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Hair Fall - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

Causes of Hair loss:

Hair fall is most commonly prevalent in people who have had a family history of hair loss, genetic play a huge role in this. Some hormones also trigger hair loss which usually begins during puberty. Other factors such as traumatic events, surgeries and major illnesses can also trigger acute hair fall. In such cases, hair starts growing back on it own after some time. Temporary hair loss can be caused due to menopause, sudden discontinuation of birth control pills, childbirth and hormonal changes due to pregnancy. Sometimes severe medical conditions can also cause hair fall such as scalp infections (ringworm), alopecia areata (autoimmune disorder which damages the hair follicles) and thyroid disease. Disorders like lichen planus and certain types of lupus can also cause lichens which result in hair fall. Many times hair fall can also be triggered by the use of medications used to treat heart problems, depression, arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer. Emotional or physical shock can also trigger hair loss such as high fever, extreme weight loss and death in the family. A hair pulling disorder known as trichotillomania makes the affected person pull out his/her hair deliberately. It is an impulse control disorder which can be treated by therapy. The affected person can pull out hair from their eyelash, eyebrows and the scalp. Tying our hair very tightly puts immense pressure on the hair resulting in breakage. This is known as traction hair loss. Consuming less iron and protein in your diet can also lead to thin hair.

Treatment for hair loss:

It is vital to visit a dermatologist if you are facing severe hair fall. The dermatologist is most likely to prescribe medications which contain corticosteroids and a substance called minoxidil. Hair transplant surgeries and scalp reduction surgery is also advised in severe cases.

Treatable by medical professional Self diagnosable Lab test not required Non communicable
Gradual thinning especially on the top of the scalp Circular of patchy bald spots Loosening of the hair Hair los on the whole body Scaling patches that spread all over the scalp

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Hair Loss - Cosmetic Procedures That Can Help!

MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS, PLAB
Dermatologist, Hyderabad
Hair Loss - Cosmetic Procedures That Can Help!

Apart from the cosmetic worries, baldness can cause major esteem issues. Hereditary or genetics do contribute to about 95 percent of the cases pertaining to baldness (alopecia) while the remaining 5 percent might be due to the side effects of certain medications, illness, stress or diet. Here is where cosmetic procedures come to your rescue in treating this condition.

  1. Sprinkling colored, powdery fiber sprinkles on one’s scalp helps in covering up the thin hairy regions, hence rendering them a fuller appearance.
  2. Hair pieces or wigs produced from human or synthetic hair actually veils the baldness, furthermore boosting one’s style statement.
  3. Hair transplants are used in filling in one’s bald areas, thereby making it the sole permanent solution to baldness. Tiny strands of hair are eliminated from the areas with thicker growth and substituted in the bald regions.
  4. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is a therapy wherein concentrated blood plasma comprising of growth proteins is injected into the scalp through a thin needle to stimulate healing of the wound.
  5. Scalp reduction involves cutting off the bald regions to stitch the rest of the scalp together.
  6. Often, tissue expanders are used to stretch the hair bearing scalp to the adjacent bald area with the help of the tissue expansion technique.
  7. When stress becomes the root cause of hair fall, Astressin-B, a stress-hormone blocker, works to inhibit the stress stimulating hormone.
  8. A natural biological substance known as Extracellular Matrix (ECM) is implanted on the part containing the damaged tissues to speed up healing.
  9. Bontress Lotion, made of red clover extracts, prevents reduction of hair.
  10. Hair multiplication or cloning method requires the extraction of donor hair cells from existing hair follicles, after which the cells are multiplied in a lab for injecting into the bald portions.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Hair fall - Know The Causes And How It Can Be Treated

Dermatologist, Noida
Hair fall - Know The Causes And How It Can Be Treated

Hair fall is a part of the natural aging process. However, sometimes, excessive hair fall may be the result of a disease or any other poor health condition. Knowing the causes and the available treatment options can help in dealing with the hair fall problem. Read on to find what might be causing hair fall and the ways to treat the problem.

