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Benefits of Sprouts And Its Side Effects

Sprouts are rich in folate, and this food is essential for pregnant women. Folate in the food helps in ensuring that right nutrients are received by the fetus and would help in good brain development of the child. Sprouts are a rich food that prevent the occurrence of constipation and colon cancer as the food is rich in fiber. The large presence of vitamin C ensures that hair growth is there and the conditions of hair fall and premature greying are reduced. The blood flow is increased to the scalp, and this helps in hair strengthening and hair growth. Vitamin A is present in large numbers in sprouts, and this helps in the prevention of cataract and night blindness. The mascular degeneration is prevented and helps in the overall health of the eye. The condition of low iron is reduced when sprouts are taken, and strict vegetarians would never feel a low dose of protein, when they take sprouts. Omega 3 fatty acid is present in sprouts, and this helps in ensuring that the heart is kept healthy and the level of good cholesterol is increased.

Benefits of Sprouts And Its Side Effects

Table of Content

Nutritional Value of Sprouts
Nutritional facts Per 3 ounces
Health Benefits of Sprouts
Make hair stronger
Prevent erectile dysfunction
Remedy for good eyesight
Helps in weight control
Remedy for Anemia
Power house for enzymes
Helps in Digestion
Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids
Super food for pregnant women
Rich in Selenium
Youthful skin
Prevent Asthma
Uses of Sprouts
Side-Effects & Allergies of Sprouts
Origin And Cultivation of Sprouts


The germinated seeds of grains are known as sprouts, and they are known to be a healthy food. They are rich in nutrients and help to strengthen the immune system. Sprouts also help in purifying the blood and people having conditions of high acidity can take sprouts. They are a good source of food for pregnant mothers. There are varieties of sprouts like moon bean sprouts that have a distinct flavor and offer a good taste too. Fenugreek sprouts are spicy and tasty, and have curative properties. Gram sprouts and Brussels sprouts are other two varieties.

Nutritional Value of Sprouts

The dietary fibre is present in large numbers in sprouts, and the presence of vitamins like K, C, A makes these foods a rich source of nutrients. Manganese, Copper, Calcium, and Zinc are present in large numbers in these sprouts and make it a healthy food. Sprouts that are opened and consumed after one week are rich in enzymes that help in improving the body immunity. Vitamin E is present in a significant number of quantities in the grain. Potassium and folic acid are also there in large quantities.

Nutritional facts Per 3 ounces

30 Calories

Health Benefits of Sprouts

Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Sprouts
Health Benefits of Sprouts

Make hair stronger

Vitamin C is present in large quantities in sprouts and these help in hair growth. The growth of radicals would be hampered using vitamin c in sprouts, and this would help in reducing the hair fall, prevent dandruff and help to have strong hair growth. There are many men who face a condition in which hair roots do not have the strength to grow, and this condition can be reduced by consuming sprouts. Premature graying of hair is also prevented if one consumes sprouts regularly, as it has high anti oxidant levels.

Prevent erectile dysfunction

Sprouts help to increase blood flow, and the condition of erectile dysfunction is cured by consuming sprouts.Increased blood flow would decrease the chances of getting a heart attack.Cholesterol is kept under control with increased blood flow.

Remedy for good eyesight

Vitamin A is rich in sprouts, and this helps in hair growth, increased sperm health, reduction of night blindness and improved eyesight. Vitamin A is also essential for the development of the brain and helps in maintaining body health. The muscular degeneration and the formation of cataract can be prevented, if one consumes sprouts.

Helps in weight control

Sprouts are one of the good food sources that give a condition of feeling full in the body after they are consumed, and this would help in ensuring that craving for foods is reduced. This way sprouts also help to control weight and ensure that foods rich in nutrients are taken.

Remedy for Anemia

Sprouts is one of super food that can prevent anemia. The low levels of red blood cells bring a low-level of concentration, and hence there is a feeling of increased fatigue. Stomach disorders and conditions such as nausea can be controlled, if there is adequate iron level in the body.

Power house for enzymes

A large number of enzymes are found in sprouts, and they are not easily available in common food. These enzymes increase the metabolism of the body and help in releasing large energy. The level of proteins is essential for many body functions. Further, skin regeneration and bone growth are expedited when one consumes sprouts. This is a good food for strict vegetarians, and they help them get the necessary proteins that only meat can provide.

