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Know More About Skin And Hair Health

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Dt. Ushma Chheda 88% (23 ratings)
M.Sc - Dietitics/Nutrition, B.Sc - Dietitics/Nutrition, Diploma In Sports Science & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  18 years experience
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Hi, this is Ushma Chheda and I am from Neev Nutrition and Wellness Centre. We have our 3 centres at Vile Parle, Central Matunga and Ghatkopar. We are in this field since 15 years. Today I am going talk about skin and hair, this is not related to anything regarding weight loss its just focusing on skin and hair. One of the biggest motivations to adopt a more nutritious diet is the desire to improve skin and hair health, a healthy skin reflex how healthy you are on the inside. So what can you do to get glowing skin? We all know we should eat healthily, exercise regularly, distress and of course follow a regular hair and skincare routine. Your skin needs a boost from within to look fresh and glowing your hair needs enough moisture and nourishment throughout the year. Due to environmental factors and lifestyle changes hair tends to lose its luster, in such cases even the gifted requires some help. Although regular oiling and deep conditioning can improve the texture of your hair but what you put into your body will make a great difference. You need to eat the right balance of foods to feed your skin and hair. The vital nutrients it needs to help the skin to stay soft. Be sure to eat foods that include these nutrients often and you will reap the benefits of having a beautiful glowing and healthy hair and skin. Now let's talk about Iron as a first vitamin and ensures that your hair remains healthy by providing it with oxygen, lowering levels of anaemia which is the major cause of hair loss. What are the food sources of iron, the dark green leafy vegetables, beetroot and one of the very most important seed which is called as Garden cress seeds it is also called as Helen in Hindi or Marathi and in Gujarati it is called as asceroe. It is generally given to women, who are lactating, but all the people can use the seeds by soaking it in water and then taking it early morning with lemon, this is the highest source of iron and so it is really benefited. Now Vitamin C and Iron and Vitamin C are to nutrients which are best, when taken in combination with each other. Eating food rich in vitamin C will allow better absorption of iron in the body not only that Vitamin C is a prime food which helps in the production of collagen which is also important for the skin and also strengthens the capillaries that supply blood to the hair shaft. Which are the food sources of Vitamin C the highest as you all must be knowing is awla. We are gifted with awla as our local food and winter being the best season, you should use awla and many varieties could be awla juice, it could be murabba or it could be boiled awla used as an accompaniment in the food. Next is Vitamin E, it acts as an antioxidant it is very essential nutrient when it comes to skin and hair care as a base ingredient it is also used in most of the hair and the skin care products. It’s crucial for healthy hair, it helps in building and repairing hair tissue and also and protecting hair from Sun Damage. Most of the nuts and the seeds are rich in Vitamin E also olives, avocado, asparagus they are rich in Vitamin E. The next most important minerals for skin and hair is Selenium, it maintains the firminance, the elasticity and also prevents acne. Selenium is also helps in the absorption of Vitamin E which is a very important and antioxidant. The most important food sources of Selenium are the Brazil nuts, the walnuts, the wheat germ, onion, whole grains, brown rice and poultry. Vitamin A is again another important nutrient which takes care of the hydration of the epithelial tissue, if you are deficiency in vitamin A you might have dry and flaky skin. Also one of the reason for hair loss is deficiency of Vitamin A. The natural conditioner produced by a body known as sebum, also required Vitamin A for its production. Beta-carotene is the precursor to Vitamin A and it is also an antioxidant which is found in bright red and yellow colour foods. So which are the bright yellow-red colour fruits they are the papaya, strawberries then tomatoes and such fruits and vegetables. Also dark green leafy vegetables a very high and beta-carotene the milk and milk products are again a source of Vitamin A. Omega 3 fatty acids the oil that boosts the hydration of your hair, scalp and skin is provided by Omega 3 fatty acids. This nutrient is also present in the cells that line the scalp, so it is important to add this fat for your diet. Food sources would be avocado, Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, Chia seeds and flax seeds. Let's talk about the second nutrient that is zinc, it is a trace mineral that repairs the damaged tissue and heals wounds. It protects skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. A skin may help to prevent the acne and regulate the production of oil in the skin. The richest sources are the highest sources of zinc are taken Pumpkin seeds, ginger, legumes, mushrooms and whole grains. Next nutrient is very important for those were trying to lose weight that is biotin, biotin is responsible for hair growth and increases the volume of hair. Biotin deficiency can lead to discolouration or thin of hair. Why did I say that it is important for people who lose weight because they restrict the potato and rice which are one of the very good sources of biotin? Whole grains, soybean all the barriers that are the cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, brown rice, oats and sunflower seeds are rich in biotin. Another important macronutrient is protein, hair is majorly made up of protein so consuming an adequate amount and quality of protein will definitely make the hair better. If your diet consists of lower proteins you are likely to have hair loss or dry and brittle hair. Eat the right proteins and keep your hair strong. Foods sources would be all the dals, pulses, soybeans, chickpeas, milk and milk products, but remember that having a good quality protein is important as vegetarians for the protein to become good in quality you need to make cereal and pulse combination, so its biological value increases or to have a milk source attach to like for example se kheer or mixing dal and curd combination like chats would be a good combination to make the biological value of the dals better. You must have observed that when you suffer from constipation generally there are some breakouts or pimples which appear on the skin it's because that the toxins are not getting out of the system. A fibre rich diet facilitates your liver and Kidneys to express the toxins from your body easily. It also helps to maintain your hormone balances and thus renders glow to the skin and the hair. Last but not the least is the most important part of Nutrition that is water and it is available for free. For soft and supple skin drinking an adequate amount of water is more important then apply any topical creams are hair thrives on moisture rich environment and water is the best source or best way to quench thirst. Dehydration may result in dry and brittle hair. Institute of medicine has determined that daily adequate intake of water for men are 3 litres and for women is 2.2 litres. So I hope by giving this little information you can always take care of a skin and hair and avoid your visits to the parlours and the specialist. For more information, you can always contact me on Thank you.

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