Causes of hair fall
Several factors can be responsible for causing hair fall, and a few of the most common causes are:

  1. Excessive hairstyling: Using products that are chemically harsh on the hair can trigger hair fall. Also, using styling products excessively such as straighteners, hair dryers, rollers, or bleach may result in inflaming and scaring the hair follicles leading to hair fall.
  2. Underlying illness or surgery: Suffering from an illness such as syphilis, thyroid, or autoimmune diseases, or experiencing tremendous stress after surgery can cease the hair production or trigger hair fall.
  3. Hormonal imbalances: Hormonal imbalances due to use of certain medications, childbirth or health conditions can also cause hair fall.
  4. Nutritional deficiencies: Hair fall can also be triggered by lack of nutrition or over dieting or eating disorders.
  5. Use of certain medications: Use of certain medications and drugs, such as chemotherapy drugs or medications that boosts Vitamin A level can also contribute to hair fall.
  6. Hereditary: Sometimes, hair fall can also be hereditary; and in that case, treating it becomes difficult. However, with the help of surgical treatments such as hair transplant, heredity induced hair fall can be treated.

How can hair fall be treated?
Several treatment options are available, and based on the cause of the hair fall, the present scalp condition, and the severity of hair fall among other factors, a dermatologist may offer the below-mentioned treatments:

  1. Medications: From topical lotions and creams to anti-inflammatory medications, depending upon the cause of hair fall, these medications can boost hair growth, while calming the inflamed and damaged hair follicles.
  2. Scalp reduction: When hair fall results in baldness, then this particular treatment may become helpful as, in it, the bald scalp area is replaced with scalp areas that have hair.
  3. Hair transplant surgery: Hair replacement through surgical techniques can also be great when people suffer from hair fall due to hereditary reasons and has developed bald spots as a result of rapidly increasing hair fall.

Experiencing hair fall for a long term can not only cause one to suffer from baldness, hair thinning, and bald patches, but also can result in permanent hair loss

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Ionization Therapy - Hair Regrowth With Ozone Therapy!

Dermatologist, Noida
Ionization Therapy - Hair Regrowth With Ozone Therapy!

The word ozone makes on think of the layers of the earth’s atmosphere and global warming but rarely does it make on think about hair. However, ozone therapy or ionization therapy can be very good for hair regrowth has come to become very popular in recent times. Ozone or O3 is a blue, odorous gas which is naturally present in air from where it can be extracted. Alternatively, ozone can be chemically synthesized in a laboratory. Apart from your luscious locks, ozone therapy can also be used to treat heart ailments, diabetes, problems with vision, Parkinson’s disease, dental cavities and slipped discs.

Unlike an oxygen molecule, ozone has three oxygen atoms. These have the ability to release free radicals when injected into any part of the body. When injected into the scalp, the ozone is oxidized and peptones are developed on the hair shafts. A further protective layer is then formed over each strand of hair by the peptones. This protects the hair from breakage and keeps it from falling.

The ozone molecule also strengthens and rejuvenates the hair follicles. This helps nourish the scalp and the hair. It also improves blood circulation and reduces microbial infection on the scalp. Along with this, ionization therapy helps add volume to hair and treats issues such as dandruff, frizziness and split ends. In the case of coloured hair, ionization therapy can help hair colour last longer by strengthening the bond between the dye and hair.

Both men and women can benefit from ionization therapy. Ionization therapy can be used to treat a number of issues related to the hair. It is most commonly used to address cases of hair fall, thinning of hair, alopecia, balding and seborrheic dermatitis. These conditions could be caused by genetic traits, pollution, aging, hormonal imbalances, poor diet, infections or poor hair care.

Ionization therapy can be provided by a doctor or in certain spas. It is preferable to undergo this procedure under the guidance of a certified dermatologist. Hair ionization is a painless procedure that does not require any hospitalization or anesthesia. The ozone rays are passed into the scalp through a comb-like device. This may be used 15-20 minutes a week.

