read on to find out about some more benefits of consuming meat.

Summary- Meat is known to have an abundant amount of vital nutrients. It contains a significant amount of protein, minerals, vitamins, fats, dietary fibers, and high calorific values.

Nutritional facts Per 100 grams

143 Calories
3.5 g Total Fat
57 mg Sodium
421 mg Potassium
26 g Protein

Vitamins and Minerals

0.02 Vitamin D
6 % Iron
35 % Vitamin B-6
7 % Magnesium

Health Benefits of Meat

Health Benefits of Meat
Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Meat

Cures insomnia

Some people (and in some cases, children) often suffer from sleeplessness at night. Extreme conditions can also lead to what is called as Insomnia.

For people suffering from sleeplessness condition, sleeping pills and other tablets are recommended. It is also studied that high amounts of iron in the body can help you have a good night’s sleep. This is why it is highly recommended to include meat in your daily diet.

The generous levels of iron in meat can balance the rise and fall of blood pressure in our body, thus helping us with proper sleep at night.

Summary- Regular consumption of meat helps to tackle sleeplessness issues Since, a high amount of iron is present in it, which supports good sleep.

Meat good for memory

Rich amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in meat can trigger your memory by developing cell membranes in brain and the neurological system signal path. It is wise to consume a generous amount of meat to help you remember certain important aspects of your life.

Summary- Nutrients present in meat are also helpful in memory retention. It supports the proper development of brain cells and ensures correct neurological function.

Meat improves concentration levels

Including meat in your diet can improve the concentration levels by enhancing the flow of blood throughout the body. It can improve your brain activities, thus helping you focus on everything that is of utmost importance to you.

Summary- Consumption of meat also helps to ameliorate concentration levels. It enhances brain activities thus improving focus.

Meat enhances muscle growth

This is another reason why many people prefer meat. Meat contains rich amounts of protein which is a critical component of muscle growth and definition. A regular and wise consumption of meat is an excellent source of protein and helps you build a strong outlook.

Summary- Meat is believed to be the richest source of protein, therefore advised for muscle development. It helps in strengthening muscles too.

Meat reduces risk of heart disease

Though many have claimed to have developed cholesterol problems due to meat consumption, a responsible consumption of red meat is said to lessen the possibility of heart diseases.

The presence of meat in rich amounts of omega-3 fatty acids can enhance the elasticity of the artery vessels, thus reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Some studies also reveal that meat consumption can decrease the possibility of blood pain and arrhythmia.

Summary- Meat is helpful in reducing the risk of heart disorders. The presence of abundant nutrients prevents problems causing heart disease.

Prevents ageing

Consuming meat can prevent aging. It also clears out the chances of premature aging; due to the presence of generous levels of selenium in meat.

Summary- The presence of selenium in meat slows down the aging process hence providing youthful health.

Meat consumption reduces risk of nutritional rickets

Vitamin D deficiency is often associated with certain conditions, such as bone rickets. This can affect children thus making their bones brittle and weak. It is advisable to include vitamin-rich meat in your diet to make you more prone to certain diseases and conditions.

Summary- Consumption of meat helps to combat certain disorders such as rickets. Everything the body needs in terms of nutrition is provided via meat.

Add meat in your anemia diet plan

Anemia often occurs due to lack of red blood cells in the blood and might make you weak and lethargic. This often occurs due to the deficiency of iron in food which is why it is recommended to include meat in your diet.

The generous levels of iron in meat can enhance the production and formation of hemoglobin in the blood, thus making it easier to carry oxygen to different parts of the body.

Summary- Since meat has abundant iron content, it helps to tackle anemic deficiency. It also increases the production of RBCs.

Meat May Improve Mental Health

Omega-3 fatty acids in meat are very much essential to treat depression related problems. Those laboratory prepared anti-depressants may produce some side effects which is why it is advised to include meat in your diet to tackle depression and other depression related problems.

Summary- Regular consumption of meat is also believed to be beneficial for mental health. It contains essential fatty acids which heal anxiety and depression.

