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Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Delhi

Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

  4.3  (14 ratings)

Gastroenterologist Clinic

A-4, Paschim Vihar Delhi
1 Doctor · ₹1300 · 3 Reviews
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Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute   4.3  (14 ratings) Gastroenterologist Clinic A-4, Paschim Vihar Delhi
1 Doctor · ₹1300 · 3 Reviews
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By combining excellent care with a state-of-the-art facility we strive to provide you with quality health care. We thank you for your interest in our services and the trust you have place......more
By combining excellent care with a state-of-the-art facility we strive to provide you with quality health care. We thank you for your interest in our services and the trust you have placed in us.
More about Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute
Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute is known for housing experienced Gastroenterologists. Dr. Gurwant Singh Lamba, a well-reputed Gastroenterologist, practices in Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for Gastroenterologists recommended by 42 patients.


11:00 AM - 03:00 PM


A-4, Paschim Vihar
Paschim Vihar Delhi, Delhi - 110063
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If you are a heavy drinker or consume alcohol regularly or frequently, you should know about the ...

If you are a heavy drinker or consume alcohol regularly or frequently, you should know about the harmful effects of alcohol or how it affects your body negatively. When you drink, alcohol gets absorbed into your blood and gets distributed all over your body. Alcohol consumption may cause several physical and emotional changes, which can cause great harm to the body. There are many long-term effects of alcohol abuse, which put your health at great risk.

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Hello everybody,<br/><br/>I am Doctor Dr. Gurwant Singh Lamba, Gastroenterologist. I look after d...

Hello everybody,

I am Doctor Dr. Gurwant Singh Lamba, Gastroenterologist. I look after diseases of the liver and the digestive system. So today we are going to talk about investigation which is very commonly used investigation these days but about which lot of patients have got lot of queries and questions and they appear in their minds and they are generally apprehensive of getting that investigation done and investigation I am talking about is Endoscopy.

You all must have heard of this term Endoscopy which is generally done to diagnose many of the digestive disease problems and it is often prescribed by doctors. So what I have seen is that there are lot of myth and misunderstandings about this procedure in the patient’s mind and they are reluctant to get this, they have heard things from people around without any substantive evidence or anything and they are generally not very willing to get this investigation done. So what I am going to enlighten you today is about Endoscopy.

Now, believe me, it’s a very very simple investigation, the upper GI endoscopy as we call, is to see the about the problems which may be there in the upper digestive track. With Endoscopy we can see the food pipe, we can see the stomach and we can see the upper part of the intestine. So any disease in this area which can be seen directly, we can put endoscope and we can see these regions directly and then accordingly we can do the treatment. So it’s a very very useful tool, it’s a very simple investigation. It doesn’t require any admission. It can be done on openly basis. It can be done without any anesthesia or without any sedation but suppose somebody is very apprehensive, so in those patients we can always give a short sedation for few minutes and do the Endoscopy procedure. In every Endoscopy procedure, diagnostic don’t take more than 2 minutes to finish. So it’s a very brief simple procedure and one can go to one’s work or one can go to whatever he has to do after the Endoscopy.

You don’t have to take any leave, you don’t have to miss any appointments because of it. So it is a very simple thing and it is done with the help of a flexible you can say flexible long camera. It’s a very sophisticated instrument made from very sophisticated rubber material with some light fibers. It’s a very smooth flexible instrument which causes no trauma to the body, which causes no injury to the body in any way and it’s a costly instrument and the Endoscopy is done through that and the patient is generally in lying done position, we put him the endoscope in his mouth and then within 2 minutes we examine his whole upper digestive track through it and lot of things and lot of diseases which can be diagnosed through it specially ulcers in the stomach, ulcers in the food pipe, severe acidity, tumors of the food pipe, tumors of the stomach, diurnal ulcers.