Like any other procedure, there are certain risks associated with ionization therapy. If excessive ozone is injected into the scalp, it can be very toxic. Instead of strengthening the hair follicles, this could damage them further. It is also not advisable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and people with chronic skin allergies. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Stress Induced Hair Fall - How It Can Be Managed?

MD - Dermatology Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS
Dermatologist, Ludhiana
Stress Induced Hair Fall - How It Can Be Managed?

There is ample evidence to suggest the fact that anxiety or stress and the problem of hair loss are indeed related. The relationship between the two, despite being a complex one, can be easily established. If you’re worrying too much about how the rate of hair loss in your case has seemingly multiplied, then it’s time that you stop over-thinking. Your anxieties are contributing significantly to the condition itself. Hair-fall owing to excessive stress may occur anytime within the 6 weeks to 4 months time period that follows an event which might cause extreme pressure on you, psychologically or otherwise.

However, it is imperative to remember that the possibility for acute hair-fall to occur is very rare in case your anxiety is less than severe. Stress triggers a plethora of conditions that effectively contribute to hair loss, the most common ones being:

  • Telogen Effluvium: The most frequently observed condition wherein more amount of hair than what is considered normal prepares to fall off.
  • Alopecia Areata: Sudden increment in a fall of large clumps of your hair around the scalp.
  • Trichotillomania: This is an otherwise habitual condition led by anxiety and stress wherein the person affected pulls out his hair without even realizing the fact that he is actually pulling out his own hair.

The good news is that for those who suffer from anxiety induced hair-fall is that, the problem isn’t a permanent one. If anxiety and stress are the conditions that have triggered this problem, then best results might be achieved by implementing measures to reduce the stress causing factors. However, ensure that you’re addressing this problem properly so that a fall or a reduction may be observed in both your anxiety levels as well as your hair-fall problems.

There are several quick fixes that go a long way in contributing to the correction of this condition:

  • Meditation aids in altering your brain’s neural pathways, thereby improving and strengthening your resilience towards stress.
  • Connecting with your loved ones more often helps you relax and heal emotionally, significantly lowering your anxiety levels.
  • Music that soothes the senses, calms down your nerves, and lowers the blood pressure levels, helps in alleviating the effects of a stressful living.
  • It is vital to keep in mind the fact that a healthy lifestyle and regular exercising go a long way in keeping your health intact-whether it be securing your tresses or lowering your anxieties.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Hair Fall - What Should You Do When You Are Suffering From It?

MBBS, MD - Dermatology, venereology & Leprology, Fellowship in Cosmetology (MUHS)
Dermatologist, Kota
Hair Fall - What Should You Do When You Are Suffering From It?

Hair fall is one of the most common problems encountered by people all over the world. Stress is inevitable on seeing a couple of hair strands from our pillow, study table, drainage in bathroom and what not. Many reasons (including social) makes us visit places, such as Barber shops / Parlours / Friends and Dermatologists.

Hairfall has multiple reasons to its credit:

  1. Hereditary: Genes are to be blamed (usually) for hair fall in maximum number of cases i.e the ‘Family Tree’. Anyone with Hairfall from our Father/Mother’s side can explain the same in our case.

  2. Diet: Anything except Fruits and Vegetables (of course the Junk Food) in the diet can be a reason for our malnourished hairs and hair fall. High protein diet is beneficial in most of the cases.

  3. Sleep: Regular sleeping habits can reduce the frequency of hair fall.

  4. Stress: Subconcious stress is one of the major reasons for not only Hairfall but also many common illnesses encountered in our day to day life. Try YOGA, avoid Stress.

  5. Parlour Procedures: We do an irreversible damage by treating our hairs with harsh chemicals/ Hair dryer. Please avoid.

