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Dr. Bansal - Arogya Hospital

Dr. Bansal - Arogya Hospital

Dietitian/Nutritionist Clinic

Muktain Nagar, Above ICICI Bank, Majiwada Flyover , Thane West
1 Doctor
₹ 3,000 at clinic

About Clinic

Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Dietitian/ Nutritionist.Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a more

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10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Know More About Diabetes
Know More About Diabetes

How to prevent Diabetes?

Hello everyone. I am Kanchan Patwardhan, clinical dietician and nutritionist, working in this field for the last 22 years. Today, we are going to speak about diabetes, you know diabetes is a very serious issue and india is becoming a diabetic capital. Every second person is diabetic or suspected to diabetic. So, don’t ignore your problems.

Actually, we can easily monitor our diabetes by diet and lifestyle. See, first you need to understand your body, if your body is going to give you signs and signals, so you can detect your problems very easily. if a diabetic person is having polyurea, polypagia, polydypsi, these kind of symptoms if anyone is having, please go and check your diabetes level and there is a HbA1c which is called Glycocelated Hemoglobin which is actually three months average glucose what you get through HbA1c. So you must do that test to know about your blood sugar level. Why is it necessary to control your blood sugar level? Because if you have high blood sugar, it is very dangerous, it will affect your kidneys, heart, and eyes. So please control your diabetes at a young age and stage.

So, if you are a diabetic or if you are suspected to diabetes, then also prevention is necessary for both of you. So, how can you prevent diabetes? First thing, regular exercises are the key. Second thing, you need to control your diet, you need to have good nutritious balanced diet and you should include good fibre in your diet to control your diabetes. You should include good quality proteins in your diet, not necessary animal proteins, but plant proteins you must consume. You need to include anti-oxidants because when you are having diabetes, your arteries are getting hard and if your arteries are hard then you will have coronary problems so it’s better to include citrus fruits to control diabetes and prevent elasticity of the arteries. Second thing, you must consume antioxidants in your diet. Anti-oxidants can be consumed from fruits such as amla, which is a good source of anti-oxidant. You can also have guava and mostly all fruits are good sources of anti-oxidants. So you should include anti-oxidants, you should eat two-three servings of fruits and vegetables in diabetes.

There are many people that say that you should not include fruits during diabetes. No, it is not correct. Why? Fruits have multiple benefits. It has anti-oxidants, it has vitamins, it has minerals and best is that it has fibers and generally the glycemic index of fruits is very low, so if the glycemic index is low, the sugar level will grow gradually, it will not go randomly. It will go steadily, it will not spike it. So, please consume fruits but if you are going to consume mangoes, then definitely you can have one mango in a day not much but you must include some or other fruits in your diet. Second thing, you should consume pulses in your diet, because pulses are very good sources of proteins, and complex carbohydrates. So, when you are eating pulses, your glycemic index will become low and definitely you will be able to manage your diabetes.

Diabetic person should consume very small meals, means every two-three hours depending on your hunger you must eat. You should drink plenty of water, and last but not the least, avoid fried items, avoid junk, avoid achaar, papad because it will not give you any nutrients and harm your body.

So, if you still want to achieve you target sugar levels and you want to achieve your weight with it, please contact Kanchan’s House of Health and Nutrition for it. Keep watching my videos. Thank you very much.

Know More About Obesity
Know More About Obesity

How to manage Obesity?

Hello everyone. I am Ms. Kanchan Patwardhan. I am clinical dietician and nutritionist, working in this field for the last 22 years. See, today I am going to speak about Obesity.

What is the biggest killer today? It is not war. It is not natural calamities. It is not diseases but the lifestyle. You know, the major cause of all problems is obesity. So, today we are going to talk about obesity and generally when obesity comes and when you are on weight loss programs so generally people think that you have to eat tasteless food, boiled food and starvation, you have to only eat soups, you have to only eat salads, and it is a total torture for your body isn’t? But believe me, diet is a mind game. Kanchan House Of Health and Nutrition prepares a diet for you which not only satisfies your taste buds but definitely going to help you in weight loss also. We don’t give any yogo diet. We will make sure you will have all the food groups including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

We calculate everything and we give it to you according to your lifestyle, not according to my lifestyle. This is the biggest benefit if you take Kanchan’s House of Health and Nutrition’s diet. So when we talk about dieting, generally people think that eating soups and salads is diet or eating boiled food or eating tasteless food without spices is diet but believe me, diet is not like that. When your diet is good and tasty, then only you can sustain it for a longer period. Otherwise, in between you will stop that dieting and you will not achieve your diet plan or diet goals.

So if you want you can join Kanchan’s House of Health and Nutrition and we will give you the best diet which suits your necessity, which suits your requirement, which is actually according to your region, your time, your pattern, so whenever you want to join us, please contact us and keep watching my videos. Thank you very much.

Child Health
Child Health

How to maintain Good Health in children?