There are so many different diseases. It’s very useful tool in liver disease patients where we can pick up some veins which get dilated and their food pipe and the stomach. So all these disease can be seen with the help of this endoscope. Endoscopy is not only a diagnostic tool, it’s a very important therapeutic tool also. There are lots of diseases which we can treat with Endoscopy also. For example a patient comes with the bit blood in vomiting. It’s a very common situation we get such patients every day. They vomited and there was blood in it. So our aim is to do the Endoscopy quickly in that patiently, see from where the bleeding is occurring and suppose there is a tear in his mucosa, suppose there is a ulcer there which is bleeding, we can inject medicines there, we can spray medicines over there, we can do laser therapy over it, we can put some clips over it to stop the bleeding if there is a vessel which has punctured and bleeding.

So there are lots of therapeutic applications also where a treatment can be done through Endoscopy and many of these treatments may be for example in case of bleeding, may be life-saving treatments and instead of the patient going in for an extensive long surgery which will which will require time, lot of rehabilitation time after the surgery, simple endoscopic procedure which can be finished in few minutes can take care of the problem. There are patients who have tumors which are bleeding, we have modalities which can control tumor bleed also. Then for diagnostic purposes we can also take samples from inside and get them tested. So all these things can be done with the help of Endoscope.

Another very interesting thing which we do with Endoscope is removal of foreign bodies. You may have seen there are many small children who swallow coins or pens or even some older patients also accidentally swallow something and it goes inside the stomach and obviously it may a needle, it may be a pen, it may be a clip anything. So all these things now don’t require any surgery. We can with the help of endoscope in a few minutes almost every kind of foreign body which has gone inside and which is still there in the upper GI can be removed with the help of Endoscope.

Then we can do many pediatric procedure through Endoscope for example somebody who would have tumor of the food pipe, he cannot eat. So we can insert a stent or an artificial food pipe and make him eat. If there is a blockage in the stomach and the food is not going ahead, we can again we can put in a pipe to open that blockage where the patient can then start eating. So these are the various things which can be done by Endoscope. It’s a very useful and simple tool and I think it has helped us in saving many lives. It has helped us in reducing morbidity in many patients. It has helped us in diagnosing so many diseases.

So I think there should be no fear in getting endoscopy. It’s a very simple harmless procedure. There are hardly any side effects of the procedure that matters in complication of the Endoscopy. So if an Endoscopy is prescribed by the specialist, don’t hesitate to get it done and because it is very good tool to diagnose so many diseases and timely diagnosis will help us in treating the disease faster and in a much better way.

Thank you.

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Hello!<br/><br/>Main Dr. Gurwant Singh Lamba, Gastroenterologist. Aaj hum bat kerenge fatty liver...


Main Dr. Gurwant Singh Lamba, Gastroenterologist. Aaj hum bat kerenge fatty liver disease ke bare me. Ultrasound krane kebaad pta chalta hai ki patient ko fatty liver ka problem ho gya hai. Patient panic bhi hote hain ki is bimari se ab aage kya hoga. Fatty liver sabse common disease hai. Isme apke liver me fat deposit ho jata hai. Agar ye fat liver me rhega to future me liver inflammation start ho jata hai. Is se liver cells bhi damage hone shuru ho jate hain. Liver tight hone lgta hai and usme fibrosis ho jata hai.

Ultimately liver function kerna band kar deta hai or body ko isse kafi harm hota hai. Later on ye liver cancer me bhi convert ho skta hai. Liver me fat kyu aata hai. Iske kayi karan hai. Fatty liver ka main reason hai overweight hona. Diabetes bhi fatty liver ka ek cause hai. Agar apke blood me cholesterol or glyceride hai to bhi fatty liver hone ke chances hain. Alcohol bhi iska ek cause hai. Use alcoholic fatty liver disease kehte hain.

Isko diagnose krne ke lia ultrasound sabse easy way hai. Kitna damage ho chuka hai, ye bhi easily pta chal jata hai. Iske lia test hai - fibroscan. Blood test krke bhi liver function dekha jata hai. Fatty liver se ghabrane ki jrurat nhi hai. Iske lia kuch precautions lene hote hain. Or agar aap ache se precautions follow krenge to ye bimari bilkul thik ho skti hai. Iska sabse acha treatment hai diet and exercise.

