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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2020
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Helath Benefits of Amchur, Uses And Its Side Effects

What is Amchur Powder? Nutritional Value of Amchur per 10gm Health Benefits of Amchur Powder Different Ways to Use Amchur Powder Side Effects of Amchur Powder on Health Cultivation Details of Amchur Powder
Helath Benefits of Amchur, Uses And Its Side Effects

Amchur or dried mango powder is extensively used in many of the Indian cooking. It is very popular in India and is used in several asian cuisines. Amchur is prepared by drying mangoes and grinding them into powder. Amchur powder offers a very high nutritional value, as it contains many nutrients including Vitamins A, E and C, and anti-oxidants.

It adds a unique flavor to the food. Amchur offers many medicinal benefits too. It aids in digestion, and hence, it is used in many Ayurvedic medicines. It also effectively treats diabetes and cancer. Amchoor powder contain a large amount of iron and is beneficial for pregnant women. Amchur also benefits the skin and the hair, as it clears acne and detoxifies the skin. It does not have many side effects and can be safely used in food preparation. so can be sprinkled on dishes.

What is Amchur Powder?

Mango or Amchur has been around for over 4000 years and since then, it has been one of the world’s favorite fruit. Amchur is known as mango powder and is made from dried green mangoes. It is widely used in cooking for seasoning dishes. This fruity spice is very popular in many of the Indian dishes. It adds flavor to the dishes and is the best spice to use when mangoes are not in season.

Amchur powder can be used to add the sweet and sour taste tinge in any dishes, pudding or dessert. There are many recipes in which you can use this powder. It is a favorite spice among children and adults alike. Let check out the health benefits of consuming amchur powder, good for digestion, prevent acidity, improves skin toning and is good for pregnant women.

Nutritional Value of Amchur per 10gm

A tablespoon of amchur if taken daily, can have a great impact on your health. Let check out the nutritional information of amchur powder, 10 grams of amchur powder has 36 calories of which, there is zero percent fat. 13% of the quantity is made up of sodium. This accounts for 300mg. It has 2 grams of fiber, 2% of calcium and 3% of vitamin C. It contains iron that is beneficial for pregnant women.

Amchur Powder also contains vitamin A and C in abundance. Amchur is even used in the treatment of scurvy. There are many more benefits to this raw mango powder. You can use it in a variety of recipes and reap its benefits for overall health.

Nutritional facts Per 5 grams of Amchur Powder

10 Calories
1 g Total Carbohydrate
1 g Protein

Health Benefits of Amchur Powder

Health Benefits of Amchur Powder
Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Amchur. You can now start consuimg amchur powder or add in different dishes to get not only the amazing taste but also get the amzaing helath benefits. You can find Amchur powder in local market easily. You can used amchur powder in cooking or even add in some juices and health drinks to enhance the taste.

Amchur Powder Detoxify your body

Amchur powder contains vitamin A, C, D, B6 and beta carotenes that are found in abundance. It eliminates toxins, detoxifies the body and is used in treating anemia. Nervous systems disorders can also be cured by using mango powder. In Ayurveda medicines use amchur powder used to treat conditions like diarrhoea, dysentery and urinary tract infection./p>

Amchur Improves digestion

Amchur powder has many benefits for the digestive system health. It will help fight acidity and improve digestion. It combats constipation, flatulence and ensures good bowel movement. Amchur have phenols and other phenolic compounds that are powerful antioxidants. It is important to have good digestion for a strong metabolic system.

Amchur good for heart health

Amchur powder works wonders to ensure that cardiovascular health is in good condition. This powder has many medicinal benefits. It prevents heart failures and other disorders. Amchur powder also very effective in preventing heart attacks. Amchur is included in most recipes, due to these benefits. It is added in ayurvedic medicines to keep your heart healthy.

Amchur powder rich in Iron

Amchur powder is an extremely rich source of iron. Women who suffer from iron deficiencies like anemia are advised to include food rich in iron, as part of their diet.

This fruit can be a part of the diet in one form or the other. Since ripe mangoes contain high amounts of sugar, it is advisable to add amchur in your diet, as it is a healthier option.

