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Hair Growth: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is the treatment?

Hair growth can be hampered due to many reasons. An imbalanced diet without all the vital nutrients, harsh, chemically laced hair products used a little too often, dandruff, split ends, rough hair, and too many hair styling treatments over a short period of time can all drain your hair of its vital oils and nutrients, and hamper hair growth. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that your hair continues to grow and look healthy.

The treatments that are designed to enable hair growth need to focus on the individual cause for the lack of growth. For instance, if your hair does not grow due to an abundance of split ends, then it makes sense to treat the split ends. This can be done by either trimming your hair or using products that address the issue.

The market is saturated with a plethora of hair products that can help your hair grow longer, thicker, and much faster. From organic shampoos and conditioners, to the latest hair serums, there isn’t a dearth of treatment options that you can choose from. Hair oils and essential oils have proven themselves against the test of time and are one of the oldest ways to ensure that your hair grows. Once you have determined by it isn’t growing as well as you’d like it to, you can give any of these treatment options a go. Finding the treatment method that suits you the most may take some time but it’s certainly worth the wait.

How is the treatment done?

To start your treatment, you need to first assess your hair’s needs and problems. Begin by first categorizing whether your hair is oily, dry, frizzy, damaged, or filled with split ends in order to treat it properly. If you are unsure of how you can understand your hair better, you can either visit a competent professional at a salon or go to a special hair clinic where medical experts can help guide you better. Once you know what your natural hair type is, and what is causing it to grow insufficiently, you can begin treating it effectively.

One of the most common ways to address any hair care concern is through the shampoos and conditioners that you use. You need to be aware of the kinds of chemicals that are present in the shampoo you use and switch to products that are more organic. This is because chemicals can strip your hair of all its natural oil and even clog the pores in your scalp, making it harder for your hair to grow properly. It is also important not to wash your hair too frequently as you can further strip it of its essential nutrients.

Hair oils can be used an hour before you shampoo or overnight, depending on your preference. They add nutrition to your hair follicles, enabling them to not only look healthier but also grow faster, which is why oiling your hair can be a great way to boost hair growth. Almond, coconut, and amla hair oils are the leading oil types when it comes to hair growth. Others can be used to get rid of dandruff or address any other problems.

Hair serums are usually applied after the hair is washed, and usually on damp hair. They work especially well for hair that has been damaged due to over styling, and can help restore its natural lustre.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

If you are concerned about the rate at which your hair is growing, then you should seek out treatment to boost its overall health and address any issues you may be facing that could be hampering the growth.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

If you are underdoing intense medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, then boosting hair growth will be a huge challenge. This is because the chemicals injected into your body during chemotherapy are known to induce hair fall. This is not the right time to make your hair grow.

Are there any side effects?

Using chemically laced products can strip your hair of its essential oils and nutrients. This can lead to dry, rough, and damaged hair.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

Hair care is an essential part of the beauty regimen and is something you should focus on for the rest of your life. In order to maintain hair growth, you should continue with the treatments that you are employing.

How long does it take to recover?

It takes about a month for your hair to fully benefit from all the treatments you are giving it, though you may be able to start noticing small changes right from the first application of shampoo or hair oil.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

Going to a hair clinic can cost anywhere between Rs 1,500 – Rs. 5,000 per session, depending on where you are going.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

As long as you continue to use products and treatment options that are good for your hair, the results of the treatment will show.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

The main home remedy for hair growth is to use oils on a regular basis. You can also make hair masks using ingredients you can find in your kitchen to boost the growth and vitality of your hair. For instance, rinsing your hair with vinegar boosts its growth tremendously. You should also refrain from drying your hair with a towel or rubbing it vigorously with one as it aids in stripping oils from your hair and also facilitates breakage.

Safety: High Effectiveness: High Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: Low Side Effects: Low Time For Recovery: Medium Price Range:

Rs. 1,500 – Rs. 5,000 per session

Popular Health Tips

Amazing Foods For Healthy Hair And Scalp!