Helps in Digestion

Sprouts are an essential food item that can improve digestion. It prevents constipation and diarrhea. A large number of fibre present in it ensures, that the chance of getting colon cancer are minimized and would also help in cleaning the bowel system. This would ensure that nutrients are absorbed by the body and would give more strength.

Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are present in large number in sprouts and this food helps in improving heart health. It also helps in increasing good cholesterol in the body. The reduction of stress on the heart muscles is another benefit of taking sprouts. The large presence of potassium in sprouts ensures, that blood pressure is kept under control and the chances of occurring strokes are reduced. The level of oxygen in the blood is improved, when one consumes sprouts.

Super food for pregnant women

Neural tube defects that are caused by low folate can be avoided, if one consume sprouts. This is good for pregnant women, as the child would get the necessary nutrients and chances of retarded growth formation in a fetus are avoided.

Rich in Selenium

An important substance selenium found in sprouts helps in improved sperm production and the sperm would have good motility.

Youthful skin

Sprouts help in ensuring that skin is glowing and would prevent an occurrence of skin cancer. Vitamin B is present in large numbers in sprouts, and this helps in hydrating the skin, and the process of cell regeneration is done faster when sprouts are taken. Collagens are produced and sprouts are also known to prevent occurrence of acne. The occurrence of wrinkles and other forms of ageing are reduced, when sprouts are taken. The body is detoxified and this helps in internal cleaning and would benefit the skin.

Prevent Asthma

Allergic reactions and occurrence of asthma are reduced when high doses of sprouts are added in diet and the growth of cold sores are inhibited.

Uses of Sprouts

Sprouts are healthy nutritious food that can be taken for breakfast and they are rich in nutrients. The quality of proteins in sprouts and enzymes make them a super healthy food. The presence of fatty acids and nutrients ensures that this food can be taken as a snack and it has the power of giving a feeling of fullness. They are inexpensive, and can be consumed by all sections of people. Sprouts are used to reduce the acidity of the body and to improve the alkalinity of the body.

Side-Effects & Allergies of Sprouts

Sprouts have been found to cause salmonella, e coli bacteria and virus attack in the body. This is caused when low quality sprouts are used. People have developed bouts of fever and diarrhea when low quality sprouts were consumed, and some people developed abdominal cramps. Sprouts if grown in a wrong manner may harvest harmful bacteria and this would negate the good effects on the body.

Origin And Cultivation of Sprouts

Sprouts have been found to cause salmonella, e coli bacteria and virus attack in the body. This is caused when low quality sprouts are used. People have developed bouts of fever and diarrhea when low quality sprouts were consumed, and some people developed abdominal cramps. Sprouts if grown in a wrong manner may harvest harmful bacteria and this would negate the good effects on the body.

Popular Questions & Answers

I have problem hair loss last five years. Hair is thinning. And kai jagah par ganjapan vi aaa gya hai please tell me solutions.

B.H.M.S., Post Graduate Certificate In Nutrition, Obesity & Health
Homeopath, Indore
Hello lybrate-user Five years is a long time. You should start treatment at the earliest. Fall can be controlled and baldness can be slowed down. Total recovery to shayad na ho payein but can preserve what we have. We need to find out the cause first and treat it. Hair fall is just a symptom of some disorder inside your body. It has many causes such as anemia, thyroid disorders, recent illness, stress, improper diet, scalp infection etc A detailed homeopathic consultation will help find out the cause and the extent of damage done after which medicine will be given. Please be gentle with your hair. Avoid vigorous oil massage or rubbing with towel on wet hair. If scalp is oily avoid oil. Increase protein intake in diet such as sprouts, curd, paneer, fish, egg, etc For any doubts or treatment please feel free to contact me.

Hi. Please suggest me a diet to follow to burn belly fat and reduce the fat deposited on upper thighs. Apart from walking I do lunges, planks, sit ups and crunches. Thank You.

General Physician, Hisar
Hi Take atleast 2L of water. Take plenty of fluids. Avoid fast, spicy and oily food. Avoid caffeine. Take dinner atleast 2 hr before sleep. Don't skip meals take small meals. Eat fruits. Start green tea.