Meat good for skin & hair care

Studies reveal that consuming food items that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids is very much beneficial for maintaining a beautiful skin and hair. The presence of generous levels of fatty acids in meat can protect our skin, bones, hair, and teeth from dangerous conditions.

Summary- Meat also helps to combat skin and hair-related issues. It helps to enhance skin and hair texture.

Prevents cataracts

Cataract is one of the most degenerative diseases that often occur in people aged 50 or above. If not treated well, it can lead to permanent visual impairment. Generous amount of meat in your diet can prevent the risk of cataract.

Summary- Eating meat can help to prevent cataracts causing issues. It contains necessary and useful nutrients for the eyes.

Red meat good for your immune system

With age, our body becomes more prone to diseases and other deadly conditions which is why it is very essential to increase our immunity power. We also need help in fighting against diseases. The generous levels of zinc boost our immunity by creating antibodies to fight against the free radicals.

Rich levels of protein present in meat enhance the production of these antibodies to protect our body. Maintaining an immune body is very much essential for the growth, development and proper functioning of our body.

Summary- Red meat helps to immunize the body because it contains zinc along with other necessary vitamins, and minerals.

Uses of Meat

From the above-mentioned health benefits, you would have understood the possible uses of meat. Since meat is an excellent source of protein, it can be used to enhance the muscles and to stay fit. An abundant amount of omega-3 fatty acids in meat can be beneficial in maintaining the immunity power of the body.

Meat also keeps us immune towards a lot of diseases. Also, a decent amount of iron in meat helps the bones, teeth, skin also keeping the hair healthy and perfect.

Summary- Meat is used in various ways. Since it has too many benefits, people involve meat in uncountable recipes.

Side-Effects & Allergies of Meat

Consumption of meat may lead to certain diseases. Although there are some issues that must be addressed, side effects can be managed.

These are the most frequent negative outcomes of eating meat:

  • Individuals who consume meat frequently are more prone to cancer and heart disease.
  • cholesterol issues and blood pressure fluctuation are other well-known adverse effects of meat.
  • Regular consumption of red meat possess difficulty in maintaining a healthy body.
  • Overeating meat may lead to some gastric disorders like bloating, constipation, nausea, etc.

These side effects are often experienced by individuals who consume meat very often. However, limited consumption of meat brings about several health benefits.

Summary- Besides several benefits, meat is also known to cause certain disorders. However, it can be tackled easily.

Storing and Freezing of Meat

Meat can be stored for several days by freezing procedure. But maintaining a certain temperature while freezing meat is crucial to maintain its freshness of meat. keeping Hygiene during the entire freezing process is also one of the important steps. Usually, a specified temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degrees Celcius is required to freeze the meat. Meat should also be washed carefully before freezing.

Summary- Certain parameters like temperature and hygiene must be taken care of while freezing meat. Nevertheless, meat must be consumed fresh.

Who should not eat meat

People suffering from certain disorders such as high cholesterol levels, heart diseases, kidney diseases, Alpha-gel syndrome, and certain cancer should avoid eating meat. It may lead to some adverse consequences.

Summary- Meat is not recommended for people suffering from some specific diseases. They should consume meat after the doctor’s consent only.

Origin And Cultivation of Meat

Many people are spreading the word that the consumption of meat might lead to certain diseases. While some side effects and conditions can be tolerated, others can be very dangerous and life-threatening to an extent.

Some of the most commonly found side effects include the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Many studies around the world reveal that the consumption of meat (even chicken) is closely related to cancer. Many other hypothesis and theories establish a close link between meat and cancer.

Other side effects like cholesterol issues and heart diseases are also quite common. And people who consume red meat regularly find it difficult to maintain a healthy body. These above-mentioned side effects are more likely to occur in individuals who consume meat very often. A responsible and wise use of meat can bring about some health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Liver meat is believed to be most beneficial because it contains high-quality protein and nutrients like Vitamin A, B6, iron, folic acids, zinc, etc.
  • Chicken, lamb, beef, and pork are some of the meats which can be consumed daily. It is one of the richest sources of protein and Vitamin B12.
  • The nutritional value of fish is slightly higher than meat. Hence it is the healthier form.
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