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Liver Cancer: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is the treatment?

Cancer is a murderous disease and liver cancer no doubt is fatal for human life. Liver being the largest and the most important organ of the body deals with various essential functions like the mechanism of nutrients in the intestines, clotting of blood, breakage of toxic compounds and synthesis of enzymes activation. The diagnosis of liver cancer if conducted in its primary form involves chances for recovery whereas in case of the last stage of liver cancer, it is nearly impossible for the patient to survive. In many cases, liver cancer originates in the liver itself. However, often cancer spreads from other parts of the body (pancreas, stomach, colon etc.) and affects the liver. In this case, it is known as a secondary liver cancer. Liver often remains the victim of various tumour like a cyst, hemangioma, hepatic adenoma, lipoma and more. Where these tumours can be removed through surgical process, integrate liver cancer involves Hepatocellular carcinoma and Cholangiocarcinoma.

Well, the causes of liver cancer include several issues like defect since birth, excess smoking and intake of alcohol, Hepatitis B, Wilson and other rare diseases, obesity concerns, a growth in diabetes and often the race affect the probability of being affected by liver cancer.

Some of the common symptoms that suspect liver cancer are drastic weight loss, feel of being full even after a small meal, swelling or arousal of fluid in the abdominal area, skin tone becoming yellow, nausea and tendency of vomiting, tremendous loss in appetite and itching. Some severe symptoms include breast enlargement, high count in the red blood cells of the body and even low sugar causing fainting. On experiencing any such symptoms, the patient should immediately consult a doctor and perform tests to get a proper diagnosis by the doctor.

How is the treatment done?

Liver cancer as mentioned are of two types. Hepatocellular carcinoma(HCC) originates from the liver cell itself is different from secondary liver cancer that generally occurs in a different organ in the body and tends to spread to the liver. The probability of liver cancer is more in the United States. This is due to the excessive intake of alcohol and fatty liver issues and often obesity problems. This kind of liver cancer like HCC that rarely produce any symptoms and thus are required to undergo check-ups within fixed time intervals.

The initial process starts with a proper diagnosis of the doctor. However, this is attained when the patient undergoes various tests prescribed by the doctor. If a patient is diagnosed with early-stage liver cancer, chances of survival are more. Treatments include partial liver resection in which a tumour existing in the liver is removed conducting surgery. For a patient with cirrhotic liver, up to 60% of the liver is removed and is expected to grow back with time. Another treatment option remains liver transplantation. This is conducted when there is no major involvement of blood vessel, the spread of cancer limits to the liver and tumour is present inside. In this case, a donor is required. Ablation remains the other process where probes are injected through the skin to cancer affected area in order to kill the cancer germs with extreme temperatures.

These above processes do not work in case of severe cancer or last stages of cancer. Here the treatment includes Embolization and Chemotherapy. Embolization is the process that uses catheter into the blood supply of the liver and anti-cancer drugs are injected into the cell to kill cancer. The only chemotherapy that stands effective for HCC is Sorafenib. Chemotherapy is conducted when the patient reaches an extreme stage of liver cancer. However, it includes several severe side effects too.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

The patient experiencing symptoms of liver cancer( excess weight loss, loss of appetite, breast enlargement etc) should immediately visit a doctor. The patient on being diagnosed with liver cancer is eligible for the treatment.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

The person not having any symptoms that of liver cancer should not worry. You are not eligible for the treatment.

Are there any side effects?

In case of liver cancer at its initial stage, a patient is prescribed treatments like partial liver resection. Liver transplantation and other minor options. This treatment procedure does not involve much side effects but definitely demands long-term rest formwork.

However, in case of major treatment like embolization or chemotherapy, the patient is sure to get some severe side effects. Some of the common side effects of chemotherapy include excess hair loss, nausea and vomiting tendency, fatigue, often bleeding and bruising, drastic loss of appetite, sores in mouth and probability of infection.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

The patient should be prepared to experience treatment effects and should definitely follow the guidelines that would facilitate the recovery process. The patients are prescribed drugs that would help in suppressing the immune system. A constant psychological support (counselling and treatment ) stands necessary after the treatment in order to regain a normal flow of life. This helps in reducing depression and frustration that often arises post the treatment of liver cancer. In case of liver transplantation, the patient is advised to detect the rejection very soon, treat infection if it crops up, and keep adjusting the dose of anti-rejection drugs and even look if you result in up-growth of a new tumour.

Besides maintaining these preventive measures, do not forget to go for a doctor’s check-up frequently at regular intervals. The doctor would ask for your condition and sign or symptoms you are experiencing, Based on that, tests like MRI is prescribed in order to check the utility of the treatment.

How long does it take to recover?