During pregnancy I gained 8 kgs. I was 54 kgs before pregnancy. I have been breast feeding for 6 months now and still continuing. I have not started any exercises to get back to my previous weight. How quick should I reduce the extra weight to be healthy?

Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator, Diploma in Sport & Exercise Nutrition, Diploma in Human Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine, BSC IN LIFE SCIENCES
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore
To reduce weight you need to avoid processed ready to eat foods that come in a pack like backed, fried and confectionary, minimise dairy food, rice and wheat based food, sugar, oil & salt. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds.

I am a 33 year old married men and I work in abroad from last 5 years. My problem is my tummy gets bigger day by day and to touch, its like very hard! Before I was not facing problem like this. And I feel shame from my unconditional fart. I go 4,5 times a day for motion. I want reduce my tummy size and its hardness please suggest me something for weight loss.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, •Go for a brisk walk in d morning / evening at least 10 000, steps 45 mnts to restore blood circulation to enshape your whole body.    •Take, 3/4 litres  of water, free from conteminents to eliminate toxins and to regulate metabolism to burn fats cell.  •  Go for meditation to reduce your stress and to nourish cell & tissues to curb fats cells.     •Go for either, cycling, jogging, swimming, skipping, gardening, playing badminton, dancing,regularly.     •opt staircase, instead of a lift in your office.    •Take, oats with green tea  or, 1 slice of whole grain bread with 1 cup of cooked vegetable soup + 1 fruit (pomegranate, pear) in d breakfast.     •Take, salad, fruits,sprouts in ample qty in lunch, your meal b preferably, vegetarian ,high in proteins and fibre, maintains 1300-1600 calories through dietary  regulation.      •consume salad, fruits (not juice) whenever you feel hungry. Avoid, nicotine,coffee, alcohol,junk food, cookies, burger,pizza ,butter, ghee, sweets, sitting on computer late in d night. Take, Homoeo medicines which are gentle, rapid & safe. @ Phyto berryQ -10 drops, thrice, with little lukewarm water before each meal Take, care.

How to control blood pressure. High BPor low BP how to control it. What are the foods that control the BP. How to confirm BP whether it low BP or high BP.

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy, Special Course
Homeopath, Rajkot
It is depends upon person to person because there is no ideal figure for normal blood pressure but it varies according to type of person and its nature and food habits but for controlling blood pressure you have to live your daily habits very timely and early waking regular timings of meal and exercise with perspiration will help you regards.
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Amazing Health Benefits Of Different Type Of Sprouts

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Amazing Health Benefits Of Different Type Of Sprouts

Types of sprouts and their benefits:

Bengal gram: Also known as chola or kala chana, bengal gram is available in dried as well as canned form. It is frequently and creatively used in various curries in the indian cuisine and notably, it contains zero percent alcohol. One cup of bengal gram contains 45 grams of carbohydrates that constitute about 65 percent of its total calorie content.
Types of sprouts bengal gram
Benefits of sprouted bengal gram:

  • It has a high amount of dietary fiber which reduces the risk of diabetes, coronary disease, obesity, cancer, and digestive disorders.
  • It is a rich source of vitamin b-6 or thiamin which plays a vital role in energy metabolism and the synthesis of neurotransmitters and hormones.
  • It is rich in minerals, such as phosphorus, iron, manganese, and copper, which reduce the risk of anemia, arthritis, diabetes, and osteoporosis.
  • An adult who takes a 2000-calorie diet needs 56 to 77 grams of protein daily and bengal gram can supply the required amount of protein to him/ her satisfactorily.

Green gram: Also called “mung”, these species belong to the legume family and is mainly grown in india, south east asia, and china. It is used in both spicy and sweet recipes.
Benefits of sprouted green gram:

  • These sprouts have high amount of iron, fiber, and vitamins k, b, and c.
  • Vitamin k prevents cardiovascular disease and maintains bone density. The vitamin also regulates bone mineralization and the process of blood clotting.
  • Vitamin c is an antioxidant which preserves cell health by neutralizing the effect of free radicals. Vitamin c promotes skin health and reduces the risk of stroke, cancer, and common cold.
  • Iron promotes immune health by promoting the growth of immune cells. Dietary science suggests that men should consume 8 milligrams of iron on a daily basis while women need 18 milligrams of iron to maintain a healthy red blood cell count. Green gram supplies adequate iron that helps to fulfill men’s and women’s dietary needs.

