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Manobal Foundation Drugs & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre
Manobal Foundation Drugs & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

Manobal Foundation Drugs & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

Multi-speciality Clinic (Psychiatrist & Multi Speciality)

Opposite Richa Service Center Juchandra Road, Bapane, Naigaon East, Dist Palghar, Bapane
2 Doctors
₹ 1,000 at clinic

About Clinic

We like to think that we are an extraordinary practice that is all about you - your potential, your comfort, your health, and your individuality. You are important to us and we strive to more

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08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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What To Do After Rehab?
What To Do After Rehab?


Rehabilitation describes a drug and/or alcohol treatment programme that is provided in a residential setting. Rehabs are usually abstinence-based and provide an intense programme of support and care aimed at people who have difficulty becoming drug free in the community. Managing it after you're out of rehab requires lifestyle changes, regular doctor visits and, from time to time, changes in treatment plan.

Drugs - Know Impacts Of Them!
Drugs - Know Impacts Of Them!


A drug is any substance which, when taken into the body, alters the body’s function either physically and/or psychologically. Psychoactive drugs affect the central nervous system and alter a person's mood, thinking and behaviour.

Tension - How Does It Triggers Stomach Disorder?
Tension - How Does It Triggers Stomach Disorder?


Stress causes physiological changes, like a heightened state of awareness, faster breathing and heart rates, elevated blood pressure, a rise in blood cholesterol, and an increase in muscle tension. When stress activates the flight-or-flight response in your central nervous system, it can affect your digestive system by increasing the acid in your stomach, which results in indigestion, making you feel nauseous or giving you diarrhea or constipation.

What Is Alcoholism?
What Is Alcoholism?

Alcohol addiction commonly known as alcoholism is a fairly common problem that has shown to affect people from every walk of life. Scientists have tried to pinpoint the absolute cause behind alcoholism, but to no success. Certain factors like sex, genetic, and socioeconomic factors have shown to have some effect on alcoholism. The cause of alcoholism is never singular. Alcohol addiction is indeed a disease, where a person may not have full control over his actions and is seen to change the neurochemistry of the brain.

How Does Rehabilitation Centre Work?
How Does Rehabilitation Centre Work?


First, there are no locks are on the doors. You are free to leave at any time. Even if you have been adjudicated by the criminal justice system into the program, you can still walk out. You may face the consequences later, but you can choose to leave. Watch the video to know more about it.

Learning Disability
Learning Disability


 I am Dr. Milind Barhate, Psychiatrist. Today I will talk about learning disability. Ye kya hai? Bahut se logon ko pata hai learning disability matlab mentally disability. Logon ko lagta hai ki handicap bache. But ye handicap bache nahi hote hain. Nahi mand budhi hote hai. Ye learning disability bahut se bachon mein paayi jaati hai. 100 mein se 5 bachon mein learning disability dekhi jaati hai. Iske alag alag parkar hain. Dyscalculia mein bachon ko maths ke number samajhne mein problem aati hai. Dyslexia mein bachon ko likhne and padne mein problme hoti hai. Shabad pehchan karna mushkil hota hai. Dysgraphia mein bache jo bhi padte likhte hain uska dimag mein graphics thik se nahi banta hai. Next is autism. Is bimari ke bache mand budhi nahi hote hain. Ismein bachon ko learning difficulty hoti hai.

Ye kafi lambi bimari hoti hai. Iska ilaj bhi sambhav hai. Mild, moderate, severe. Next is ADHD. Ismein bache hyperactive hote hain. Bachon ka concentration school mein nahi hota hai. Kafi impulsive hote hain. In bachon ka identification kaise karein. Simple tarika hai. Jaise aap school teacher se puchte hain ki aap ke bache ka progress kaisa hai toh teacher aap ko btate hain. Aam toor mein learning disability kaise jaanein. Agar aap ke bache ko likhne padhne mein difficulty hai toh iska matlab hai ki aap ke bache ko kuch problem ho rahi hai. Agar aap ka bacha B ka D likhe, E ka C likhe toh iska matalb use likhne mein problem hai. Agar bache ko identification mein dikhat aa rahi hai toh iska matalb hai ki vo problem se suffer kar raha hai. Agar aap ke bache ko ek sentence ek line mein likhane nahi aa raha hai toh use learning disability hai. Agar aap ke bache ki school teacher humesha complaint karte hain ki bacha sharata karta hai, ek jagah pe baithta nahi hai and aur bachon ko disturb karta hai.