Liver cancer is indeed a fatal disease. The treatment process takes a huge amount of time. In case of surgical treatments, there are post-treatment guidelines to maintain after the surgery whereas in case of chemotherapy the entire process includes several months and still include the risk of further spread in of cancer in the body. An approximate calculation says that 35 of the 100 people will survive for more than 1 years on receiving the treatment and 10% include chances of surviving until 5 years.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

The price of the treatment for liver cancer depends on the treatment procedure. In case of surgery, the treatment would include the cost of the surgery and medication. However, the entire cost varies in different hospitals as they have different rates for the same.

On the other hand, an average cost of 2.5 lakh is involved for 6 months of treatment. However, it may extend to 20 lakhs in case of multiple chemotherapy sessions, drugs and other medical purposes.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

Liver cancer is a fatal disease that involves least survival chances. In case of initial stages of liver cancer, survival rates are more. Studies speak 35 of 100 remains the survival rate and live more for 1 year. Whereas 10% of the total avail the luck to live more 5 years after the treatment.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Any damage to the liver is dreadful. Moreover, a patient experiencing liver cancer is required to undergo massive treatment. This treatment includes side effects.

Acupuncture is a great solution for patients experiencing nausea and vomiting. Cancer team of Bellin Health speaks the common side effect of cancer treatment where acupuncture turns to be a huge help. On the other hands, natural herbs like Milk thistle and Mediterranean herbs acts rigorously diminishing the side effects of chemotherapy and treat liver damages. Added to that, liver patients should indulge in exercise, maintain a strict diet and even go for a message.

Safety: Condition Effectiveness: Medium Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: High Side Effects: Medium Time For Recovery: Very High Price Range:

2.5lakh- 20 lakh

Popular Health Tips

Liver Transplant Surgery - Situations Where Is It Required!

M. Ch., FEBS, MBBS, MS - General Surgery
Liver Transplant Surgeon, Delhi
Liver Transplant Surgery - Situations Where Is It Required!

A liver transplant surgery is a procedure by the virtue of which the doctors remove the liver in that cases where it becomes non-functional or does not function appropriately. In this process, the malfunctioning liver is substituted with the healthy liver obtained from a living donor.

Liver transplant surgery has been performed in the medicine for more than 30 years and it has been observed that this surgery is successful and the patients who undergo liver transplant are able to live healthy lives.
Liver transplant is usually performed in the cases where the liver failure could not be treated by other alternative medical treatments available and cancerous conditions. There can be either acute liver failure or chronic liver failure. The Liver transplantation is more often performed in order to treat the chronic ailments.

In Adults

  1. In the cases of adults, one of the major causes of getting liver transplantation done is liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a medical condition where there is a gradual deterioration of liver and severe chronic illness may lead to malfunctioning of the liver.
  2. The blood flow across the liver can be blocked due to the dominance of the scar tissue over healthy tissue.
  3. There can also be other reasons for cirrhosis which include the attack of viruses like hepatitis B and C, the alcoholic liver disease due to excess intake of alcohol, increase in the fat proportion in the liver, Autoimmune disorders of liver or you can say, hereditary diseases such as hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease.
  4. When the alcohol intake increases rapidly, then the patients do need a liver transplant but if the person controls the intake of alcohol, then improvements can be observed significantly and the patients may even survive for a long time even without getting the transplant done. But in certain cases, even after abstaining from alcohol, the damage is untreatable and healthy liver tissue cannot be restored, in such cases, liver transplant becomes a compulsion.

In children

  1. In the case of children, biliary atresia is the most prominent reason for the liver transplant surgery. It is a very rare condition wherein the bile duct that connect the liver and the small intestine is either blocked or absent in newborn babies. Hence, the function of bile ducts, i.e. removal of bile juice from the liver gets hampered and obstructed bile leads to cirrhosis. The digestion of the food could not be carried out properly.
  2. There can be several other reasons for liver transplantation such as the cancer in the liver or benign tumors that can be present in the liver. When a patient suffers from liver cirrhosis, the chances of acquiring the primary cancer increase by multiple times. The likelihood increases furthermore in those patients who have liver disorders along with hepatitis B. Mostly, after liver transplant surgery, patients are able to live their life normally, but if the cancer starts spreading to other body parts from the liver, then liver transplantation is not the solution.
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Who Is Not The Right Candidate For Liver Transplant Surgery?

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, FRCS (edinburgh), MD - R & D, FRCS Intercollegiate
Liver Transplant Surgeon, Bangalore
Who Is Not The Right Candidate For Liver Transplant Surgery?

The liver has a significant role to play in metabolism and digestion. The failure of a liver can lead to significant health issues. There are some causes for liver failure, which cannot be treated with medications. In these people, a transplant, which is replacing the diseased or injured liver with another liver, is the only definitive treatment option.

Some conditions which can require a liver transplant are:

Types of transplant:

  • Living donor transplant: In some patients, partial liver can be removed from a close family member and transplanted into the affected individual. The liver is known for its regeneration ability, and over time, will grow in the recipient.
  • Cadaveric transplant: Immediately after death, a liver can be removed and transplanted.