  6. Hard water: If your tap gives you a fluoride/hard/boring water for bathing, its time to switch to a treated water.

  7. Medications: Excessive, unnecessary medications for some other diseases may also make your hairs to fall.

  8. Smoking: Avoid any kind of habit to restore your hair health.

  9. Dandruff: Hair oil application (usually) increases the dandruff of the scalp which leads to hairfall. Avoid doing so.

  10. Google Gyan: You may actually harm yourself by following the Tips on Google (which usually are devoid of any scientific proof).

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Popular Questions & Answers

Sir I recently I moved to Bangalore and hair fall started here I my hair started thinning so I started using redenser hair serum and not yet started trichospire hair kit so can I start using kit is it good to use or can you suggest me some other treatment please.

Dermatologist, Chennai
You are suffering from hormonal changes causing Androgenetic alopecia causing hair fall. It's completely stoppable even regrowth of hair is possible with certain medications without any side effects. Treatment depends on the grade of hair loss. So, it's a must for diagnosing which grade, you are in for an effective treatment. Please send photos of your head, by direct online consultation for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.
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Hi I am 24 year old, and I am having hair fall, I don't know why is it and getting dandruff too my hair is getting thinner I guess. What to do?

Homeopath, Delhi
Hair fall has many causes, but the kind of you describing is because of disturbance in oil cycle due to shampoo usage. The scalp condition has lead to poor nutrition of hair root and weakening of strength. You can order Power Homeopathic Treatment no 3 especially developed for your kind of scalp condition.

I'm having hair fall and hair is thinning. off late, due to the diet changes, hair fall is more and scalp is visible. If I undergo hair transplant, will the existing hair gets shock and fall? Also, I'm about to get married in 2 months. Is it wise to undergo transplant now? I heard that it takes more than 6 months for the hair to regrow.

Dermatologist, Chennai
You are suffering from hormonal changes causing Androgenetic alopecia causing hair fall. It's completely stoppable even regrowth of hair is possible with certain medications without any side effects. Treatment depends on the grade of hair loss. So, it's a must for diagnosing which grade, you are in for an effective treatment. Please send photos of your head, by direct online consultation for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

My brother has having excessive hair fall what we should do so it stop in minimum time. Both natural way or any medicine.

Dermatologist, Chennai
Suffering from hormonal changes causing Androgenetic alopecia causing hair fall. It's completely stoppable even regrowth of hair is possible with certain medications without any side effects. Treatment depends on the grade of hair loss. So, it's a must for diagnosing which grade, you are in for an effective treatment. Please send photos of your head, by direct online consultation for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.
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I am suffering hair fall from last 3 months in my hostel .how can I reduce my hair fall. What shampoo is useful to control hair fall. My age 17 years .intermediate 1 year.

MBBS, MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Bhubaneswar
Drink sufficient water daily. Take sufficient green leafy vegetables pulses fruits milk daily. Start calcium pantothenate biotin vitamins b6 vitamins B12 Iron folic acid zinc supplements daily. Apply a good hair serum or tincture at night. Wash your scalp with a good antidanduff shampoo. Take 7 hours sound sleep daily.
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Table of Content

Causes of Hair loss:
Treatment for hair loss:
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Hair Loss - When Should You Opt For Hair Transplant?
Hello Friends!

I am Dr. Urvashi Chandra and I practice at Chandra Clinic, Pitampura, New Delhi. I see a lot of hair loss patients on daily basis in my practice. And hair loss can be of a wide variety. It can because of stress, nutritional deficiency, genetics. So, today in this video I will only talk about genetic hair loss which is most disturbing for men as well as women. So, genetic hair loss is generally is in your genes. It may or may not be hereditary which means your father or anyone from your mother side may or may not have this baldness issue. A patient comes to me at a different stage of hair loss. Some people come when the hair loss just started. Some people come when there is visibly thinning across the scalp. And some patient comes when there is a lot of evident baldness. So, treatment for every stage is different. If you have just started hair loss than the medicines alone are good enough. Plus we are also going to tell you that how to modify your lifestyle because there could be some reason which is causing hair loss which is sudden weight loss, excessive gyming, excessive traveling, not taking care of diet, taking some medicines. There might be some medicines which are causing hair loss.

