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7 Healthy Benefits of Paneer or Cottage Cheese

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7 Healthy Benefits of Paneer or Cottage Cheese

Paneer, also known as cottage cheese, is a dairy product that is made by curdling the milk with the help of lemon or vinegar and then draining the liquid. Not only is it delicious and an integral part of some of the most popular dishes of Indian cuisine, but it is also a very good source of calcium, protein and healthy fats that help in improving the functioning of the body.

10 Health Benefits Of Cottage Cheese Or Paneer

Here are some of the surprising health benefits of this Indian dietary staple Cottage cheese. Paneer offers lots of benefits of health in terms of improving digestion, protein and maintaining blood pressure and more. Even different dishes are created using cottage cheese such as  panner booti, panner Dodi,  Check out the list of benefits of paneer on our health and try to include in your daily diet:

  1. Diabetes-friendly: The carbohydrate content is low in paneer, which makes it a very good option for diabetics. Consumption of paneer does not cause a surge in the blood sugar level as it is digested slowly by the body. 
  2. Paneer Improves bone and teeth health: Protein is a good source of calcium and phosphorus that helps in improving the health of the teeth and bones in the body.
  3. Paneer  Helps in weight lossCottage cheese is a great source of conjugated linoleic acid that helps in boosting the metabolism of the body, thus aiding weight loss. Plus, it lowers the risk of cancer by reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.
  4. Paneer contains high amounts of protein:  Enriched with vegetable protein, which is the basic building component of muscles and bones, paneer is known to keep your muscles and bones in good health. Besides, the protein in paneer is essential for brain development and the development of the fetus, making it another reason why it should be a part of your diet.
  5. Paneer Improves metabolism: Paneer contains high amounts fiber, which helps in improving the digestive process of the body. It also adds bulk to the stool and helps in feeling full.
  6. Paneer Controls blood pressure: It regulates blood pressure as it contains potassium, which helps in lowering blood pressure by controlling the effect that sodium has on your body.
  7. Paneer Boosts the immune system: Paneer contains compounds that help in strengthening the immune system, thereby preventing disorders like common cold, cough, and bronchial asthma.

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