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Last Updated: Jul 01, 2020
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Benefits of Durva (Doob) And Its Side Effects

Durva (Doob) Nutritional Value Health Benefits Uses Side Effects Cultivation of Durva (Doob)
Benefits of Durva (Doob) And Its Side Effects

Durva grass has several medicinal uses for its numerous health benefits, such as: Treats acidity, boost immunity, controls sugar, cures Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and solves menstrual problems, cures constipation, treats obesity, cures bleeding of gums, cures eye infection and stops nose bleeding.

Durva (Doob)

Durva grass is considered a sacred plant in India. It is religious for Hindus as they worship Lord Ganesha with durva grass. While this plant known as cynodon dactylon. Its blades are a grey-green colour and are short, usually 2–15 cm long with rough edges. The erect stems can grow 1–30 cm tall. The stems are slightly flattened, often tinged purple in colour.

The seed heads are produced in a cluster of two to six spikes together at the top of the stem, each spike is 2–5 cm long. It has a deep root system; in drought situations with penetrable soil, the root system can grow to over 2 metres (6.6 ft) deep, though most of the root mass is less than 60 centimetres (24 in) under the surface.

The grass creeps along the ground and roots wherever a node touches the ground, forming a dense mat. Durva grass reproduces through seeds, runners, and rhizomes. It has been used as a traditional herb in ayurvedic medicine, which has great significance in Ayurveda because of its medicinal as well as clinical properties.

Interesting Facts: Durva is derived from sanskrit which means which is cut or eaten by animals

Nutritional Value of Durva (Doob)

Durva grass consists of several nutrients, such as; acetic acid, alkaloids, arundoin, carbohydrate, fat, ferulic acid, coumaric acid, fibre, flavones, glucosides, hydrocarbons, lignin, magnesium, palmitic acid, potassium, protein, selenium, sodium, triterpenoids, vanillic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C.

Health Benefits of Durva (Doob)

Health Benefits of Durva (Doob)
Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Durva (Doob)

Treats acidity

Durva grass is good in curing of acidity. To treat acidity, one should take juice of Cynodon dactylon (3-4 tsp) and water (1 glass) empty stomach in the morning. This mix is quite effective not only for acidity but also beneficial for stomach ulcer, colitis, and stomach infections.

For stomach pain, it is recommended that one should drink doob grass juice (3-4 tsp) and little amount of ginger powder empty stomach in the morning. It increases the alkaline properties because of its alkaline nature and reduces acidity. With continuous use of durva grass, one can lower their risk of stomach ailments in addition to improving digestion and bowel movements and curing constipation.

Boost immunity

Doob grass is used to enhance immunity of the body. Cynodon dactylon contains a bio-chemical compound called cynodon dactylon protein fractions (cdpf), which helps to enhance immunity of the body. It is easily available and affordable immune booster and energizer.

CDPF promotes immune-modulation by helping the body and optimizing the immune system. The antiviral and anti-microbial activity of durva grass aids in enhancing the immune health and fighting against various diseases. Read more about foods that can boost your immunity.

Doob grass controls sugar

In many recent researches, it has been proved that Cynodon dactylon has hypoglycemic effect thus helpful in controlling of blood sugar levels and reduces fatigue. Durva grass is also beneficial in prevention of disorders and conditions associated with diabetes.

Doob grass juice along with neem leaf juice is good in normalizing blood sugar level. Even for chronic diabetes, the drinking of doob grass juice keeps the sugar levels in control. Drinking the juice empty stomach in the morning is good in normalizing the sugar level.

Doob grass for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and menstrual problems

Bermuda grass is good for urinary tract infections. When the grass juice is taken with yoghurt shows good result for them who are suffering from piles and vaginal discharge. Doob grass is a good herbal remedy for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Durva grass is effective in case of prolonged menstrual durations. It is suggested that to control heavy menstrual period, one has to take the juice of bermuda grass and honey 3-4 times a day.