So, these are all the factors which we are taking to account to treat a patient of hair loss. In case, your hair loss is at some advanced stage which means there is some thinning, in that case, we suggest some other treatments along with your prescription medicines such as PRP or laser helmet. In this we take a blood sample, we take the platelet part out of the sample and inject back into your scalp. This is the no.1 therapy across the globe right now for treating hair loss which includes some thinning. So, this is the therapy we generally do once in 3 weeks or once in a month into 3 sittings and patient get a very good increase in density nearly 6 months along with prescription medicines. So, there are PRP injections given across the scalp, the procedure takes half an hour to 45 minutes. Results are fantastic. There is another therapy which is called laser helmet. It has low-level laser light.

You have to use this helmet thrice a week, every time for 20 minutes. This is the therapy you can use with your prescription medicines. This is the therapy suggested to people who have just started noticing the thinning of the hair. This is now FDA approved. It is a take-home product. No need to come to the clinic again and again. There are people who come with the advanced stage of hair loss where there is balding. For such patients, we suggest the hair transplant. It is a surgical procedure and unlike the common misconception, that revolves around hair transplants that there are a lot of side-effects, a lot of pain. But it is not the fact. The fact is hair transplant is the safe procedure. Yes, there can be 1 or 2 side-effects, mild infections, some boils but it is a very safe procedure. I have been doing hair transplant for the last 8 years. You get back your hair from 10 months to a year.

So, everybody who has advanced regular hair fall or hair loss, I would suggest you go for a hair transplant. There are 2 procedures for hair transplant. One is the FUE. In this, the hair is taken out one by one and implanted one by one. the other way is the strip technique in which the long strip of skin is cut and that graft is put into the area wherever is required. So, both the procedures have their pros and cons. FUE is more comfortable for the patient. Patents have less pain. it is the procedure that can be done on the majority of patients. The patient can join back the next day. The one disadvantage or the limitation of FUE is probably you will not be able to get a number of hair in a single session. So, you might have to go for 2 sessions. Strips surgery on the other hand also called FUT. It involves the entire cutting of the skin. So, an elasticity of your scalp is important. Also, the scarring part is there. So, the strip surgery is more assistant or dependent. In our clinic, FUE is done 100% by doctors, not assistants. in terms of downtime, with FUE you can join the work the next day. With strip, surgery will have to take some days rest because the sochers are quite tight. So, there is some pain at the back of your scalp. You may have to take rest for some days. But either way, both procedures have their pros and cons.

In case, you have a genetic pattern or hereditary pattern of huge baldness. So, your implantation will be done accordingly. You cannot expect that your implantation will be done with a very low hairline or with a very high density. I would also like to stress that you have to be careful of the clinic that you choose for hair transplant because you may go to multiple clinics who will give you false claims that you will get a very high density. But this is not natural. So, you have to make sure that the surgeon you choose. Density is reasonable, you may need multiple sessions for the procedures. Whatever the side-effects will be there, the surgeon will assign you the procedure.

Also, you must check the experience of your surgeon or how much procedures he has done specifically in hair transplant. The procedure is done by the surgeon or whether the procedure is done by his assistant. These are the couple of checkpoints that you need to check. What are the instruments that are used? The punches which are used, from where they are coming. Are the punches sharp or the punches dull? Because all the things are going to matter. They are going to make a huge difference to your result and also the healing. Also, you have to be aware of, people who say that they are using robotics. But the robot is actually not the robot. It is just a suction machine which revolves the punch and this machine is given the name of the robot. So, you have to make sure that what is the technique that is used. What are the exact instruments that will be used?

