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Benefits of Sprouts And Its Side Effects

Sprouts Nutritional Value of Sprouts Health Benefits of Sprouts Uses of Sprouts Side-Effects & Allergies of Sprouts Origin And Cultivation of Sprouts
Benefits of Sprouts And Its Side Effects

Sprouts are rich in folate, and this food is essential for pregnant women. Folate in the food helps in ensuring that right nutrients are received by the fetus and would help in good brain development of the child. Sprouts are a rich food that prevent the occurrence of constipation and colon cancer as the food is rich in fiber. The large presence of vitamin C ensures that hair growth is there and the conditions of hair fall and premature greying are reduced. The blood flow is increased to the scalp, and this helps in hair strengthening and hair growth. Vitamin A is present in large numbers in sprouts, and this helps in the prevention of cataract and night blindness. The mascular degeneration is prevented and helps in the overall health of the eye. The condition of low iron is reduced when sprouts are taken, and strict vegetarians would never feel a low dose of protein, when they take sprouts. Omega 3 fatty acid is present in sprouts, and this helps in ensuring that the heart is kept healthy and the level of good cholesterol is increased.


The germinated seeds of grains are known as sprouts, and they are known to be a healthy food. They are rich in nutrients and help to strengthen the immune system. Sprouts also help in purifying the blood and people having conditions of high acidity can take sprouts. They are a good source of food for pregnant mothers. There are varieties of sprouts like moon bean sprouts that have a distinct flavor and offer a good taste too. Fenugreek sprouts are spicy and tasty, and have curative properties. Gram sprouts and Brussels sprouts are other two varieties.

Nutritional Value of Sprouts

The dietary fibre is present in large numbers in sprouts, and the presence of vitamins like K, C, A makes these foods a rich source of nutrients. Manganese, Copper, Calcium, and Zinc are present in large numbers in these sprouts and make it a healthy food. Sprouts that are opened and consumed after one week are rich in enzymes that help in improving the body immunity. Vitamin E is present in a significant number of quantities in the grain. Potassium and folic acid are also there in large quantities.

Nutritional facts Per 3 ounces

30 Calories

Health Benefits of Sprouts

Health Benefits of Sprouts
Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Sprouts

Make hair stronger

Vitamin C is present in large quantities in sprouts and these help in hair growth. The growth of radicals would be hampered using vitamin c in sprouts, and this would help in reducing the hair fall, prevent dandruff and help to have strong hair growth. There are many men who face a condition in which hair roots do not have the strength to grow, and this condition can be reduced by consuming sprouts. Premature graying of hair is also prevented if one consumes sprouts regularly, as it has high anti oxidant levels.

Prevent erectile dysfunction

Sprouts help to increase blood flow, and the condition of erectile dysfunction is cured by consuming sprouts.Increased blood flow would decrease the chances of getting a heart attack.Cholesterol is kept under control with increased blood flow.

Remedy for good eyesight

Vitamin A is rich in sprouts, and this helps in hair growth, increased sperm health, reduction of night blindness and improved eyesight. Vitamin A is also essential for the development of the brain and helps in maintaining body health. The muscular degeneration and the formation of cataract can be prevented, if one consumes sprouts.

Helps in weight control

Sprouts are one of the good food sources that give a condition of feeling full in the body after they are consumed, and this would help in ensuring that craving for foods is reduced. This way sprouts also help to control weight and ensure that foods rich in nutrients are taken.

Remedy for Anemia

Sprouts is one of super food that can prevent anemia. The low levels of red blood cells bring a low-level of concentration, and hence there is a feeling of increased fatigue. Stomach disorders and conditions such as nausea can be controlled, if there is adequate iron level in the body.

Power house for enzymes

A large number of enzymes are found in sprouts, and they are not easily available in common food. These enzymes increase the metabolism of the body and help in releasing large energy. The level of proteins is essential for many body functions. Further, skin regeneration and bone growth are expedited when one consumes sprouts. This is a good food for strict vegetarians, and they help them get the necessary proteins that only meat can provide.

Helps in Digestion

Sprouts are an essential food item that can improve digestion. It prevents constipation and diarrhea. A large number of fibre present in it ensures, that the chance of getting colon cancer are minimized and would also help in cleaning the bowel system. This would ensure that nutrients are absorbed by the body and would give more strength.

Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are present in large number in sprouts and this food helps in improving heart health. It also helps in increasing good cholesterol in the body. The reduction of stress on the heart muscles is another benefit of taking sprouts. The large presence of potassium in sprouts ensures, that blood pressure is kept under control and the chances of occurring strokes are reduced. The level of oxygen in the blood is improved, when one consumes sprouts.

Super food for pregnant women

Neural tube defects that are caused by low folate can be avoided, if one consume sprouts. This is good for pregnant women, as the child would get the necessary nutrients and chances of retarded growth formation in a fetus are avoided.

Rich in Selenium

An important substance selenium found in sprouts helps in improved sperm production and the sperm would have good motility.

Youthful skin

Sprouts help in ensuring that skin is glowing and would prevent an occurrence of skin cancer. Vitamin B is present in large numbers in sprouts, and this helps in hydrating the skin, and the process of cell regeneration is done faster when sprouts are taken. Collagens are produced and sprouts are also known to prevent occurrence of acne. The occurrence of wrinkles and other forms of ageing are reduced, when sprouts are taken. The body is detoxified and this helps in internal cleaning and would benefit the skin.

Prevent Asthma

Allergic reactions and occurrence of asthma are reduced when high doses of sprouts are added in diet and the growth of cold sores are inhibited.

Uses of Sprouts

Sprouts are healthy nutritious food that can be taken for breakfast and they are rich in nutrients. The quality of proteins in sprouts and enzymes make them a super healthy food. The presence of fatty acids and nutrients ensures that this food can be taken as a snack and it has the power of giving a feeling of fullness. They are inexpensive, and can be consumed by all sections of people. Sprouts are used to reduce the acidity of the body and to improve the alkalinity of the body.

Side-Effects & Allergies of Sprouts

Sprouts have been found to cause salmonella, e coli bacteria and virus attack in the body. This is caused when low quality sprouts are used. People have developed bouts of fever and diarrhea when low quality sprouts were consumed, and some people developed abdominal cramps. Sprouts if grown in a wrong manner may harvest harmful bacteria and this would negate the good effects on the body.

Origin And Cultivation of Sprouts

Sprouts have been found to cause salmonella, e coli bacteria and virus attack in the body. This is caused when low quality sprouts are used. People have developed bouts of fever and diarrhea when low quality sprouts were consumed, and some people developed abdominal cramps. Sprouts if grown in a wrong manner may harvest harmful bacteria and this would negate the good effects on the body.

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Benefits Of Sprouts!

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