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Last Updated: Feb 05, 2020
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Irregular Periods - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

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Irregular Periods - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

Irregular periods might be a problem and may exist if:

  • The duration between the periods starts changing.
  • There is decreased or increased loss of blood during a period.
  • The duration of a period is much longer than usual.

Here are the different kinds of irregularities in periods:

  • Irregular Menstrual-Bleeding: Bleeding that lasts over 20 days in an individual cycle and extends for more than a year.
  • Absent Menstrual-Bleeding: Absence of bleeding for over 90 days.
  • Heavy Menstrual-Bleeding: An excess of blood loss that can hamper a woman’s emotional, material, physical and social quality of living and can be independent or may occur along with other symptoms.
  • Prolonged and Heavy Menstrual-Bleeding: It is uncommon.
  • Light Menstrual-Bleeding- It is dependent on the patient’s complaint.

Irregular periods need to be looked into depending upon the desire of having children later on. Many diverse things can cause irregular periods. Changes in the hormonal levels of progesterone and estrogen might disrupt the usual period patterns. That is the reason young pubescent girls and older women nearing menopause usually are affected by irregular periods.

Some other reasons for having irregular periods are:


Generally, treatment isn’t required for menopause or puberty induced irregular periods, until the time they become bothersome or excessive. Periods also normally stop during pregnancy.

  • Correcting or treating underlying disease
  • Changing your type of birth control
  • Lifestyle changes, including weight loss
  • Hormone therapy
  • Surgery

Call your doctor if you have had regular, monthly periods and the pattern changes. Your doctor may perform a physical exam and order tests to rule out pregnancy or a health problem.

Popular Questions & Answers

I try to sex with my partner last jan 2021 .but there is no penetrate sex we just try but after 7 day I saw some white coating inside my vagina by I am worried and touch it with nail. I am also worried that m pregnant that's why I drink lots ginger water. Condition getting worst some cortege cheesy discharge m too much itching continue. But after 17 day m period start on correct date. After period discharge and some itching continue. After one weak ofmy period I choose to go homeopathy treat meant every three ng is gone but discharge continue some back pain also occur. When m get frustrated abut discharge I just quit the homeopathy and meet my gyno. I am unmarried .so she doesn't exmine me and told me that m suffering for m yeast is infection she took medicine and 80 present m feel relief but some discharge continue which was finished after next month period. But after someday I had shave n than itching and more discharge start my gyno gave me fluconazole and ornidazole tablet course my itching is gone but discomfort abut discharge and burning at time urination, and feeling not to touch vagina because friction produce irritation feel. My legs feel so much heat I drink plenty of water. My stool is so hard so I also feel some discomfort at anus gyno said discharge is normal but m worried why I feel so like this my vndrl urine sugar test is normal. I totally confused please suggest me that discharge is normal to remove infection and produce heat from body after taking medicine .or something else please suggest.

MBBS, M.S Obstetrics & Gynaecology, F.MAS FELLOWSHIP IN MINIMAL ACCESS SURGERY, D. MAS Dipolma in MINIMAL ACCESS SURGERY, FICRS, Fellowship in COSMETIC GYNAECOLOGY, Diploma in advanced Laparoscopy for Urogynaecology & Gynaec oncology, Basic training course in minimal invasive surgery in Gynaecology, Basics of Colposcopy, Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecology, Certificate course in diagnostic ultrasound imaging, Certificate of hands on training in hysteroscopy, Certificate course in diabetes, Fellowship in assisted reproductive technology, Certificate program in aesthetic Medicine, Certificate of operative Hysteroscopy, Certificate course in clinical embryology
Gynaecologist, Chennai
Hi if it is just white discharge there is no need for you to worry it is normal absolutely and the vagina itself has its home cleaning mechanism to push it out now if you have foul smelling discharge and if it is irritating any change then you nee...
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How to take dronis 30 for. Irregular periods and pcod problem previous month I got my period at 14 april from 2nd day of my period I start taking dronis 30 now it's been 21 and my tablet is also finish so should I continue the tablet from today onwards for next 21 days or should I wait please prescribe be the procedure to take the tablet dronis 30.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
There are two ways - so ask treating doctor. Either gap of 1 week and then to start new packet or new packet to be started from 5 th day of period.

I am taking deviry for my pcod and to get periods. I have taken deviry on 21st april and I got my period on 2nd may. It is my 7th day still I am getting periods when it wil stop? It is normal? Because this is the only time I got this prior always my period last up to 5 days only. Please suggest.

Gynaecologist, Guwahati
It depends on how many months you didn't get your periods before taking deviry. If there is still heavy bleeding, start krimson 35 for 21 days and repeat the same for 2 more cycles.

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