While the concept of a transplant sounds quite convincing and appealing for those with a severe liver disease, it is also important to note that not all would qualify for a liver transplant. The conditions which would disqualify a recipient are discussed below:

  • Significant heart disease: Those with severe coronary artery disease, valvular disease, cardiomyopathy, aortic stenosis, and cardiomyopathy are not candidates for a liver transplant.
  • Severe lung disease: Those with poor lung perfusion do not qualify for a liver transplant.
  • Advanced age: Greater the age, lesser the survival rates. So, people aged more than 70 are usually not considered for a transplant.
  • Obesity: A person with a BMI of more than 35 is often not a good candidate for a transplant. The overall health should be managed in these people.
  • Malnutrition: On the other extreme, severely malnourished individuals are also not considered for a transplant.
  • HIV infection: A person who is HIV-infected does not qualify for a liver transplant.
  • Substance abuse: Anyone who is actively abusing alcohol and/or substances is definitely removed from the list for a transplant.
  • Metastasis: If a patient is looking for a liver transplant due to hepatic cancer, it is essential that the cancer is contained. If it has spread to various parts, then containing it would be difficult, and a transplant may not succeed.
  • Multisystem organ failure: Other than heart and lungs, even people with poor renal function are not ideal candidates for a liver transplant.

A detailed liver recipient evaluation assessing the severity of liver disease, chances of survival, and overall health are done before a person is listed for liver transplant. This evaluation ensures a better success rate with the transplant.

Liver Cancer - Common Myths & Facts About It!

MBBS, MD, DM - Oncology
Oncologist, Pune
Liver Cancer - Common Myths & Facts About It!

The liver is a critical organ as it plays a vital role in body metabolism and digestion. Liver diseases are a challenge for medical professionals, as often, these symptoms are not obvious until the disease has progressed to quite an advanced stage. In most cases, diagnosis in the early stage is very difficult, which can help in early intervention and disease arrest. It is not just the disease, but the causes and treatment of liver cancer are also surrounded by myths.

Read on to know some of the myths and facts about liver cancer.

  1. Liver cancer is caused by alcohol: This is one of the most common myth, which is not true. While alcohol definitely has a role to play in liver cancer, not all victims are alcoholics. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) which puts a person at risk for liver cancer is not related to alcohol and is seen in people who are obese, diabetic, high cholesterol and have no connection with alcohol. There is also no correlation between the amount of alcohol and the severity of liver damage. However, stopping alcohol consumption altogether definitely helps in improving liver condition.
  2. Liver cancer can be detected on routine tests: While abnormal protein levels on routine blood tests indicate abnormal liver, it is most often ignored and does not get diagnosed further. However, this should be taken up in detail and should be diagnosed. Early diagnosis greatly improves prognosis and can reduce treatment costs significantly. The chances of liver regeneration also would be greatly improved.
  3. Routine medications can lead to liver cancer: Liver plays a very important role in metabolism, and most drugs are liver-toxic. Taken over a period of time, they can cause incremental damage and lead to liver cancer. Some are more toxic than others, so asking for the effect of liver is always a good question.
  4. Cirrhosis is a precursor to liver cancer: This is definitely true, as left untreated, liver cirrhosis can lead to cancer. The added danger is that cirrhosis also is a silent disease, with often no symptoms and gets detected quite late. Periodic tests for cirrhosis in a patient who has a family history and alcohol consumption is a must.
  5. Lifestyle has no connection to liver cancer: Absolutely wrong. A good healthy lifestyle including healthy weight, good portions of fresh fruits and vegetables, proper exercise, minimal alcohol use, and no smoking helps not just the liver but overall health. These play a cumulative effect on liver health, and having a good lifestyle, can help in delaying onset even in a person who is predisposed to cirrhosis and/or liver cancer through family history.

Liver cancer is definitely a silent killer, but keeping eyes open definitely, helps.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Liver Cancer - 5 Common Signs Of It!

MS - General Surgery, MCH - Oncology , MBBS
Oncologist, Pune
Liver Cancer - 5 Common Signs Of It!

Liver cancer is when the cells in the liver grow uncontrolled. As the liver filters blood from all parts of the body, one of the most common reasons for liver cancer is perhaps metastasis, which is spread from other parts. Through the blood, cancer cells from other parts reach the liver for filtration and can then make the organ cancerous.

In addition to this, there are other risk factors that can lead to liver cancer. For example, people suffering from obesity, alcohol and tobacco abuse, viral hepatitis (B or C), chronic liver disease (especially in men, who are more prone than women to develop cancer), cirrhosis and someone who has a history of a prolonged use of steroids can suffer from the disease. Also, while liver cancer is very rare in the Americas, it is very common in Africa and Southeast Asia as the prevalence of hepatitis is higher in these regions.