Same vo neighbors ke sath karta hai, choti choti chizen todta hai, concentrate nahi kar pata hai toh iska matalb aap ke bache ko ADHD ka problem hai. Agar aap apne bache ke teacher se information lenge toh aap ko sahi jankari milegi. Agar aap ko lagta hai ki bache ko learning ka problem hai toh aap ko psychiatrist se milna hai. Kyuki learning disability ki problems jyadatar Drs handle nahi kar paate hain. Bachon ka identification bhi vo nahi kar paate hain. Agar upari kuch bhi bimariyan aap ke bache ko lagati hai toh aap neuropsychiatric ko milein. Normal bachon ko jaise padhate hain, in bachon ko alag tarike se padahaya jaata hai. Bahut bache hyperactive rehte hain toh unke lia occupational therapy use ki jaati hai. Kuch bachon mein sensory integration ka problem hota hai. Jo bache likhte hain and sunte hain, uska process unke dimag mein thik se nahi ho pata hai. Islia sensory auditory therapy unko di jaati hai. Jis se padahayi mein padhne and likhne mein unko help ho. Iske sath mein kuch bachon ko speech ka problem hota hai. Toh speech therapy di jaati hai. Agar aap ke ghar ya najadiki mein koi bhi aisa bacha hai toh psychiatrist se milein. Agar aap ko mujhse consult karna hai toh Lybrate ke through consult karein.



Hello all,

I am Dr. Milind Barhate. Main ek manochikitsak Vasai mein practice karta hoon. Aaj hum schizophrenia bimari ke bare mein baat karne wale hain. Schizophrenia kya hai. Schizophrenia bohot common bimari hai ye lagbhag ek taka population mein paayi jati hai. Agar India ki population 135 koti hai iska matlab 1.35 crore logo mein ye bimari paayi jati hai. Duniya ke koi se bhi kone mein koi se bhi desh mein lagbhag ek taka population mein ye bimari payi jati hai. Ye bimari kyo hoti hai? Iske bohot saare reason hai kabhi-kabhi ye bimari genetic problem ki vajah se bhi hoti hai, agar maa-baap mein, bhai-behno mein, chacha-mama-mausi agar kisi mein agar bimari rahati hai to ye bimari bacchon ko hone ki sambhavna badhti hai, kitni badhti hai? agar ghar mein kisi ek ko bimari hai to 1 se 10 tak ka chances rehta hai ki bacchon ko ye bimari ho sakti hai. Genetic ke alawa bohot sari cheezein hai environmental pressure iske karan bhi schizophrenia naam ki bimari ho sakti hai. Pregnancy ke dauran ladies mein aane wale hormonal changes uske karan bohot sari auraton ko schizophrenia ya psychosis hota hai iske alava jo log nasha karte hain alcohol, ganja, charas, drugs iske karan bhi schizophrenia bimari hoti hai. Kuch logo ke swabhav mein vikriti rahti hai unko bhi ye bimari ho sakti hai.

Ye bimari ke lakshan kya hai? Ye bimari bohot common hai shuruaat mein bohot sare log gum-sum rehte hain, akele-akele mein rehte hain, kisi se baat nahin karte, ghar ke ander mahin-mahin or salon-salon tak rehana, darwaza khidki avam pankha yahan tak log band karke rakhte hain kyunki unke dimag mein shak aata hai, schizophrenia bimari mein aksar logo ke mann mein shak aata hai unko aisa lagta hai ki koi ados-pados wala unke bare mein baatein karta hai iska matlab unko delusions hota hai. Delusion matlab unko shak aata hai ye alag-alag prakar ke rehte hain delusion. Delusion of reference, bahar ghumne jate hain to koi meri taraf dekhta hai, mere bare mein baatein karta hai, mera follow karta hai, agal bagal wale log, ghar wale log mere bare mein baatein karte hain isko delusion of reference bolte hain. Delusion of persecution, kuch log mujhe haani pahunchana chahte hain ya mere khane mein kuch daal ke mujhe marnaa chahte hain, mere dimag mein kuch chip lagaya hai ya ghar mein kuch camera Laga ke mere upar dhyan rakh ke mujhe nuksaan pahuchana chahte hain it's a delusion of persecution.