Bean sprouts: Bean sprouts are rich sources if vitamin c, proteins, and folate, and most importantly, they are low-calorie foods. Medical research suggests that men must consume 90 milligrams of vitamin c and women should consume 75 milligrams of the vitamin on a daily basis.

Benefits of sprouted bean gram:

Folate promotes the development of red blood cells. Folate also supports other functions such as dna synthesis, cell repair, cell maintenance, amino acid metabolism and the creation of erythrocytes and leukocytes.
Folate also reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease, and various types of cancers including colon cancer.

Alfalfa sprouts: Alfalfa sprouts are rich sources of vitamins c, k, and a, folate, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron.
Benefits of sprouted alfalfa bean:

  • Alfalfa sprouts are rich sources of calcium and potassium which promote bone growth and muscle health and help the body to maintain a normal heart beat.
  • Alfalfa sprouts have high amounts of phytoestrogens which reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer.
  • Alfalfa sprouts contain saponins which reduce the level of ldl cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and boosts immune strength.
  • The vitamins, present in alfalfa sprouts, promote good vision and cell growth.

Sunflower sprouts: Sunflower sees have now gained visibility in the health world due to its essential fatty acids, vitamins and mineral content. It is widely used as a snack by weight watchers.

Benefits of sunflower sprouts –

  • Sunflower sprouts contain high amount of essential amino acids which promote muscle tissue repair.
  • Sunflower sprouts are rich sources of b vitamins and vitamins d and e, minerals and phytonutrients, and folate which promote the health of pregnant women and their growing embryos.
  • Sunflower sprouts are packed with antioxidants that support heart health, promote cellular recovery, and bring down the rate of the aging process.
  • What is more appealing is that sunflower sprouts have very low calorie content and that is why, they can be a vital part of a weight loss diet.
  • Sunflower sprouts contain minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and copper which help the body to fight against a number of diseases.

Radish sprouts: These sprouts are noted for their high essential amino acid content and they are rich sources of vitamins a, b, c, e, and k as well.

Types of sprouts radish sprout:

Benefits of radish sprouts:

  • Radish sprouts contain lignan which is an anti-carcinogenic substance.
  • Radish sprouts support weight loss and boost the health of the immune system.
  • They also promote the functions of the liver and the gall bladder.
  • Radish sprouts provide relief to those who are suffering from jaundice by eliminating excess bilirubin from the blood.
  • Radish sprouts also help to reduce the pain associated with constipation.
  • Radish sprouts have a special role to play on women’s health as they relieve hot flushes and other menopause-related symptoms.

Red lentil sprouts (masoor): Red lentil sprouts are rich sources of protein and have a low calorie content compared to non-vegetarian sources of proteins such as meat and poultry. Hence, they form an essential part of a weight-watcher’s diet.
Benefits of red lentil sprouts:

  • They contain high amounts of vitamin c, folate, and potassium.
  • Vitamin c protects skin from pre-mature aging and reduces the risk of cancer, stroke, and common cold.
  • Folate supports red blood cell development and supports many bodily functions such as cell repair and maintenance, amino acid metabolism, dna synthesis, and the development of leukocytes and erythrocytes.

Chickpea sprouts: Also known as “chana” in india, chickpea sprouts are rich sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and carbohydrates.

Benefits of chickpea sprouts – 

  • Dietary fiber promotes digestive health and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and constipation.
  • Chickpea sprouts form a great weight loss food for their high protein percentage and low fat content.
  • They supply a high amount of vitamins and minerals to the body.

General Physician, Kolkata
Skin Benefits of SPROUTS :

Sprouts contain nutrition which maintain the health of the skin and enhance its glow. Antioxidants in sprouts kill the free radicals to protect the skin from sun damage and skin cancer .Drink a glass of pea sprout juice daily to get a well-hydrated and moisturized skin. You can also apply pressed pea sprouts on the face to get a fine and smooth skin . It lightens skin discoloration like freckles and age spots to get a clear and flawless skin. Vitamin C in sprouts promotes better skin through the production of collagen. It provides elasticity to give you more youthful skin. Sprouts contain high levels of omega 3 fatty acids which decrease inflammation and reduce the risk of acne and other skin problems.