When it comes to the symptoms, it’s acceptable that liver cancer is insidious, and the exact point of origin cannot be identified. It continues to grow until symptoms become evident, which are also nonspecific. Before analyzing your health on your own, it’s always recommendable to seek an expert’s final word on it. Let’s take a look at the top signs that might point out towards liver cancer.

  1. Abdominal painWhen you suffer a strong pain in the abdominal area, especially in the upper portion on the right side, it can signal a lump or a growing tumor in the liver. This can also be accompanied by middle or lower back pain.
  2. Weight lossMany a time, women who suffer from a sudden loss of weight can be going through a deadly disease like this one. In most cases, these weight loss cases show no attempts on the patient’s side, that is, the weight loss occurred for unknown reasons. A loss of appetite, without any reasons, is another indicator. These can result due to unexplained reasons and should be taken seriously.
  3. White, chalky stools:This one is another tell-tale sign of liver cancer. Often, people tend to ignore stools in light, flaky colors. It is always better to consult a doctor, as you might be ignoring a sign of potential cancer.
  4. BloatingWhen you feel certain heaviness or bloating in the upper part of the abdomen due to fluid accumulation it indicates, which is one of the indicators for testing liver cancer.
  5. Frequent body conditions: Apart from the above mentioned symptoms, one can also consider personal health history when facing any liver- related problems. Recurring severe nausea and vomiting and general signs of lethargy and weakness can also indicate liver cancer. Also, personal health history with claims the patient suffered from jaundice (due to the accumulation of bile pigments in the sclera and skin) can also be taken into consideration. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Oncologist.
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Reduce the Risk of Cancer - Get Tips!

MBBS, MD - Oncology, DNB - Super Speciality, Immuno Oncology
Oncologist, Delhi
Reduce the Risk of Cancer - Get Tips!

We live in an age where every single individual, more or less, is exposed to the risk of cancer. It is probably an unfavorable lifestyle we lead that deprives us of good health. This might alarm many but considerable changes in lifestyle can help you realize cancer as a preventable disease. Cancer does not only make you undergo severe suffering but it also affects your friends and family. The pallor of misery spreads wider than you think.

  • Abstain from tobacco: Consuming raw tobacco or smoking tobacco can be equally detrimental to your health. Tobacco increases your chances of contracting the disease. As is known, passive smoking can also affect your health adversely. Tobacco can be the potential cause behind cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, lungs, oral cavity and even the pancreas. It might harm your kidneys and cervix. It is upon you to quit tobacco at the earliest possible. One should also try and persuade friends and relatives to give up smoking.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation: Complete abstinence from alcohol might not be possible if you have already been ushered into your work- life. The society might require you to be an occasional drinker. It is important to drink in moderation. Crossing the limit can propel consequences as serious as cancer of the stomach, pancreas, liver and the heart.
  • A balanced and nutritious dietDeciding on a plant- based diet or a Mediterranean diet can aid your fight against the risk of cancer. A Mediterranean diet will involve green leafy vegetables, lots of fresh fruits, whole grains, mixed nuts, legumes and also the use of extra- virgin olive oil. Fish can be a safe bet but red meat should be avoided. One must also try to avoid processed meat as they tend to make you prone to the risk of cancer.
  • Immunization: Hepatitis B and HPV or Human papilloma virus vaccines are extremely necessary to protect you against the sexually transmitted types of cancer.
  • Sun protection: Caring for your skin doesn't arise from vanity. Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent kinds of cancer; the chances of this disease can be restricted by remaining in shade especially during midday, by wearing covered clothes and by using a good sunscreen lotion repeatedly while outside.
  • Exercise diligently: Did you think it was okay to have weaker muscles and bulging layers of fat? If yes, you probably have grown numb to the inadequacies you face in result. Unchecked fat can lead to obesity which further complicates health conditions. Metabolic activity differs from person to person. Regular exercising can help regulate metabolism according to the needs of your body. Physical exercise protects you against the risk of breast and colon cancer. Moderate or vigorous physical activity for 150 to 75 minutes a week respectively can reduce the risk of cancer. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a oncologist.
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Popular Questions & Answers

Sir mere father ko liver cancer hua hain or wo lungs ir gall balldar me poch gya h kya app meri help mrenge mujhe kya krna hain.

MD - Radiotherapy
Oncologist, Vadodara
Sorry to know about your father. My guess from your information might be GallBladder Cancer spreading to Liver and Lungs than the other way. Kindly discuss the case with a Radiation or Medical Oncologist for further guidance.
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My elder sister has been admitted in Kolkata Medical collage with a problem of liver metastasis after having a full abdomen CT scan. He had some problem of osteoporosis of spine which has been detected after a MRI is done but in MRI it is also reported the same thing that metastasis of tumor. Doctors over there are still under searching the source of this tumor which has been scattered. Report of Endoscopy has given the same symptom. Now doctor is advising to have colonoscopy by 5th September i.e. Day after tomorrow. My question is: should we now consult with an oncologist though medical college is suspecting but not sure that it is a case of oncology.