Dt. Shikha Mishra 90% (10 ratings)
M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore
Amazing Foods For Healthy Hair And Scalp!
Everyone loves a thick luscious mane of hair, which is shown on television commercials. To be able to flick around shiny healthy locks, you may have tried the best shampoo brands, made frequent visits to the parlour and consulted the doctors several times. However, did you know that the best nutrition for your hair comes from the food you eat daily? Thinning hair, reduction in hairline, excessive hairfall resulting in an undesirable physical change, can be a major cause of frustration and low self esteem. Healthy and hygienic lifestyle, sufficient sleep, adequate water intake and exercises along with a balanced diet help to promote the growth of hair. Important nutrients necessary to boost hair growth and volume: Most of the hair is made of protein and therefore it is of utmost importance to include proteins in the diet. Protein cells are building blocks for hair and strengthen your locks. Vitamin D leads to a healthy scalp and activates the growth of hair follicles. Biotin (Vitamin B7) leads to the synthesis of an important hormone known as Keratin which forms the fibrous part of hair. Inadequate Folic acid in the diet can cause a reduction in cell division and lead to premature greying of hair. Vitamin A and C help to keep the scalp free of dandruff. They lead to the production of sebum that nourishes the hair strands and prevents split ends. Split ends can lead to the breakage of hair, eventually turning your precious mane into a rough, dull and unmanageable one. Omega-3 fatty Acids improve blood circulation to the hair roots, promoting shine and health of hair. Iron and Zinc prevent breakage and damage of hair. They contribute to strengthening of hair roots. Some of the best food items recommended for maintaining healthy hair: Carrots, Whole grains, Legumes and Lentils, leafy green vegetables, fruits: Carrots are rich sources of Vitamin A. Carrots have several advantageous effects on the human body, mostly showing remarkable improvement in eyesight and hair growth. Carrots can be eaten in a salad, boiled or lightly tossed in the pan in just a few drops of oil and beneficial spices for added flavour. Carrots can also be made into carrot juice and consumed on a regular basis. Vegetables, fruits and legumes are rich sources of iron, zinc; vitamins that are essential for hair maintenance. Lean Meat and Eggs: Eggs and lean meat are rich sources of protein. Egg whites do a commendable job when it comes to promoting hair growth. Egg yolk and the egg whites are known to remarkably condition the hair and benefit damaged hair when mixed with a natural hair pack before shampooing it off. Egg protein is beneficial, whether consumed or applied externally. It must be made a vital inclusion in your diet. Oatmeal: Known to have multiple benefits, it must make a way into your diet chart, if you are looking forward to healthy skin, hair and the perfect body weight. Oatmeal applied externally can condition and clean the hair, reducing itchiness of the scalp. Oatmeal consumed in breakfast daily can help to control hormonal imbalance that leads to excessive hair loss. It can also play an important role in controlling genetic alopecia. Walnuts and Almonds: The W of Walnut can also stand for Wonder nut. This nut contains all the necessary vitamins that activate the hair follicles and increase the volume of hair. It contains, iron, zinc, Vitamins B9, B6 and B1, healthy fats and adequate protein. Almonds are as beneficial as Walnuts, containing all the basic important nutrients needed for your hair. A handful of walnuts and almonds daily will zealously guard your hair for a long, long time. Coconut Water: Coconut water is rich in Vitamin K and Iron. Vitamin K is essential to promote healthy hair growth and stop hair fall. Fish: Salmon, Mackerel, Oysters are excellent sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
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Jock Itch and Hair Growth Treatment: Connected?