Psoriasis And Homeopathy

Homeopath, Navi Mumbai
Psoriasis And Homeopathy

The cause for this irksome skin disease that presents as thick red silvery scaled patches on the skin is still being researched. The sad part is that as yet,there is no one single treatment, and mostly all of them give only  temporary relief.


BUT HOW? WAIT.We will come to the answer of this question.Before that, first lets get to know more about this disease itself so that we can explain you how the treatments work.



Anywhere in the body, most commonly legs, arms , knees, elbows, trunk, scalp

Underarm region, below breasts, buttocks,genitals

Look: dicoloured, silvery scaly lesions that vary in size from minute papules covering a large area

Dry, do not get infected

Some studies have shown that people with psoriasis -- especially severe psoriasis -- may be more likely to develop other conditions like:


  • Diabetes. Researchers aren't sure what the connection between psoriasis and diabetes is. However, other health conditions also linked to psoriasis -- high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity -- also put someone at risk for diabetes.
  • Heart disease. Medical experts say the inflammation caused by psoriasis could be related to the artery damage that leads to atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels) and other heart problems.
  • Cancer. Some treatments for psoriasis, including PUVA light therapy and certain medications, can raise the risk of specific cancers.
  • Someone with psoriasis also has a greater chance of having depression, obesity, and high blood pressure.


Abnormal growth of the skin that results in red, patchy appearance.Immune system cud be responsible for this because it causes a wrong trigger resulting in abnormal growth.Normal skin cells take 28-30 days to mature and fall off the surface.Psoriatic skin cells however take only 4-5 days to mature and move to the surface of the skin where they pile off instead of falling off.


  • There is a genetic element also, this disease runs in families of 30% of patients.
  • External factors/agg factors:infections, stress, climatic conditions like colds.
  • Injuries to skin involving burns, cuts , rashes.
  • Medications like beta blockers, lithium, antimalarial drugs, nsaid’s like brufen


  •  Most of the present day meds only attempt to treat the symptoms, and not the disease.
  • Psoriasis is due to hyperactive immune system. The dual function of the intestinal wall of absorption and barrier to unwanted antigens or chemicals is compromised that results in leakage of toxins into the system. The immune system then gets activated to produce antibodies and t cells leading to inflammation.
  • This process also puts added burden on liver and kidneys. The resulting hyperactive immune system leads to a build up of cells on the skin causing the itchy psoriatic symptoms.
  • The present medicines can work a bit but are harmful in the long run. The medicines should target correcting the intestinal leak that occurs and the rest will take care of itself.

Patients with psoriasis can take the following steps to try to prevent these other health problems.

  • Go for annual checkups and get regular tests as recommended. These exams can catch problems early on when they're easier to treat.

  • Know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. If they are high, find out what to do to lower 

  • them. Treating high blood pressure and cholesterol can help keep his heart and arteries healthy.

  • Take a healthy approach to life -- including not drinking too much alcohol, not smoking, getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising. A healthy lifestyle can help lower his risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

  • Ask the doctor about  cancer risks and what symptoms to watch for.

  • Ease stress. Because having psoriasis is stressful, it seems unfair that stress can trigger a flare-up. Finding ways to avoid or relieve stress part is an important part of your treatment plan.

    You need to make time every day to relax, even if it's just a half-hour of listening to soothing music. Try these healthy approaches, too:

  • Relaxation exercises, such as guided imagery or breathing exercises

  • Meditation

  • Yoga or tai chi

  • Daily exercise


Remember, the disease isn't who you are.There is much more to you than the fact that you have psoriasis.You should try to focus on your strengths and talents to help build your self-esteem.


