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Dandruff - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Dandruff?

Though dandruff needs no formal introduction yet it is the shedding of dead skin cells of the scalp. Skin cells too die and a little bit of flaking is well within normal boundaries.

How is the cause of dandruff diagnosed by doctors?

Scalp examinations are usually used to determine why excessive dandruff is present. After the examination of the scalp, the cause of the condition is most often obvious. Sometimes though a scalp biopsy may be in order in such a procedure, local anesthesia is applied and a sample of the skin of the scalp is taken for further investigation.

What is the medical treatment of dandruff?

Seborrhea or dandruff is treated by fighting the inflammation of the skin. This may be achieved directly through the use of lotions and creams based on cortisone which reduces the inflammation. Another treatment is to put into use topical shampoos and lotions that deter yeast. The direction of dandruff treatment is usually dictated by the cause which is behind the condition.

Dandruff Home Remedies

Medicated shampoos may help a person to fight dandruff. These shampoos available at the pharmacy contain:

Such shampoos may be used for every occasion or even just twice or once every week. This is dependent on the severity of the condition. When it is mild or negligible switch to ordinary shampoos. Sometimes a particular shampoo might work for some time then be rendered ineffective. In such instances switch to another type of shampoo. If one has a resistant variant between dandruff alternate between two different shampoo types that are effective in the case of the patient. It is not that harmful to regularly use shampoos which one may use regularly to keep dandruff at bay. Topical steroids like antifungal creams and creams based on cortisone also help to fight dandruff. They too are available over the counter at concentrations of either 1% or 0.5%. They are safe for the face with results visible within few days of regular application. Lotions and creams may be combined with medicated shampoos for even more effectiveness.

Antifungal creams are also highly efficient in the task of reducing severe dandruff. They work as they decrease skin yeast organisms. Creams and lotions, although should be used till dandruff, persists after which it should be avoided. When dandruff strikes back one may use them again.

Treatable by medical professional Usually self diagnosable Lab test not required Short-term: resolves within days to weeks Non communicable
Oily skin Irritated skin Itchy scalp Worsened conditions in winters

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Surprising Myths And Facts About Dandruff

Dermatologist, Delhi
Surprising Myths And Facts About Dandruff
Dandruff is one of the most common chronic hair conditions. It is characterized by a white, flaky substance on the scalp. Dandruff is not a serious condition and neither is it contagious. However, people still want it gone so that their hair looks better. Following are the misleading conceptions about Dandruff : Myth 1: Dandruff results from bad hygiene? Fact: while regular shampooing can help keep dandruff under control, this condition does not stem from a lack of hygiene?even the most diligent hair washers can find themselves suffering from it. This is because dandruff is caused by various components, which include a characteristic overproduction of hair oil or an excess of parasitic microorganisms that live normally on our scalps. Myth 2: Dandruff only occurs on the scalp? Fact: it's true that your scalp is the most widely recognised spot to experience dandruff, yet it's by all account not the only possibility. A few individuals additionally observe that areas such as the eyebrows, ears, and around the nose are inclined to flaking too. Myth 3: All flakes in your hair is dandruff? Fact: sometimes flakes are only a consequence of dry skin on your scalp. While the difference between dryness and dandruff might be unclear to the common individual, medical experts do make a distinction between the two. If your flakes are relatively small and white, chances are you are dealing with a dry scalp - dandruff flakes tend to be larger and yellowish in colour. Myth 4: Dandruff is contagious? Fact: dandruff is not something that you can catch from someone else. The fungal bacteria that can lead to the appearance of dandruff are present on everybody?s scalp, which means all our scalps are naturally predisposed to the condition. Myth 5: Dandruff can cause hair fall? Fact: hair fall is at some point connected with dandruff and an irritated scalp; however, these conditions are not mutually exclusive. Hair fall is not brought about by dandruff, but rather might be prompted by the incessant need to scratch a bothersome scalp. When we scratch our heads, the activity causes breakage in the hair. The root cause of hair fall includes anxiety, diet and the overall health of your scalp.
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Excessive Dandruff - Is Homeopathy The Best Line Of Treatment?