MBBS, M.S. General Surgery, M.R.C.S. England, M.Ch. Surgical Oncology, DNB Surgical Oncology, FEBS Surgical Oncology, DNB General Surgery, MNAMS, FMAS, FIAGES, FAIS, FICS, FEBS Breast Surgery, FACS, Fellowship IFHNOS & MSKCC USA, Fellowship in breast and oncplastic Surgery
Oncologist, Mumbai
Colonoscopy may be worth doing. Liver mets can be from tumour of pancreas, colon, stomach, gall bladder, lung, Breast and rarely melanoma I would suggest a biopsy of liver and IHC to get an idea about the primary. Other test to do is pet ct scan Some also get an upper GI and colonoscopy Feel free to contact me directly if you want to discuss this further.

What is the Life of stent in the bile duct (intestine) the patient having tumor there. And if this cancerous tumor is not treated then what are the chances of survival of the patient?

MBBS, DNB Gen Surgery, DNB Surgical Oncology
Oncologist, Bangalore
Plastic stent works for 3 weeks. A metal stems for 6 months. If the cancer is operable, better to get surgery done. That is the only curative option.

My mother has cancer 4th stage, she has colon tumor cancer spread liver and whole belly, if any alternative medicine please suggest me?

MBBS, M.S. General Surgery, M.R.C.S. England, M.Ch. Surgical Oncology, DNB Surgical Oncology, FEBS Surgical Oncology, DNB General Surgery, MNAMS, FMAS, FIAGES, FAIS, FICS, FEBS Breast Surgery, FACS, Fellowship IFHNOS & MSKCC USA, Fellowship in breast and oncplastic Surgery
Oncologist, Mumbai
The prognosis of fourth stage colon cancer depends upon the type of cancer and the amount of spread. If few metastasis to liver or lung, then they can be resected after giving chemotherapy. If the metastasis are unresectable, then Chemotherapy with or without targeted therapy may be given. If peritoneal disease is present then some people recommend cytoreduction with intraperitoneal chemotherapy, which may prolong her life, but it has multiple side effects and cost is also high. I would be able to opine better if you could share the reports. Feel free to contact me directly if you want to discuss this further.
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What is the treatment?
How is the treatment done?
Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)
Who is not eligible for the treatment?
Are there any side effects?
What are the post-treatment guidelines?
How long does it take to recover?
What is the price of the treatment in India?
Are the results of the treatment permanent?
What are the alternatives to the treatment?
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Liver Cirrhosis

Me Dr. Sandeep Jha, Gastro and Liver Transplant Surgeon. Nirvan Superspeciality Clinic ki traf se liver cirrhosis ke bare me kuch btaunga. Iske sath myths bhi me clear krunga. Ye kya hota hai? Hepatitis - B, C, alcohol consumption, obesity, diabetes liver cirrhosis ke causes hain. Agar ye disease 15 years se apki body me hain to ye liver ko damage kr dete hain. Liver failure shuru hota hai. Liver sikud jata hai and hard ho jata hai. Usme blood flow nhi hota or protein nhi bnta hai. Blood purification nhi hota hai. Germs bhi is se nhi jate hain. Ek question hai jo hmesha pucha jata hai ki liver kitna damage ho gya hai. Ye hmesha pure liver ko damage krta hai. Fatty liver ke lia patient puchte hain. Fatty liver bhut common hai but iske lia apko darne ki koi jrurat nhi hai.

Hmare diet me oil and masalon ka bhut use hota hai. Exercise hmare jeevan se khtm ho jati hai. Isi reason se liver pe charbi aati hai. Iske alwa Hepatitis - B, C, alcohol consumption, obesity, diabetes se bhi liver fatty hota hai. Apko immediately treatment lena chaiye. Fatty liver vaise koi problem nhi deta hai but ise 5-10 years me control nhi kia gya to ye cirrhosis me convert ho jata hai. Kya cirrhosis ko roka ja skta hai? Yes, lekin iske lia treatment beginning se bhut jruri hai. Aapko Hepatitis - B, C, alcohol consumption, obesity, diabetes, auto-immune disorder hai to in sab ka treatment bhut jruri hai. Alcohol ka addiction htane ke lia aap counseling le skte hain. Diet control, exercise and bariatric surgery se aap motape pe control kar skte hain. Prevention is better than cure. Apko regular health check-up jrur krana chaiye.