Delusion of love kuch log is anjaan vyakti ke sath main pyar mein padhte hain, itna Pyar mein padhte hain ki unko sahi aur galat ka matlab bhi unko samajh mein nahin aata aise alag-alag prakar ke delusions rehte hain. Hallucination (brahm), hallucination ko bharam bolte, aadmi ko bharam hota hai koi awaz sunai de rahi hain, kisi ke payal ki, kisi aadmi ki, ki log mere bare mein charcha karte sunayi dete hain, kuch deekhai deta hai, visual hallucination, auditory hallucination ye bimari akshar sabhi logon mein paayi jati hai. Sabhi jati, dharm ke logon mein aksar ye bimari 40 se 50 saal ki age mein hoti hai lekin kam umar mein bhi ye bimari dikhai deti hai to 15 saal ke baad jyadatar common logon mein ye 40 se 50 saal ki age mein paayi jati hai, jitna ye bimari late dikhai deti hai utna hi uska prognosis achha rehta hai.

Jo logo ko yehi schizophrenia ki bimari jitni kam umar mein hoti hai utna hi nahi uska prognosis bad rehta hai ye bimari ke Karan dimag mein parivartan aata hai, dimag mein, soch mein badlav aata hai, it is a thought disorder, dopamine naam ka ek chemical brain mein badhta hai jisse aadmi ki soch badal jati hai, agar yaha pen rehta hai to aadmi jo schizophrenia ka aadmi hai uski soch parivartan hoti hai usko ye lakdi ka dikhega ya snake dikhega, aisi soch parivartit hoti hai. To iska ilaaj bhi hai, iski janch bhi hai psychological testing ke dwara iski janch ki jati hai, personality testing MMPI, MCMI iske dwara iski janch bhi ki jati hai, iska ilaaj bhi sambhav hai.

Bohot se log bohot late ilaaj ke liye aate hain jo log bohot jaldi ilaaj ke liye aate jain unka ilaaj jaldi hota jai aur wo jaldi recover hote hain aur jeetne lambe samay se bimari rehti hai utna hi jyada samay lagta hai, isme bohot saari medicines bhi kaam karti hai, shuruaarti 40-50 saal pahle dawai bohot kaam thi us samay patient ko admit kiya jata tha, shock lagaya jata tha ab Itni sari nai-nai dawaiyan market mein aayi hain ki dawaio ke sahare jyadatar log theek ho jate hain, shock treatment ki bohot kam logo ko jarurat padti hai iski dawaiyan chalu karne ke baad iska asar dheere-dheere shuru hota hai 8 se 12 hafte mein dawaiyon ka asar achha dikhai deta hai. Patient 3 se 6 mahine mein kaafi recover hota hai, recover hone ke bad bhi iska ilaaj lamba chalta hai kuch patient ka ilaaj do saal kuchh patient ka ilaj 5 saal agar ye bimari bar-bar 3 se 4 bar wapas aati hai to wo patient ko zindagi bhar ke liye dawai khana padta hai. Dosto ye bimari bohot common hai 1 taka public mein payi jati hai aur iske common symptom shak lena, akele mein bad-badana, akele mein hasna, akele mein hathon ke vare karna, gum-sum rehna, biwi ke upar shak lena, ghar ke ander khud ko akela mehsoos karna, raste ka kachra pakad ke lana, jebo main ya khud ke upar dhyan nahin dena aise bohot sare symptoms hai. Dosto ya bimari ke symptoms aap mein, aapki family mein ya aapke aaju-baju mein, ados-pados mein agar kisi mein dikhai dete hain to aap kripya apne najdiki mansik rog kendra se salaha lein.

Thank you.