Amchur powder prevention and treatment of scurvy

Amchur powder has high levels of Vitamin C. This proves to be very helpful in healing conditions like scurvy. It is a medical condition, that is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin C. Scurvy can be treated and prevented, if amchur powder is consumed on a daily basis.

One recipe that is used is the combination of amchur with jaggery. It is said to be very effective in treating scurvy.

Amchur Powder Improves vision

Amchur contains a high amount of Vitamin A and E. They are essential for healthy eyes and skin. This powder ensures that the hormones are functioning well. Amchur powder has an anti-aging effect on the skin. You can improve your eyesight and prevent eye-related conditions like cataract, by consuming amchur regularly.

Amchur powder induce weight loss

The antioxidant properties that are present in amchur can boost metabolism. This in turn, helps to increase weight loss. Mango powder or Amchur powder has low carbohydrates and are recommended in weight loss programs. You can include this powder in your diet and gain all of its multiple benefits.

Amchur powder prevents cancer

One of the most amazing use of mango powder is that, it is used in treating cancer effectively. It protects the body from this life-threatening condition, as it contain high amounts of vitamin C. It eliminates free radicals that are responsible for most of the diseases.

Amchur powder Controls Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Mangoes have many health benefits and one factor is that, it helps to maintain low glycemic index. This helps to keep the fat levels in control. The potassium that is present in amchur powder, will also make sure that the blood levels are regulated. Diabetes is also kept under control, if you consume amchur powder regularly./p>

Amchur Powder cures deficiencies

Amchur is suggested as a cure for many allergies. Anemic people are suggested to have this powder, as it contain high amount of iron . Pregnant women are advised to include them in their diet, so that they have a safe delivery. All you have to do is sprinkle some of it over your food. It will add flavor and give you can reap the many health benefits.

Amchur Powder Vital Vitamins

Amchur is a great source of all the important vitamins. This includes vitamin A, C and E. These are essential for the hormones to work well. These vitamins are also good for having healthy eyes and skin.

Amchur powder Effectively removes acne

Mango seeds when crushed and made into powder can be applied on the skin, after mixing it with tomato juice. Apply it on the face and leave it on for a few minutes. Rub it off gently and wash your face. It has an exfoliating effect on the skin.

Amchur powder cures breakouts, blemishes, and blackheads. It even removes the redness of the skin. Amchur acts as a mild scrub on the skin.

Uses of Amchur

Amchur has many uses when it comes to preparing dishes. It is great to add flavors to soups, chutneys, and curries. The dried powder is directly added to these dishes. Dishes that include chicken and fish are also enhanced with the flavor of amchur. It is a spice that most chefs love to experiment with and is even used in continental dishes.

The unique flavor that you get in amchur is irreplaceable. The many medical benefits it renders are effectively made use in ayurvedic medicines as well. It is used in medicines that improve digestion. This sweet and sour powder is consumed in keeping the heart-healthy. Amchur is recommended for women of all ages, as it has a high iron content that women require on a daily basis. It helps to maintain healthy skin and eyes, by consuming amchur regularly. Due to its high nutritional value and less side effects, amchur can be used in our daily diet.

Amchur Powder Side-Effects & Allergies

Mango powder can cause allergies in people too. There have been cases where people have an allergic reaction to amchur. It can start with a cough, rashes and can also lead to dyspnea. It can also lead to anaphylaxis. The allergies can be tackled with the right medications. However, these cases are rare. The many health benefits of amchur powder were found to be useful for most people around the world, in treating many diseases

Amchur Powder Origin And Cultivation

Amchur powder is a staple of Indian concocting which adds up the delicate fruitiness flavour in the recipes. Amchur is produced using the unripe and sun-dried mangoes. Amchur has a citrus-like flavouring. Amchur originated from India and Pakistan.

Amchur powder preparation is historical. Mango has been cultivated throughout the history of 4,000 years in India and neighbouring countries. Once the mangoes are harvested, they are peeled, thinly sliced, and sun-dried. The dried strips, which gradually get light brown and take after pieces of woody bark, are also available to purchase, however significantly the strips are processed in a manner to make the fine powder.

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