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Fatty Liver: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

What is Fatty Liver? What causes Fatty Liver? What is the treatment of Fatty Liver? What are the symptoms of Fatty Liver? How can I reduce my fatty liver? Can I die from a fatty liver? Can fatty liver be cured completely?

What is Fatty Liver?

Hepatic steatosis also known as Fatty liver in common terms describes the buildup of fat on liver. Its normal to have small amount of fat on the liver, but too much of fat on the liver could lead to a health problem which could damage the liver.

The liver is widely responsible for a variety of functions in the human body. It filters harmful substances from the blood. It is also the second largest organ in the body. When the liver contains more than 5 percent fat then it should be diagnosed.

What causes Fatty Liver?

There are many factors such as high body weight, high processed sugar diet, diabetes, high triglycerides, genes and low physical activities also plays an important role in fatty liver. Nowadays, people with alcohol consumption or disorder are common to identified fat on liver. In scientific words, when human body creates too much fat and that excessive fat stored in liver cells, is accumulated as fatty liver disease. While in few cases side effects of medicines such as trexall, nolvadex, pacerone and depakote could lead to fatty liver.

What is the treatment of Fatty Liver?

When the fatty liver is mild, you can take few simple steps to reduce the risk of it. You can control it by following -

  1. Avoiding alcohol (in the case of alcohol consumption)
  2. Losing weight
  3. Controlling blood sugar
  4. Physical activity like exercises, running and yoga
  5. Having healthy food habits
  6. Balanced diet
  7. Not to have red meat
  8. Using sugar-free edibles

In severe cases, patients are recommended to take consultation from the doctor.

  1. Apart from that with certain foods, a disease like fatty liver could be treated, which include -
  2. Green veggies - are helpful in many diseases as they are good in vitamins, minerals and prevents fat buildup as well. Vegetables like kale, spinach sprouts, which are helpful in losing weight also.
  3. Omega 3 fatty acids - are helpful for patients having inflammation along with improving liver fat levels. Walnuts, olive oil, salmon, tuna, trout, sardines are few foods in which omega 3 fatty acids are found.
  4. Sunflower seeds - are high in vitamin E, as it has antioxidants which are good for liver protection.
  5. Green tea - it is an antioxidant which is useful for in many diseases along with fatty liver. It improves liver function and removes fat storage from the liver.
  6. Avocado - are high in healthy fats, and in fiber. It also helps in controlling weight. Also good for livers health.

What are the symptoms of Fatty Liver?

In general fatty liver has no associated symptoms. According to studies, it is believed that excess fat in the liver increases inflammation and you may have symptoms such as -

  1. Weight loss
  2. Physical weakness
  3. Fatigue
  4. Confusion
  5. Poor appetite

In case of severe fatty liver which could lead to liver failure, patients could have symptoms such as -

  1. Genetic inheritance
  2. Jaundice
  3. Abnormal bleeding
  4. Enlarged fluid filled abdomen

How can I reduce my fatty liver?

When it comes to fatty liver there are few steps which can be followed to reduce the fat on the liver are -

  1. Weight loss - fatty liver is a kind of condition which took place when fat levels in the body increases due to unhealthy lifestyle. In such cases, doing physical activity is something one must do and should follow a healthy regime to lose weight.
  2. No to alcohol - in case of people who use to intake alcohol in large quantity are recommended to avoid alcohol as it lead to harmful effects on health.
  3. Balanced diet - eating healthy and timely food is the key of good health. It also applies on people having fatty liver.
  4. Control your sugar - people who are diabetic are needed to be careful. Such patients should control their sugar levels and keep a check on it as well.

Can I die from a fatty liver?

There are two types of fatty liver disease - alcoholic fatty liver disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. As cleared by its name alcoholic fatty liver is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. While nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is caused by unhealthy lifestyle, excessive intake of sugar and carbohydrates and inflammation in the liver. When it comes to the life threat from fatty liver there is no such cases are seen. But alcoholic fatty liver disease can cause severe damage to the liver which could be life threatening for the people who are suffering from it.

Can fatty liver be cured completely?

There are many ways you can protect your liver from complications. You can follow few steps such as -

For alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcohol consumption should be avoided.

Workout or physical activity - it is necessary for a patient to do workout. It helps in reducing fat from the liver.

Balanced diet and healthy lifestyle - it is a key for being healthy. In such cases eating healthy and following healthy lifestyle makes a big difference.

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I have sgpt 113 and sgot 100 and also cholesterol. I am taking ursokem 300 is it enough or should I go for better consultation.

Cardiologist, Aurangabad
Hello, your higher liver enzymes can be a part of high cholesterol and fatty liver. I need further details for any further advice. Consult online for the same. Take care. Stay safe. Have a great day.

I have gallbladder stones of 6 mm and frequent urination during day and night. Slightly fatty liver and deficiency in b12 and vitamin prescribed ursocol 300, vitamin b12 tablets and medicines for uric acid and veltam plus tablets. What is your expert opinion. Kgknair47@hotmail. Commobile.

FACRSI (Colo-Rectal Surgery), Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery(FMAS) & Reproductive Medicine, FAIS, FICS, FIAGES-Advanced Laparoscopy, MBA (Hospital & Healthcare Management), MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon, Bikaner
Your complain is related to urinary tract and you might be suffering from bph. Ultrasound kub is suggested with pvr urine. If pvr urine become significant than need to be catheterisation and if prostate is significantly enlarged than advised to go...

Good time, I am a 32 years man and I had pricking sensation on my hands for a short time since one and half year back it stopped till I got covid vey hard and after 3 days heavy body pain nd two weeks had dizziness I got my health back, then again started the pricking sensation and it increased to burning on my arms and shanks it was continued for almost 6 months till I went a doctor he proscribed vitamin b and d and neuropill 100 tablets I used these for 10 days during my fast month then I felt some pain on my kidney sides went to again another doctor and checked up ultrasound said your kidneys ok but have liver enlargement, and then he proscribed me oxilive syrup, after two months with using cynocal lc tablets I checked again said mild liver enlargement and have bill ind=0.85,a/g = 3.3, bill t= 1.08, bill d= 0.23, alb = 4.5, globulin= 2.3 sgot= 25, sgpt= 22 total protein= 6.8 and other factors are normal, my question is the liver problem could be due to first medicines or it was from before and got increased, and how serious is now and my diet is having breakfast only bread and some peanut butter at 10 then lunch almost every day chicken and rice at 3 less vegetables and in night mostly have vegetable soup and using fruit like banana, mango.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopathy Doctor, Hyderabad
Your daily chicken intake may be causing liver and other digestive problems. Reduce intake of chicken.
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I have a liver cirrhosis (early stage) and I have been taking liv-52 drugs. Can I combine the liv-52 with silybon drugs?

Liver Transplant, Surgical Gastroenterology, Fellowship in Abdominal Multi Organ Transplant Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Gastroenterologist, Delhi
Liv 52 does not help with liver cirrhosis. What helps is treating the cause .. that too in early stages of the liver disease.
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