  • While psoriasis flare-ups are often unpredictable, certain things can trigger symptoms. Managing your triggers can lead to fewer flare-ups and milder flare-ups when they do happen.
  • You should avoid using alcohol or herbal remedies to help deal with stress. Drinking alcohol may seem relaxing, but it can lead to health problems.
  • If the stress in your life feels overwhelming, talking to a therapist or trained counselor can make it easier to get through difficult times.
  • Warm up. Cold weather is hard on most people's skin, leaving it itchy, dry, and cracked. That's true for people with psoriasis, too. To keep itching and tenderness in check, you should use moisturizers more often during winter months and apply a thick coating to psoriasis patches. After bathing, pat -- don't rub -- skin dry. Apply moisturizer while skin is still damp.
  • Watch what you eat. Although many people say diet affects their psoriasis, no research has shown a connection. Some experts, however, think it's possible people may have specific food triggers. The best advice is to eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, and limited fats and sugars. If you notice that your  symptoms flare when you eat a specific food, stop eating it for a while and watch what happens to your psoriasis. At the next appointment, you should tell this to your doctor.

Diet control:

 Satvik diet  is recommended.What is meant by this?To clarify,

One is advised not to have tea, coffee, aerated drinks etc, and restrict dairy foods.Sprouted n boiled vegetables are preferred.


  • Thick n green outer leaves of cabbage as a compress
  • Drinking buttermilk in large quantities n application of curd/buttermilk to affected area
  • Certain oils such as olive oil and oil of avocado (kulu naspati) on affected parts and oil extracted from outer shells of cashewnuts
  • Use of mud packs



  • Avoid soap
  • Application of sea water externally once a day

Homeopathy treatment

  • Effective in nearly 75%of cases.
  • The approach is to strike at the root cause n create a condition such that the skin becomes healthy n the excessive exfoliation is not allowed to take place.
  • A very minute evaluation is made of the facts that includes family history,trigering factors, itching, emotional aspects,location and seriousness of the complaint.
  • One advantage of homeopathic medicines is that they are safe and not detrimental to the body on prolonged use whereas steroids used in allopathy are definitely not advisable in the long run.
  • However as the disease is difficult to tackle, people often get fed up and leave midway.Patients who have taken homeopathy  are required  caution that the journey is tedious and long, but persistence is the keyword and cure may take upto 2-3 yrs and more. Also, the disease has it own course of exarcebations and remissions so one has be aware and cautious of the above points and accordingly do the lifestyle measures and medications.


  • If we look at the treatment options available various allopathic  formulations used till date offer only symptomatic treatment.Even the latest medicines seems to offer relief for months than offer a complete cure.
  • Regular exercise, balanced diet, walk in the sun are very beneficial.While the goal of complete cure may not be achieved or possible, however , a treatment that offers buildup of a better immunity with time is really advisable and hence the popularity of homeopathy which hence eradicates the troublesome symptoms and the suffering and rewards the patient with a better life.
  •  Psoriasis can be managed with the right treatment and good self-care, and now add homeopathy to it!
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Anal Fissures - Different Ayurvedic Remedies That Can Help!

Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery (BAMS), Certificate In Ksharsutra Therapy
Ayurveda, Himatnagar
Anal Fissures - Different Ayurvedic Remedies That Can Help!

Many people dread going to the toilet, all thanks to the extreme pain, bleeding (not always though), or itchiness that one experiences during the bowel movement. These are some of the discomfort and complications associated with a condition referred to as Fissure-in-Ano (also known as Anal fissures). Age or sex has no impact in triggering anal fissures as the condition can affect all and sundry (though infants are more susceptible).

Medically, anal fissures are nothing but cuts or cracks (can be chronic or acute longitudinal tears that mainly develop in the anoderm or the epithelial lining of the anal canal) that affects the anal as well as an anal canal (terminal end of the gastrointestinal tract). Without proper treatment and medication, the condition will only deteriorate further piling on the agony and discomfort.

What triggers Anal Fissures?

  • In the majority of the cases, the anal fissures, (that mostly appears in the midline posteriorly of the anal canal), are triggered by Constipation or passing of hard stools that cause repeated wear and tear of the anal mucosa resulting in the cracks or fissures.
  • Crohn’s Disease (an Inflammatory Bowel Disease that often results in the digestive tract getting inflamed) can play a significant role in the formation of fissures.
  • Anal fissures can also result from childbirth, severe diarrhea, HIV, Tuberculosis, anal cancer, to name a few.
  • Anal sex can, at times, play a pivotal role in triggering anal fissures.

A person with anal fissures complain of

  1. Pain and discomfort while passing stool. At times, there may be rectal bleeding as well.
  2. A skin tag often appears on the skin close to the fissure.
  3. The skin around the anus appears cracked with irritation and itching.