Achi diet lene se aap is bimari ko overcome kar skte hain. And exercise krne se bhi aap is bimari ko overcome kar skte hain. Kayi bar lean logon ko bhi ye problem ho jati hai. But agar aap exercise krenge to fat apke liver se nikal jata hai. Agar apko fatty liver hai to aap apna regular blood sugar check kraiye. Cholesterol high hai to aap uska bhi treatment len. Kuch medicines bhi apko help krti hai fatty liver overcome krne me but jyada achi medicines bhi iske lia available nhi hai. Agar aap regular exercise and achi diet lete hain to apko medicines ki jrurat bhi nhi pdegi.

Isko prevent krna bhut easy hai agar aap healthy lifestyle follow krte hain. Aaj kal observe kia gya hai ki bachon ko bhi ye bimari bhut jyada ho rhi hai. Bachon me iska main cause hi obesity and junk food, fried foods hai. Outdoor exercise bache krte nhi hai. Islia ye bachon me bhut jyada dekhi ja rhi hai. Agar hume bachon ke lia prevent krna hai to hume unhe overweight nhi hone dena. Unko exercise ke lia encourage krna hai or apne apko is se bacha ke rkhen.

Thank You.

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Namashkar dosto<br/><br/>Me hu doctor GS Lamba chief of gastroenterologist and hepatology balaji ...


Namashkar dosto

Me hu doctor GS Lamba chief of gastroenterologist and hepatology balaji action pashchim bihar delhi se. Aj ham bat karen gy ek bohat he common problem ki jo he GERD(gastro esophageal reflux disease) jisko ham aam bhasa mein acidity, acid reflux ya tez ki problem ky nam sy bhe janty hein. Ajkal ky mahoole bohat sy log is problem sy garast he ar isky symptoms sy pareshan hein to aj ham isi ky bary mein kuch batein karen gy. Acidity ka mukhiya lakhshan kiya h? Acidity ka mukhiye lakshan he chaati ke bechobech hadi ke pechy jalan hona ar kaai bar ye jalan itni taiz ho jati he ke ye dard ka rop bhe dharan kar leti he isky ilava jo aniye lakhsan is bemari ky hein wo un me he pait ky upari hise me jalan hona ya dard hona, khaty dakar ana, mu me bar bar pani ana ,ya is tarah ke problem acidity sy ho sakti hein. But kaii bari esa hota he in common symptoms sy to ap sb wakif hein but kaai bari esa hota he ke asadharan sy symptoms bhe acidity me hoty he jis ko aksar mareez pehchan nahe paty Ky ye acidity ka karan he h ar aksar wo idhr udhr ilaj ky liye bhatakty rehty hein. In asadharan symptoms mein he jesy bar bar gala kahrab jesa mehsus hona,bar bar galy ko clear karny ke talab hona ,bar bar gala saf karny ki andar sy talab uthti rehti he, kai bar sans ka phulna ya asthma jesy symptoms hona ,ye bhe acidity ky karan hoty hein, bar bar mu mein chalay ana ,ya dantoe saraan peda hona. Ya sari chezen jo hein ye acidity ky karan ho sakti hein ar in asadharan symptoms ko aksar pehchan'na mushkil ho jata he. Ab acidity jo he isy ham diagnose kesy karty hein?