Iske kya symptoms hain? Jaundice, loss of appetite, loss of muscles, itching, peat ke upar khoon ki nason ka dikhna, peat me hernia formation, din me jyada neend aana., less urination, blood in stool, nose and mouth bleeding. Blood in vomiting, unconsciousness, breathlessness ye sare dangerous disease hain. Ho skta hai ki apko liver transplant krna pade. Iske alwa cirrhosis ke mariz ko risk rehta hai. Isko kaise pkda jaye and diagnose kia jaye? Iske lia test hain complete blood count, liver function test, kidney test, ultrasound, endoscopy, CT scan krna jruri hai. Cirrhosis ke mariz me cancer ka bhi bhut jyada risk hai. Jisko CT scan me pkda ja skta hai. Death prevention k lia apko liver transplant ki jrurat pdti hai. Cirrhosis se apki jaan ko khtra hota hai. Sharir ke 500 se jyada kaam liver krta hai. And ye baki organ bhi fail kar skta hai. Jaise kidney, lung, heart and brain. Agr jyada problem ho gyi hai to 1-5 saal hi apki umar bachi hai. Agar aap me aise koi bhi symptoms hain to saal me 60% se hi mariz zinda reh payenge. Agar ye disease advance stage pe hain to 1 saal me 20-30% mariz hi zinda reh payenge. Agar apko stage 3 cirrhosis hai to apko liver transplant ki jrurat hai. Agar apko liver cancer hai to bhi apko liver transplant ki jrurat hai. Agar iske alwa bhi apko cirrhosis ke koi sawal hain to aap mujhe Lybrate ke through contact kar skte hain.

Thank You.
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Fatty Liver

Me Dr. Gurwant Singh Lamba, Gastroenterologist. Aaj hum bat kerenge fatty liver disease ke bare me. Ultrasound krane kebaad pta chalta hai ki patient ko fatty liver ka problem ho gya hai. Patient panic bhi hote hain ki is bimari se ab aage kya hoga. Fatty liver sabse common disease hai. Isme apke liver me fat deposit ho jata hai. Agar ye fat liver me rhega to future me liver inflammation start ho jata hai. Is se liver cells bhi damage hone shuru ho jate hain. Liver tight hone lgta hai and usme fibrosis ho jata hai.

Ultimately liver function kerna band kar deta hai or body ko isse kafi harm hota hai. Later on ye liver cancer me bhi convert ho skta hai. Liver me fat kyu aata hai. Iske kayi karan hai. Fatty liver ka main reason hai overweight hona. Diabetes bhi fatty liver ka ek cause hai. Agar apke blood me cholesterol or glyceride hai to bhi fatty liver hone ke chances hain. Alcohol bhi iska ek cause hai. Use alcoholic fatty liver disease kehte hain.

Isko diagnose krne ke lia ultrasound sabse easy way hai. Kitna damage ho chuka hai, ye bhi easily pta chal jata hai. Iske lia test hai - fibroscan. Blood test krke bhi liver function dekha jata hai. Fatty liver se ghabrane ki jrurat nhi hai. Iske lia kuch precautions lene hote hain. Or agar aap ache se precautions follow krenge to ye bimari bilkul thik ho skti hai. Iska sabse acha treatment hai diet and exercise.

Achi diet lene se aap is bimari ko overcome kar skte hain. And exercise krne se bhi aap is bimari ko overcome kar skte hain. Kayi bar lean logon ko bhi ye problem ho jati hai. But agar aap exercise krenge to fat apke liver se nikal jata hai. Agar apko fatty liver hai to aap apna regular blood sugar check kraiye. Cholesterol high hai to aap uska bhi treatment len. Kuch medicines bhi apko help krti hai fatty liver overcome krne me but jyada achi medicines bhi iske lia available nhi hai. Agar aap regular exercise and achi diet lete hain to apko medicines ki jrurat bhi nhi pdegi.

Isko prevent krna bhut easy hai agar aap healthy lifestyle follow krte hain. Aaj kal observe kia gya hai ki bachon ko bhi ye bimari bhut jyada ho rhi hai. Bachon me iska main cause hi obesity and junk food, fried foods hai. Outdoor exercise bache krte nhi hai. Islia ye bachon me bhut jyada dekhi ja rhi hai. Agar hume bachon ke lia prevent krna hai to hume unhe overweight nhi hone dena. Unko exercise ke lia encourage krna hai or apne apko is se bacha ke rkhen.

Thank You.
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Gastrointestinal Cancer

I am Dr. Sandeep Jha, GI surgeon, Nirvan Superspeciality Clinic. Today I will talk about early diagnosis is the key to cure of GI cancer. So, what are the most common GI cancers seen in Indian patients? Who has large intestine, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, esophagus? Cancer is commonly seen in a patient with liver cirrhosis. Causes are tobacco, alcohol, obesity, chronic inflammation. It can be seen in older age who suffers from significant weight loss means more than 5 kg weight loss in a month or more than 10 kg in 3 months. Living a healthy lifestyle, weight control, weight reduction, a healthy diet can help in preventing GI cancers.