Ayurveda and Anal Fissures
Many patients with anal fissures, even severe and chronic cases, have been completely cured and treated (ensuring there is no recurrence of the condition) with Ayurveda.

  1. With constipation being a trigger for anal fissures, Ayurvedic medicines are given to soften the stool and also to treat constipation. In this regard, Triphala deserves a special mention. It works magically to provide relief from constipation and the associated discomfort that comes tagged along.
  2. The use of Panchakarma can also work wonders to treat anal fissures. Panchakarma involves the use of various herbal oil baths and massages to cleanse the body of the harmful toxins. Anal fissures can be treated using Basti (a part of Panchakarma therapy that eliminates the toxins present in the lower colon using an Ayurvedic enema such as milk, ghee).
  3. The diet should also be taken care off. Increase the intake of dietary fibers (citrus fruits, prunes, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, Brussels Sprouts, peas, to name a few).
  4. Make it a habit to indulge in exercise and physical activities daily.
  5. Increase the fluid intake (water, fresh fruit juice, vegetable soup) to keep the body hydrated.

Note: For maximum results, the dosage of the medicine (Triphala or any other Ayurvedic medicines) should be as per the doctor recommended.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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How To Improve Haemoglobin Naturally?

MD - Internal Medicine, FUPDA, FICP, FIACM, FDI
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faizabad
How To Improve Haemoglobin Naturally?

Haemoglobin is a protein rich in iron and is found in red blood cells. The main function of haemoglobin is to carry oxygen throughout the body. In other words, it carries oxygen from the lungs to the other parts of the body so that the cells can carry on with their basic functions. It also carries carbon dioxide back to the lungs from those cells so that this gas can be exhaled.

Haemoglobin is important for maintaining a healthy life. The normal levels of haemoglobin in human body include:
• 14-18g/dl for adult men
• 12-16g/dl for adult women

Foods that improve haemoglobin

  1. Consume iron-rich food products: According to National Anaemia Action Council, lack of iron is the most common cause behind low haemoglobin levels. To improve iron content in your blood, you can take asparagus, tofu, almonds, oysters, fortified breakfast cereals, liver, red meat, shrimp, spinach, dates and lentils. However, consult your doctor for the right intake, as too much consumption of iron may be harmful for your health.
  2. Improve your vitamin C intake: Absorption of iron is improved if vitamin C is taken in adequate quantities. Lemon, tomatoes, papaya, oranges, strawberries, bell peppers, broccoli, grapefruit, etc. are some of the fruits that are rich in vitamin C. In fact, if there is a deficiency of vitamin C in our blood, haemoglobin levels go down. You may also take vitamin supplements to improve haemoglobin in your body, but consult a doctor first.
  3. Focus on food items rich in folic acid: This acid is basically vitamin B complex, which is required to make red blood cells. Food products that are rich in folic acid include rice, liver, breakfast cereals, sprouts, dried beans, wheat germ, peanuts etc. A diet comprising 200-400 milligrams of foliates is enough to supplement your Vitamin B needs.
  4. Include beetroot as a part of your diet: Rich in iron, folic acid, fibres and potassium, beetroot helps in augmenting haemoglobin levels. Drinking beetroot juice daily increases the iron content in your red blood cells.
  5. Have apples: They are rich in iron and if you have an apple daily, then your haemoglobin level will improve significantly. If possible, take a green apple with its skin. Apple juice mixed with beetroot juice has a marked effect on haemoglobin levels. You can also add some ginger or lemon juice to this mixture and have the concoction twice a day.
  6. Eat blackstrap molasses: This food is rich in iron, vitamin, folic acid etc. and improves the haemoglobin level in your blood. Take 2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses and apple cider vinegar each, mix them in a cup of water and drink this concoction once a day.

Table of Content

Nutritional Value of Sprouts
Nutritional facts Per 3 ounces
Health Benefits of Sprouts
Make hair stronger
Prevent erectile dysfunction
Remedy for good eyesight
Helps in weight control
Remedy for Anemia
Power house for enzymes
Helps in Digestion
Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids
Super food for pregnant women
Rich in Selenium
Youthful skin
Prevent Asthma
Uses of Sprouts
Side-Effects & Allergies of Sprouts
Origin And Cultivation of Sprouts