Hello everyone. I'm Kanchan Patwardhan. I'm a Clinical Dietician and Nutritionist working in this field from last 22yrs. Today, we are going to speak about how to increase health and stamina in children. You know healthy brain begins with smart nutrition. Diet is actually very important because your body's organ and tissues need proper nutrition to work effectively. So, without good nutrition your body is proned to diseases, infection, fatigue etc. If your children's diet is not nutritionally dense then definitely they're prone to infection and diseases. So better is you give your child a good nutrition and you know how you can give it? It's very easy. There are ceratin ways in which we can give it to them, provide them good nutrition.

There are many mothers who come to me and say that my child doesn't eat fruits, my children doesn't eat this and that. So I always ask them, do you eat that fruit, do you eat papaya, apple? If you don't eat that how are you expecting your child to eat that? So first you start that because whatever children learns, they learn it from you only. Children are very fast learner, they grasp very fast, in subconscious mind also they're learning things. So if you eat in front of them they will think my mother must be eating something very good or something very delicious and even if one day they don't look at you, second day they don't look at you but on the third day they will definitely come and try what you're eating and the same thing will become a habit. So it is very easy how to teach them to take up nutritious food. First you eat and subconsciously they will also start liking good food.

How will you see if your child is having proper nutrition or not? If he is having low concentration problem, if he is having frequent cough and cold, if he is having infections, if he is having dull skin, in the teenager if he is having pimples or if he is having mood swings, having tensions, irritation. All these problems if he is having that means your child's diet is not proper. So please look at your child's diet and find out the root cause of your problems. You must give right proteins to your child because right proteins are neccessary for repairing body tissue, development of healthy brain, proper functions of hormone and any wear and tear, if it is there then protein is going to actually help you out and heal any wear and tear. So please include protein in the diet, you can obtain proteins from fish, milk, cheese, eggs, nuts, pulses etc. So proteins are equally important.

At the same time you must give them anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals through fruits and vegetables. And at the same time you must give them good quality complex carbohydrates also. For the child's growth and development calcium is equally important because if you give enough calcium the child's bones will become strong and they will become tall. So please give them good calcium such as almonds, soya, beans, dairy products, peas, brocolli etc in your child's diet. Please give right quality iron to your children that comes from green leafy vegetables, pomegranate, eggs, cysmic seeds, garden green seeds, beans, rajma, chole, chane etc. These are the very good sources of iron. With it your children should go for physical activities, they can opt for any activity, they can play cricket, they can play tennis, they can play anything but not indoors. They should play outside for proper physical and mental growth.

Thank you very much. Please contact Kanchan's online nutrition through Lybrate.

Improve the Estrogen Hormones After Menopause
Improve the Estrogen Hormones After Menopause

Dietary tips to stay fit after MenopauselL

Hi, myself Kanchan Patvardhan, I am a clinical nutritionist and dietician, working in this field from the last 19 years. Today I am going to speak about menopause. Lovely ladies if you are 45 plus, having depression, mood swings, lots of hot flashes, muscle cramps and such kind of problems, definitely you are going towards the menopausal stage. This is the time when you really require to take care of yourself and your health too. If you eat healthy diet you can easily overcome these problems, because poor diet worsens the symptoms.

In menopause stage generally estrogen hormone which is very essential for the ladies decreases and this is the root cause of your problem, proper diet and exercise definitely keeps you fit after menopause. So follow proper diet, include lots of complex carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals in your diet. Eat complex carbohydrates such as Jawar, Bajra, Raagi, brown rice etc. These will not only give you complex carbohydrate but also give you lots of fiber. So instead of just wheat you can try these cereals also. For protein, you must consume plant based proteins specially soya bean, soya protein because it contains phytoestrogen which act as an estrogen hormone and protects you from osteoporosis and heart diseases, so eat proper proteins in your diet. Your every meal should contain some or other proteins, such as legumes, beans, pulses, nuts. If you are non vegetarian you can take eggs or lean meat, but avoid red meat in such cases.

Now lets talk about fiber. Fiber is very essential in this stage not only in this stage but in every stages because if you eat proper fiber your digestion system will be proper your metabolism will be high and you will not face any weight gain problem which is one of the main issues during this period. For fibers you must consume lots of vegetables, salads, fruits, fruits will not only give you fibers but lots of antioxidants, micro-nutrients which will not only help you for your health but it will protect your skin too, because if you eat proper vitamin c it will give elasticity to your skin and if your skin is elastic then you wont have any wrinkles problem, protein will do the same work as well. Eat enough proteins, eat enough carbohydrates, keep your gut clean.

Last but not the least, drink plenty of water. Make sure you should do some or other exercises every day. Walking is the best exercise because it is self weight bearing exercise , you must walk 45 to 60 minutes everyday. You can do certain weight bearing exercises too because that will protect you from osteoporosis. Drink enough milk and calcium rich food because in this stage you really require good amount of calcium. 1200ml of calcium is required at this stage to keep your bones healthy.

So my dear ladies keep fit, eat healthy and stay healthy. For further information you can contact me on Lybrate.

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