How to fight with cancer? Early diagnosis is best to prevent cancer. Surgeries are the best way to cure the disease. All cancers are not diagnosed at the early stages. Treatment can be done through chemotherapy and surgical treatment to remove that. CT scan and MRIs are done. Early diagnosis is best defense to prevent certain cancer death. So, what are the risk factors associated with it? Gallbladder cancer is very common in North India. It has a poor outcome. It makes your survival 6 months to 1 year without treatment. Liver cancer is common and it occurs in a patient with chronic liver disease. Colon and anorectal cancer, ulcerative colitis, previous history of radiations are more prone to develop colorectal cancer. Symptoms are change in color of your stool like black, brown or red, poor bowel system, weight loss, lethargy etc.

Colonoscopy and early diagnosis is essential. The common symptom is difficulty in swallowing and this is termed as dysphagia. If you have symptoms of gastritis or gastroesophageal reflux disease than you are in increased risk of esophageal cancer and same should be ruled out with the timely endoscopy. Pancreatic cancer can be present as jaundice, itching, dark color urine, change in color of stool. To confirm MRI and CT scan can be done. Patient may have anorexia i.e. loss of appetite, weight loss. Patient may see blood in vomiting, numbness and discomfort in upper abdomen. These should not be ignored in elder patient. Diagnosis can be done with biopsy. Endoscopy is a critical factor for diagnosis. Early diagnosis is essential for better survival.

Biopsy confirmation is mandatory. In liver cancer, typical features on CT scan and MRI is enough to proceed with curative surgeries without biopsy confirmation. A message I want to give that early diagnosis is essential, early visit to a doctor is suggested. CT scan and MRI is important for diagnosis on the slighter of suspicious. They will help us to catch the few cancer early and grants survival to the patient.

Thank You.
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Know More About Prostate Cancer
Hello friends, I am Dr Sajjan Rajpurohit. I am a cancer specialist at Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Institute, South Delhi. Today I will talk about the cancer which affects our senior citizens between the age of 50-60 years. It is the cancer in men. Some people most of teh time ignore it as it is a part of normal lifestyle or ageing. But what happens the cancer to begin withn as the symptoms are quite similar to the prostatic hypertrophy. So, I am going to talk about Carcinoma Prostate.

Prostate is an organ which is a male sex organ. It helps in generating fluid which is a composition fo Semen and it also helps in protecting the urine from getting infected. But with an advaced age, there is an increase in the size of prostate and sometimes a growing prostate can turn cancerous.

So, Carcinoma prostate usually manifest as symptoms which are quite similar to Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH).

So, the symptoms will be;

Frequency of urination
Urgency of urination
Difficulty during the urine passage
Nocturia which means incraesing urination at night, the person has to get up 3-4 times for urine
Blood in urine
Pain during urination
These are the earlier signs whereas in the later stages there can be the lower back ache or weight loss. In advanced cases, there can be the involvement of other organs such as liver, lungs whihc can ultimately lead to jaundice, cough, breathlessness.

So, the important thing is to differentiate from the beginning, from the cvery common condition. 1/3rd of the men suffer beyond the age of 60 years, that is, BPH.

It is sometime confused with the very common disease or I can say the physical change in the body which is in the form of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. It is very important for your doctor or you to be aware of that these symptoms can be over lapping with the symptoms or with these disease. So, the medicines of BPH should not be started just on teh basis of the symptoms.A patient must undergo a good quality Ultrasound, Serrum PSA levels. If the PSA levels are high or the prostate on ultarsound appears suspicious for cancer, then it should be followed up for MR Imagine or a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the lower abdomen or the Pelvis and depending upon that sometimes the PSA levels are high then the patient should undergo the Biopsy of the prostate.

Once the diagnosis is established, we stage the disease. The staging of disease will depend upon whether it is only confined to the stages of Prostates or it is going beyond the prostate. Most common side of other organ involvement is the lower back ro the back bone. The good thing about these cancers is that more than 80% of the these are low grade and they grow over many years. So, there is no need to immediately panic and if it is organ confined then it can be treated and cured with either surgery or direct with radiations. We have got Robotic surgery, very high resolution as well as very conformal radiation techique available with us whioch can treat the local forms of prostate cancer. Many of the people will be cured of the disease. Even in advanced cases nowadays with the advances and the oncology, the disease can be conbtrolled for many years and the patient can be asymptomatic.

People are living healthy and normal lives as they were living before getting this disease. So you need to be aware of this entity because it is on eof the common cancers in men. But if we and our physician is alert, they will definitely rule this out.

So, this is all I wanted to tell you about Carcinoma Prostate. Do not fear about the cancer. Many advances are happening on every day basis in the cancer managemnety and the future looks very promising to me.

If you need any help for Carcinoma Prostate or if you know someone who need any help for the same, you can contact me on my email which is or you can contact me through Lybrate.