Internet Addiction
Internet Addiction

Hello, mera naam Dr Milind Barhate hai main ek manochikitsak hoo, Vasai, Vera, Boisar side mein practice karta hoon. Aaj hum internet addiction ke upar baat karne wale hai, ek sabse naya bimari, anokha bimari lekin sab logo ko parichit bimari internet addiction. Abhi har family mein har family ke paas 2 se 3 users mobile hai, digital media ke karan internet ke karan jo kranti hui hai usse kuch fayde bhi hai kuch nuksaan bhi huaye hai. Usme se ek nuksaan hai internet ka jyada istemal karna aur wohi parivartit ho raha hai dheere-dheere internet addiction mein. Ggar ghar mein samjho 4 log rehte hain toh 4 logo ke paas bhi abhi gadget hai, smartphones hai, ghar mein internet connection, wi-fi hai, kaam ke jagah pe bhi internet connection wi-fi hai, toh hum kise internet addiction kahen aur kise normal kahen. Agar aap ka job internet-related hai, toh uss yaa internet se related aapke kaam hai yaa, softwares related aapke kaam hai, banking se related aapke kaan hai, aap ko hamesha connectivity ki zaroorat hai, toh exceptions hai lekin iske alawa aap ko aapke daily routine activity mein jo bhi aap kaam kar rahe hain job karte hain uss mein agar internet ki jarorat nahi hai uske bawajood aap din mein 8 se 10 bar aapka social media check out kar rahe hai jaise whatsapp hai, facebook hai, twitter hai, instagram hai is jaise social media ko aap din mein 8 se 10 bar check kare ya ek din mein ek ghante se jyada one hour, one hour se jyada agar aap internet pe aap ka samay beeta rahe ho bina zaroorat ke, toh samajh lo aap yeh aapki family mein jo bhi aisa vyakti hai woh internet se dheere-dheere addicted ho raha hai. Kya yeah bimari bahut kam logo mein pai jati hai, nahi yeah bimari aisi hai ki abhi ghar ghar me pravesh kar rahi hai toh hum hamare baccho se, hamare bachchon ko, hamare ghar mein jitne bhi members hai yaa hamare samaj ko isse kaise rokey usse pehle main aap ko batana chahunga ki yeah bimari se hota kya hai. Internet addiction is a disease yeah bimari mein jo baki disease mein baki addiction mein jo bhi badlav aate hain usi prakar ke badla internet addiction main aapke brain mein aate hain dimaag mein kuch chemicals ke up and down hote hain jitna samay aap addicted rehte hain utni jyada changes aapke dimaag mein aate hain. Aur aap ko dheere-dheere aap ka dimaag impulsion karta hai majboor karta hai baar baar internet yaa baar baar aapka social media checkup karne ke liye, dheere dheere woh OCD naam ki bimari mein parivartan hota hai, Obsessive compulsive disorder bahut logo ko depression, nirasha, anxiety, phobia jaisi bimariyan bhi hoti hai, jyada istemal karne se aap aankhon par be asar hota hai, aapko kuch cheeze bulane chalu hoti hai, yaadash kam ho jati hai, forgetfulness ka problem badhta hai, memory kamjor ho jati hai, chidchada pan aata hai internet addiction se relationship problem bhi aate hain. Aadmi jo extroverted hona chahiye jo samaj mein, jo ghar mein logon se uska savbhav hona chahiye dheere dheere uska interaction logo ke sath physically kam ho jata hai aur ek digitally bard jata hai. Mobile haath mein rehta hai logon se connect rehta hai lekin actual mein uske aaju baju mein jo bhi log rehte hain jo logo ke saath rehta hai woh dheere dheere social withdrawn ho jata hai aur akele mein rehna shuru karta hai. Agar aapka baccha ek room mein bandh hai aur jyadatar samay room mein apne mobile pey internet pey wo guzar raha hai, toh samajh lo ki aap ka baccha usse addicted ho gaya hai, usko ilaj ki zaroorat hai. Toh isse bahut kafi saree bimari hoti hai mansik bimari hoti hai, sharirik bimariya bhi hoti hai, aankhon ke nusey bhi kamjor ho jati hai, aankhon ki roshni mein problem jata hai, bahut baar jyada samay tak internet use karne se nerves problem bhi aati hai, physical problem bhi aati hai, socially bhi problem aane lage. Aaj kal hum raste mein ghumte hain toh bahut sare log gadi chala rahe hai, bike chala rahe hai, car chala rahe hai mobile se baatein karte rehte hain yaa gadget mein kuch na kuch hatke rehte hain. Hum railway station pe jate hain railway platform pey bhi dekho log mobile par baat kar rahe hain ya games khel rahi hai even aap travelling mein dekho jyada tar log kuch movies dekh rahe hai, koi game khel raha hai, kuch na kuch karte rehte hain. Toh isse dheere-dheere social problem bhi badne wale hai bahut sare accident dheere-dheere shurvat ho rahi hai bahut sare accident internet use misuse addiction ke karan ho rahe hai. Yeah bimari ajibo garib bimari hai hamare ghar mein yaa hamare aaju baju mein bahut sare log is se grasit hai phir bhi unidentified hai, toh hum se kaise ilaj kare? Main aapko simple trick batata hoon agar yeah bimari