The experience of the surgeon. The scalp that will be covered. At the end of this video, I would like to again tell you that depending on your kind of hair loss, choose your treatment wisely, beware of people who tell you that when you need a hair transplant only when you have just mild thinning. Because this procedure is not meant for who have just some thinning. For some thinning, that can be dealt with just medicines or PRP or laser. You don't need the transplant in that case. So, make sure you choose your clinic wisely and take care of your hair. Of course, you have to modify your lifestyle. Take care of your diet to maintain healthy hair. MAke sure your diet is healthy. That would make sure that your hair is good for life. Even you have rejected pattern of baldness, that should not start very early in life. Because if you have very stressful life than the same genetic pattern that you probably get at the age of 40, you will definitely develop at the age of 30. If your life is stressful and your diet is not OK. So, take care of your diet and be healthy and stay healthy.

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Hair Transplant
Hair Fall - Causes and Treatment

Main Dr. Nishant Chhajer, cosmetic and plastic surgeon. Noida mein practice karta hu aur main pichle aath saalo se cosmetic aur plastic ke chetra mein kaam karta hu aajkal humlog jaise ki dekh rahe hai ki bahut zada log dhyan de rahe hai ke wo kaise dikhte hai aur log unko kis tarah se samjhte hai aur kya unke baare mein sochte hai. toh look ek bahut hi important hai, aap kaise dikhte hai aur log aapke baare mein kya sochte hai aur kya wo dekhna chahte hai. naa kewal iska aapke confidence ke upar prabhav padhta hai lekin logo ke interpretation aur log kis sense mein aapko lete hai, wo bhi aapke upar bahut farak padhta hai. aaj hum hair transplant and baalon se related jo samasya hai ke baal jharne ki samasya aur jo kuch common infection hai baalo ki uske baare mein baat karege. Baalo ki bahut hi badi samasya ye hai ki nutrition jo hai wo acha nahi hai, stress bahut zada hai wo kaam ki ho ya gharelu ho ya economic ho ya lifestyle hu.

Ye saari samaya aapki baalo pe bahut bada prabhav padhta hai aur isse baal zada jharte hai. dusra ek ki waatawaran ek bahut hi important factor hai jaisi ki aap dekh hi rahe hai ki roz aata jaata hai tv pe, net pe, social media pe, ki heavy pollution ho gaya hai, heavy particulate matter bahut ho gaya hai, saans lene ki diqqat ho rahi hai. iske wajah se skin aur baalo ki samasya bhi kaafi badh rahi hai. naa kewal ye samasya badh rahi hai par bahut saari allergy aur usse hone wale rogo ko paida kar rahi hai aur iske wajah se kaafi kam umar mein logo ke baal jhar jaate hai. pehle aap dekhte the ki humare jo buzurg hote the wo 40 saal 50 saal 60 saal 80 saal umar tak unke baal jharte nahi the, baal kale bhi rehte the, lekin ab aap dekhege ki 25 saal 30 saal ke unke baal jharne lagte hai aur dekhege ke log aadhe ganje ho jate hai. aur uske baad wo idhar udhar ghumte hai ke kisi tarah se humare baal thik ho jaye ya unka koi ilaaj ho jaye.

Ab iske liye ye bhi dekhna zaruri hai ki aap jisse apna baalon ka ilaaj karwa rahe hai kya wo qualified hai ya nahi hai, kya wo is tarah ka ilaaj kar sakta hai ya nahi, uski appropriate education ya degree hai ki nahi hai humare desh mein kya hai ke koi bhi aake kehne lag jaata hai ke main is cheez ka specialist hu aur log uski baton mein aake aadha adhura ilaaj karwate hai, uske baad mein sochte hai ki iska koi ilaaj ho nahi sakta. Baalon ki samasya jo hoti hai unke liye dawai, khan paan aur hair transplant, ye kuch main cheezein hai jisse inki baalon ka ilaaj kiya jaa sakta hai. log baal jharne ki samasya ko shuruat lete hai ki kya kaaran hai, kyun baal jhar rahe hai, kya ye health related issues ke wajah se hai ya environmental issues ke wajah se hai aur ye nutritious issues ke wajah se hai. in cheezon ko dekhne ke baad hum ye dekhte hai ki kya ye allergy ke wajah se, kya ye fungal infection ke wajah se hai, ya ye genetic hai, pita ji ke bhaiyo ke baal kaafi jaldi umar mein jaldi chale gaye.

