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Fear - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Fear? What does Psychologist says : More about Fear :

What is Fear?

Fear is a feeling which is created by perceived threat or danger that happens in certain organisms. Fear can cause a change in organ functions and metabolism which can ultimately lead to a behavioral changes, like fleeing, freezing or hiding from the perceive threat.

Fear in human beings can happen because of a specific stimulus that is occurring in the present or even from an expectation of a future threat perceived on the person’s life or body. Response to fear from the perception of danger leads to confrontation or escape by avoiding the threat which is also known as fight-or-flight response. Fear in extreme cases can also lead to paralysis.In animals and human beings, fear is a resultant factor that occurs due to the process of cognition and learning. Thus fear can be classified into two types. The first one is a logical fear and the later illogical fear. Illogical fear is also known as phobia.

What does Psychologist says :

Psychologists have suggested that fear in one of the few innate emotions found in all human beings. Other innate emotions found in human are anger, anxiety, angst, joy, horror, panic, and sadness. However, there is a difference between fear and anxiety. Although both these emotions are closely related to each other, anxiety often happens as a threat which is perceived to be unavoidable or uncontrollable. The amygdala is the place in our brain, which is associated with fear. The amygdala is located behind our pituitary gland. Amygdala generates the secretion of hormones that influences aggression and fear. Once the stimulation of fear and aggression is generated, amygdala elicit the release of the hormones, which put the person into a state of alertness, which makes the person run, move, take a flight and others.

More about Fear :

The fight-or-flight response in human is regulated by our hypothalamus which is a part of our limbic system.

It is interesting to learn over here that once the person returns to the safe mode, and there are no signs of potential threat around, the amygdala sends the information which created fear to the mPFC (medial prefrontal cortex), which stores the data for similar future situation. This process of learning by the brain is also known as memory consolidation.Some of the hormones and chemical elements that are secreted because of fear are epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol and calcium.

These hormones and chemicals are responsible for regulating the heart rate, blood flow, dilation of the blood vessels and air passages and others.

Popular Questions & Answers

I have fearful snake fear heart rate more then 100. Echo report was .sinus tachy cardia head ache ,stomach digestion problem. Thoughts can be not stoppable. What's happening me any heart problems, are psychological problem.

Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Dear lybrate-user, fear releases adrenaline reaction of fight or flight situation. Increase of heart rate is one of the symptoms of adrenaline reaction. Fear is a psychological problem since it is more than that is needed. It is not an heart probl...

ayurvedic medicine for gabharahat, a bit fear and a bit heaviness in heart. uneasiness and feeling sickness. Feeling low and negative. Kuch be awake na lagna.

MD, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Bangalore
Before planing to g with medications of any systems just to understand the reason for such symptoms, as the symtoms you are explaining are related with multiple disease, so kindly try to go with thyroid profile, diabetic profile then speak to me I...

Shall I take mentat tablet without consulting a doctor. I have a fear feel on every time. Without the specific reasons.

MPhil Clinical Psychology, PhD Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Hi lybrate-user. No, please do not take any medication withourt consultation. You can try to go for psychotherapy sessions to understand the reason behind your fear.

Hello sir/madam. I am a shy type guy who afraid of talking with beautiful girls, when I try to talk to beautiful girls my heart rate increases. Few days back I was surfing internet I came to know that i'm suffering from gynophobia. Please help me in this regard. I want to get rid of this phobia. Can anyone tell me how to overcome this fear or please suggest me to whom I should consult. Thank you.

MBBS, Basic Life Support (B.L.S), Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE)
General Physician, Delhi
Gynophobia symptoms may include: an immediate, overwhelming fear or worry or terror when you see or think about women. An understanding that your fear of women is unwarranted or exaggerated but the fear is impossible to control. Anxiety that gets ...

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