bahut jyada hoti hai aapke relationship mein problem aati hai bahut sari cheeze divorced hone lage hai internet addiction se, whatsapp misuse se, facebook se easily relationship hota hai, easily affairs hotey hai aur dheere dheere woh endup hote hai divorce mein. Toh agar aapko isme se bahar nikalna hai yaa apko bache ko rokna hai jab bimari jyada ho jati hain toh usko ilaj ki zaroorat rehgi. Aapko psychiatrist ke paas aana rahega counselling therapies rehta hai, medicines rehta hai ya agar aapko come takleef hoga aur aap khud ko aise samajh rahe ki yeh use jyada hota hai aise kaise cut down kare. Mera ya mere family members mein bachchon ka, wife ka use dheere dheere jyada ho raha hai lekin kaise cut down kare, kaise manage kare, kaise control kare, toh simple main aapko tips batata hoon sabse pehle agar aapke ghar mein wi-fi hai to usko aap password se save kar dijiye uske baad discipline rakhega ki yeh wi-fi din mein issi time pe on rahega jis time pe bhi aap logo ko jarurat lage aap sab log ghar mein rehte hain uss hisab se morning mein 2 hours or night mein evening mein 2 hours aisa time frame karke aap ghar mein sab log decide kijiyega ki wi-fi ka button khali issi time mein on rahega baki ke samay off rahega. Agar aapke mobile mein internet connection hai to usse kaise control kare, toh uske liye bhi agar aap ka job internet-related nahi hai, aapko emergency nahi hai to aap ek discipline rakh sakte hain, jo bhi aapka data connection hai doh se teen bar din mein on kijiyega baki ke samay off rakhiega. Agar aap throughout day agar aap on rakhte hain toh tones bujta rehte hai, messages aate rehte hain aur jaise tone bujta hai, message aata hai toh compulsively hamara social media access karte hain aur isi karan hum din mein jyada samay, hamesha internet se juda rehte hain. Agar aap aap ka data connection disconnect karoge toh aap automatically disconnect ho jaoge, aur jab aapko zaroorat hai din mein do ya teen bar aap usko access kar sakte hain according to your needs. Iske alawa ghar mein kya kiya jaye, jaise hum jooton ke liye stand rakhte hain ghar ke bahar ya ghar ke andar baju mein ek stand hota hai jooton ke liye wo stand hamesha neeche rehta hai ke aap jaise ghar ke bahar baju mein rakhde ya ghar se andar aane ke baad aap baju mein jootey rakhde, lekin mobile ka stand bhi aap ko banana padega aur woh stand neeche nahi hona chahiye woh stand hona chahiye upar taqreeban ground se 5 feet ke upar, jahan tak bachcho ka haath na lage ya aapka bhi aasani se haath na jaye. Bahut baar hamara mobile table pe, tv ke samne, window pe ya bed pe rakha rehta hai aur easily hum jab bhi ghar mein ghumte hain toh agar eye sight mein agar mobile aata hai toh hum mobile ko leke check kerte hain, agar aapne mobile stand banaya aur woh stand agar panch feet ke agar upar rehta hai toh aapki eye sight ke bahar mobile rahega toh aap ka dhyan nahi jayega, toh aap ka istemal karne ka chance bhi kam ho jayega. Baccho ka hath nahi jayega toh aapne jo abhi timing decide kiya hai usi time mein mobile ka use rahega toh yeh sab simple cheeze hain, aap wi-fi ka password se secure kar lijiye jiss samay aapko zaroorat hai usi samay aap wi-fi use kijiye, in a limited way, mobile ka data card maximum time aap disconnect kar dijiye, raat ko ek discipline rakho ki dus baje ke baad koi internet use nahi karega, provide it if someone need it. Raat ko pura raat aap off rakhiye ga aur ek aaram se chain ki neend soyega aur make it discipline, ussey pehle aapke baccho ko, aapki wife ke sath aapko yeah discipline samjhane ke pehle aap ko khud follow karna padega aur khud explain karna padega ki it's very easy, let's together do it. Jab aap sab log ghar mein karte hain toh yehi uska fayda hota hai lekin agar aap dusro se expectation karte hain aur akele khud hi manmani kar rahe hain toh baaki log follow nahi karenge. Toh sabse pehle jo bhi aapke ghar mein bade log hai woh decide karo, baitho, timing decide karo, chunav karo kahan pe stand banana hai, decision lo or dheere dheere implement karo. Doh se teen mahine mein jo bhi aap ki aadat aap ko lagi hai woh dheere dheere badalna chalu hoga, aapko ehsaas hoga ki mobile ke bina, internet ke bina bhi hum jee sakte hain aur kitna achha jee sakte hain. Aur aap ko yeh bhi pata chalega ki raat ko kitne sukun se neend aati hai agar mobile ki ghanti nahi bajti hai ya whatsapp ka message ki ghanti nahi bajti hai, toh kitna accha lagta hai koi bhi disturb nahi karta hai. Its very simple use this trick and if you find any difficulty contact me aap meri madat le sakte hain mujhe, contact kar sakte hain. Mera naam Dr Milinb Barhate hai, aap mujhe Lybrate ke through contact kar sakte hain, Thank you.

