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Health Benefits of Sweet Flag (Vacha), Uses And Its Side Effects

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2022

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One of the primary benefits of Sweet Flag is its use in indigenous medicines. Scientifically, it is popularly known as the Acorus calamus. It helps to boost neurological function, and treat gastric issues and many such problems. It has been considered safe for babies too.

Sweet Flag (Vacha)

Vacha is a semi-aquatic perennial monocotyledonous plant. It is seen to grow near water bodies like streams and rivers. These plants have narrow long leaves that can grow to a length of 2-4 feet. The flowers of vacha are whitish in colour and small. The leaves and roots of this plant emit a beautiful aroma and stronger the aroma better the quality of the plant. The fruits have lots of seeds and are pulpy. The botanical name of vacha is Acorus Calamus.

Summary- Vacha is a small-sized medicinal plant. It can be recognized easily by its beautiful flowers, pulpy fruits, and refreshing aroma.

Nutritional Value of Sweet Flag (Vacha)

The Vacha plant is a storehouse of helpful chemicals. Sweet Flag roots contain beta-asarone, beta-gurjunene, (Z)-asarone, aristolene, (E)-asarone, sequesterpenes-norsequesterpine calamusin and (E)-asarone, sequesterpenes-norsequesterpine calamusin A-H and beta-daucosterol.

Summary- Vacha consists of several essential phytochemicals. They are very beneficial for the body.

Health Benefits of Sweet Flag (Vacha)

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Vacha has several positive health effects. Some of the top health advantages of Sweet Flag or Vacha are listed below. Vacha is often utilized for the treatment of ailments like diabetes, cramps, diarrhoea, bronchitis, acne, hair issues, tumors, depression, etc.

Summary- Consumption of sweet flag helps to heal so many disorders as stated above. It is often used for babies too.

Maintians Healthy Stomach

Vacha has quite a few health benefits. It is an excellent anti-flatulent and works well to heal indigestion in infants. The powder of vacha could be mixed with milk to feed the babies. Also, teething bracelets can be made which the children could bite and suck on. This shall pacify them and also help you by providing the beneficial anti-bacterial and anti-flatulent properties to the baby. Consume sweet flag to prevent stomach disorders and colitis.

Sweet Flag prevents hair lice

Vacha oil is a natural insecticide and this property makes it effective in killing lice. It is safe for external application and gentle on the skin, hence applying it on the scalp does not cause any harm. Sweet Flag is the best natural ingredient to get rid of lice. It does not have side effects making it a suitable option for you.

Sweet Flag good for throat conditions and speech

Vacha works very well to sooth a bad cold. It treats cough and sore throat. Sucking on a small piece of vacha provides relief from these conditions. Children who have speech delay can also benefit from this wonder herb as it helps them to speak and communicate from the proper age.

Sweet Flag Fights Depression, Epilepsy and Boosting Memory

Vacha is known to calm nerves and helps improve a person’s memory. Being similar to a nerve tonic it helps a person to relax and rid one’s self off stress and depression. Pounded vacha root soaked in boiling hot water has also been seen to help people who suffer from epilepsy and hence can be used as a support system for such conditions.

Sweet Flag Prevents infection, Inflammation and Pain

Massaging vacha oil on the skin helps prevent skin infections. It is also effective in treating arthritic or rheumatic pain and swelling. These conditions can get very severe and cause immobility and change lifestyle. This calls for every measure that can be taken to prevent and improve such agonising condition. Vacha also helps in calming the mind and cure headaches when inhaled.

Sweet Flag Helps In Childbirth

Vacha induces strong uterine contractions and hence helps in difficult or delayed child birth. Often child birth becomes critical as the mother gets exhausted or does not go into labour. Vasha powder helps in such situations and the mother can easily birth the child. This herb is also effective in treating dysmenorrhea.

Benefits Of Sweet Flag for Arthritis

Sweet flag helps to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis-like pain, inflammations, swelling, etc. A gentle massage with Vacha oil can serve this purpose. Due to the inclusion of several phytochemicals, it has a very high success rate in the treatment of inflammation and pain.

Summary- Sweet flag works efficaciously to treat Arthritis. It also prevents the immobility of joints.

Benefits Of Sweet Flag for Stomach

Sweet flag possess anti-spasmodic attributes which help in relieving cramps and pains. It also helps to prevent certain digestive issues like constipation, bloating, diarrhea, etc. it also displays colic relieving, and gas-reducing properties.

Summary- Consumption of sweet flags is extremely beneficial for stomach issues. It is often advised to use sweet flags in case of digestive problems.

Benefits Of Sweet Flag for Asthma

Sweet flag is better known for its respiratory benefits. It helps to refine the air particles in the respiratory tract. It destroys germs and purifies inhaled air. Chewing sweet flags particularly the roots helps to soothe the throat and cures common colds and coughs too.

Summary- Sweet flags help to heal respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, asthma, cough, etc. thereby ensuring normal respiratory functions.

Benefits Of Sweet Flag for Fever

Sweet flag helps to mitigate fever symptoms and provides warmth to the body. It works effectively to heal fever and chills. It is often recommended for fear-induced fever in children.

Summary- Vacha is often advised for children who acquired fever due to fear. With its beneficial nutrition, it is capable of curing fever symptoms.

Benefits Of Sweet Flag for Skin

Vacha powder displays anti-inflammatory properties which help to inhibit the mediators resulting in inflammations. Particularly Vacha powder is often applied topically on the skin to heal acne and pimples. Regular consumption of Vacha helps to prevent them too.

Summary- Vacha possesses many skin-friendly attributes. It helps to eradicate several skin disorders and achieve youthful skin.

Benefits Of Sweet Flag for Memory

Due to the presence of several essential phytochemicals, the sweet flag is capable of improving brain functions it helps to boost memory, cognition, intelligence, and speech. Regular consumption of Vacha helps to resolve brain complications too.

Summary- Sweet flags ensure proper neurological functioning by uplifting memory and intelligence power.

Uses of Sweet Flag (Vacha)

Some of the popular usages of Vacha are-

  • In order to create a natural binder, vacha is employed.
  • This is a beneficial substitute for synthetic ones and may be obtained by burning a piece of Vacha churna and then rubbing it against a stone made of sandalwood.
  • It is secure and suitable for use on kids.
  • In addition to being a deterrent for cockroaches and other insects, Sweet Flag (Vacha) is also safe to use around young children.
  • In order to use the Vacha plant to repel insects, one must combine the herb's powder with water and sprinkle it where needed.

Summary- Along with various medicinal uses, Vacha also works as a natural binder. Insect eradication is another application for it.

Side-Effects & Allergies of Sweet Flag (Vacha)

Some of the more well-known adverse effects of vacha include:

  • Taking Vacha while pregnant should be rigorously avoided because the herb's effect on the uterus, which causes contractions, could endanger both the mother and the unborn child's lives.
  • The FDA has outlawed Vacha because studies on mice have consistently shown that it has cancer-causing characteristics.

Summary- Vacha should be ignored at particular times, such as pregnancy. It is also doubted of having carcinogenic effects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is sweet flag good for babies?

Yes, a sweet flag is good for the digestion of babies.

Can I eat sweet flag daily?

Sweet flag is not recommended to be consumed daily due to its beta-asarone content.

How do you eat a sweet flag?

The sweet flag can be eaten raw probably as a salad.

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