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Advanced Endocrine & Diabetes Hospital And Research Center

Advanced Endocrine & Diabetes Hospital And Research Center

Endocrinologist Clinic

Road no - 1,Phase-1,KPHB Colony, Hyderabad
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PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Symptoms, causes, and medications for PCOS

Hi! I’m Dr. Ravi from Kukatpally, Endocrinologist. Today we are going to learn about PCOS, it is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. In Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a woman will have irregular periods and acne, unwanted facial hair and also hair loss from the head. There will be difficulty in conceiving. And usually there will be overweight and obesity with this Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. So what causes this Polycystic Ovarian syndrome? In PCOS patients, their ovaries won’t work normally. Every month one follicle will enlarge and mature and it will rupture releasing an egg. In PCOS multiple follicles will enlarge and they won’t rupture. And over a period of time, these follicles will accumulate. Now if you do a scan, a number of follicles will be there.

So what are the symptoms of this Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? It contains as I told you, irregular menstruation periods, acne and androgen features just like facial hair and hair fall and the third one is irregular menses in the background of insulin resistance. These PCOS patients will have health related issues-hormonal and other problems. So they need to be evaluated, if they have high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high BP, other things, they need to get monitored and get treated accordingly.
Now we learn about what lab tests they need, okay, they need hormonal tests, blood sugars, cholesterol and they need to undergo some ultrasound scans, abdomen with the ovaries. Okay, these are the lab tests they need, and what is the treatment for PCOS? First thing is weight loss, if you lose weight around 5%, around 4-5 kgs, 50% of people, this Polycystic Syndrome will resolve. So, weight loss with diet and exercise is an important thing along with lifestyle modification and weight loss, some medications like birth control pills, they won’t acute the PCOS but the thing is they will ameliorate all problems with the… if you use birth control pills, your cycles will be regular, your unwanted facial hair will reduce. So these birth control pills are good, and they will protect the uterus from cancer if you use those birth control pills. Another drug is Anti-Androgens so they will block hormonal action

Side effects of these Anti-androgens like aldosterone, the thing is you will need to monitor the lever enzymes and also there is weight gain. That means water retention in the body. Okay, these are the two side effects for anti-androgens. Another drug we use is Metformin. Usually, we use that for controlling high blood sugar. But the thing is those who use this Metformin their insulin resistance will get controlled reduced and leading to normal…..cycles and other things in PCOS patients. So this can also be useful. Another one is individualizing problems; the thing is if an elderly person will come with this PCOS if their concern is they don’t want excess facial hair, so the best thing is anti-androgens. If a married person comes with PCOS, their main problem is to get a reproduction, to conceive, to get children. For them, we will use ovulation-inducing drugs. And if another married woman comes with PCOS and her complaint is hair fall and unwanted facial hair, we use another drug or local ointment to reduce facial hair or laser, these things. So, individualizing treatment depending on their problem is an issue in the treatment of PCOS.

Now, lastly, can a PCOS woman lead a normal life? Yes. The thing is whatever problem they are having there are good medicines and everything. They can lead a normal life with regular medication and regular doctor visit. So, don’t worry about PCOS.


Here are type,symptoms,cause and treatments of Diabetes

Hi Lybtateres, this Ravi Kumar Muppidi (Endocrinologist). Today I am enlightning you about diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes means high blood sugar above normal blood sugar. Right now 7 crores people are suffering with diabetes and another 7 crores will become diabetic in a few months or few years. Diabetes are of two varieties Type 1, type 2 and other varieties. Type 1 is when body is fully deficient of insulin and need daily insulin injections to control their blood sugars. So Type 2 is the common variety, most people will suffer with type 2 diabetes. Why this type 2 diabetes is very high in India because of their lifestyle. We have to focus on this lifestyle. We have to keep moving and maintain an ideal weight. The thing is if you maintain an ideal weight for your height then this diabetes wont occurs as common. Daily ten thousands steps you have to walk otherwise your heart rate should be above 130 per minute for 20 minutes a day then that is called exercise so daily exercise and maintaining weight through diet is important so you need to concentrate on diet restrictions, whatever necessary the amount you have to eat. You got diabetes don’t worry you need to maintain diet, exercise and medication. Medication also very important once you have got diagnose with diabetes you have to take tablets. Type 2 diabetic’s patients they need to be aware of diabetes and their blood sugar levels; they need to monitors their blood sugar levels weekly once at least. The blood sugar should below 130 before food and below 180 after food ok.

How to know if you are diabetic?

If you feel thirsty and if you are drinking lot of water then check your blood sugars, So other complaints of a diabetic are not only excess thirst also excessive urine  one or two times in the night, three or four times in the night and excess appetite. You eat a lot of food and still you will be hungry ok. You your weight is overweight and your age is above 30, it’s the right time to check blood sugars. So the next thing is complications. This high blood sugar can affect your eyes causing retinopathy and even nerves causing diabetic neuropathy and kidney causing nephropathy and these heart problems are very common in diabetic people, strokes and other are common in diabetic people. Infections are also more common in diabetic people. So these are the complications of diabetes. Coming to prevention, how can we prevent has tony before lifestyle. So you have to walk at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. Then you have maintain ideal weight, so if your height is 160 cms you should not be more than 60 kgs, if you height is 170 cms you should not be more than 70 kgs. So like this you have maintain your ideal weight and if you got diabetes’s you need to start medicines along with lifestyle modifications.

If you got diabetes you have consult your doctor either endocrinologist or physician or diabetologist. You can contact me through Lybrate.

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Doctor in Advanced Endocrine & Diabetes Hospital And Research Center


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Advanced Endocrine & Diabetes Hospital And Research Center Reviews


C U M Rao

Jan 27, 2022

Speechless after meeting Dr. Ravi. He is excellent doctor, very very down to earth, friendly like family members and his approach makes the the half problem resolves then and there. Very very cool, composed with patience hearing and explanation, advices makes him great doctor. Also his entire team more



Dec 01, 2021

Good and very friendly treatment



Jun 11, 2017

Even though the problem was not so big, but still the otherdoctors were not able to treat it. The I consulted Ravi Kumar Muppidi. As someone I knew, consulted therDR. Ravi Kumar Muppidi and they referred us. It has been quite some time that i was suffering from diabetes. The staff was very more



Mar 24, 2017

I was suffering from endocrine disease for which Dr Ravi Kumar Muppidi suggested endocrine surgery has helped me greatly and now I am perfectly fine. Ravi Kumar Muppidi is well aware about innovative techniques to treat problems. I am amazed that he is such a sweet doctor, even though he is so busy more



Jun 15, 2019

All staff he maintains well received & good responsible guys. We had 3 of doctors reviews on my wife's checkups. 3 hours waiting for 3 of thyroid tests. Overall experience is very good and best to suggest to come here all... more

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