Dr. Vinod Raina 91% (4535 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Jock Itch and Hair Growth Treatment: Connected?
One of the more promising recent trends has been growing acceptance of bald heads as desirable. Many men now shave their heads because they and those around them perceive it as sexy. But there are still plenty of bald or balding men who take the opposite approach, using hair growth treatments to try to stimulate new growth. It's definitely a personal decision, but in some rare cases, opting for hair growth treatments may possibly bring about a minor penis health concern: jock itch. Hair growth There are many different kinds of hair growth treatments out there, but one of the most popular is the drug finasteride. Marketed under a number of brand names, finasteride was originally created as a treatment for enlarged prostates. However, it has also been approved for use in treating hair loss. According to Wikipedia, use of finasteride slows down hair loss and can improve hair retention by about 30% over a six-month period. So it's easy to see why men who are experiencing hair loss concerns may investigate finasteride as part of their hair growth plan. Of course, just about every medication has some side effect or potential side effect, although exactly what that effect may be depends very much on the individual person. There have, however, been a few reports from individuals taking this medication that have subsequently developed jock itch. These reports are not published in medical journals, so they haven't been scientifically verified. It may be that these people developed jock itch for reasons having nothing to do with their hair growth treatments. However, finasteride does seem to have some effect on hormone production, and hormones do seem to have an effect on fungal development (and jock itch is a fungus). But all this is very murky and unclear right now. Still, it's worth knowing so that a man who is using finasteride can keep an eye out for signs of jock itch and treat it properly if it does appear. Jock itch As mentioned, jock itch is a fungus, essentially a yeast infection. As the name implies, the primary characteristic is an itchiness which can be quite severe at times. Jock itch is not especially serious, but it can be very annoying. Jock itch most often occurs in the groin area, including the thighs. It presents as a red, ring-shaped rash. The fungus thrives in warm, moist areas, so the penis and its environs are ideal for its growth. It is spread from person to person contact, or from coming into contact with surfaces or materials used by a person with the fungus. In men, jock itch is often spread by sharing towels or clothing. It is also a close cousin of athlete's foot, so treating athlete's foot can help prevent jock itch. Often a person may scratch his itchy foot and then scratch his groin, transferring the fungus in the process. Over-the-counter treatments can help get rid of the fungus that causes jock itch. Other medications may help soothe the itching while the rash is still present. Jock itch, whether there's a possible hair growth connection or not, is a major pain. It can be helpful to use a first rate penis health cr me (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to help soothe the itchiness and keep the penis skin healthy and strong. It's best to find a cr me that contains a combination of superior moisturizing agents, such as Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (a natural hydrator). Penis skin also needs protection from the oxidative stress that excess free radicals can cause. A cr me with a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid can be a big help in this area.
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Baldness (Alopecia Areata) - Is There A Way To Stimulate Hair Growth?

Dr. Mohammed Iqbal 89% (86 ratings)
MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Visakhapatnam
Baldness (Alopecia Areata) - Is There A Way To Stimulate Hair Growth?
Alopecia areata is stated as a baldness disorder where there is hair loss due to a mistaken attack of the immune system on the hair follicles (the region where hair growth starts). The damage which the hair follicles face is not permanent. However, the reason why the immune system attacks the hair follicles is still unknown. Although this problem is commonly seen in people below the age of 20, it may also be found in adults and children belonging to any age group. Men and women equally fall victim to this disorder. Causes of Alopecia Areata- It's yet not perfectly understood what causes alopecia areata. For some reason, follicles stop producing visible hair, resulting in smooth bald patches that can appear overnight. Researchers are trying to determine what triggers the disease, and whether it's from within the body or from environmental factors. There are no diagnostic tests available which can predict the onset and behavior of alopecia areata. However, there may be some hereditary factors which play a role in hair loss, in about 20% of cases people with alopecia areata have a family member who are also affected. Below area few common factors which are known as a trigger for Alopecia areata. Genetic tendencies Environmental triggers Medicines Long illness Exposure to chemicals Nutritional deficiency Thyroid dysfunction Extreme Stress Vaccines Local skin disease Pregnancy Ayurveda Management- Increased hair fall in ayurveda is termed as khalitya and is classified under shiroroga. Romakupagata / keshamulagata vitiated pitta (bhrajaka pitta) along with vitiated vata leads to dis-lodgement or withering of the hair from the hair roots. Further to this, vitiated sleshma / kapha along with rakta will cover and causes obstruction to the hair root, which results in no further hair growth from that place. A few ways of treatment to reduce hair fall and stimulate hair growth: Pitta Pacification: This type of treatment is stated as an effective ayurvedic treatment to enhance the digestive system including pitta pacification dietary chart and pitta decreasing ayurvedic medication. This therapy removes toxins from the biological system through effective herbs. Ayurvedic Oil Application: Jasminum grandifolium induced medicated herbal hair oil is highly effective for treating baldness. Panchakarma Therapy: Panchakarma is defined as five (pancha) remedies (karma) which involve ayurvedic measures to cleanse the body. This therapy is generally seen as a supplement to the whole therapy needed for treating alopecia. Specific suggestions of Panchakarma therapy are shirodhara (head massage with medicated oil) and Ksheera vasthi, which includes medicated enema (injecting liquid or gas into the rectum, to take out the harmful contents like toxins). Nasya: This therapy is characterized by the ayurvedic intake of medication through your nasal cavity which then eliminates the impurities from there. It is a very effective therapy for treating the signs of alopecia. Ayurvedic Diet: Ayurvedic diet is considered an essential treatment method for alopecia. Certain food products must be included or increased in the diet. These include: Food with astringent properties (making skin less oily and reducing bleeding from minor abrasions), sweet and bitter. Lentils, leafy green vegetables and pulses. Herbal tea like liquorice tea and peppermint tea. Seeds and nuts like soaked almond, sesame seed and sunflower seed. Egg white, turkey, chicken, and fish.
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Hair Care