Dr. Rushali Angchekar 95% (54903 ratings)
Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Excessive Dandruff - Is Homeopathy The Best Line Of Treatment?
Dandruff is a condition that involves shedding of dead cells from the skin of the scalp. However, it is not just confined to the head and can also affect the ears, eyebrows, sides of the nose, facial hair, as well as the pubic hair. It can occur on any part of the body with hair follicles. Dandruff is also known as seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea. When it occurs in newborn children, it is prevalently called a "cradle cap", which usually vanishes after a couple of months to return at a later age. Among teenagers, it is generally known as dandruff. Homeopathy cures the individual in general. It implies that homeopathic treatment concentrates on the patient as a whole, and additionally their neurotic condition. The homeopathic medicines are chosen after a full examination and case-investigation of the patient. This includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution and so forth. Here are a few homeopathic treatments for dandruff: Thuja occidentalis: This medicine is used for white, textured dandruff with dry hair and flakes that keep falling everywhere. In this condition, itching is very common and usually bad for the patient as well. Natrum muriaticum: Patients who take this usually have dandruff and an oily and sleek scalp. Dry eruptions occur, particularly on the edges of the scalp. Alopecia as well as tingling and blazing of hair follicles happens. Kali sulphuricum: This remedy is usually effective in the later stages of dandruff where there is a lot of swelling and inflammation. The dandruff in this condition has yellow scales and gets worse under warm conditions and during the evening. However, it is better in the cool. Graphites: People use this when they experience dryness of scalp, or a sticky and itchy sensation on the scalp, which gives a foul smell. Patients who are somewhat stout with a fair complexion and are prone to skin disease and constipation, tend to take this solution as well. It builds up the skin and encourages re-growth. Phosphorus: Itching of the scalp, dandruff and hair fall in huge bundles are all cured by this medicine. Hair loss at certain areas in patches is also why phosphorus is taken. It is usually consumed by tall thin people with a reasonable skin, fragile eyelashes, blonde or red hair and an extremely delicate nature. Youngsters who grow too quickly usually get anemic, which causes a lot of dandruff. Carboneum sulphuratum: Chronic skin diseases with much itching are cured by it. It is extremely useful for patients separated by abuse of liquor. Sulfur: Dry scalp, excessive hair fall and dandruff due to continuous washing of hair are fixed by this solution. People with anxious personalities, fast motion, hot temper and sensitive skin are recommended this cure.
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8 Ways To Manage Dandruff!

Dr. Raghuram Reddy 93% (142 ratings)
MD - Dermatology, MBBS
Dermatologist, Hyderabad
8 Ways To Manage Dandruff!
Seborrhea or dandruff can be a very distressing as well as an embarrassing problem. Dandruff, primarily caused due to dryness, refers to the white flakes that fall off your scalp. The problem of dandruff is common for both men and women, irrespective of age. Dandruff is such a problem that cannot be cured easily but can only be controlled. There are many remedies for controlling dandruff. Eight such remedies are mentioned below: 1. Use anti- dandruff hair care products: Using anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners can help you to control your problem of dandruff. 2. Avoid oiling your hair on a regular basis: Dandruff, at times, tends to increase if your scalp is excessively oily. So, to avoid it, try not to oil your hair regularly. Also, if you have an oily scalp, make sure to use the correct hair care products to control the problem. 3. Apply lemon juice: Lemon juice is known to be a very effective remedy for treating dandruff naturally. Apply lemon juice all over your scalp to combat the problem of dandruff. 4. Baking Soda: Baking Soda is an effective remedy. Baking soda helps to reduce the excess oil on your scalp 5. Use Virgin Olive oil: Massage warm virgin olive oil on your scalp, this can help you to reduce your problem of dandruff to some extent. 6. Include more vitamins in your diet: A healthy diet can help you to deal with your problem of dandruff more efficiently. 7. Mental stress: Reducing your mental stress can help you to control dandruff, since most hair problems occur due to stress or stress related problems. 8. Use the right comb: Try using an appropriate comb for your hair. If the comb hurts your scalp, then the skin of your scalp may turn flakier resulting in more dandruff. Following the above mentioned tips can help you to deal with your problem of dandruff efficiently. If you are unable to control dandruff, you should not ignore it and consider visiting a dermatologist for further advice.
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Is Oiling Recommended When You Are Suffering From Dandruff?

Dr. Akhilesh 91% (38 ratings)
MBBS, DNB(Skin & VD)
Dermatologist, Delhi
Is Oiling Recommended When You Are Suffering From Dandruff?
Dandruff is not something that you can catch from someone else. It is an embarrassing condition but also a major cause for hairfall and hair weakening. It is estimated to affect as many as one in five individuals in india. You're said to suffer from the problem of dandruff when the skin renewal cycle of your scalp accelerates all of a sudden. This brings about the development of patches of dead skin on your scalp surface and the resultant dry, skin flakes called dandruff. The causes of this very common problem can be: - Having dry skin can also cause dandruff to develop, which are less oily and smaller in nature. - Even irritated oily skin, more commonly known as seborrheic dermatitis can cause you to suffer from these white skin flakes. The problem can be easily identified by its distinguishing yellow or white flakes over the red greasy skin surface. - Not shampooing your hair regularly can cause skin cells and oils to build up in the scalp leading to the outbreak of dandruff. - Sensitivity to certain hair care products and the presence of Malassezia (a type of fungus) are other causes that can lead to dandruff problems. Oiling your hair is the most effective measure that you can take against this scalp problem. While the ideal time to do this is at night so that you can wash it off the next morning, one should also remember that hair oil shouldn't be left on the hair for over 24 hours. Additionally, dry scalp makes it very easy for dandruff to develop as the oil-secreting glands found in the scalp's epidermal layers produce low or no natural oil. Application of oil helps in keeping the scalp nourished as well as enables glands to produce oil. But leaving it on for more than the recommended hours can intensify your dandruff problem and further accelerate the hair fall process.
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Itchy Scalp - 4 Reasons Why It Happens!

Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta 88% (10 ratings)
Post Graduate Diploma Practical Dermatology, MBBS
Dermatologist, Delhi
Itchy Scalp - 4 Reasons Why It Happens!
Irritation on your scalp can be an embarrassing and frustrating problem, especially when you get the continuous urge to scratch your head. There can be lots of causes for an itchy scalp and it is important to identify the cause and treat it accordingly. Some of them include: Seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff: The symptoms of this condition include redness, irritation and skin flakes. Seborrheic dermatitis can occur in any part of the body due to excessive growth of a fungus called malassezia and when it hits the scalp it is called dandruff. It can be a recurring problem for some, but it is treatable with prescribed shampoos and steroid creams. Cosmetic shampoos targeted to cure dandruff works too. Head lice: Not only children, but adults can get lice too. It is mistakenly thought that poor scalp health causes lice but actually they breed in clean hair. Small white flakes that look like dandruff are actually lice eggs that cannot be shed off easily; they need to be treated with medicated shampoos containing insecticides pyrethrin or permethrin. Psoriasis: Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disorder that can occur in any part of the body including the scalp. The symptoms are same as dandruff with raised red patches of skin. People with psoriasis are more likely to incur dandruff and itchy scalp. The exact cause of the disorder is not known, though heredity is a popular belief. Eczema and allergic reactions: Redness, flakes, irritation are the signs of eczema and allergic reactions. During summers with excessive perspiration the condition worsens. It usually occurs in children but adults can get eczema too. Over the counter medications helps in reducing the severity of the symptoms and gradually heal the condition.

Popular Questions & Answers

Hi, I have dandruff problem for past few years. Recently I notice some dandruff patches on my face and eyebrows. It keep reappearing after cleaning and skin tone change to white from my original Brown tone. Please help me recover from this problem.

Dr. Tushar Jadavjibhai Patel 88% (346 ratings)
Diploma in Yoga Naturopathy
Yoga & Naturopathy Specialist, Surat
Avoid fastfood-junkfood, may be Psoriasis starting stage, Turmeric Powder 1 1 1 spoon Thrice a day warm water. Nim leaves juice hair scalp massage 30 minutes before bath.
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What is the best remedy for dandruff. And recently I am also suffering from hair loss .What to do?

Dr. Mohammad Azam 90% (33 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Rampur
Take curd & leave it in copper cup. It turn blue green in morning. Apply it in the morning at least 1 hour.

Sir, thanks for the response to my previous question. I usually apply mustard oil to my scalp since I have a lot of dandruff. Also I have hair fall so I wanted to know if I could use both the mustard oil and Himalaya hair zone solution alternatively, if not then what is the best alternative?

Dr. Aanchal Sehrawat 85% (70 ratings)
MBBS, Diploma In Dermatology & Venerology & Leprosy (DDVL), DNB Dermatology
Dermatologist, Gurgaon
If you are having dandruff then you should not apply oil as it will increase dandruff only. Use medicated shampoos like nizral if it is not severe and if it is severe then show it to the dermatologist.

Hi Sir, I have pimple and spot on my face. Also my skin is oily and have dandruff. Any medicine.

Dr. Sonali Khomane 95% (6221 ratings)
Homeopath, Pune
Hello I hv to take proper treatment consult me if u want . Apply aloe Vera gel on hair once in week . And wash after one hr . For pimple and spot apply 2 tsfhoney and 5 drops of lemon juice daily . For 15 min and then wash with lukewarm water . Take care.
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I've been experiencing hair fall since quite some time. It seems to have increased over the past one year. The hair is weak it comes off with a few tugs. I see small white scales on my scalp and dandruff too. My scalp gets itchy when I sweat. I haven't changed shampoo brands since the past 8 months. I shampoo my hair at least twice a week.

Dr. Narasimhalu C.R.V. 97% (41023 ratings)
Dermatologist, Chennai
Use groccopix gel twice daily, along with the following medicine. Contact me or send photos on direct private online consultation for proper diagnosis and treatment. You are suffering from hormonal changes causing Androgenetic alopecia causing hair fall. It's completely stoppable even regrowth of hair is possible with certain medications without any side effects. Treatment depends on the grade of hair loss. So, it's a must for diagnosing which grade, you are in for an effective treatment. Please meet me in my clinic or do direct personal online consultation by sending photos for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.
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How to treat dandruff with Ayurveda?

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Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS), PG Dip Panchakarma, PG Dip Ksharsutra For Piles, Pilonidal, Sinus & Fistula Management, Post Graduate Diploma In Hospital Administration (PGDHA), Certificate In Diabetes Update
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
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Dandruff - Common Facts!

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Dandruff - Things That Can Trigger It!

M Derm, MBBS
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Manage Dandruff - Follow These Tips!

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