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Last Updated: Aug 15, 2020
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Health Benefits of Cherry And Its Side Effects

What is cherry fruit? Nutritional Value of Cherry What are the health benefits of cherry ? Uses of Cherry Side-Effects & Allergies of Cherry Cultivation of Cherry
Health Benefits of Cherry And Its Side Effects

Cherries have a rich content of antioxidants that have a lot of good effects on our health. Consumption of cherries good for you, it helps to prevent certain types of cancer, reduces inflammation, and prevents gout, brings relief from arthritic pain, and even helps to reduce belly fat. In addition to these, cherries also supports healthy sleep, reduces post-exercise muscle pain, lowers the risk of stroke and takes care of your skin and hair.

Since Cherry can be consumed in different ways, you can make cherry tart juice to get weight loss benefit or you can eat the dried cherry. Even cherry tea, syrup, and cherry seed are also available which are good for skincare, even extremely beneficial during pregnancy

What is cherry fruit?

Cherry is a fleshy drupe which belongs to the genus prunus. A typical cheery has a hard seed in the center which is surrounded by edible fleshy fruit measuring around 2 cm in diameter. The skin is bright red or purple in colour. Two varieties of cherry are wild or sweet cherry and sour or tart cherry. Cherry can be of different shapes and can be eaten as snacks or can be used in making tarts or cherry pies or juice.

Nutritional Value of Cherry

Let check out some nutritional content of cherry fruit.Vitamin C, which acts a powerful anti-oxidant, is present in good quantities in cherries. They do not contain fats, cholesterol or sodium. They have fiber, Vitamin A and essential minerals like iron, calcium and protein.

Cherry contain substantial quantities of potassium. In addition to these, cherries also possess other beneficial compounds like boron, melatonin and anthocyanins.

Nutritional facts Per 100 grams in Cherry

50 Calories
0.3 g Total Fat
3 mg Sodium
173 mg Potassium
12 g Total Carbohydrate
1 g Protein

Vitamins and Minerals in Cherry

25 % Vitamin A
0.01 Calcium
16 % Vitamin C
1 % Iron
2 % Magnesium

What are the health benefits of cherry ?

What are the health benefits of cherry ?
After getting cherry nutritional value facts, let check out some best health benefits of eating cherry fruit.

Cherry extract for insomnia treatment

Cherries contain substantial quantities of melatonin that is instrumental in curing insomnia and it also helps to maintain healthy joints. Thus people suffering from sleep disorders can incorporate cherries in your diet. Drinking cherry juice helps to regulate sleep cycles.

Cherry Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

It has been found that incorporating cherries in diet can help that to person to deal with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Many doctors have recommended cherries to people suffering from Alzheimer’s. This is due to the presence of good quantities of anti-oxidants.

Tart Cherry Reduces risk of stroke

Including cherries in your diet can help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. This is due to the presence of anthocyanins which provide tart cherries its red colour. The anthocyanins present in cherry help to activate PPAR which regulates the genes responsible for fat and glucose metabolism. This keeps blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check.

Cherry benefits for cancer patients

Sweet cherries contain Vitamin C, anthocyanins and carotenoids that help to prevent certain types of cancer. Sweet cherries are also a good source of cyanidins , which is primarily responsible for this fruit’s cancer-preventive capabilities. Anthocyanins help to arrest cell cycle and apostosis. Cyanidin promotes cell differentiation and reduces the risks of healthy cells being converted into cancerous ones.

Cheryy Treats Gout & Prevents Inflammation

Gout occurs when there is excess of uric acid concentration in your body. Uric-acid forming crystals get deposited in your joints and this leads to swelling and inflammation. Cherries help to prevent this ailment by helping to regulate the metabolic processes that control the amount of uric acid in your blood.

Tart cherry juice for muscle pain

Cherry juice helps to reduce muscle pain after exercises. Those involved in high-intensity workouts or trainings can incorporate cherry juice in their diet.

Cherry Juice For Lowering Blood Pressure

Cherries help to regulate blood pressure and heart rate and reduces the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases. This is due to the presence of potassium, which is a vasodilator. Cherries also contain phytosterols which reduces bad cholesterol levels.

Cherry Good For Your Brain

Consumption of cherries is good for your brain due to the presence of Vitamin A, Vitamin B and minerals like calcium and phosphorus. Thus it helps to prevent neural tube defects in infants and also takes improves your memory.

Black cherry fruit for weight loss

Cherries mainly consist of water and are very low in calories. The fiber content in this cherry helps to keep you fuller for longer while the B vitamins like thiamine, ribloflavin and Vitamin B6 facilitate the metabolism and conversion of nutrients into energy. Thus cherries help you to lose weight.

Cherry Good for migraines and also helps to boost your sex life

Cherries contain anthocyanins and bioflavonoids that reduce inflammation and thus provides relief from migraines. Cherries also help to increase libido in both men and women. Vitamin A and Vitamin C, present in cherries, help to improve testosterone and estrogen and also improves sexual appetite.

Uses of Cherry

Cherries can be used in a variety of ways and utilized in different cuisines. It has a number of beneficial effects for our hair and skin. Cherries help to keep your skin healthy due to the presence of multiple vitamins. It is often used in skin lightening and also anti-aging properties. The presence of so many vitamins also help to strengthen your hair and facilitates hair growth.

Side-Effects & Allergies of Cherry

Cherries contain dietary fiber and excess consumption of this fruit can cause gastrointestinal problems. Excessive consumption can cause intestinal gas, bloating and cramps. Cherries do not contain many essential vitamins and minerals and so cannot be used as a replacement for other nutrition-rich foods. Sometimes sensitive people may develop some allergies on consumption of this fruit.

Cultivation of Cherry

Cherries have been consumed for a long time. Roman conquerors, Chinese noblemen and Greek citizens- all considered the cherry to be a delicacy. This fruit was brought to America in the early 17th century by the European settlers. It is also believed that sweet cherries actually originated in Asia and that they were carried to Europe by birds.

Cherries grow best in cool climate as it requires 1200-1500 hours of chilling period. They grow well at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. Deep sandy soil with a pH range of 6-7.5 is necessary for this fruit to grow properly. An annual rainfall of 100 – 125 cm is required for the plant.

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