Dr. G S Lavekar 92% (9098 ratings)
Ph.D - Ayurveda, MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Delhi
Hair Care
Hair on Scalp is like a crown, everyone likes to have proper scalp hair. Nowadays many hair related problems are common like hair fall, hair thinning, split end, dandruff, dryness etc. but hair loss is a more common observed in men, women and children. A person loses an average of 100 hairs every day, if this exceeds then it becomes a matter of concern and needs treatment. In many hair loss cases, the hair doesn t grow back. If anyone is experiencing excessive hair fall or hair is falling in patches then immediate treatment is advised. The most common type of hair loss in men is pattern baldness, often known as androgenetic alopecia. This kind of baldness is seen initially hair lose in the front, crown, and sides of the hairline, and may become totally bald but in females thinning at the top and front of the head is common. This type of hair loss is genetic, and requires numerous treatments. Hair loss may be due to varied causes like: thyroid problems, hormone imbalance, not getting sufficient nutrition to hairs, inadequate sleep, Anemia, and regular consumption of junk food, mental worries, and excessive uses of Soap, Shampoo, and Oils containing harmful chemicals. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, linked premature graying of hair to osteopenia (thinning of the bones). The Parabens and phthalates, used in many beauty and hair-care products, have been linked to cancer and reproductive-system damage, so one should be careful in uses of such products. Hair is protein in nature, so maintain protein part in your daily diet by adequate consumption of legumes like beans, peas, lentils, dry fruits, and fermented products and recipes. Hairs cuticles are rich in silicon, be sure to include dietary silicon in your diet to provide elasticity and strength to hair; common good sources include cabbage, cauliflower, celery, leeks, onions, garlic, parsley, and asparagus, barley, oats, millet, whole wheat, nuts, dried fruit, bananas, root vegetables, spinach etc. To prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle, ensure that you are getting enough essential fatty acids (EFAs) from fish, borage, and flaxseed oils, as well as adequate vitamin E. Daily massage of scalp with Coconut or Almond oil is most ideal to keep hair soft and moist, such massage provides nutrition and increases scalp circulation there by absorption increases. If medication fails to re-grow or restore hairs then the only option is hair transplant operative measure. Better to use many homely simple and tested hair care remedies like: Regular daily gentle scalp massage with Coconut, Jaswand or Almond oil, Bhringraj oil etc. Consumption of Dry fruits, Sesame seeds, seasonal fruits etc. Some Yogasana like Shirshasana, Sarvangasana etc. Nasya Nasal oil instillation daily or twice in a week. Uses of homely Shampoo for hair wash like Soap nut, Amla, Shikakai , Aloe Vera, Triphala etc. The Protection of head-scalp from severe sun shine and cold.
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Mesotherapy: How Effective Is It For Promoting Hair Growth?