If you want to take an appointment, I sit in Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Institute, South Delhi.

Thank you.

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Cancer: What You Need To Know?
Namaskar! Mai Dr. Arun Kumar Goel, Max Superspeciality Hospital Vaishali mei cancer surgery vibhag mei senior consultant hun. Aaj mai aapko kuch cancer ke bare me samanya jankari dena chahta hun. Taki aap samjh sakein ki iss bimari ke kaaran kya hain? Iss se bacha kaise ja sakta hai? Iske diagnosis kaise hoti hai? Aur, iska ilaaj kaise hota hai. Sabse mukhya ye hai ki jankari mai jo samajhta hun, vo is bimari se jo darr hai logon ke man me, us s apko bacha sakti hai. Pehli chiz to ye ki cancer, sharir ke jo cells the hain ya koshikayein, unki ek bimari hai. Normally, jab ye koshikayin multiply krti hain ya nyi koshikayein bnati hain to vo ek controlled tarike se hota hai. Lekin cancer me koshikayon ka uncontrolled tarike se banna hota hai, jrurat se jyada koshikayein banti rehti hain. Isme body ka jo control hai vo khtm ho jata hai. Or ye cells jhan se shurat hoti hai vhan se failti hain or sharir ke dusre hison me chali jati hain, ultimately sharir ko khokla krti hain or mariz ki jaan le leti hain. Ye bimari pehle kafi lailaj smjhi jati thi. Par pichle 30-40 saalon me jitni taraki hui hai, uske bad aaj jo bimari me success hai safalta hai ilaj ki, vo bhut achi hai. Agar hum log early stage me bimari ko pakad lein, to 80-90% insano me ye bimari jadd se khatam ho jati hai. Sabse pehle mai apko iske kaaran btana chahunga. Ek pramuh kaaran hai tobacco. Har trha se tobacco ka istemaal khatarnak hai. Aur cancer ho skta hai muh ka, galle ka, fefadon ka, urinary bladder ka. Labhag 1/3 cancer duniya me tobacco ki vjha se hai. To tobacco ka istemal bhut khtarnak chiz hai. Iske alwa jo or risk factors hain vo hai virus infection. Jaise liver me hepatitis-B, C infection hai. Fir uterus me human papillomavirus infection hai. Inme se kuch ke liye jaise liver ke liye vaccine available hai or cervical cancer k liye HPV vaccine available hai. To ye vaccination krne k liye in cancer se kafi bachav ho skta hai. Iske alwa kuch cancers hain jo badhti hui umar ke sath hote hain. Isliye aapko inke symptoms ko janna or inka ilaj krana important hai. Radiation exposures bhi cancer ka ek kaaran hota hai. Jarurat se jyada radiation exposures hai jaise unnecessary x-ray karana hai, vo avoid krna chaiye. Kuch radiation hamare background me hota hai jisko aap avoid nhi kar skte hain. To main chiz apko ye smjhna hai ki cancer ko early kaise detect kren. To cancer ka ek symptom specific nhi hai. Sharir ke jis bhag me cancer hai, us se related symptoms hain, jo cancerous or non-cancerous sab bimariyon mei ho skta hai. Ek advice ye hota hai ki koi bhi symptom agar 2-3 hafte tak hai, uska kaaran nhi pta lag rha hai to uski janch krayein. Or agar cancer ka shakh hai to related testing hoti hai jisme x-rays ho skte hain. Or kayi bar needle test se biopsy ki jati hai. Or agar early stage mei bimari pakad me aa gyi to uska ilaj turant or achi jgha pe krana chaiye. Cancer ke ilaj mei operation, radiotherapy, chemotherapy. Ye 3 therapy ke through ilaj hote hain. Alag alag marizon me konsa ila hoga ye caner ke specialist decide krte hain. Kafi marizon mei ek se jyada trha ka ilaj kia jata hai. To jo bhi ilaj ho vo pura ilaj krna chaiye. Iss se bimari jadd se khatam ho jati hai. Aurr uska vapis aane ka risk bhi khatam ho jata hai. To mai yahi kehna chahunga ki sabse pehle is bimari se dariye nhi. Agar koi bhi symptom 2-3 mahine mei thik nhi ho rahein hain to cancer ke bare mei soche, uski janch krayein or agar cancer nikalta hai to uska pura ilaj krayein. To aisa krne se aap bimari se jaad se mukti paa skte hain. Agar cancer ke bare mei apke mann mei koi shakh hai, koi janch krana chahte hain, opinion lena chahte hain to aap mujhe Max Superspeciality Hospital Vaishali mei contact kar sakte hain. Iske alawa aap mujhe Lybrate ke through bhi contact kar sakte hain. Online consultations bhi possible hain. Aur agar koi bhi shakh ya daar ho, to hesitate na karein.
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