Jesy mene btaya ky ham boht sary mareezo ky symptoms bohat typical hoty hein ar jb wo apny lakhsan btaty hein to ham diagnose kar lete hein ky ye acidity ki problem he aur usi hisab se uska ilaj karty hein. Par jesa ke mene btaya ky kaaii bar symptoms asadharan bhe hoty hein. Agr esa kuch hota h to isko bohat asani sy jhanch kar ke diagnose kar saktey hein. Jo isky liye sb sy barhiaa jhanch he wo he endoscopy jis me ham ek dur-bin camera sy do minute me khany ke nali ar pait ke andar jhank sakty hein dekh sakty hein aur Problem ko diagnose kar Sakty hein ar na he kewal problem diagnose kar sakty hein but is sy hony wali jo complications hein unko bhe diagnose ham kar sakte hein. Ab jahan tak is bemari ke ilaj ka sawal he iska ilaj do tarah sy hota he. Kch esy parhaiz ya esy ehtiyat hein ya lifestyle modifications hein jo mareez ko khud karny parte hein ar kuch daway hein jo ham mareez ko khud dyty hein. Isky bary me bohat sy mareez aksar ham sy sawal puchty hein ky hamy kiya khana chahye kiya nahi khana chahye kia karna chahye kiya nahe karna chahye agr hamy acidity he. To aj ham un baton ka thira vistaar me discuss karen gy. Jin mareezo ko acidity rehti he sab sy pehle unhy bohat ziada tala huva ar mirch masaly wala khana nahe khana chahye kiu is sy acid production ziada hote he aur symptoms jo hein ziada hon ge. Isky ilava gas bhari huvi jo soft drinks hote hein specially jo cola drinks hoti hein unko agar ham bohat ziada lety hein to unko avoid karna chahye. Isky ilava agar ap chaaye ar cofee ka istimal ziada karty hein to usko kam karna chahye kiu ky caffeine sy bhe acidity jo he ziada banti he. Isky ilava bhe khany ke kuch chezen he jesy choclate he, peppermint he ,fruit juice he ,unsy bhe acidity jo he wo ziada hoti he aur acidity Ky mareez agar ye lein gy to is sy ziada pareshan log hoty hein.

Ek aue jo mukhiye karan he acidity ka wo he cigarette smoking. Cigarette sy jo he acidity bohat banti he to acidity ke mareezo ko cigarette ka istimal nahe karna chahye ar wesy bhe nahi karna chaye kiu acidity ky ilava bhe ar bohat bary bary nuqsan ho sakty hein. Isky ilava alcohal leny sy bhe acidity ziada hoti he to alcohal ka ziada istimal bhe kam karna chahye agar apko acidity ke problem he. Ajkal ke wayask jevan me ham ny ye bhe dekha he ke har insan bohat busy he time nahi he is liye ohat log jo hein rat ko der sy khana kahtey hein ar khaty sath he so jaty hein. Jin logo ko acidity ke problem he un logo ko dehan rakhna chahye ke unky raat ky khany mein ar sony me kam sy kam teen ghanty ka antaral ho. So acid jo he nichy utar jaay ar acid unki khany ki nali me naa ay Agar esa karen gy to acidity ky symptoms sy unhe bohat nivaran mily ga. Isky ilava rat ko soty waqat tight clothing ziada nahe pehn'i chahye us sy bhe acidity ky symptoms ziada hoty hein. Agar ap in choti choti baton ka dehan rakhein gy to bohat bari ap ko dawaio ki zarurat bhe nahi pary ge doctor ki zarurat bhe nahe pary ge ar apki acidity ky symptoms thk ho jayen gy bt agar ye sab karny ke bawajud bhe apko acidity ke problem rehti he to apko dawaio ka istimal karna parey ga ar doctor ki raay'e ly ke ap aram sy is bemari sy chutkara pa sakety hein aur ye achi bat he ke jo dawaiya'an ajkal available hein wo bohat he asar daar hein safe hein ar lamby samey tak lii ja sakti hein . Ek bat jo last mein me kehna chahu ga ky ham ny dekha he ke bohat sy mareez jo hoty hein wo acidity ko khud he diagnose kar ke usky liye dawai lyty rehty hein chahy wo ghareelu nuskhay hon chahy wo ayovedik dawaiya ho ya chemist sy ly ke hon to is bat ka hamy dehan rakhna he ke agar in sb ky bawajud bhe apky symptoms chalt rehty hein agar apko asadharan symptoms hein agar jalan ke sath sath apko khany me bhe dikaat arahi he. Apka khana atak raha he ya apky khoon ke kami a rahi he. Agar apko bar bar ulti ho rahe he agar apko bohat tez Pait me dard uth'ta he ya apka wazan kam ho rhaa he to is stithi me khud kiripya dawaiya mat lein. Kisi specialist sy mil ke uski raaye sy he dawai lein ar usky bad apna ilaj karvayen.