How Mental illness affects Your Physical Health?
How Mental illness affects Your Physical Health?

How Mental illness affects Your Physical Health?

Myself Dr. Milind Barhate, psychiatrist practicing in Mumbai since last 10yrs.

Mental illness is the most common illness in the world.

Stress is one of the most important factor for causing psychological illnesses. People believe that stress is not a psychiatric problem and it is a part of life. That's why most people do not come for treatment. Some misbelieves about stress are there. Stress affects everything, it affects your mind, your body from head to toe, it affects everywhere. When it affects your mind it causes migraine, headache, vomiting, nausea, paralytic attack, heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, acidity, stomach problems, restlessness, muscle cramps, sexual dysfunctions and a lot of illnesses like constipation, diarrhoea, anxiety problems. It affects every part of your body, and not only the body but it also affects your mind, it effects your emotions.

When the emotions are effected the person becomes irritable, he remains in a sad mood, and gradually other faculties of mind get affected and the person goes in depression or other problems like anxiety, sleep problems, psychosis, mood disorders and addictions occur . People believe that stress is not a problem, and when it becomes a big problem they come to us for treatment with a disease like depression, anxiety, mood disorder, psychosis or with suicide attempts. At that time the treatment becomes dfficult and the person has to take treatment for a longer period.

There are a lot of factors causing stress. Most of the people, they blame others for their own problems like inflation and job problems. Most of the times the person himself is responsible like his character depicts irresponsible behaviour, suspiciousness , not taking responsibility of family, child or at work place, unmanagebility, procastination . There are a lot of character defects that lead to problems either at home or work place or in society that leads to stress. So when it comes to stress management , most of the people either go for changing their lifestyle, start exercises, pranayam, move around or read some books, listen to music or go outside.

It relieves your stress but only for a couple of days or couple of weeks and again after those couple or days or weeks , it becomes as it was before because the reason for your stress was character defects. Until and unless you change yourself the problem is not going to reduce. So when the management of stress comes, initially the most important character defect that leads to stress has to be managed.