Is sab cheezon ko assess karne ke baad mein, teen option hum aapko suggest karte hai. ek toh ho gaya Pharmacotherapy, mane dawaiyon se ilaaj, isme allergy ka ilaaj, fungal infection ka ilaaj, dandruff ka ilaaj sab hai. dusra ho gaya, nutritional support therapy, jisme ki multivitamin aur jo ki growth factor hair specific hote hai, unko khane ki form mein diya jaata hai, dawai ke form mein diya jaata hai, aur sath mein PRP ya Mesotherapy ki local blood supply ko aapki scalp ke health ko badhate hai. aap ye samjh skte hai ki ye ek khaad ki tarah kaam karta hai. uske baad mein agla number aata hai jaha ke koi bhi gunjaish nahi bachti hai, usme hum hair transplant kar sakte hai. hair transplant ek bahut hi reliable and specialized tareeka hai baalo ko dobara grow karne ka.

Jaise ki aapne bahut suna hoga ke main 25000 mein baal laga dunga, koi keh raha hai ki main 50000 mein baal laga dunga, main ek lakh mein baal laga dunga, parantu aapko dekhna hoga ki aap aap jiske paas jaa rahe hai baal lagane ke liye kya wo uske liye upyukt aadmi hai ya nahi hai, kya unke centre pe facility hai ya nahi hai, unke results kaise hai aur unka commitment kaisa hai. baal lagan eke liye FUT aur FUE, do tareeke hai, dono mein koi vishesh antar nahi hai, kewal baal nikalne ka tareeka alag hai. baaki basic saari cheezein same hai, kaise baal nikale jayege, kaise nikale jayege. Hum apne centre pe baal aur isse related ilaaj karte aaye hai aur humare result reliable hai aur humara prayaas ye rehta hai ye hum dilver kare jo hum kehte aur jhoothe promises na de.

Hum apne centre mein pura assessment karne ke baad mein fitness dekhne ke baad mein ye chahte hai ke mareez kuch din dawai le jisse ki uske jo detrimental problems hai wo solve ho jaye aur uske baad mein baalo ko lagaya jaye. Agar aap humare baar mein aur adhik jaanna chahte hai toh aap lybrate pe online salaah le sakte hai aur agar aap mujhse personally milna chahte hai toh noida mein Gunjan Clinic, B Block Market, Sector 31 pe aap sampark kar sakte hai ya Greater Noida mein J. R Hospital, beta 1 mein aap sampark kar sakte hai. main bahut dhanyavaad deta hu aapka. Thank you.
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PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy)
Hi, I'm Dr Sunakshi. I am a dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon in ADHD clinic in Kalkaji. Today I will be talking on PRP.

PRP is an abbreviation for platelet rich plasma which is prepared from whole Blood. The PRP is written certain growth factors which help in various conditions like hair fall in skin rejuvenation and in fat transfer. So talking about the indications of PRP, it is used in aesthetic procedures as well as other conditions like wound healing and in dental procedures. So how we prepare PRP varies according to the kit that is used which also gives a different result.

So about preparation we need to withdraw some amount of blood are usually with donor 25 to 30 ml of blood and then we centrifuge it at 4000 RPM. The best result is after 15 minutes of centrifugation. Then we take the uppermost layer which is the plasma rich PRP and we need to activate the PRP with certain activators like calcium before injection. There are various kits as I talked earlier. The kits come as Genesis CS. Then there is region lab kit which have different anti cobelans that give a different result. The cost factor also values according to the kit used. So the PRP is then injected into the areas where it is required, it can be injected superficially into the skin in the areas of wrinkles that is around the eyes around the mouth corners it can be injected on the forehead and also cheeks for some tissue augmentation.

