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Seizures Disorder Profile Test

Seizures Disorder Profile Test

Seizures also known as Epilepsy is defined by episodes of uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain, which is caused by complex chemical changes that occur in the nerve cells according to the epilepsy foundation. Seizures are not some disease, but symptoms of various other disorders that can affect the brain. Both laboratory and non-laboratory tests are used to diagnose and monitor Epilepsy, to identify the cause of the seizures. These seizures can be caused due to toxins, infections, drugs or alcohol withdrawal, fever (in children), and diabetes. Fainting and strokes are signs of a seizure. As a part of the diagnosis, the doctor relies on the medical history, input from the family members and the patient to figure out the cause of the seizure.

Depending on the type of the tests ordered you will need to prepare for it. There are laboratory and non-laboratory both types of tests available for the seizures. Lab tests are generally ordered to monitor the anti-epileptic medications and to know the conditions that may have caused the seizures. Complete blood count (CBC) – this test is used to evaluate the blood cells to check for a variety of conditions, including infection Glucose – to check for the possibility of diabetes CSF analysis – to check for infection and help diagnose meningitis and encephalitis Blood culture – to check for septicemia, infection in the blood Drug abuse testing—to detect drugs and/or alcohol (ethanol)

These tests help the doctor assess a patient’s overall health and identify reasons causing the seizures.

A band is wrapped around the arm, preferably near the elbow pit such that vein is clearly seen The area is cleaned with 70% alcohol The needle is inserted into the visible vein causing a small prick and the required amount of blood sample is collected The collected blood is transferred into the blood container from the nozzle and the syringe is hygienically disposed immediately.

red top tube container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Seizures Disorder
All age groups
Rs 3000- Rs 12600

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