Dr. Prashantha Kesari 84% (10 ratings)
MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, DNB, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Bangalore
Mesotherapy: How Effective Is It For Promoting Hair Growth?
Body molding and contouring is one of the ways in which one can tweak and create a more pleasant appearance. There are several cosmetic and other types of procedures that can help in this regard. Mesotherapy is one of the few non-invasive, body molding techniques that includes infusing greasy tissues with extraordinary mixes and combinations. This comprises of plant concentrates, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and catalysts that work together to separate fat cells and dispense with the cells from the body actually. The infusion additionally contains sedatives and solutions to diminish any pain that may be experienced during the procedure. Procedure: With mesotherapy, a series of injections are administered just underneath the surface of the skin. These injections can be administered to the thighs, hindquarters, knees and guts. Within a matter of days, the fat cells start to separate and dissipate. These injections have homeopathic and other pharmaceutical properties and qualities built into them for a winning combination. Advantages This procedure has a number of benefits in terms of the way it is carried out. Mesotherapy offers a few advantages for individuals that would prefer not to experience surgery to lose a couple ""vanity"" pounds. It is a non-invasive surgery that does not require hospitalization or painful incisions and cuts on the body for administration of the elements. It does not require general anesthesia, which makes it a simpler process in terms of recovery. This procedure can easily be performed on an outpatient basis so that the patient is able to go back home soon after the procedure. It delivers even results throughout the body due to proper distribution of the medication. It gives rise to better dissemination and blood flow in the treated territory. It also prevents muscle fits. Offers dependable results depending on the whether or not the individual maintains a proper diet and lifestyle. Things you should remember before opting for it Mesotherapy too has some risks associated with it, so it is imperative to cast a glance on them and discuss the same with the doctor. Smoldering sensation can be experienced during and after the technique. Redness and swelling for a few days after the system It can become an expensive affair. Some wounds may be expected. One may experience allergic reactions to the chemicals and mixes infused. Danger of disease at the infusion site. Probability of perpetual swelling and irregularities under the skin. Unnecessary disturbance and irritation of the skin and its tissues.

Popular Questions & Answers

Can androgenic alopecia be temporary in teens. I am 15 and my hair is thinning what can I do.

Dr. Kinjal Bhayani 95% (205 ratings)
FMC (Fellow in Med.Cosmetology), BHMS, csd
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Rajkot
Rub onion daily Hair fall occurs due to poor nutrition Stress Bad quility or very strong chemical shampoo Prolong medications Hair colouring or ironing or rebonding like procedures Constantly changing shampoo and oil Generally hair fall seen more in winter due to dryness of skin So treatment is according to cause But some general tips to regrow your hair Apply hair oil and shampoo twice a week Drink 10-15 glass of water daily Drink coconut water Take rich diet cereals dates carrot beetroot milk green vegetables as much as possible abha arc of life
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I using r89 lipocol-hair care drops, its work on my hair and my hair fall becomes stop but my new hairs is not growing. So what I do to grow my new hairs.

Dr. Narasimhalu C.R.V. 93% (38905 ratings)
Dermatologist, Chennai
Use it. You are suffering from hormonal changes causing Androgenetic alopecia causing hair fall. It's completely stoppable even regrowth of hair is possible with certain medications without any side effects. Treatment depends on the grade of hair loss. So, it's a must for diagnosing which grade, you are in for an effective treatment. Please meet me in my clinic or do direct personal online consultation by sending photos for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.
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Hi im poshika im 23 years of age I want to grow my hairs healthy n increase the volume of the hairs so please suggest me the strong n quick results of shampoo and oil to use it daily. Please please suggest me the best one?

Dr. Susanta Kumar Meher 88% (26 ratings)
Dermatologist, Sambalpur
Use hair serum .take antioxidants tab./ biotin tab. Hair grows about 1 cm/ month .no quick results. It may take 3-4 months.
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My cousin is suffering from pcos. She is taking treatment for that. But she has excessive growth of facial hairs. She has a query about permanent hair removal treatment ,if electrolysis hair removal method is better or laser? And wt about the expenses? And locations of clinic.

Dr. Dharmik Patel 87% (64 ratings)
General Physician, Anand
My advice to complete your treatment for pcos because treatment of pcos is based on hormones, it alters normal body hormones, this leads to abnormal body hair growth. So first of all complete that treatment and after that think about hair removal treatment.
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Hi, In small area of my head I realise there is no hair and I saw it yesterday itself I am really worried could you please suggest.

Dr. Archana Agarwal 94% (233 ratings)
Homeopath, Kolkata
Hello. Hair loss in any particular area of scalp may be alopecia areata. We need further evaluation of the condition. For that you can consult through private questions.

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Improving Hair Health

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Hair Grows Faster In Summer Compared To Winters. True or False?
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