So this way it helps in facial rejuvenation which is also known as Vampire Facelift. In hair condition, there are conditions like androgenic alopecia where there is a pattern hair loss. We also use PRP in these conditions along with other modalities like derma rulers. Few sessions are required. Almost minimum three to four sessions are required for any indication. So these sessions can be done once in a month or maximum 45 days to 2 months. This is the intent to face that I said for three to four months and then there are also maintained session that can be required in six months or one year according to the result. So PRP can be a various type. It can be pure PRP or it can be fibrin PRP. Fibrin PRP is inner gel form which is used for wound healing but pure PRP is a liquid form that can be injected.

So for PRP, a candidate has to be fit. Regarding the platelet count and some conditions like HIV, hepatitis, VDRL has to be tested before the procedure is done. So once all these tests are within normal limits, PRP can be done.

So I have already talked on the indications and the procedure. We are doing it in ADHD clinic since two years now and we are given promising results.

So if there are any queries or requirement you can contact me through Lybrate.
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Holistic Approach to Hair Fall
Treating hair loss the holistic way
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Hair Treatment
Hi, this is Dr Soniya from Looks forever clinic, Sec-18, Noida. We actually have two branches, one is in Noida and other is in Lajpat Nagar. We people are usually dealing with the hair treatment.

Basically they are from the Hair replacement systems, hair transplant systems, hair therapies and lot other things we are having for your hair. But first thing is that we have to detect that what is the problem behind your hairfall. There are basically few things which are common with the people are facing hairfall.

First is the lifestyle
Secondly is how you are maintaining your hair, like the products you are using and there are lot of associated things with your hairfall.
We actually treat the person first to take the medical history. What exactly is the problem? Is there a hereditary issue? Or anything else. We treat you accordingly.

Now, for this centre and all the centres, whatever we are bearing is what we have PRP treatments, stem cell therapies. We also have laser treatment for your hair, these are basically for the growth of your hair.

What exactly the criteria for this treatment is that we are using the selectivation therapy while we just improve your blood circulation. The pores which are clogged will be improved by that. And the proper blood circulation will lead to your healthy hair growth.

There are three phases of your hair, that is- Alogen, Catogen and Telogen. What happens in Anogen is there occurs growth of your hair. In Catogen, there is a resting phase of your hair and in Telogen is the falling phase of your hair. But after Telogen, when your hair is not coming back it leads to baldness.

So we just want to convey to people that if they are facing baldness, come for the treatment. If you have severe hairfall, we will treat that. If you have severe baldness then we will give you hair replacement treatment or hair transplantation. We also have PRP method which is Platelet Rich Plasma method which is very good for strengthening the existing hair. This will help you out for hair fall, hair thinning and it is very nice for both male and female.

We are dealing with all the hair fall treatments, extension, we are giving people voluminous hair. We are also providing hairstyle, proper hairstyle we are giving. And non-surgical we are treating with the weaving, bonding and micrografting. In these proceedings, we just cover the balded area according to your hair texture, hair colour. We give natural look so that nobody can recognize that you are wearing artificial. What people are thinking is that it is a very un natural thing, other people will recognize that it is a wig. But I am telling you clearly that it is not a wig, it is just a hair replacement which will make your look enhanced. We will customize that and it will give you a natural look and you will be completely satisfied with the results.

We are treating the cancer patients, burnt area, we are also treating ladies who are having severe baldness because of thyroid or some kind of hormonal disbalances. So these are the basic criteria for your hair treatments.

Now we are also starting other treatments for skin such as laser hair reduction. We are also treating with slimming procedures. Now Looks forever is enhanced with all the treatments providing hair, skin and laser treatments.

So you can avail all the treatments over here with all the best results. And we treat according to the skill.

I prefer that you come for the consultation first so that we can discuss. Sometimes we have a very nice offer so that you can get a trial with the consultation. So that you can have a proper idea about the treatment. Also, you can take skin treatments, skin peels. We have skin peels in which 10% of the result is assured in the first sitting only.

So I would like to suggest you visit our clinic once and see the miraculous changes in yourself.

For any kind of query or consultation, you can connect us through Lybrate.

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