It needs a long and tough behavioural therapy, counsellings, and if the problem arises again then you may need psychiatrist help. For more details you can contact me on Thank you.

Know More About Addiction
Know More About Addiction

Hello, I am Dr. Milind Barhate, psychiatrist practicing in Varli and Mumbai area. Now we discuss about the addiction.

Addiction is a disease and it is different from other disease. Most of the people believe that addiction is the only habit. They do not  accept that it's a disease. Most of the other disease patient accept whatever this is, whether it is fever, malaria dengu, heart problem, diabetes, problem cancer etc. Patient accepts and go for the treatment. But in case of addiction, patient believes that he/she is normal. Even after there is a liver problem or because of addiction multiple problems arises. Some people requires only one quarter at night to fall asleep, it's not his problem and that's why they do not get it treated and it's a common issue.

Addiction now is increasing. Initially people goes for only alcohol, tobacco, smoking. Nowadays teenagers and children are getting drug addicted like Kaname, Ganja marijuana, charas, brown sugar and cocaine etc. Chemical addiction is also common addiction of the medicines or tablets or syrup.

So addiction is a disease it affects your brain and your body. After certain period of time, your brain and body gets dependent on such substance and because of  this reason people generally take the substance repeatedly. There is a change in your brain. Chemical changes occur that causes impulsive inability, frustration, depression, psychosis, a lot of mood changes. In addition to it, it affects everywhere. It affects your body from brain to toe. When it affects your brain it causes lot of diseases like dementia, seizures. When it affects your lung it causes bronchitis lung diseases. When it affects your liver it also affects your liver for the coc's or cancer of the liver, or vomiting of the blood. It also causes blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and erectile dysfunction, reducing sperm count, reducing weight and appetite. It also causes change in behavior, change in sexual behavior, change in sleep and at appetite and also changing driving.

Because of addiction the chances of an accident can increase. It also affects your family also. We'd also affect at occupation also, at your economy also. So it affects almost all parts of your life like body, family, at occupation, at your economy social life and spiritual life. So it's a disease, but different from other diseases, and it may harm oe's life severely. Still the person believes that he is okay. It becomes habit and because of this attitude, most of the  patients left untreated which ultimately end up to late stage for the treatment. They come with the mouth cancer and that stage even after if you stop the alcohol, it may ultimately result death. There is a treatment available for it. Treatment is little bit difficult and different from other diseases. So medicines are important to treat the problem.

There are medicines to control the withdrawal features. There are a medicine for sleeping problems, the treatment for constipation is also available as most of the tobacco smokers they're suffering from constipation. Early morning they do not get the pressure. That's why they are regularly taking tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco and smoking, so there are medicines for that problem. Tension and even if you are suffering from anxiety, depression or psychosis there is a medicine. Some anti craving medicines are also there to control your mood and craving for substance.

At the same time along with medicines, family counseling, accounting also necessary. Individual counseling also necessary. Social counseling also available for alcoholism. Alcoholic for Drugs Narcotics Anonymous is there, if a person takes a treatment for a longer time. If we take it, it went for only one day, there is no chance. If we took a treatment for one month, there is a little chance and if it continued treatment for 1 year, he's having 25 percent of the chances to come out from the alcohol or drugs. At the same time if he continues the medicines, counseling and social counseling and social support, family support for the longest, wait more than five years there are chances more than eighty percent to come out of this problem. Its lifelong business. There are well known relapses. Even after stopping for alcohol or drugs for five years or ten years there are chances of relapses. The long treatment is needed to prevent the relapses. Cure is not possible treatment because it is a disease of personality. When we counsel the patient, when we are doing individual counseling, we enforce the patient initially, we tell the patients about the disease model and and to make them accept so that they can overcome through it.

Alcoholism and drug is a disease. After accepting, the second part is to identify the character defect, because alcoholism and drug is not a major problem, the major problem is character, habit and a  behavior. So second stage is to identify that character defect or behavior deface leading to addiction. After identifying that character defects, we focus that character defect and we work on that with the help of small step program and as the time continues if the patient is ready and motivated to work on it, there are the good chances to come out from this situation. The only thing is, first admit that you are an addict. Second come forward for a treatment and be patient for a longer treatment.

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