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Health Benefits of Sugarcane juice And Its Side Effects

Last Updated: Aug 11, 2020

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Sugarcane has natural sugar content so diabetic patients should exercise caution. It helps to prevent cancer if consumed regularly and also improves the normal functioning of the kidneys and helps loose weight. Additionally drinking sugarcane juice helps to keep the skin healthy, acts as an energy booster, helps during pregnancy and prevents tooth decay. Sugarcane juice is also known to treat ferbile disorders in early teens and growing infants.

About Sugarcane Juice

A sugarcane is a perennial, topical grass which forms lateral shoots and produces a lot of stems. It is usually three to four metres in height and around 5 centimetres in diameter. It has fibrous, jointed and stout stalks which are rich in sugar sucrose.

Sugarcane usually grows in tropical and temperate regions of the world. When the cane is fully matured, it constitutes 75% of the whole plant. Sugarcane is placed in the category of a cash crop but is also used as a livestock fodder in most parts of the world.

Nutritional Value of Sugarcane juice

Consuming sugarcane juice can be very healthy as it contains a lot of vital ingredients which is ideal for forming a strong immune system. It contains 63-73% water, 2-3% non sugars, 12-16% soluble sugars and 11-16% fiber. The sugarcane crop is extremely sensitive to insects, fertilizers, irrigation, soil types and climate.

Sugarcane juice contains 30 grams of natural sugar along with 250 calories. The fat, protein, fiber and cholesterol content is generally less but it contains copious amounts of iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium.

Nutritional facts Per 100 grams

58 mg
Total Fat
63 mg
63 mg
73 g
Total Carbohydrate

Vitamins and Minerals in Sugarcane Juice

19 %
2 %

Health Benefits of Sugarcane juice

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Mentioned below are the best health benefits of drinking Sugarcane juice. You can easily found Sugarcane Juice in your local market easily at reasonble prices. Even you can make Sugarcane Juice at home. So let check out sugarcane juice health benefits list in detail.

Sugarcane juice benefits diabetes patients

Even though diabetic people are not allowed to consume sugar products due to the high sugar content in their blood, sugarcane is relatively safer to consume. Sugarcane juice good for diabetic person as it contains natural sugar which has extremely low glycemic index, this prevents sudden rise in blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. Sugarcane juice also acts as a substitute for soft drinks or aerated drinks for these people. However, it should still be consumed in moderation.

Sugarcane juice for cancer patient

Sugarcane juice helps to prevent cancer to some extent. This is because, it is high in alkaline content due to concentration of manganese, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is difficult for cancer cells to survive in an alkaline environment which is why breast cancer and prostate cancer can be kept at bay by consuming sugarcane juice regularly.

Sugarcane juice benefits for kidney functioning

Sugarcane juice generally boosts the protein levels in the body, thus maintaining the functioning of the kidneys. If it is taken in diluted form along with coconut water and lime juice, it can help to reduce the burning sensation which is associated with prostatitis, kidney stones, sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infection (UTI).

Sugarcane juice good for chronic kidney disease , antioxidants present in sugarcane juice which helps to boost the immune system and fight infections in the body. The digestive system also functions smoothly by consuming sugarcane juice.

Drinking sugarcane juice benefits for skin

Sugarcane juice has an extremely important component called hydroxy acid and glycolic acid which has plenty of skin benefits such as skin whiteing or glow and skin infections. Sugarcane juice can keep the skin hydrated, prevents ageing, reduces blemishes and fights acne. The presence of phenolic compounds, flavonoids and antioxidants can also delay the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Applying this juice on the face skin regularly can keep it radiant, soft and supple.

Sugarcane Juice acts as an energy booster

Since sugarcane juice is a rich source of sucrose (simple sugar), it can be easily absorbed by the body. This sugar can be used to replenish low sugar levels in the body. Therefore, consuming sugarcane juice can make you feeling refreshed, charged and energetic.

Sugarcane juice benefits in pregnancy

Sugarcane juice is said to be an useful addition to the diet of an expecting mother. It facilitates safer pregnancy and quicker conceptions. Sugarcane has copious amounts of vitamin B9 and folic acid which protects the unborn child from birth defects such as Spina bifida. According to studies, sugarcane juice also helps women with ovulating problems, therefore increasing the probability of a safer conception.

Sugarcane Juice prevents tooth decay

Bad breath can be very embarrassing and can also feel very uncomfortable. Sugarcane juice can be used as a home remedy to combat this problem. Sugarcane juice contains important minerals like phosphorous and calcium which helps to build up the teeth enamel, thus keeping tooth decay at bay.

Sugarcane Juice Treats ferbile disorders

Ferbile disorders are very common in kids or early teens. It can cause regular fevers with extremely high temperature. During the fever, a lot of protein content is lost. Sugarcane juice helps to replenish the lost proteins and helps in speedy recovery from the fever.

Sugarcane juice benefits for weight loss

Sugarcane is ideal for people who want to reduce weight, since it has natural sugar, Sugarcane juice can also reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels. Sugarcane juice is high in soluble fibre which is why it can reduce weight drastically.

Uses of Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane is ideal for a sore throat and increases muscle power as it contains natural glucose which is required by the body to maintain stamina. In many cases, jaundice or yellow fever can also be cured by consuming sugarcane juice. Sugarcane can also be used to manufacture recycled paper, this helps to reduce deforestation to a great extent.


Allergies and Side-Effects of Sugarcane juice

The side effects of consuming sugarcane juice is extremely low, but however it can lead to some health issues. An ingredient called policosanol present in sugarcane can cause insomnia, upset stomach, dizziness, headaches and weight loss if consumed excessively. It can also cause blood thinning and can affect the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Cultivation of Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane requires a temperate or a tropical climate with 60 centimetres of annual moisture for growth. It also requires a continuous supply of water from irrigation or natural rainfall. It is the only plant which is capable of converting 1% of incident solar energy to biomass, therefore it is very environment friendly.

It usually grows in Hawaii, Jamaica, El Salvador, Phillipines, Cuba, Ecuador, Australia, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Pakistan, Indonesia, Guyana, India, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mauritius.


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