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Health Benefits of Gokshura, Uses And Its Side Effects

Last Updated: Oct 28, 2022

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Gokshura is ideal for body building, combating diuretic issues, PCOS, skin ailments, prostate gland disorders and heart problems. It is also used as an aphrodisiac to increase the libido in both men and women. Additionally, gokshura also acts as anti aging agent and improves brain functioning. You can consume gokshura in different form such as powder and tablets.


Gokshura is also known as Tribulus terrestris which is widely distributed in the world and only grows in dry climate where only a few plants can survive. It is considered an invasive species in North America.

Gokshura is an herbaceous taprooted perennial plant which grows in summer in colder climates. This plant can also thrive in poor soil conditions and desert climates. It can also be found in Australia, Africa, Southern Asia and Southern Europe.

The stem of gokshura plant grows around 10 centimetres in diameter and usually forms flat patches. The stem branch is usually hairy and the leaves are pinnately compound. The leaflets are around 3 mm long.

Nutritional Value of Gokshura

A chemical compound and two alkaloids are present in Gokshura. These alkaloids generally cause limb paresis in sheep’s when they ingest this plant. The content of alkaloid in the dried foliage is around 44mg/kg. Apart from this, a phytosterol is found in Gokshura which is known as hecogenin.

Health Benefits of Gokshura

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Mentioned below are the best health benefits of consuming gokshura powder. In Ayurveda, gokshura good for hair loss and regrowth problems. Its capsule and tablets good for immunity power and digestion. You can easily find out Gokshura tablets, churna, and capsules from your local markets.

Gokshura can be used for body building

Gokshura powder and tablets is beneficial for body building and the minerals present in this herb can improve body composition and muscle strength.

These days everyone is concerned about their body image and a constant pressure to look good can make people go to extreme lengths to shape their body the way they want it to be.

A lot of men who want to make their body much more muscular opt for steroid injections and supplements which pump up their body in an unnatural way. This can be harmful in the long run, therefore it is important to switch to a natural source and for that gokshura and ashwagandha together can be used for bodybuilding.

Gokshura for frequent urination

Gokshura is very beneficial in curing urinary diseases and kidney stones. Regular consumption of Gokshura can easily relieve a person from bladder problems and diuretic ailments. The diuretic activity of Gokshura is well utilized through a lot of formulations.

It has a cleansing effect on the urinary bladder. This is because Gokshura is filled with lithotryptic activity which helps in regulating the functioning of the urinary system.

Gokshura powder used as an aphrodisiac

From centuries, Gokshura powder has been used as an aphrodisiac in different cultures. It also promotes ovulation and sperm production. Women and men who deal with fertility issues and want to start a family should consume Gokshura.

Apart from this it has also been proven to increase libido in both women and men. Gokshura also enhances the sperm quality and quantity in men.

Gokshura useful for women suffering from PCOS

Consuming Gokshura is very beneficial for women affected by PCOS, as it eliminates excessive water and decreases the size of the cyst. Gokshura increases the exercise capacity, fights glucose intolerance and also prevents or controls diabetes in women affected by PCOS. Unwanted weight gain can also be dealt with by consuming Gokshura regularly.

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Disease is very common in women, especially young teens and adults. It can cause irregular periods, acne, hair loss, weight gain, mood swings, etc.

The worst part about PCOS is that, it can also make it difficult to conceive and a lot of complications might arise during pregnancy.

Benefits of gokshura for skin problems

Gokshura is very popular in Ayurvedic medicine to cleanse the skin from within. Young teenagers or even adults suffering from acne and breakouts can use Gokshura to remove it and prevent it from occurring in the future.

A bad skin can result to low esteem and low self confidence level, this problem can cease to exist by the continuous consumption of Gokshura due to its healing properties. It also treats wounds, hives, itchiness, skin inflammation and skin eruptions.

Gokshura can also be used as Anti Aging agent

Consuming Gokshura regularly can make your skin appear younger and slow down the effects of aging. This usually happens because of boosting up the libido inside the body that helps to conquer all the ageing problems.

Fine lines, wrinkles and body degeneration can also be fought by consuming Gokshura on a daily basis. It also enhances the muscle power of a person.

Gokshura treats prostate gland disorders

Gokshura is an excellent medication for disorders related to prostate glands. It also cures urinary problems or infections caused due to prostate disorders. It rejuvenates and cleanses the organs present inside the lower abdomen.

Gokshura Churna helps to cures heart problems

Gokshura is known to enhance the activity taking place in the heart. It is ideal for curing heart ailments like angina and reduces the susceptibility of heart attacks. It also brings down cholesterol levels in the body.

Gokshura is proven to reduce blood sugar, hypertension and blood pressure levels. This is possible due to anti-tumour and anti-biotic properties.

Gokshura promotes brain functioning

Gokshura powder regulates the level of serotonin as it consists of MOA inhibitors. Serotonin is a hormone which influences emotional and mental states. Gokshura churna consumed on a regular basis it effectively treats Parkinson’s disease, psychological imbalances, soothes headaches and relieves tension and stress.

Uses of Gokshura

Gokshura is beneficial for a variety of things such as low water retention capacity, hair fall, rheumatic pain, headache/stress, weak nervous system, obesity, menstruation, bed wetting, piles and eye problems.


Side-Effects & Allergies of Gokshura

Gokshura churna doesn’t have a lot of side effects but it should still be used under the supervision of a medical professional. High blood pressure patients and diabetic patients should be careful while taking Gokshura. Breast feeding women, children and pregnant women should avoid consuming Gokshura as it might have detrimental implications on them.

Cultivation of Gokshura

In the United States, Gokshura is known as a noxious weed, and in Australia it is referred to as a plant. According to studies, the seeds of the Gokshura plant had earlier been used as a homicidal weapon in Africa, which is smeared with the extracts of Acokanthera venenata. It is widely abundant in Australia, Africa, Southern Asia and Southern Europe.


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