Durva grass cures constipation

Doob grass is helpful in curing of stomach related problems. Drinking the juice of durva grass with water is helpful to detoxify the body by releasing toxins from the body. It is good for acidity and normal the bowel movement thereby beneficial for constipation. It promotes regular bowel movement.

Durva grass for Obesity

Durva grass is good to control obesity and helps in weight loss. It is suggested that one should take juices of Bermuda grass twice a day to get good result. Prepare a decoction of conch grass (doob grass) (3tsp), black peppers (4-6 in no.) and pinch of cumin. It is recommended that one should take it twice a day with coconut water or butter milk.

Purifies blood

Durva grass acts as a natural blood purifier and also helps in maintaining alkalinity of blood. It is very effective in curtailing loss of blood due to injury, nosebleed or excessive menstrual blood flow. It increases the production of red blood cells which in turn increases haemoglobin levels in the body and thus prevents from anaemia.

Cures bleeding of gums

Durva grass is effective in curing of oral related health problems. It has adequate amount of alkaloids called flavonoids, which acts against ulcer. Taking of doob grass reduces the formation of phlegm and prevents gums related problems. Durva grass strengthens the teeth. It helps to fortify the teeth and good to remove bad odour from the mouth (halitosis).

Cures eye infection and stops nose bleeding

Applying the juice of Bermuda grass over the affected eye region is good in overcoming eye infections. If somebody experiencing nose bleeding, Cynodon dactylon is effective in stopping of it. For this, one has to put 2 drops of doob grass juice on the bleeding nostril.

Uses of Durva (Doob) Grass

Durva grass is fast-growing and tough, making it popular and useful for sports fields, as when damaged it will recover quickly. It is a highly desirable turf grass in warm temperate climates, particularly for those regions where its heat and drought tolerance enable it to survive where few other grasses do.

This combination makes it a frequent choice for golf courses in the southern and southeastern U.S. It has a relatively coarse-bladed form with numerous cultivars selected for different turf requirements. It is also highly aggressive, crowding out most other grasses and invading other habitats, and has become a hard-to-eradicate weed in some areas.

This weedy nature leads some gardeners to give it the name of devil grass. However, Ornamec, Ornamec 170 and Turflon ester (tricyclopyr) have shown some effectiveness as well as Imazapyr. All of these items are difficult to find in retail stores as they are primarily marketed to professional landscapers. It was successfully irrigated with saline water and used to graze cattle.

Side Effects of Durva (Doob) Grass

Dhruva grass dosent really have any side effects, but overdose of it may sometimes lead to problems like; paraesthesia oral, rash, skin burning sensation.

Cultivation of Durva (Doob)

Durva grass originated in the Middle East. Although it is not native to Bermuda, it is an abundant invasive species there. It is presumed to have arrived in North America from Bermuda, resulting in its common name.[citation needed] In Bermuda it has been known as crab grass.

Durva grass is widely cultivated in warm climates all over the world between about 30° S and 30° N latitude, and that get between 625 and 1,750 mm of rainfall a year (or less, if irrigation is available). Growth begins at temperatures above 15 °C (59 °F) with optimum growth between 24 and 37 °C (75 and 99 °F); in winter, the grass becomes dormant and turns brown. Growth is promoted by full sun and retarded by full shade, e.g., close to tree trunks.

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Don't worry. Put some drops of durva (cynodon dactylon) grass as nasal drop for some days. Take lauki juice 20-30 ml daily.
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Fever with severe headache, vomitting are common symptoms of dengue. Some cases it may not be occur In ayurveda juice of durva, bilv and tulsi 2_2tsp with honey can increase platelet count.
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In summer I am getting blood from nose what to do and what is the cause and how can we cure.

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Svoid exposure to sun learn first aid for bleeding nose and daily drink half a lemon with water get your blood pressure regularly chked wear a head covee like cap and good goggles especially during sumer.

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