Isi ky sath apki achi sehat ki kamna karty huvy ham wida lety hein. Dhanevad

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Namashkar dosto<br/><br/>Aaj ham bat karen gy ek jhanch ki jo bohat common ajkal hoti hy ar patie...

Namashkar dosto

Aaj ham bat karen gy ek jhanch ki jo bohat common ajkal hoti hy ar patient ko aksar wo jhanch karvany ki salah milti he to unky is bary me bohat sawal hoty hein.

To ye jhanch he endoscopy .boht sy logo ko endoscopy advice hoti he wo is sy darty bhe hein ar bohat anaek sii jo he ghalat dharnaaye is test ky bary me patient k dimagh me rehti hein. To aj isky bary me ham thori si bat karty hein. Endoscopy ek bohat hi simple bohat he useful test he ar endoscopy sy boht si bemariyon ko bht asani sy diagnose kiya jata he. Endoscopy sedha he base me hojati he isky liye koi admission ki zarurat nahe hoti ar ziada sy ziada is me do sy teen minute ka time lagta h. Endoscopy ek totally painless investigation he Endoscopy me koi dard nae hota ar is me apko koi bohat ziada ehtiyat bhe nahe baratnay party. Aksar ye local aresa sunnnn kr ke he hojati he is me koi behoshi ki zarurat nahe parti but agar kisi mareez ko bohat he dar lagta he ya mareez boht he apprehensive he to us case me ham usy nind ka injection laga ke endoscopy ko do teen minute me kar sakty hein. Endoscopy ky bohat faide hein is me khanny ke nali ,pait ya uperli antt ki jo bemariyan hein unko bohat he achy sy diagnose ar bohat he simple way me diagnose kiya ja sakta he kiu ky is me doctor direct andar jhaank raha he dekh raha he , Ar wahan oy dosra faida ye he ke wahan py koi nuqss dikhta he to us nuqss ka ap wahi sy sample utha sakty hein ar us sample ko test bhe karva sakty hein. Jo bemariyan is sy diagnose ki jati hein commonly us me acidity ki bemari ati he. Pait or khany ki nali ky cancer aty hein ,ulcer ki bemari ati he ,pait ki TB ki bemari ati he ,hiatal hernia waghera jo hein wo is sy diagnose ho skti hein ar is ky ilava liver ki bemariyon me iska bohat he muhutapun role he jahan pe liver sy hony wali bohat si jo problems hein wo ham endoscopy ky duwara diagnose kar sakty hein. Isky ilava bad hazmi,bar bar dast lagna ya apki jo digestive system me jo problems hein wo bhe ham is endoscopy sy diagnose kar skty hein ar ye kuch hi minutes ki kahani he ar is sy bohat faidy hein. Isky ilava na kewal diagnosis bohat sari bemariyan esi hein jinka ilaj bhe endoscopy sy asambhav he. Agar mareez ko khon ki ulti ati he ,ya uska ulcer phat jata he usy khon ata he agar andar mass ki wja sy usy khon ata he ya ulti me khon aya he to in sari bemariyon me ham treatment endoscopy duwara kar skty hein. Liver ky mareezo ki bohat sari pareshania hoti hein jin me unhy khon ki ultia ati hein aur pareshaniyan hoti hein jinhy ham endoscopy sy na kewal diagnose kar sakty hein balky ilaj bhe kar sakty hein. Pait ki choti moti jo rasoolia hoti hein unko ham endoscopy ky duwara nikal sakty hein. Aksar galti sy specially bacho sy mu mein kuch coin ya pin ya koi ar chez andar chali jati he to usy bina operation ky ham minutes me endoscopy ky duwara nikal sakty hein . Esi kaai aur bemariyan hein jin me endoscopy bohat he kam ati he diagnose karny me bhe aur treat karny me bhe.

So agar apko kbi endoscopy specialist ki salah mily to kiripya is sy daryn nahe ye bohat he simple aur painless test he bohat asani sy ho jata he ar kch he minutes me isy kiya ja sakta he.

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